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Phoebe what you doing you're swimming hey guys welcome to today's vlog it's gonna be awesome today's video is sponsored by Disney we are so excited to be here we are going to be going on some rides and we're going to be showing you guys some new attractions and now more than ever is the time to visit Disney World because you are going to have the last chance to see some of the things that are moving on forever and get to see some of the new amazing attractions that they have we are so excited and we we did let Eby jump in the pool for a second and now we're pulling her out as we're gonna get to the parks and have some fun so let's go you wanna go have some fun okay let's go now we're gonna go on link it up – who we going to see right now what's her name vampire Rina is she a princess or just a vampire vampire are you gonna give her a hug or just talk to her talk to her all right Zane are you ready for some Everest yes good answer you've been on this before I have not it's fun am I gonna cry scream bleep okay wish me luck guys that wasn't ads holy cow right tell me what your favorite part I did not get to go on that right all right you guys you're going to end the vlog that was so much fun thank you so much to Disney for having us come out and check out the new attractions and this awesome ride and stay tuned for tomorrow because it's going to be so much fun I'm so excited for tomorrow yeah thanks for watching make sure you guys find good and everything and remember that now more than ever is the time to visit Disney World

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