Transport Fever – Series 6 (Ultimate Series) – NYC to Montreal – Episode 28

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hi guys and welcome to another episode of transport fever he joined me on series 6 episode number 28 this is our ultimate series and I want to start here a because he was going along and being cos off our same train it got smoked by him which I thought was kind of cold and we're gonna we're gonna try and get bricks now going from there down to our poor this is this is where we're gonna modify stuff well not modified but we're gonna do that that's gonna be Red Baron D there you go for that I need to see where the other line comes in that's okay I like that so this is going to be Stamford construction the transfer yes he's coming down there and leave him go into here which ties in with the other one which is great need to get a truck for this one what I'd like to do for this one I don't know if I can but we're gonna have a look see what I've got Oh actually no it's no good what do you want to want it to do I mean I can use that one if I need to which is fine but I'd like to use that one the Weststar 4900 flat with construction materials I'll put four of those on was that four was that free that was free that's four you are gonna go on to that line we're gonna go down to a bang done on vehicle line burgundy trucks there you go they're going out on that line so they shed like that should kick in I don't say no at the moment because we haven't got a destination it should bring it down to here which links in to our docks now the question is is how full is that and how much can I change that wait hang on I've got to find him that one I can do it it's a question of whether I should do it or whether I should add another line I'm thinking about another line you know and keeping it separate let's just have a look see if we can I mean we're gonna have a problem in a minute anyway I mean he's going there right so he could go in there and then he can go that yeah that work so this other than what line now is Sanford hit support s1 I'm gonna change that t-that so we got line one on line T which means these will need to be changed slightly there we go and then if I add another I always want to put a different ship on it but I quite like the barges going backwards and forwards I want that one this will hold its blimey right there so let's see how big is I want you that you on that line because I'm thinking I might swap the ships let's get him down there cuz this thing's huge so I might put this on there and then use those on this line I might swap him around a bit let's get him down and see what he looks like cuz I think we can move this around a bit because he holds so much we could just have one ship going let's do that you are gonna go on that line you two I'm gonna switch to the other line and then I'm gonna change that they're with me a minute to that because that learner will take when you're that across you now need to go onto that light and then I need to replace both of you for that and then I need to change that so that one with two of those and two of those let's get that I want that in number two it'll be better but he should carry he can carry light shed loads now is that all in the wrong place I might have to switch my patients back for a moment don't report are you gonna replace it might swap it where see alright alright right kid the both of those that he's now are you transferring all of that across to that line I think you are I think that's moving it across we'll see if that works our UX i'm sure if done that before and then this is that nothing that's lying to you now that's gonna be line one ship one I think yeah those need to be those I knew that you weren't you and they're going slim slim slim slim that's gonna work better like that see he's gonna go in the outer pool and he can carry so much more once all that ports across it be able to pick that up and one go that should clear in a minute now get us construction materials over to here we've got to get into town though that's fine it's gonna get out there for a moment so what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna get another not that one of these one way no to weight length really sure for like sight smooth that in edge a little bit I put some trees or something around there and then we're gonna get into Queens and I want stuff going in Queens we're delivering stuff in kind of it's going a bit hit and miss where does tools go tools go into the industry so that's gonna go into this area here if I gotta stop here somewhere there a daddy we deliver into there then so you new route from that one into that one Burgundy Queens tools in poor there we go job done get some of those lovely trucks on it down the bottom make it Burgundy because why not how many should we have one – I did for identity for Queens know why not put tools construction then don't press all the buns just some of them in the right order yeah you can go you can go you're done you're done you're done you can close you can close that shed now hopefully kicking the action in theory now might take a little while try to I am I've sorted that if I put some tracks on I don't get where they go as long as they go to there so that should say line usage good people say line you said yes eventually those have almost gone can you just put that last bit across the other one that's now cleared all of that look it's doing fantastic job it's got so much capacity on that line now it's randomly gonna cause an issue with the odd barge maybe let's let's keep it running fast let's see if we're picking up any stone yet yes fine you said yes upgrading six months I like that right so that's gonna do that and it's gonna come down here that's all I want there he is it's got some in it look egg fun it's gonna start working give it a mo give it a Matt can you move that last bit of cross just like you're almost done it 12 they gate there's one less 11 there you go and that one it is doing it so there comes our trying dropped it off put it here let here we go this is now picking this up excellent he's gonna swing around I should have made that too way that would have done good out there I could have brought in swung it out and I'll kill it can I change that like that one way – maru's yeah I like that we'll have that that's terrible look at that I'll fix that why am i goal with these lines here as I was because I've got my eye open right let me um our problem in that two way and we'll make it one way right hi kind of and then we're going to grab whose just just closed flame with it a bit background to how we get perfect right come on just two and seven beat album to a case nearly moved at