Transport Fever 600 Town Midlands Map #91: Electrifying the WCML – Class 86 & Mark II Coaches

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hello and welcome to episode 91 at Midlands mainline map and there goes across 37 good timing we are sat at a de lis Park requested by Eliot Calot and it's gonna be a busy one here and relevant what we're doing today we're gonna finalize the electrification of the Birmingham part of the West Coast Main Line we will get around to doing the Nuneaton part we get a steam train as well look at that it's lovely yes which means I have I have gone ahead and electrified most of it I'm gonna say but you know how it is soon as we put the class 86 on today which is what I wear I intend to do we might see some problem and that's gonna be flying through here hopefully all while that plane did anybody spot that that was an aggressive climb which is okay we like that it looked good yes so that's not all we're doing today hopefully any issues we should be able to fix early on in the episode I do want to put a new cross country service on one that makes use of melton mowbray station that is the stansted airport service that runs from Birmingham New Street I can hear the planes in background that's awesome we might head to spawned on as well there would kind of be nice to get that in and creep our way towards Derby which we'll get in eventually as well here comes a that's one I want in purple so that's got to be the shuttle looking amazing alright that that's enough of this I do like it here though it's very nice you same to you but there we are looking into Birmingham you can see new Street off in the distance there and more Street and our children's service oh it's beautiful I can hear a plane I can hear a plane wait get back down here how does it take off have to see it right it's taken off forever I wear you can just sit there it goes every goes is that a 737 details I think so 737 it looked good didn't it yeah there's Birmingham International Airport station Birmingham International yes do you know what we haven't done we're gonna have to do this we have to finish this off this has been left here since the first few episodes and considering we're going to be updating these and adding a new service these are the cross-country services in fact we could do this one now this one is in fact a DMU so what we're going to do is go to multiple units we're gonna stick a dmu on there I feel like well we can't put the 41 on their electric and and yes the third rail we are going to use them though because otherwise we're not going to have any e/m use around for a long time in fact I don't know whether there are any on the workshop I can't remember I think we do have one but I won't promise anything anyway three car I'm pretty sure the three car we can have we can color them in the same purple now I said I didn't really like how it look but some of you did say you did like it in the comment though I mean it's a completely subjective isn't it just because I don't really fancy the coloring doesn't mean it won't appeal to some people as such we will we'll do that we'll we'll color them but they'll have like a green stripe and purple that it's kind of cool and sort of works we replace now so you're off guys that is our first cross country service I believe I have its DM use are you one believe you are one yeah that's the same one are they yeah oh look there goes it's a counterpart heading the other way off to Leicester these do actually turn around at Leicester today's gonna be a bit different we've done a lot of building and trap work today is going to be about taking a look at some of the trains we have and and upgrading them not all of them you're probably waiting to get into new Street it's a little busy yeah we've got a bit of a snafu there oh no it's not too bad all the lag is real not surprising though let's face it I remember when we did the livestream for this the announcement talking of which I've been testing livestream capabilities of my internet and for everything borrowing transport fever it runs nice I don't know why it soon is it there's probably just too much going on from my from my bandwidth it drops a few frames but it might be viewable we'll give it a go for the hundredth episode I'm not going to shy away if it's too bad we'll just knock it on the head and I'll speak to my ISP again that looks lovely here now we're gonna see um we're gonna see some more class 101 Acton which is about right for what I don't even know what what we in oh yeah see we got stuff to replace so we'll go and take a look at that should we have a look before we head off and put this class 86 on our West Coast Main Line lovely and Vizia I love it I love it if he hey if you spend all your time building this why not play with it a little bit that's the whole point right I mean the building process is fun but you know looking at trains taking cab rides is also fun more so yes I guess because you can appreciate everything you've done 2.17 that's that's not a thing really we've got no cost mod on if you're wondering though that this just isn't a thing money anyhow should we where is it is it up here no that's my achievements which we've got loads of this is what we want charts what is the popular it looks like we've gone past 40,000 population this is this is where it started as you can see it started about 54,000 my mod then kicks in and knocks it all the way down to about 36,000 but we're gradually on the rise yes it will probably get back up to about there yeah my PC is probably safe to cope with about a hundred thousand but maybe more but we'll see we'll see we might be able to get to the end it might be a bit stuttering places especially near