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now I first big press conference for the trial Transport Minister taking care of some housekeeping as it will what did he have to say while the new Transport Minister announced a number of priorities for his ministry and for his department and if things go according to plan we could see a whole new strategy in the next hundred days he said that he was giving the department a hundred days to to implement important issues and priorities now he talked about a decisive strategy or a decisive intervention to turn around Prosser he talked about safety and security on trains and what's interesting to note about the safety and security on trains is that the minister said that the new security guards that will be deployed on trains will be trained by the South African Police Services now he says that he has had a conversation and he has been in meetings with Minister Becca Crowley about this and there has been an agreement in principle but that these Stoll that the nitty-gritties as he put it still needs to be to be signed and and and needs to be ironed out but as I said if things go his way they will be increased security on the trains he says security and the safety of passengers that is paramount and that these security guards will be trained by saps because he says we're not only dealing with crowd control you're also dealing with a criminal element dangerous criminals on on trains and we've seen especially here in the Western Cape we've seen people being attacked people being robbed on trains and people being pushed on trains so he's given his department a hundred days to prioritize certain pressing pressing issues the other issue that he also talked about was corruption and he said that that that this will be rooted out and people involved in corruption will be facing the full might of the law and that nobody will be spared did the minister spend any time speaking about the etal saga which is obviously top of mind for those of us here hunting what I did ask him the question where I I say to him that it appears that the premier of the housing and and the Minister of Finance appear to be at odds with regards to eat Alton he was saying that that that was not so he said that they were so talking about it about Ito's and he said that within a hundred days they will be a clear and decisive decision and an announcement made on e tolls now if those hundred days are to be stuck to I suppose it's no surprise then that he's gone for a deg that he knows pretty well Alec Moyer me a man that has worked with the cabinet minister during his time in the sports portfolio and that is indeed so and and mr. Mulaney starts his job on the 1st of August and he did say that you know he sees he's got his work cut out for him and the minister did paint a glowing picture about his new drew his new DG so it's going to be interesting to see whether all these priorities will be met within that hundred days in fact the minister went as fast to talk about a ministerial war room that's going to keep an eye on what's happening during these hundred days and and and and see whether they're going to be able to meet their targets we'll leave it there for now I should smile reporting to us live there thank you so much from Parliament following that briefing held by Transport Minister fake helium balloon

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Mike Larry · July 28, 2019 at 12:27 pm

ANC has plans and priorities? hmmm interesting…

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