Transport Fever | Quick Look and Basic Guide (Transport Fever Gameplay Part 1)

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ladies and gentlemen transport fever it is a basically an open TT d clone except there is no multiplayer at least not that I can find so it's just you so some people might find that a bit boring but I find it pretty relaxing it's pretty laid-back and chill and it's kind of just that's just one of those like quiet time games so I thought I'd give it a quick look probably not like an official series type thing I don't know and those people are like really super duper into it you'll have to let me know on that but I figure I just kind of do a quick overview play a little bit of it and just sort of throw it out there and see what happens but in short if you don't know what it is you you move goods from A to B to manufacture stuff and then you give the manufacturers of two cities so they can grow and prosper so then they can eventually give you more money set that's a pretty shitty explanation isn't it well let's go back to it and I'll I'll just show you we'll go into free game I won't bother with campaign that's basically just what this is starting here 1850 that'll make things pretty good and interesting I think and medium difficulty medium world size medium raw terrain type that'll be fine advanced maybe was just for the mods but blue yeah that'll be fine we'll just fly right into it and I'll sort of just explain it as we go because it's really one of those games buried if you just scrap to somebody it doesn't sound that interesting but yeah I'll just I'll show you in a minute and we're in the world size here is actually quite large a lot larger than the tutorial ones are but you can see there the outer edges it's doable we can make it work you can do quite a lot with this but I mean there's stuff littered everywhere and I'll explain what it all this if you've played openttd then you can probably just look at it and know oh I see what's going on here but I'll pretend that you don't know what this is and I'll sort of walk you through it the menu interface is pretty basic this is just the achievements the info panel so you can pull up some just info things and all that nothing too fancy this is for the Lions we'll be getting into that a little later the railroads the standard roads the trains buses boats and air all four of these have the exact same menu within it's basically just moving people moving Goods and the Depot where you assemble and send out and assigned lines to the vehicles and then we got training modification here which I don't really know why you'd want to use it be incredibly situational really because you can build like tunnels and all that and they get kind of expensive but souls are moving a mountain Jesus look at this fucking place the health man fuck that it's gonna be a pain in the ass to deal with okay so maybe maybe something like that will modify the trainer I don't know but proud won't be doing too much with that not really sure what these are actually it's toriel didn't go into any of that kind of this place is so fucked up random generation you're silly bulldoze here to get rid of stuff I can just remove the entire city if I wanted to not sure why you'd want to do that seems like a waste and that's that's really the gist of it it's really simple in basic the complicated part is trying to figure out what to do with the two million dollars that we've got here because the goal here is to make money to make money we obviously service cities and/or over an example they need tools food and goods for their shopping facilities they need a line usage really putting places together with the lines and all that to improve population that's probably the first thing I'm gonna do and the jobs they need construction material machines and fuel as far as I can tell everybody needs the same stuff I don't think anybody needs anything different could be wrong it's looking just like they need the same stuff just different amounts of it presumably based on population yeah so we don't care about any of that because right now we only have two billion dollars so we need to find something something really quick and easy to do like food I'm seeing a couple areas for food right now one of which being here along gud almond so you've got all these places here that have the resource icons and arrow I know it's really small not hard to see especially on mobile I apologize not a whole lot I could do about that but we got this place that requires wheat whole grain and ordered livestock grain or livestock and they make food with it so we need to get grain or livestock from somewhere presumably a farm a nearby farm is over here these guys thankfully don't require anything they just kind of make grain or livestock so it's a really easy thing it's a very short track just from farm to processing to city pretty simple but as you can imagine it also gets pretty expensive doing the the road systems and all that jazz try to connect them up so I'd like something a little closer I'll just fly around real quick and see what there is to see found a nice spot down here in the corner it is called black ride it's a bit of an unfortunate shape but it's in a very fortunate location because we have right over here a farm that produces wheat and livestock and then straight over here we have a food processing plant that takes in we tend livestock and makes food and then we can send the food directly the black route of which they need for their commercial so where's their commercial right along the main artery so what I could then do is we'll eventually be setting up I could go either train or I could go um bus train would certainly be the way to go but it gets very expensive so we'll probably try bus for cargo so we would need to do a small station ideally without ripping apart too much yeah it's inexpensive cuz I'm ripping apart building so let's go row just a small street that'll be fine two hundred thousand yeah gross what about bulldozes his work yeah we're it's okay so we could go only good for just reading in there you're rid of that 50k home and if I put in can I cram a depo in there right now I don't think so it doesn't give you too much leeway now I guess I need to extend the road a bit just like that should be fine it's not that quite same Road but it'll work and then the bus station yep just like that okay and you can see there the highlight that I'm going after highlighting buildings that are actually