the busier areas I think you'll agree still playable and not totally terrible that I'd love all thee and love all this and love it all you're beautiful oh here we go a commanding you our new cross country services in their purple and green yes I tell you what after looking at them again yeah I kind of like that I absolutely do that doesn't look too bad does it oh that was weird we kind of went through the carriages because we're going under that there we go I mean I think the issue I had with it is it's a bit strange how it colors them but I mean if you ignore the the glitchy bit it doesn't look too bad I don't mind that it's probably better than the purple and the white if we went with a be our blue coloring it's a bit more it's a bit more cross country and it lovely coming down here it'll be great when that's done I'm really looking forward to that that will pretty much complete this area oh yes let's leave him to head off towards Leicester away he goes what we got here nothing important we know about that alrighty let's head over back to the west coast main line and is that the Train that'll be kind of awesome if it I think it is yeah this is the track London Eastern to Birmingham new state this is the one we know or are you know I don't think you're the one this is going to be one of them that we do change I mean we could do that however the first one I want to change is is the one that heads all the way to Wolverhampton so we're gonna we're gonna slowly move our way over to over Hampton nice and juddery and then we'll find it that's not you you're a bit bigger than that we've got a train currently in there a local service or local people this is the one run and Easton to Edinburgh we're gonna change you to a farewell of the coronation we're gonna check I almost said Duchess we're gonna change you to a class 86 an electric chip train like I said I've already elected but most of it it's supposed to be locomotives in electric Hall here we go plus 86 add you on and wagons passenger I don't know how many we're gonna have I guess we can get it around 200 meters and go a little bit over we're having marked twos TSO in BR blue and gillikins again well that's 193 however to represent the fact that it's a voyager of some sort we're going to also put that on the other end 211 should we go for it hopefully nothing goes terribly wrong there we go we won't find out look at that no warnings that won't last long we won't find out until our first train replaces and then we'll know for sure whether we got any issues on the line because of that I mean it's a long line I did all of the West Coast oh there we go we've got a problem used to we've got a problem oh dear that the one time that joke would have been perfect birth time it was then yes sausage right now then what have we got issues with Winston right okay so you can't go any further than there we need to figure out I kind of saw this coming what isn't electrified it looks like everything there is electrified that's okay it must be something after oh yes well grand you've missed a ginormous section of the trellis pause this a second oh that's embarrassing yeah you you've kind of just missed all of that haven't you that's a massive section so in that case we need this to be a hundred and twenty-five mile an hour at electrified track I don't know the actual speed limits around here it probably won't be this but if we just get the just get the Henry in and the high-speed track but now I should do is get you in there and there we'll just do the main line for now I'm not sure which parts are electrified what we'll do as you can see the the trains trying to figure it out look kind of cool and yeah I don't know which parts are electrified in which I'm not at the moment we'll get there though oh I haven't even done under the bridge oh there we go so that's that bit done we've also got over the wards rugby so let's head over here what isn't electrified with this view there's all the tracks are different speeds so you can't really just check by a speed that looks like that's not even electrified I would like to just electrify that and and put it to high speed track because it will look better yes there we go but anyway that's not what you're supposed to be doing so we're supposed to be electrifying what else are we missing then you go that way just fine oh I think I know yeah over this bridge is not electrified is it absolutely not we have speed boards down here somewhere so we should be able to figure out what speed will we go over there I can't remember where it changes it it's electrified right up to the bridge where's my speed board gone it was supposed to be a speed board right there I believe or is it up here okay 60s up there I'll keep we keep going down that trough the one time I promised myself not to zoom in and out too much and we keep dipping down drops okay 75 miles an hour let's let's pick a 75 mile an hour track then in my speed beautifulness and we're going to be going from that board that are we can't quite get it how Boyce is it yeah go from there that's what all right let's do it up – that's gone too far but it is electrified now yeah and then we're dropping to 60 are we I try and get the brains to gently go around these curves so whatever speed there oh yeah this is just not done is it that is just not done at all I guess after here we should be going back up to 100 go back up to a hundred through the station if we can hundred mile an hour there we go this bit will be electrified as well there and there oh there we go is that it surely not surely we just haven't done it I mean it will be absolutely amazing if that is the case I do like that opposing signal that doesn't make me worry I have been