Train To Nuwara Eliya | World’s Most scenic Train Journey through Tea Country | Lanka Kand 04

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Friends, this is Landa Kand Episode 4 Kindly pay attention, Train no we are at Deck on Hills in kandy Very beautiful hostel cozy sitting area and small cafeteria Scenic view from hostel terrace is so beautiful, see you must be saying show beauty behind you and not you please early morning booking UBER is a challenging task not necessary you will get one inspite of indicating time so now we are in bus as reaching station anyhow is very important so early this morning in bus and meet Divyabh it took 25LKR to reach station UBER would have charged 150LKR Friends in Kandy you will find traffic Jam throughout the day ohk guys So I welcome you to Kandy Railway station in Srilanka I am in hurry So friends this is vaishali For the People, Bye the People, Of the People I welcome you early this morning on Xtreme Roads Let me tell you, 2nd class & 3rd Class tickets are unreserved only 1st class is reserved So first come first serve seats have to be occupied I want to go Naura Elliya How Much? 420LKR means 210LKR per Adult We have to Go from Kandy to Nanu oya To reach Nanu Oya will take around 4hrs train journey Train will start at 8:48am Here we are at Kandy Station’s canteen at first floor You will get Rice, Dal, Chutney and String hooper Is made of Rice, this is dal and this is spicy coconut Samba okay! What is the cost? 150LKR, plate includes 10 string hoopers Dal and Coconut Samba and Non veg is optional You must have watched Kandy Station in Lanka Kand Episode 3, Letme inform you train runs for Naura Elliya is at 8:48am and 11:30am In srilanka 3languages are generally spoken those are Singhalese, Tamil and English I am informing you for the reason, there was announcement which was hopefully in local language either Singhalese or Tamil because i saw Srilankans shifted to other side of platform you can see all got shifted from here to there I guess compartment where they want to sit in 2nd class coach is going to come there Ohk guys the train which we are boarding now has 2nd class reserved seat too including 1st class but since we were enable to get one we have to go unreserved As you can see the crowd here This is awesome Now I can feel Mumbai local train In srilanka it is tourist season during December and so it is too crowded, as you see around me all are tourist and even they are travelling along with locals, just like them if you are in unreserved seat Well I won’t be able to show you each station, due to crowd. still will try. Here this is Dampola station we have a friend here from German, What your name? Mike he Is travelling to Adams Peak And we are going to Nanu for Nuwra Elliya In search of Maa Sita, at Ashok Vatika Mike wants to trek at Adams Peak he will get down at hatton We also have other tourist friends you are from ? Australia Jessica Himis from Australia We have one more beautiful Lady out here from Holland Durang from Amsterdam And they all are enjoying this crowd I believe…. (all laugh) This is Naulapidi and seems quite a rush here Yesterday’s journey had less crowd at station Where you have to get down? Nanu this train will arrive at 12:50pm After which station I may find good view that side, from now on In this rush we have Vitana travelling with us He is from Srilanka, stays in Kandy he has been to Everest Base camp and is a trekker too We were discussing, what is the importance of Ravana in your life Mythology of India depict a story telling for which i have come here for It is said Ravana had kept Sita Captive here in Srilanka, then lanka got her from India to Sri Lanka in Aeroplane Later he kept her captive in Ashok Vatika Where Hanuman came in search of Maa Sita and and Later he even burnt Golden Lanka of Ravana Later there was war between Ram & Ravana And Then Ram rescued Maa Sita and got her back to India via Bridge The bridge is still visible which joins the corridor of Srilanka and India That bridge is existing and is easily visible in Jafna If I ask you about Ravana what would you say? I believe Ravana is a story and may or may not be true For me it’s a story till I find out the fact, it is a story Ingruoya Ingru means Ginger Ingruoya is stations name So now we are at Galboda Station Gak means Stone, Boda means? Sorry I have no clue what it means in Singhalese Got to get Got to get it right now How much 4piece 200LKR Friends from Ella to Kandy is the most beautiful journey Well we are not going till Ella But But till Nonu it is really beautiful After Hatton it is truly scenic magical view Hey you can see Maik out there Hi Maik! Votavala Friends so we are right now at Votavala and rainfall is the most in this area You can see passengers are seated there at doors and enjoying well speed of this train is quite less but need to take care as it shakes a lot So this is 3rd class coach , and seats here are like this Also you will find small cafeteria He is settled here, quite cozy and comfortable Have you reserved it(joking) Friends now you will watch beauty of Tea plantation So we are at Rozelle Exactly i don’t remember crhonological hault But is at the located in the middle of very beautiful valley, I must say Best part of the view is towards right side of the front end of engine Very very mesmerizing beauty okey friends! so this Hatton station and from here you can go to Adams peak as I told you earlier Well platforms here are quite at gap and so need to be careful while getting down As you can see here There is little difficulty while getting down Nice meeting you, greeted each other bye, ohk so even you are getting down here All left Well Adams peak is said to be the peak where Adam landed first on this earth and Mythology character Hanuman also stepped first at Adams Peak mountain while in search for Maa Sita Mostly tourist they get down at hatton to trek for Adams Peak, I wish even I could go But befor visiting Hanumanji’s first step to srilanka, we have to go in search of Maa Sita At Ashok Vatika, So first we will go to meet Maa Sita and laterto visit where hanumanji kept his first step Cost of Tea? 60LKR Milo for 70LKR Biscuits for? 130LKR, 180LKR Friends we just saw Adams Peak view from here. God from Hatton the most , amazing journey is going to begin I will show you in while okay Guys, So we have reached Nanu oya, and here you find Pretty Police officer Works for railway police What your Name? Dikshani So friend don;t forget to Subscribe and press bell button for reminder Also don;t forget to follow on Instagram, is where you should connect us. and keep enjoying our vlogs So this is Vaishali, For the people, BY the people, of the people from Xtremeroads So this was our trip from Kandy to Nanu oya and now we are heading towards Nuwra Elliya and from there our Lanka Kand Episode 5 will begin So here we end our Lanka Kand Episode 4 Byeeeeeeeeeeee


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