all two and six it's got a little bit more to clear off to that line don't crash into that boat I'm hoping transport fever to solve the shipping out I hope they really do spend a bit of time on that it's idea though that he gave some kid some stuff he's bringing it back which is great here drop right in there which of then go in here oh the collapse it's whack in just saying that's down with two and two nearly nearly if you just moved that last bit and I can put it on normal speed and then I don't have to do anything else today like twenty minutes in and I've completed because I didn't think about anything else I'll deliver some construction materials elsewhere there you go that's on the ship eighty that's not bad first run that's all rise with two and A one it's nearly cleared that line come on you know you want to leave that bit over to that line just be nearly there and I think this is working out alright where I move that to the other one it's putting far enough away to like keep them fairly tidy I reckon come on just like that like two more bits once you move those two bits I can close this because then I know it's all on the right line I know it's gonna do it like it just will right it's gonna do it any minute over yeah just just the one and then and then that one god no knees he got on board now 23 any game and close those down there I just wanted to clear that bit clears we're good oh we got a lot of plastic over there and a loss blimey where's that all going 633 we have a lot of trains we in there as well train network coming to hole it my ton I might just put one too many trains damn it you know all right there's a train moving means he's gonna leave I'm gonna let him go first okay just a stew last bits I might be that I am I got a one-way there but I could put two ways in because at the moment we've got a bit of a block well I don't know when the trains come in there they come in both these ones okay okay done well I definitely think we got a problem of our trains there where are you going waiting for a free path into there you can't get out because you're blocked where are you going you're going in there new collar everything's just arrived at the wrong time houston we have a problem and that hasn't cleared Eva I knew this is going to be an issue why are you even on that one you should be in there right for a start you which is Queens annex shouldn't be there you should be on that I got too many trains guys I mean now fix that oh no hang on that's wait no you're not gonna go in there you are gonna go in Queens annex because you're going down to the docks now you can go in that go in there just like turn around go the other way let's train I want battery let's just add deigned for a minute just to get them out the way cuz we got too many drains there it's just where they cycled wrong I might have to add some lanes in why are you going now that's nearly cleared it yeah yeah well hooker chemicals why you problem right upper Queens can come off now why are you trying yes but that's because I had a backlog this hasn't fixed the problem by the way this is just like got me out of the crowd right line closed I've got to create a better system so why could do with this red one he's a colonel not red one he's actually and coming out he's coming out I've got an idea and that is to run another line down here you like say this is gonna be the tricky bit you Oh No right work you now my so before that goes into wherever that is Long Island's good hub we want that to go there because then I'm getting I'm getting an extra bit of track in if it will fit which I don't know if it will right we'll speed it up now I have to take it back forever it's a lot I want to do is when that train back end is there I want to pause it it will fit right excellent that hopefully solve the problem because that gives me an extra release there we'll see when it will get that we'll see if that it's gonna create an issue I think we've done it I want to create some ways you can with all these roads now I didn't give you permission to do that be like not really I might if I'm kind allow you to go across there how like see right there I like do that and I can go in there I can go no no I can't do that fixing the roads like that like that but just now you that's not smooth I'm nearly put in another industry then all that Dunn's in the neighborhood I get some of that right I think we've saw it at all now we got a lovely train line coming down there there's a lot of people way in I forgot like we added four trains coming down here as well which is how honest loads of people weigh in is this gonna work or have I still Creed mayhem no it's going I'm just gonna have to keep an eye on it this is like a very busy train network and like occasionally you're gonna have to kill the boss in on a Saturday morning and say boss we've got a bit of a bit of a jam what do we do then he's gonna come in he's gonna go right well you're sacked you all sacked you're all right because you actually said about the solution and everybody was right now that were and it obviously will work so you can get a promotion and I yeah I don't work this is train alone while he's saddened okay how to work this is like just insane obviously that's backed up a bit and so's the fuel because we had a tailback into here right that will eventually possibly catch up or possibly not I don't know we're gonna leave it like that like I think how many you got like you're gonna be maxed out yeah it's all good Stanford hasn't got the bust line yet we need to do that where's all right it's still a bit of work in Stanford because we need a bus line here I go there they're round there swing it around this light over there over there shall I bring it back round there we don't want to go around the White Plains do we have a date in road number one all these guys did pale blue it's the law yeah we go I might put a second ring road in that's um that's beef up Stanford a bit let's do it I'm gonna I'm gonna find the second one ring round number two which we might go the opposite way like that that wasn't meant to get that weapon I thought that and you design clothes that make that pale green that's going to start from that it's there and there and then back to there okay eight arms on each we've got a bit of a hickey situation there I can fix that by going into here and we adding something like that which means between Davis Street and Oak Street you need to go up to there done Stanford Ring Road one Stanford Ring rotate did I put replacements on all those vehicle lines I don't know if I did you late so I'm gonna go with that one I don't know if I need four well I thought da da which ones upon that wasn't it okay