I don't want to mess with these just yet but I have been upgrading some of the signals as you can see these ones are a waypoint we're going to leave those alone for now are these waypoints as well probably all these two are not you can get rid of these zoom out a little bit it rid of those OOP we might as well change them to pretty signal pretty signals LEDs modern signals yes you've put a stupid catenary in and now you've taken it away I still need to go in it's probably because it's partly a tenner it up I don't know don't know don't know why it's doing that but anyhow yeah I still need to go in here and and increase the distance between the poles because they're just two boys look at him that's not how they do a guy called pi was in the comments he he says the 25 meters apart in-game he's way too close he's right we should shift them up to about 40 or something or even double as they don't look right do they will leave that just for now luckily this is a separate station I don't think it is a lip right I don't like it when it does this bit switching him around keep them on the outside oh they might be on kept on the outside because they're probably based on European tracks or us track where everything's on that side yeah UK they'll be on the other side then mind never mind anyway anyway we just spent all that time for in March 1969 and we've got our first electric train on somewhere can we see him come on where are you it's gonna be at one of the stops isn't he perhaps you are at is that one oh my word there we go we now have +86 electric train Sir William a Stanier FRS what is FRS stand for I'm not going to guess oh I do like it look at the carriages right we need to find somewhere but watch it come by don't we how about oh you're gonna get held up by the chugging little 37 come on come on I want to see this well let's find the you I like it's coming over the bridge a decent decent clip as well is he gonna get by it would be nice wouldn't it see how you look nice and quiet compared to all the diesels but I do love the sound of diesels it do you know what's nice seeing the mark to coaches he goes what a beautiful sound that was and he's straight through look at him there he goes yes let's get on board for a second well for the first time on this map we've gone over 75 miles an hour there's another 37 lots of thirty-sevens chugging around as you can see not every semaphore has been changed all you you've got to upgrade there's a counterpart that needs upgrading why are we slowing down here or we might be chasing yellows yes the signal is indeed red and sort of through the mast that very fancy hey I like that that we just kind of crawled up through it I would like I don't think it's ever going to happen in not in definitely not in transport fever but I don't even think it'll happen in transport fever – I'll be super happy if it does but that would be yellow signals ones that slow the train down so it calls to the next block I feel like that would that would bring a whole new level of gameplay to normal networks not just recreation because you'll have to do you'll have to optimize your networks taken consideration trains in front of you as well where it slow you down I think it's a bit too much to ask though but it would be cool that was the Caledonian sleeper this is a bit Wiggly we might need to set a bit of a speed limit there or straighten it now on the map it does look Wiggly but obviously to our scale it's more weekly than it should be anyway guys guys we have our first electric crane on the class 86 top and tail in there who represent a Voyager or Virgin Trains that's what that service is and it would head all the way – and is it Edinburgh yeah Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh are you waiting on him which would kind of make sense these are the local reporter not local trains they're the stopping services and the one that's coming around here shortly is the Express service should we get a new service honor then we'll get out we'll get our cross country serviceable you're coming through here aren't ya so before we go I want to play one more train set what was I what was I so angry about that I want to play with my train set please all right let's see how class 86 I'm right you've got rid of the trees again or did I not save it I'm sure I saved it well that looks marvelous and sounds amazing brilliant we did do this didn't we before we left all maybe not here maybe not here because we were looking at this bridge yes well let's do it let's not leave it because you'll forget about it and you'll keep forgetting about it and you'll never put it in and someone will be in the comments in like 30 years time and say gran you never did put those bushes back did you I'll be like no apparently my voice would have changed by then I supposed to have some trees along here so can we do that I think you're supposed to have trees well you've got trees now we'll just it looks a bit better do we like that guys alright shall we put on a new cross country service we're gonna head all the way back over here it is these it's going to be the Stansted Airport service cross country heading for our starting from Birmingham New Street right then this is uh this is actually listed as a D mu e hundred miles per hour but I've been reliably reliably informed it's pretty much the same as the other one I'm tempted to say it's a four-car but we'll go with three and what will duplicate this one same color scheme and everything because it's our cross country and we'll cross country DMU obviously it's a different train to that one but we haven't got many choices and it's not electrified over there as far as I know okay where we go for the the purply purply for