being affected by it I am pretty sure because food is a commercial requirement there the blue buildings that we would need the blue buildings highlighted so there we go we'll deliver it here it reaches everything it's in some people's backyards but they'll be fine they don't care that much and okay it's only a small one we can make it larger if we need to let around I think small will be fine for now right so that's that out of the way we also need a stop up here by the farms and then we'll need a stop over here as well and then I'll probably see about doing a connecting road there is a bit of a hill here it's not that massive you can tell the number of lines and the thickness of the lines indicating the the hill it's not that bad here it's really very minor in fact a bit of a valley here that you'd go through if we do that so we'll play around with it make sure let's do that first it'll sort of dictate where I go tram track and really about it don't really need once we'll just like no tram being for intercity transportation of passengers and all that I imagine eventually the signals get quite large then they'll be really handy things so if we go this small whoops I'm up backwards backwards sorry even cheaper small country road they're very cheap speed limit is 40 km/h breezing horses that only go 15 km/h so this is definitely overkill but if we do that 1.2 million you can see there around this area specially we're sort of digging into the Train a bit so if I use N and to modify a bit the height 594 thousands still way too fucking much and if I modify yeah the bridge type that's still expensive as hell so cancel that whereas if I do down here three hundred thousand oh god it's disgusting surely there's gonna be a way somewhere what about here two fields to be what the hell proud are you pulling over there the fuck you doing game 670,000 yeah it's it looks like this is going to be okay hold on done here we got a little bit four hundred thousand three hundred thousands getting a little far away from that place though keeping in mind we're going from the farm to here so I'd really like to have a direct route if I could help it at all this is a bit annoying trying to find like the perfect spot for it just like come on well there you go three hundred thousand or so oh shit that ain't too bad been in bed at all we'll spend three hundred thousand to put it down here gross but that's it is what it is we cut into this a little bit but oh well sick of trying to find a perfect spot so now tighten over that is we'll put our stations down we'll go for a large station up here because it's probably gonna stockpile a little bit and where's the highlight it's gonna be like whoops it's gonna be that far side of the intersection isn't it okay we got one there okay we can put it over here but just for safety because rounding air and all that shit I don't wanna I don't want to put a light just on the exchange that's against the games like now I change my mind so we'll throw you just like why Moe right right there 12 K that's fine large station two so it's a little more expensive and then we'll put another one over here this will also be a large station at this point we're pension penny so there you got twenty six thousand it's fine we have one and a half million dollars still so that's our three routes we'll be setting up our line to go to those two locations but first we need to have somewhere for the buses to actually come from and that is really bus depot crimson look like this and this works for both passengers and cargo it's just this is just where they come from you can do either the row depot or the tram depot will be going roadie pokes that's not a tram line trim vehicles can't carry cargo anyway so we could throw it throw it right here it's a pretty decent natural spot for it I think right there that's a that's a pretty nice spot aren't there eleven point five thousand I like that spot it's a good spot to go a lot of spots in my life that's a good spot right there okay actual enter so we'll select this and this is where we buy the road vehicles we'll do that in just a minute though actually not we'll do that now we can do it now we're not doing passage of yet so ignore those had a fright for Freight rather these are basically the exact same they haul livestock food what about grain oh yeah grain okay yeah so they hold everything they both do so either or it doesn't really matter they cost two thousand per year so they're they're fucking cheap we'll pick up like and if I pick up ten that'd be you know just twenty two thousand a year like tents totally doable can I go with ton well try ten what's right time and all ten of these guys set line for all of them a new line and it will be to here back down to here guys should really just connect that shouldn't die but it costs what would it cost if I did that 100,000 ideally from like over here so 100,000 hundred grand let's save a lot of time well it wouldn't save that much time actually it'd save us this jog here see this is like the thing like this game is probably like boring as shit to watch but man playing it oh it's strategic a very strategic we'll leave it like this for now they're wasting a bit of time doing this run and then down but otherwise they're just doing this run I mean it's not saving a whole lot of time I'll be fine I think I'll leave it at that for now that'll be fine so yes so we've got black rod Northwest and central central thing we're delivering this stuff like rot no earth is the farm so load full load of anything full load of anything doesn't matter what it is pick up a full load bring it out over to West if anything's available load it otherwise don't worry about it because you're just gonna be sitting there until they finish processing everything one wagon will get there deliver their stuff I don't think that'll be enough and yeah well just load if available for now that'd be fine and alternatively could have two separate lines going one just being this and then one being that that might be worth doing at some point but later on so all those guys are doing that route yes let's go into here vehicles they're all on line one they all see cargos just what the default stupid they look they'll fix in a minute so for about half a million dollars we got that set up let's go watch them funneled out make sure everything works okay should be just fine and because they're just horse-drawn it's its budget it's cheap it's pretty simple it's ten too much is 10 even