Tracking Your Restaurant & Bar Marketing – The Offer Redemption Process

Published by Darron Toy on

hi there here's a quick screen recording of the redemption and tracking process so you can see here that the customer has been delivered a buy one get one free drink and being instructed to pop into the venue and show this to staff staff will then press the button and because we know that sometimes customers will press the button because they're curious or they just do it by accident we build in a little bit of a failsafe here to just say look make sure that next time this happens staff presser and you're at the venue so staff will have to press one or two of these buttons and then they'll have to enter in the bill amount so for example here it's a buy one get one for a drink they'll enter in $19 for example and the customer will get a little thank-you message and then instantly that'll go across to the Google sheet which tracks the sale so you can see if you go right down here to the bottom there's the $19 you can see my name right there so that's how we

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