cross country that's the dark purple right the closest we can get yes yes let's sit let's do this actually put it in so you know what you're doing is this is Birmingham Birmingham well if we put the noose ns-two Stansted Airport there we go ex country see I've started to put what they are and it's so we don't forget later and put the full journey as well there's another one that runs which would run and stop at our right down here off the side of the map which we don't have yet yeah it stops at University and goes that way so we will have that one in it's it's not as regular as the other services as frequent I should say yep I've been caught out saying that before yeah it's not as frequent as the other services it is obviously regular cuz its dime tabled right then let's get in here these are going to be running they either run from 7a or or platform 10 of the two I've seen the most of however how we're gonna do it is based on not like that they've got a second which is the least used platform and that would be possibly 7 or 10 well it matters well that's only the night service there and what 7 also in the night service okay so either one of those is perfectly good should we go with 7 you're or less over 7 put you on there we go now we've got the Birmingham New Street to Stansted Airport on there as well it doesn't stop very often where it's heading is Cole's Hill Parkway except I can't see the naming on these so let's check is it this one I feel likely that one yeah that's where it stops it skips water autumn you're gonna be stopping here and then you're heading to Nuneaton which is a little bit bizarre is that right do you were oh of course because you're going to Leicester you plonker no that's absolutely perfectly right we're gonna have to sort of help where it's heading that way right then you are heading from Nuneaton all the way to les p3 I'm not sure which way we've got this round and then you had to wait for it melton mowbray there we go we've got our first service that's heading up here do we have a crossover not if you've put it on the wrong way or is this a one-way signal that's a one-way signal no and you've probably chosen the wrong platform there we go is that one way no why are you doing that why are you doing that you're blanca this ship Oh what are we missing you can't get back over there I feel like we're missing it missing a thing there you'd need a crossover wouldn't you yes we get rid of this signal I don't know where actually is I might have to look that up um Oh a catenary no we shouldn't really be using standard track however I don't know the speed down here let's let's put it in like that we can upgrade all of this let's upgrade all of that all of it if I said I don't know why I put an old track in there I mean it's all make sense sort of doesn't are you all the right track oh yes because we're using the magic wand it will it will not let us do anything we've already changed there we go you get in there there and there we missed any was there beautimous I don't know why I was put in I'll track in there as I just did that recently maybe because of up here but who knows this has got a speed limit around here of something quite slow I don't know what it is down there we'll sort speeds and things like that out later right now you have the crossover we can put the signal back in one way just there beautiful we're gonna need some blocking here otherwise we could have some issues however we are using our new signals is that far enough go there and all all the zooming and there will have another another blocking signal there and there and how close are we to the junction miles away goodness me that's a journey that's quite a nice stretch isn't it I do like that okay one there slightly shorter signals because we're approaching a junction brilliant brilliant I think we're good I've lost I've lost my service because I closed it good we could we get it back up there we go you're not done you're going back to Leicester right back to Lester I'm going to say it does do this actually and avoid the the here this is nice and avoids the station as I stand there now what what platforms do you stop on on the way to stand steady you stop at platform 2 I don't know whether these are the right way around it's interesting that they stop on the same as the HST is what it looks like platform 2 but it would kind of make sense for platform 3 except that bit does not make sense possibly not it sort of doesn't it sort of doesn't because if you could let the HSTs go by but there's no point since you're all sharing platforms after Lester please use that then after melton mowbray please go that way there we go are we good now you are no longer doing sillies you're doing the right thing here I believe now where do we want them to be waiting ideally nowhere to weigh would that be safe to do I think it will because our opposing signal is there it's a little bit risky but it should work and given that we can also have one here because our opposing signal is there and we can scoot across that should be fine he says we're gonna see how that works technically it should be ok let's see that's not the right one is it cross country you're not done after Lester we're gonna be going all the way down to Nuneaton just there and then back to coles hill Parkway just here and and then we're done perfect I'm right next we have to make sure it's doing all the correct maneuvers around new Street which it is and we're going to check here I believe that's the only way to really do that for this service it's looking that way yes yes that's how that goes and then that's ok we'll get another train on here though which is nice another service I don't know what that service is did I