enough I don't know I never played much of openttd so I don't really have the D intuition I suppose traffic holding em up a little bit rat bastards good idea we're about to get you food goddamn it check out those convoyed those fucking great sort of sitting here waiting for the farm to make a little bit more or wait until a full load so it's gonna gonna be a minute but that's okay that means that it will sort of naturally sorted so there's a little bits in there now a little bit a little bit loading up with grain there we go and then you picked up livestock waiting for the last bit of livestock there's some grandeur for the next guy I mean the mix-and-match I wonder was that a thing I could do mix-and-match there you go keep that open that's an interesting thing because either frequency the incoming all that's nice and like that uh autosave meanwhile we've got just this little line going just people waiting and they come all the way down here all the way along here here's the first guy I think road vehicle five I don't sound right but I must be I don't think yeah that's that's the front of the pack right there so they picked up their business they're heading on over here if there's anything here they'll pick it up otherwise little to continue on yeah because they have sort of a full circuit route they'll be heading into the city and get dropped off for 5,000 not a whole lot but they'll come back to the city first and then up to up here so it's a little a little inefficient that way but for the time being I don't really feel like dropping a hundred thousand really I mean I guess I guess I could it's like right here let's do it off of here just in case the city feels like spreading and that's just gonna be expensive no matter how we slice it all right fine just in case that Ruhr decides to do anything I don't know how the game does it but we'll build off of our own Road and that is a small country road should be just fine no tram track a bit expensive but that means that our lines route should update yeah so let's go new line line two will be just that – that line one will take out black route Central whoops there so you're just two of them right so you're just back and forth back and forth and you guys are back and forth back and forth so line one follow it if any at black rod North that's the farm right so wait until you got a full load of anything or all I think if I do full load all you'll mix and match which is just fine and you deliver it off to West a load if available there won't be anything to load though if I tell you like don't actually a load like please don't load place that fuck things up if you did and then line to west full load of all just whatever there is there it's only gonna be the food anyway and then deliver it to black route central load if available there won't be anything to pick up the three drop analysis should be fine so we'll have take one now can I modify this left-clicking just open / oh I just have to yeah okay uh you're not carrying anything so you can switch over to line two you're carrying a livestock so hold on livestock whether you get livestock run nothing so you are on line to livestock rain nothing okay so line 2 and line 2 there we go so we got one two three four five six and then for that might be all right and that's family skip the coals all that shit nice so we're making money on line one which is great line two won't be making money until we actually get the deliveries done and they're just taking these short cut route to editor first and then though back and forth right so there we go there's all that stuff stocking up that is food for line two waiting at station there's this guy who just picked it up he's on line two it's got his for food he's heading back he'll drop that off and we'll make money and make the city happy because they're finally giving the food that they want and in a very very small nutshell that's the game that's about as simple as it gets however next to Eddie like maybe a transport line or something but it's very laid-back very chill everything takes a little bit of time to get going so it's definitely not one of those games to really watch but playing it it's a lot of fun there's a lot of strategy it's sort of hidden strategy – you wouldn't you wouldn't think it but it really is I mean while these guys are like way overloaded on stuff and things look at that it got a couple freight containers going on of stuff Jesus we need so many more so many more people I mean really a train it'd be the way to go but those are expensive like those are really expensive the the cost over time for the railroad would probably be like fifty to sixty thousand every month which it adds up to three four five six and then all of you guys are line one I could also set up bus stops for black rod and Westbury and then north Perth er 10:00 but that'd be a really long route to deliver not many people so I don't think it'd really be worth it that back up what's this list of depots this is a list of industries most of these were not really doing the farms the limit is almost reached I don't say if we're fixing that though in a minute loads of jobs there's black rat that's where we're at right now that's what we're working on again what they want sort of 7% they're also going to need generic goods and tools tools aren't too terrible that's mostly I think just steel let's see we're going to find tools there you go there's some they're wanting oh yeah okay so you guys can either just do a shitload of planks or steel to make tools so you can make wood tools which is kind of cool or steel if you see still it'd probably be the way to go however there is lumber right fucking here so if we get an area that gives us what we can turn it into lumber send it to here and get the steel where do we got lumber though maybe right here there's actually two places right here for lumber so you could do a shit load of lumber send it on over probably of a fairly expensive bridge over to here turn it into lumber and then another bridge over here and make tools and then the tools would probably be going to Penzance first and eventually this crazy route around or if we could deliver this stuff from here we could deliver here or here actually either one of these places probably here for like a bridge though if we do here that means the route to black routes are gonna be a lot shorter fucking kind of look at that I don't want it there doing it we got rid of on the shipping containers at least Jesus