on clays did have to scroll down on on off off off off I could have press the delete ban which with the government of moles alright I've got a feeling not miss something maybe one of the truck lines maybe not know look so we're good right where's the yellow in here oh my god he'd have to be like all over you that's pretty good hit can i exactly or nearly and does it better I think it's got to go there that covers pretty much Stanford and then we would like one possibly not bad honey misses a couple which is really annoying over there again it's missing a couple probably there would be the best bet you want to swing up in the air somewhere the big one my lack that's gonna hit pay for those then right accent right so what I want is two lines one from there to that no from there to there I kind of want you to go that way around they well you kind of are all right pink one I kind of want in number one there you go so that's Stamford construction in Port and this is going to be White Plains construction in what let's just get again a bit kind of almost there that way and run that way because that keeps him there that's better right make them Burgundy because why not nice pink burgundy ain't gay grab a few trucks out and bomb I could make him different colors you know I'm thinking Stanford would look good yellow let's make them yellow trucks and he hasn't got a go fart so I'm going to put two on it and then White Plains is going to have white trucks and again I'm only gonna have two those on done done on on freshmen delete key all of that vanishes and I got yellow ones white ones bang the ones pink with blue spot no we don't got pink with blue spots on all of tidy this up as well it just along here oh no don't upgrade the road what are you doing I didn't want to do that we'll put some bushes along there to correct the field usage isn't that how we great you know I could go all the way along here you know bit of that bit round there as you would go do a little bit of detailing here and that I'm gonna go to these trees and then some of those how much adds to the the thing the thing of the thing so got two trucks coming down there we got trucks going in there that dropping off I mean they won't kick in just yet and then take a little while by the other eyes I thought you might join that road eventually learned you still determine the D roads up there do you want a road I'll give you a road but we'll have my Road no you won't because I'll change that now that's annoying by you know I'm on the road don't I look good sorry about that there's no ship passing methods but it's now picking up isn't it I'm pretty sure I mean they're pulling 200 there's 197 there so I think that will kind of catch up it's got a long way to go cause it's gonna come all the way over here might want a fifth trying but like I dead for any more trains down that line it's just it's more complicated say eat now he's pulled off into this siding which is good because there's one in there which means I can pull one there but I can then pull a train in here as well this is like super busy super busy I mean it's all working so I look at Queens now Queens should begin construct em percent bad day I like them for a hundred percent on each cuz like that would be insane because we need more train lines to get the air to get the input the volume up because we just haven't got the space but you can do it it is possible to like mediocre we're gonna be mediocre at best on this series like I'll tell you all that's a nice house to live in if we get rid of him and that true I'd tidy a pork chop imagine sitting now I personally put the melange upstairs and you could be sat there looking out over the river idly and him I mean he's like rich person that's like Beverly Hills that there I saw you'd like this we'll see skylines now I'd say make this like his backyard I think we're doing well every ring shipping now apart from goods so the next ring to get going is goods into quick yeah we haven't finished we've got to get goods over here and goods are over there and we've even got to get plastic to here which is feasible we can ship more plastic to there as we've got options I want I want you come and stand below our options are for the new it's good factory which we've got to get the goods into there don't worry about me getting the goods from there to there I'll work that out somehow I don't know how what we gonna do is work out where we're gonna get the materials from rights of planks as logs there's pranks pranks could come from there I'll go I'm gonna look in the map now there is a line goes up that side wait hang on I've just noticed something that wait oh no that is right that's there that's not really like that shouldn't be called that should it this is a bit far away from town nevermind we'll ignore that bit and yeah so there is a train line that goes up to Kingston on this side so we could get lot like yeah let log stand over there and then we'll bring a train line down this side that'll work somehow into there how to get there get the logs the planks in and then we've even got to do plastic or steel so we've got two options we can get the plastic from there and up which is fairly simple ish kind of maybe I have to alter something here but okay we get we could do that somehow I could bring it in down here look are we using this one yet okay chemicals so I could drop it in there and then truck it through Newark how that give a bit yeah we could do that so we could get plastic there fairly easy or we could bring plastic from up here down shipping and then across somehow which would be more difficult or we could bring steel which comes from here across which would be shipped back and that would be more difficult like there's options there guys down the comments below what do you think I should do anyway that's it for today so if you've liked this episode the like ban chemical sword itself outlet told you it would feel free to comment down below tips ideas or questions you have shut it down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can I will put all the usual links for Facebook Twitter twitch and patreon or in the description of this video but most importantly what did i do today I don't know some think I saw that traffic jam that was it yes don't forget to subscribe to the channel that's a lot for today so until the next time it is goodbye from me for now bye bye


BlazionFire · July 31, 2019 at 8:17 am

If you do another machine train, can you use the CSX autorack cars?

David White · July 31, 2019 at 8:17 am

Maybe Slim, take the plastic by rail up around the back of Newark Airport to the factory. Good ep m8.

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