did I not change the entire line or is that a different service I have to check on that might have to check on that in fact coles hill Parkway you should have been check no wait a minute what we got going on here guys it's one of these supposed to be to see this one it's one of these supposed to be the the Stansted Airport version I'm a little confused what do we have going on how many know we have one I thought I checked the routes did I do that wrong I am sure we change that vehicle no what did I change I've changed the wrong train oh well I don't know now whatever change vehicles that definitely not that well color me confused I don't know what I've changed here guys I might have changed the wrong one it should be this one did I restart no I don't know anyhow let's let's put that back I we're in September I'm a little confused now multiple units diesel it was these right yes add those replace now I don't know what I did there but you fixed I feel like I chained I'm gonna have to look look at that back when we're when we're done and when I'm editing and see which train I know there it is what are you oh it's it's the Birmingham New Street to Nottingham train yes right okay guys yeah this one is going the other way around the via burton-upon-trent which we will do once we've hooked that up that will go to Derby turn around and come back out but that's fine I don't know what service that is though it might not be these it might not be a DM you will look that up when we get to it but anyway they're all gonna be back let's I've lost the line again you plonker Birmingham New Street there we go we we've got a check we've got a check everything don't we down here it was doing some silly things oh no it's fixed it no you should be not doing that that's because of the platform choice okay well that's an easy one to fix six is right you should be seven on the way the other way there there we go guys we've done it we've got a new service in okay let's go and get you some trains on then we know what Depot to use for that I don't know why we're heading that way that's nowhere near where we need to be Cole end there we go you coming out of here how many were you no need for that I don't know cuz I keep clothes in it even when I'm not done multiple units diesel we're going with those I don't know how many carriages are we can change them at any time though um I'm gonna say four I don't know whether that's too excessive I'm gonna say four because eventually we're gonna be going all the way to Stamford with that set line all that's as far as we go on the on the map by the way for the service it's the it should be using the Birmingham to Peterborough line which is this one just yeah we have our Freight area here we'll take a look at that shortly I would like to work show you guys oh yes voting voting very close if you have not voted on what colour steam you would like these let's change one to great everybody seems so a lot of people like the gray there are plenty on board for the white summer on board for the mixed I'll throw the current status of the voting when I when I edit which so I'm not going to say what numbers they are because I'll edit this the day after because apparently I can't stop coughing and that doesn't bode well for concentration as making editing it's going to make editing interesting that's for sure but anyway I'll throw a graphic up on the screen and you can see what the state of the voting is you haven't voted it's in the previous episode episode 90 you go on that video click the little I in the top top right of the video when you hover over your mouse or when you tap it with your finger on the on the phones and tablets then yeah you'll get the little vote option you want it gray a white or mixed or super dark gray we haven't looked it there you go and then there's a super dark gray as well which just looks too excessive and probably why at time I was what I looked at it no one shows that at all understandably anyway back to white there we go there we go what will leave the gray one in I have changed this a little bit I have been told that it does raise up it so I've tried to sneakily get it to go up but as you can see we've got a bit of height now probably not too far off what it is I don't know what's going on here this is the AI building some amazing road junctions yeah we've got a kind of scoot down here this side of break off and then that side of borrow wash I believe and then sponding stations gonna be a roundabout here but we might be able to do that and we might be how to do that now do we give it a go I would like you told we could maybe squeeze through there mavey I mean it would be nice wouldn't it we got it on pause good good what I want to do is if that if that is possible it would be great and I would like to stay raised up I think now spawned ins got a level crossing after it but that's kind of cool again I don't know the speeds down here so we're just gonna throw them down like so that's looking about right to me we're gonna have to be a bit sharp at the fat boat at the end because we've got to get up we don't cross the river the part of be the Trent I believe or is it burton-upon-trent yeah that'll be the Train because nothing on yes yes it splits there into the saw what's this one I don't know what that one is or is this the train this is the trend in that case what on earth is that one I wonder if any of these called whatever on belper and Begay we get a train service going up here it should look rather nice we're gonna raise this up and touch is it's much much higher than that but yeah that's gonna look cool as well we we have a service coming out of Darby that in right we need to get this looking round and heading in