S K Cybercafe · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

is it internet base game???

Daniel meakin · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Can I be a new fan please +please+please

Daniel meakin · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Do a live stream like sky stome I live in Aylesbury buks in the uk

Wicca Robin · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

oh geez your a noob at this, hehe, sorry I just can't resist. I just thought sense, this is correct in how I'm using it and its not since. I like your playstyle, I'd give this a go. but I find you tripping over everything and proving why again a person that is new to this genre, should stream this as a comedy of errors. instead of a lets play. this is not a basic guide by the way, they give useful info to the player. which this is well doing sorta, but that is a big stretch of imagination, it more like what not to do. why you use one line for the whole full route, at the start of the game, I can sum that up in one word Money. your wagons would make money over 2/3 of the route instead of slighty over half running empty. second is first but you put down starting roads a little at a time, it is that actually cheapist way to lay them down, this is tedious and time consuming but its a must to get the most bang for your bucks, using trains would be done differently you'd run your load half way, since you easily have two cities you could connect the delivery train to, so your first engine would pick up cows or grain or both depending on the car load out. wagons, carry one load type per trip, they don't mix and match. when set to auto they pick what ever is the most and load it. even if going to multiple stops they still only carry one load type per stop. But they don't carry mixed loads for the other stops, as they do one stop at a time. if there is a load at that point going to the destination of the next stop they pick it up. if not they run empty. full load has its uses but learning where to do it, is a must. If you played Train Fever, you'd of had to do that, but Transport Fever does that for you, when your lines are setup, in the way you did it, you just luckily and got it right. at some pickups you'd of signed your doom, because they won't make stuff until they see you run the full route. so you need to send one vehicle to the other stop, basically Transport Fever does that for you, to get them to start giving you goods. this by far won't help you since you aired this eons ago. but maybe some new comer that loves your play thru's, will watch and this will get them started. But it is far from a be all end all of this game. I agree its very fun to play.

SuperSmashyfication · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Blackrod is the most beautiful perfectly shaped town ever.

Jeff Brown · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

you can pull off much cheaper roads by building short segments, (same with roads) … I try to keep my road/rail segments to under $20k, and you can just piece togeather your $300k road with probably 3 $15-$20k segments.

DerHesse9000 · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Wasting 300k out of 2M budget for a single dirt-road instead of looking for the most efficient segments.

Using 2 routes for one supply chain instead of one loop is just plain wasteful.
a-b (full) + b-a (empty) vs a-b (full) + b-c (full) + c-a (empty)
b-c (full) + c-b (empty)
Sorry, these are basics and they are painful to watch. Just take your time and think twice.

Mithras · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

you got a nice voice 10/10 would listen again

Ryan Alley · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

I am liking this game. nice pick.

Daniel Budney · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

10:00 I watched someone else play, and they were able to make much cheaper routes by doing short segments ($10k to $20k at a time) so that the road could follow the terrain rise/fall.

Anthony Pham · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

man you show me the coolest games

Ethan · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Hey Yeti, when placing your roads, I know it can be quite tedious, but just place them in sections. It allows for the terrain to not be modified as much, causing lower costs.

Nigel Mac · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Keep it coming!

Jstank X Plays · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Transport Fever, Super Dooper, Neat-o Gang! No I'm serious this is cool! And also WTF Youtube putting my name under the comment. This world is turning upside down!

IUse2haveALife · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

I would like a series on this.

Gambit017 · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

00:38 1) Move goods to factory 2) Move goods from factory to city 3) ??? 4) Profit!!!!

IUse2haveALife · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Blackrod. It is a very unfortunate shape. Damn Blackrod.

RamesGamesLC · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Eeeeeeek, anything thats open TTD clone = bae

шалунья .Лаубах · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

You know you're in a bad neighborhood when you can form a Swatstika out of it

JF Martin · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Trains might be expensive at the beginning but they are the main money making in this game. Passengers trains between towns are the best income early on. I still suck at this game though. You really have to be patient when starting in the 1800s. You really have to keep it simple or you'll go bankrupt pretty quick.

Hoiafar · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Really looking forward to this but please tell me that you know how train signals work. Every attempt at a playthrough of this game I've seen so far have not had any idea of how they worked or even that they were needed and it's been painful to watch.

Also as an aside, if you micromanage your road placement and place it in small segments you'll generally save a lot of money since the road will conform to the curvature of the land much better. For example that first road that cost 300k would probably have cost 100k or less if you hadn't drawn one big long stroke.

Mak · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Shipping containers in 1850 wtf haha

Beach Bum · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

YAAAAAS Thanks Yeti 😀 been waiting for this series

TheScrubLord · May 15, 2019 at 3:42 pm

Looks very similar to cities : skylines. Cool video as always, thanks for great content Yeti 🙂

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