Transport Fever – Ep.02 : Ships & Harbors!

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hey guys it's Corrales and welcome back everybody to the second episode of transport fever with me Kerala's – just the back relax and enjoy make sure he the like button if you didn't enjoy the series dude you just scratch your face on a side of our bus I'm still pretty impressed about the rims on every every single car and truck and whatnot they're so shiny and Purdy and in the previous episode we left off on a bombshell no actually we're losing money we're losing tons of mine you've just kind of a bombshell but I'm gonna let this be for now what I think it is everybody what I think it is is the distance between those two guys and this guy is just too long to cover with a truck and that is given us problems when it comes to that money income because they lose money under way with bit they all I like maintains cars and stuff but I'm gonna let it be for now we're gonna see if they they bounce back and whatnot and also we did lift off from this one which is not really producing that much it's going up so 46 production out of 100 limit it's it's not too bad products toward 12 so that means there should be a lot of ordering look at this guy's picking up stuff it's amazing and in today's episode I fought like this okay we got twenty three point three million which is money which angle is very very fast so instead of doing a tranquilizer well first person you transported ship ship ship ship ship ship slow awkward plat for that but um it's not doing trains because that's gonna cost me a fortune there's gonna do a bus connection between the town which I can't pronounce which is called what Escondido or something as well this town over here and this town over here which doesn't really have a name anymore why do the names disappear sometimes I don't know what I need is any house first is first we can upgrade their roads you to medium country size rules but those are cute and all but I don't think they will hold traffic that much for – much longer so I think we need to upgrade and it's not really that costly like 28 K for that stretch 6 k on dad 4 k on dad 10k on dad 1044 and that's all the way to the sea right yeah that should be fine and it's much nicer and it's much bigger so we do have some bus stops over here dad that is good maybe we should just have a few of em that no people can change so let's say we had integrate this for example in the bus routes and maybe make another one I guess abouts here but then again this guy over here just takes those people but that's gonna go further up so if we just make one here that's gonna stretch there the limit here like this many come come come in here go up a little loop and then go back to this town and then I'm gonna make some some coal stations in this one as well I guess so this is the main road we drive on the right side with Street which is the correct side to drive on I'm gonna place one here one foot in here maybe just one hereabouts mmm yeah I I guess this is not needed but since the town will expand in the future I think we're doing this correctly I don't have to do this but I'm liking this game so far like a really enjoying playing it by Road vehicles okay so passengers right I'm gonna buy those big buses I'm gonna buy running costs 18k per year let's just buy two let's just don't go let's let's now go crazy local motor than this let's just buy the two of them and make a lot of thing so let's say we add we start off as a point over here down here then it goes to this guy and then it no and then and then it loops to this town so the first stop is here then it goes to here then it goes to here loops back goes all the way to number uno just with Valley Street and then it goes to college straighter that should be good right are those buses already in route yes they are can we hmm hmm just thinking like how do you replace v calls is there a possibility to change the cars yes it is it's here let's make a move like great Greyhound buses they're great right not very digital called rail buses because of the Greyhounds is that but let's make him gray so we can distinguish them a little bit more so here they are Aldo don't get me wrong why it would be kinda cool as well that is white maybe yes that's pretty much wild I guess so let's just keep that color and be super happy about it so hopefully they're gonna make some some cash in the long run cuz now it's still no bueno we should expand those rows as well and make them like medium sized the roads can I just a previous yeah I can yes I can and all the way to okay now this is gonna give us a headache cuz this is now just too close to the road thingy and it's gotta it's gots eighteen food inside a letter so mething just load up a little bit let me just speed up the game a little bit I live easier you take why they don't hmm why'd you guess not and pick up anything okay because you're coming with stuff oh I see I see how it works so that pretty much means I wish I could just move up although what I could do not to beat a guy I could just delete the stretch of road and was upgrading to this countryside road we could just make it like this and then maybe take it in like that and then just goes around and instead of just demolishing it which is a waste of money in my opinion a road is much cheaper to just demolish an upgrade there we go so that should be good she right over Gucci okay this is doing 40 this is doing 40 because it's held back back by that little track is that all they can do by the way is that is that a limit on them by 40 and limb just here which one did we used right and we use the force also to take you to have a four-degree man I didn't notice that before so hmm yeah that is bad because this got 60 so we should maybe by demonstate let's buy three of them and which line is this this is the third line right yes it is and down we could do I guess we could could we sell them I come in the look to get beautiful don't get me wrong like just just look at this guy bring it down bring it in like look at him it's a very very beautiful track but I guess go