the right direction are you're gonna be going there there we go that's lovely we'll get a nice scenic view when when this is done won't we especially if there's some some towns sprouting up around it'd be lovely we're gonna have to head down south of that place and keep going it doesn't matter if he's slightly raised up we can eventually do it having one okay that's too close I can get this in I'll be mightily happy not spawned and so much but the track leading up to it would be kind of nice right I'm gonna flatten you out ready for the level crossing it's pondan it's it's gonna be about here on our map so we've we've made it believe it or not that's lovely there is a strange industrial thing here south of the station I don't know what it is do you know what should we put sponding in I'm sort of tempted because it's not overly complicated it's just an 80 meter station with a with a level crossing at one end let's do it do you know what let's do it absolutely let's do it right so we've got your 80 metres you are 110 in height you you have all the the gubbins you don't have a roof we can we can adjust it I'm trying to do it from memory no platform building station building we're gonna have them in the middle like that and just all it I think a good thing not the not the episode just yet we're not quite finished I want to make sure were at the right angle that all right we're gonna have to knock this back again because I'm now heading the wrong way it's more like that which is gonna be important because getting Darby ins gonna be rather crucial and in the right spot there we go we got that in oh you miss click good job actually we're not gonna be able to have one the other side or are we know we might be able to squeeze in and I'll show you why there is another track that comes around here however what we can possibly do is have that go like so you keep forgetting to do i speed back don't you yes you do anyhow you're in you're gonna be continuing off here and we definitely want you straight because we're gonna need a road going across interestingly it's kind of bumpy anyway we'll get you in there and it does kind of do this that dips down crossing keep clear oh that's fancy I like that what are those when did I get those they're like proper British ones almost yeah oh my word when did I get those I have an ex site guys I don't remember these it would be nice if we had gates but what on earth are those Oh UK crossing lights but we're no gate that's a little unfortunate one of those half barrier what are these often that's so cool well I kind of want them in now but it would kind of be better with a gate wouldn't it well I mean there's those that kind of cool but I mean oh they're close enough I you know just put these in for now because I didn't realize I had them and that is kind of cool okay the plane with the with you with your light we're just gonna put these roads in and let and let's spawned and regrow a touch it posed to you a little bit a little bit tiny at the moment Oh official episode that's a bit sneaky I didn't think I'll get that in be honest in fact I almost forgot about it that would have been a disaster episode 91 the unofficial ly unofficial episode not confusing I think we're in a good place guys we have spawned on in I love it I don't know what we're doing with this yet it kind of heads off that way we'll do something fancy with it you're going to connect in there now that needs to be gone this needs to continue off that way somewhere and there's going to be a track heading like that it won't be a new track though and it definitely won't be 75 but for the purposes of what we're doing we're going to go across here and head round there then it heads back that way we haven't got much room but I would like to get the essence then if possible then it heads up there there we go it sorta does that it's close enough which means we're gonna have to redo this because we need to go straight across like so beautiful with our fancy UK signals this is pretty much what it does all we need really is those UK crossing signals but with barriers that'll be barely awesome right and then we should have a nice please please work if we can squeeze in here are you not gonna pull well it's not quite what I had in mind game can we can we try that again but without bad ideas let's give it a go go across there stay flat if we come out of here first don't do it to me there we go why are you dipping down there is no reason for you to dip down at all stop that stop this what are you doing you silly game no why why go straight why won't you go straight there silly thing right I wonder how can force its hand no you just refuse don't you you're gonna even if it's at the right height you're just gonna make that stupid dip oh you know sometimes just go in there then it matters not I mean it does but oh I'm not sure how we can achieve this to not be silly if we right if we put it up there gently right from here it's a bit risky I know this is like crash territory ah you thought you had me game I mean it's a it's not perfect but it's a little better isn't it gotcha I got you now what you gonna do watch it crash like I'm gonna crash of course you are right get in there get all this smoothed out I don't know what key I just pressed there fortunately I got the stream deck now so when I make mistakes like that I don't accidentally stop recording I had to double-check they don't have muted myself from coughing earlier and not and not press the button to turn the mic back on be very quiet it has just been some wait with silence going on no I I'd have had to re-record which would have been terrible as I've run out of time right there we go spawned in you have a station and there is a cross over the other side we're gonna have one here just in case we decide to put a a service in we're gonna do it like this and that'll be one way there we go but we're not okay but we've got spawned earning that we're not far from as you saw Ron Bert and Burton's not done by a long ignore that ignore everything that's going on there Bert and we've got some issues with but the simple fact is it's an island station with four tracks now there's that fantastic mod that came out with the island station and the road access except you can only ever do it with to track unfortunately that would make all of this a bit awkward maybe when if it ever gets updated to handle more than two tracks we'll swap that out or the all this station down here wherever it is this one yes we'll swap it out for that one but as you can see I don't think we're gonna be able to squeeze in a couple of tracks they're numbered Oh oh it doesn't quite do what it didn't it old do you know it looks like it's been updated though because it does have four tracks now it might be worth doing it thinking about that I mean it's pretty much it isn't it it's pretty much it it's got a massive car park on top of it though ooh oh I don't know no park parking lot what's that what's a parking wait what is say what what's that do I thought it was gonna put the parking parking spaces on top that would have been awesome and exactly what I needed bus and tram stop oh okay NRA no second Street connection yes I mean that's sort of cool horizontal I don't know what any of this means hey he's working on this isn't he vertic wow there are some cool things happen into this oh do you know it's supposed to be like that though with just cracked on the outside oh it's so tempting guys it's super tempting but I don't think I'm gonna go for it absolutely not although drop a comment below this video if you would like to kind of bend the rules a little bit because it does going to look superb doesn't it and then we wouldn't have this stupidness going on which I definitely don't exists I am tempted to go with that new station guys because there is a road I don't know how we'll do the car part but I can I can think about it they go burn on trent might use that new station that has been I would call that we've we've done a lot should we play it now we're almost into 1970 guys 1970 we have new services on on a new service someone asked for a cab right through here soon that is coming I've had a little go on it anywho we're gonna have a cab right on here eventually once we've got a few more trains on the bow it's starting to look good we get our first cross-country train don't we heading this way as well not this way Oh what's going on here okay just just traffic that's fine always waiting for the local service shouldn't you really have another signal down here quite possibly it shouldn't we have one pretty much there should it be one way I think so because you the other train crosses over just there okay there we go there we go or we we need one here then two way unfortunately otherwise otherwise the Express service will always be waiting for this service which means this one is pretty pointless there we go there we go we shouldn't get any blocking the opposing signal is there and here yeah so we should be fine with that but that allows ooh yeah and we're on this side coming into the station we should be fine we should be fine famous last words but we should be fine there goes our little local service heading to Nottingham we've got our Express service there the question is where on earth are our new cross-country trains I did put them on didn't I is this one no that is in Leicester oh come on is this no they're probably oh they would have all come out together wouldn't they we've got freight train there I want to end on our new track there it is there it is guys no one on it just yet in fact will anybody get on it because it's kind of a more expressive one not yet not yet I like this I love this by a Leicester vehicles Hill Parkway anyway guys should we start wrapping this up and get on board that has been episode 91 as we go past a freight train on how new where we have new straight to stansted airport cross country it is actually a at plus 101 spray-painted kind of purple a bit of a shorter one today because it particularly is driving me nuts hopefully I can edit around it because it got a bit weird at times well you should see seamless seamless sort of a video it shouldn't be too much shorter though I think I've got everything you know and wanted today so that's a good thing I just couldn't talk over some of it don't forget the vote check episode 90 out for that on the smoke for the power station I don't know what you're waiting for here oh you're not waiting long no so that's okay they probably bunched up aren't they overnighted thinking about it are we coming across the top of the west coast main line which is an electrified jet it will be soon TM right we're heading down it's this super-steep at the moment well that was a big bit of lag wasn't it alright guys I'm gonna leave you with this cab ride for a little bit and I'm gonna go and drink some water then went broke feel a little better okay not it not a big thing all the doors they're open over there no one's getting on this one though are they now they're like what is this service and where that where on earth this Stansted Airport because that's not on your map well no but we're pretending I'm waffling now you would think with a sore throat I wouldn't want but I'm gonna do the exact opposite for you or for me yes anyway I'll leave you with this we'll probably leave it to run into at least Lester and just see how it goes so until next time take care