to Depot finances details I guess if I click the reline free go to vehicles we got four of those can we go to Depot go to Depot go to Depot oh this one go too deep oh this one go too deep oh and this one go to Depot and ones in the Depot we're gonna sell them just for the moment cuz I don't like I mean if they're blocking the traffic on this highway or interstates it's gonna be bad for us because this is going to still be doing 50 or 60 the bus those are just wrong yes going back to Depot is very peed off I guess because because the situation but it is what it is then again it just seems like 76 in production if this is going up up up up and up and we're actually making profit on that line as well now huh I think I think what it is is just just takes a little time until until like everything is picked up and and everything is just working out cuz there's still a lot of cargo here like 12 livestock swine grain totally 14 that's pretty amazing but I just want to check out the situation here of those guys the buses are they there's a little bit bits and pieces of pits and pieces bits and pieces of people around here waiting for the bus that is pretty neat I quite like that a lot but let me just fast for a few years I'm going to see if this actually picks up a little bit a more be Arby's everybody hey hey hey this guy just got upgraded look at this now so now now is the production rate is 126 out of 211 that is not too shabby and if we just take a peek at their earnings we are we are making money on every single line besides the first bus route which is inside of this city over here so I guess we are doing progress over here and there's people waiting all over the place hmm not bad and I guess what we could do we could either do a train connection now maybe too early cause maybe we should just wait with that but let me see here oh those guys in here can I just can I just sell those guess how somehow LEM is here mm-hmm okay I'm an idiot it's just it's just this little thing here and we sell him perfect set line to all and they gonna be on them dark blue line or roll outs make me some cash so dad that really means that we could get some trained connection going because there's a lot of people waiting like hmm there is like 41 passengers waiting the problem with the train condition it is quite a bit expensive what else do we have a nearby this maze one it takes oil and green and makes plastics okay that's well what else is closeby there's the iron facilities both of them here this takes stone and slag how you slag obtained by the way I don't figure that out and this look at this this makes crude oil the question is though how how do you turn crude oil into oil is there any like I didn't learn that bit in a tutorial now did I okay here this so this takes crude oil and makes that into oil and fuel is this the closest one we've got what does one here as well but hope you wrap that's far away from literally everything okay dope doe spruces crude oil here as well all like yay let's go into the oil business straight away no I'm just trying to figure out where's is there any closer one oh this is a little thing can make some bread here as well food this makes logs there's another farm over here this makes water this makes coal as a little coal mine over here this is scary quarry slugs logs into planks you know what this might be a lucrative business because there's a log thing here it reduces the logs right this produces the logs dis well on the other hand makes the planks where did when then and then then we can turn the planks into something but there's like one two and the third one is just next to here so this might be something and also we have the the crude oil thing here so from oil from this guy to here as well as it's a great distance or is another rather than here here what do you call them all riff binary riff necrophilic oh I'm so bad with this but then again then again this one is really close what if this includi cover it whatsoever does get a suck a little bit who oh you vehicles gondola a train card and you have an e p v EP v which is a little train thing going on um let's try this out then could just make this that is the crappiest Road I've seen in my life and just make one of those it looks much better in this terrain there we go hmm what do you ever I mean that should be in range for that guy right I think it is and then we make this a shipyard type of thing and then just spin it Bop it and pop it down just perfectly nice just like that and buy a ship what if we don't have any oil container fee this this this guy is no dead guy this is crude oil oil and fuel so this guy would work so we got the viola boats we got the van dahl and this is still in production well it's not really well it's still in five years in game time lettuce 1950 from 1950 this looks better and is that there is the fame but 1.7 to millions that's a lot of millions but what would what would this game be without the gambling let's buy it so we bought it here and now you might be thinking what if this doesn't work out well to be honest I have no idea if it will work out but if we make a collection point here I maybe can just drive back and forth and then this ship thingy is going to be going all the way here and we've got to make another Harbor here which is a cargo Harbor this is the card of thing oh my god every time you pick up something from the menu it lags the game to bits can I pick the down here settle I new line it is going to go from this port to this ports it's gonna sail that is it's gonna work not just don't know is it pooping out the boats it is look at that why do we have the Swiss flag on it old beats me but I want to jump on it okay that was pretty bad Monell itself is pretty amazing does she be producing crude oil but is not producing crude oil ok warning message line seven okay I got it I got it they don't match and stuff so maybe we don't really need those Watts over here maybe when the production is in full effect on this guy no upgrade download hmm why is this not producing crude oil my ship is still waiting in harbor it's super empty no path