Rhys Stirling · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I am a little confused if the class 86 is supposed to be a voyager then it shouldn’t be electric, a pendilino is electric and the voyager is diesel

villavine10 · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

What mod did you use to lower population?

Julie Fisher · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

You know what would also be good in TPF2… is control of signals… A proper Circuit Network ala Factorio. To enable us to choose which signals change to Red or Yellow under what circumstances. That might allow for slow stoppers to be stopped when an express was close enough.

Alan Maciag · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Train Simulator just uploaded: Train Sim World 2020 Official Trailer

David White · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Answer already given for the River Derwent, which there is also one in Hobart Tasmania Australia. Good ep GT.

Ethan Whisman · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I'm back at least this is the first one first video of this series I've watched in a while

And I have to say you are extremely say excited about a level crossing

But I'm sad that you're replacing steam trains with fancy electric and diesel trains😞

But the series looks pretty good also I think I prefer the dark gray on your building think the smoke purely because it makes it look like it actually looks it's like it's. Polluting the air like it's supposed to also its power plant that runs off like what Cole it's not going to put clean air out clean put pollution out

Bending the rules sounds fine with that new station I mean what if you don't have a little bit of flexibility then you couldn't do what I do for a living that's for sure

dan b · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Relevant video time, little bit late, I’m a little bit sick.

We start with a cab ride in a class 87 from Birmingham international to Birmingham New street (couldn’t get a 86 sadly) then in the second video it’s trains at Syston to get a good look at the new cross country train added this episode, and in the 3rd video it’s a time lapse cab ride from Melton Mowbray to Leicester in said cross country train

dan b · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Should point out, the Nottingham to Birmingham new street cross country train which you made into a DMU doesn’t go to Leicester, on your map it currently turns around at burton on Trent. (Which is correct) (after burton on Trent they stop at derby which I look forward to seeing)

dan b · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

10 hours late, oops can’t wait for episode 100

Matt Evans · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

1970? Wasn't the end of steam 1969?

Marcus Boothby · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Appreciated the League of Gentleman reference at about 10 minutes in

Derrick Jones · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Happy Sunday! And the steam is white at all the power stations I've seen. Also, the cooling towers are always over a pool every time I've seen them close up – the condensed steam has to go somewhere……

Oliver Bradley · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

You dont need the 3rd track at spondon it got took out during the rework to derby last year

Master Trams · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Just a thought for when you've completed the network, though wouldn't do the frame rate any good. As well as deBeeching the West Midlands, why build all projects currently under consideration or brainchildren of journalists who have too much time on their hands.
This is a link to the "Birmingham Crossrail"!

Gamer Deluxe · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

The river is the “River Derwent”. Only thing I know about it is that the line that follows it is the Derwent Valley Line from Matlock to Newark Castle.

LMSFan13065 · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Could you do trainspotting at Manchester Picadilly please

Gamer Deluxe · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Why do you do click and drag instead of using WASD keys?

Michael .Freebury · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Would you be able to release an updated game file soon please? Love having a look around myself at all the work that's been put in 🙂

Carwyn Edwards · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

use the other station and add tracks on the sides

TheMasterNerd · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

The river at 39:30 is the river Derwent, which originates in Derbyshire, before passing through Derwent Resovior and then through the famous Ladybower Resovior, it then joins the river Wye which follows the popular Monsal Trail cycle route (one I have done many a time) which runs on the trackbed of the former Midland from Buxton to Bakewell, the line then connected to the currently preserved Peak Rail route at Darley Dale, where the existing line runs south to Matlock before joining to the national network. That line continues down and becoms part of the line which you will continue up that valley, merging with the line from Chesterfield at Ambergate. Also, please include Crich Tram Village if there is space on the map 🙂

Bumblebum · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Where do you get your timetables from and would they work for London

Anglo Saxon · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

I use the catenary mast remover mod and place them all myself….hard work but stops nonesense at junctions! lol

diamarker 100 · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Virgin trains use Pendolinos on the route to Edinburgh rather than Voyagers that are only used on the route to Holyhead

Stephen Reardon · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

FRS – Fellow of the Royal Society

diamarker 100 · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm

Just started watching this series. Really enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

ELECTRO HALO8 · July 29, 2019 at 3:39 pm


also ETA to the HST?

I’m really hyped for it baby! Also mind doing some work around Wolverhampton if there is any left to do like electrification

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