what can't we even have a our a liner let me just see here line load if available loading available stations are selected blah blah blah blah blah add station remove remove so from this game add station is there really no path are you kidding me cargo Harbor let me see here if I just place it so this is going to be on an extension to the digital CD here but where's the road going it goes up outs here so we could just put it down navigation waters a runway for not runway 4 there we go so what if I put down this here instead let's remove this this is the North man nor fried Dorfman Dorf and then add a station which is going to beat this guy is there going to be any path that is the question so 1 2 so it goes to North thingy goes through the chest thingy thingy there is no path is this water not deep enough for something or is the bridge causing austerity okay let's dommage the bridge temp temp temp demolish so he did try this out maybe we just need to make a bigger bridge okay then dead end and no path option is gone which means it was the bridge was cast as the all the time and that means is this the line is in use now the production stood should start now right no let me see here yes can either oil town it has you complain about following interruption Street connections yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes don't don't don't you worry about a thing our boat is on the way and we're gonna replace the bridge the bridge is gonna be replaced I think yeah we're gonna make it let's see here can I make up can I make it go go higher up go higher go higher we need to make a bridge which is okay this is the highest point of care I can go on oh this is gonna worry if our boat is turning now we gotta know that something is fiddly finally it is definitely setting on route with a zero percentage of crude oil but question is is this producing now it's still not producing produce version why is this line usage a No yeah I don't get it I don't get it because the main idea was to place one of those depots here are those cargo terminals don't worry we got this it is pretty amazing and like these for example that looks pretty nice and what this was supposed to do is supposed to cater that thing over here but now I don't know if this is even possible the ship is on the way still I guess I guess there's a matter of trying this out and boop boop boop boop boop boop boop oh poor row Depot and I just pooped on one here just because we can I guess they made this custom then we're gonna be like gnarly bada well there we go how beautiful isn't that little road system here that is pretty amazing okay so let's just buy those vehicles again and we're going to buy passenger fry it's fried fried fried so this guy here buy two of them and sell to line a new line so they're gonna be going from this guy I guess to the crude oil facility here and back but that is the owner is only problem I don't know if this is how its operating but we're going to see how are we doing an income situation we're making a lot of money on the bus the bus is doing fantastic like 330k take the city correction here has never been more amazing so that means I'm more buses I guess being between the cities and then a train station connection oh my God look at all the breads over here Nuvi Kali ma a.m. DGP 69 I mean there's a little train but let's just put in here okay so sell this guys sell the oil tracks made it back at least and upgrade no upgrader by road vehicles more buses frights bus bus bus bus one two and three and four we might regret it but for the moment they're doing some serious work here and earning money finally we're on the greens on that so let's see this production holy crap there is a lot of oil going on here what is this DC pad okay let's wait for the ship and see if this actually works like I mean that end doesn't clear works that end I just don't know but it also means that we could get some oil from different places in land and transported it to the to the harbor area because the ship is still going to be faster than then using the road connections I think where is the other ones they were pretty far inland right this requires the plastic thingy what is that this is the dead stones yeah des personnes stones and stones and stones this music more poor so we're making our way back here to pick up some crude oil which has been stacking up on the on the harbour here 47 units of crude oil this ship can take your what you going we'd go for yet that's amazing like collision detection not available 250 units so there's a lot of space in this bad boy and off you go did you just make all noise yes I did so he's gonna make his way back here and then we're gonna check out if this works or not if those trucks will be able to pick up the gap that the crude oil and deliver that today today crude oil facility which is over here that I can't pronounce it I've never been able to pronounce this in English a real rock filler doesn't matter you know what I mean it's gonna be crude oil production unit facility something let me just take a pic of those tracks but we haven't seen that close up it's just basically the same but with two big tanks on the bag well that's kind of cute new vehicle available we think it was a new bus fish bolts or something and let me just check it out and I'm gonna go to the garage depot thingy and road vehicles there's a new GM fishbowl which holds 12 passengers is got a faster speed badda that breaks after just 25 years which is not bad to be honest though it is not bad I've been loading speed is much faster it comes to loading speed I guess we could buy one just to try it out in a blue line there we go just see how it looks oh it looks amazing vehicles this is dig this guy right let me just go all right where did you go this is such a nicer bus but a it's so close to the other guys so doesn't that I don't think that's gonna have any passengers are we still making money in that line 400k we're doing money on that line let's connect more series with buses cuz that's what that seems to be the simple way to go about it where's the where's the ship ad ship oh my oh my like I had a plan the ship route but it would be faster than road vehicles but it's just making 30 km/h meanwhile while those would make 60 so I guess they would get a faster to the destination then the ship would but then again you gotta think about the situation here I mean how amazing doesn't it look it looks pretty badass therefore we're gonna keep it that way I'm gonna keep the ship for now we're gonna see if that but then again can we can we can we maybe how much how much double this guy cars chart but Italy doesn't seem to cost anything was its places placed right how does the upgrade process look oh crap er look this looks pretty badass this is a nice Seaport three terminals and everything that's not too shabby ship come here buddy and as waiting for the ship what we could do since this is doing it like this is doing a lot in for the food production category we still don't have any and the other tracks available to our disposal I think freight freight freight no that's that that's the pretty much it so I guess we could buy one two three and four and yeah and hold them for a little bit because what this could do this could distribute food to this region as well because that's going to mean that extra income and I think so where is where exactly is the blue facilities they are bused here so if I would place this here that's going to cater to everyone available in that region although would I be able to place it here of this road will cater to everyone knows not hereabouts almost so you know what it's gonna is gonna reduce some shopping streets or shopping impossibilities here in the middle of the city but it's definitely gonna or even though if I would place it back here it's just going to demolish two of them instead of everyone hmm yeah let's place it let's place it here get the draw connection going like this and that should cater to everybody besides those but that is plentiful enough for me and then maybe some cows is going to be built up just next to that that is the grand scheme the grand plan and now what we could do is those here set a new line they're going to be going from this Depot to that Depot it's going to be a very long route but it definitely gonna make some progress and I think but we need to do since the does get a lot of surplus of bread food we can buy maybe even be one or two more and set them to which line is that that's the third line there we go I'm losing money I got a lot of tracks okay it works everybody look at this there's crude oil so our ship has just a dealer that the crude oil here and that means that this guy over here should be carrying the crude oil fill in our filling units so it's going to be going back and forth to the facility and we might need a secondary track or one more at least which is basically secondary let's buy one more and add this to Z line number eats this gains so for like honestly I'm really enjoying it so far it's it's it's it's a lot like transport tycoon and I mean it how is this is this finial over here do it it's pooping out oil like there's no tomorrow 55 units flashiest 34 over 100 so it's definitely going up so we're on the good side on that department money is situation still not good but we've got a bounce-back we're going to bounce back as you can see the ship is making money our buses are doing fantastic work and why is those goes down though why the dough goes divided all was a drop-off in production is that just because it might be a seasonal thing that it goes up and down depends on the season because it seems like the production and dose has gone down to 34 it's it was higher not sure how much it was but it was definitely higher than that well I don't know I think I'm gonna spend some time in this region before we expand and build build the other stuff but I'm really happy that this is working out you have no idea how happy I am but that means that this over here is now produced in always going to produce oil so it's going to be producing oil and what to do what to do with that oil I guess we could bring it is that Cutlass coat right that's coal and logs there was a little thing over here which did require oil and grain and that would produce plastics which on the other hand we could get to this guy later on together with some planks and steel and produce what is that as goods and yeah look at this so although we need a lot of steel but that presses machines and that's something we don't really require now so we we need logs and debt under steel to produce tools because that's going to be distributed into them into the thing but although since we get the harbor here here is a thing which takes a coal and iron so coal and iron is good because the coal and iron did exist so about here that is not that here this that is close really close by that this mmm and possibly like this in this game a little bit stressful now but as long as we're making good money I can see a problem with this although this is going to have a really surplus of oil if we don't figure out what to do with it but we gotta figure out in next episode everybody I'm gonna call this this is so far I'm very cool relaxing game most are relaxing it's very stressful at some points but so far I'm really really liking it we need to purify the road system so you can see how is growing but what here's what the city that is it's expanding since they get goods supplied rating 41% not it's not awesome but I think we would get the tools and it goes into this place is gonna be a boom when it comes to to stuff thank you so much everybody see you guys in next episode have a very very nice day and smash the like button if you did enjoy Corrales over now until next time what's a pot we need to end on the boat because the boat is pretty pretty awesome it's heading back and well I guess I guess the boat is a little bit of a bust because of the slow factor in it but it looks so awesome how can you neglect viola with a Swiss flag and everything I mean this is just a dream come true about see you guys bye bye Oh making money we're losing money crap


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