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Argentina Argentina ecolodge default is one of the greatest places to visit on earth it is truly one of the natural wonders of the world here you will see two and a half miles of joining white noise laid out in the most picturesque scene you have ever imagined it is just as expansive as the Niagara Falls but twice as glamorous on a clear blue day there isn't another place you'd rather be this is a place that everyone should visit and admire the power of nature the best time to visit is between August and November Edith habit is one of the argentine accosted false teachers that gives the complete observation of the equalizer falls from all angles it begins with a gorgeous train ride in order to introduce you to the flora and fauna of argentina there will be a little hiking but it will be worth it as you gain vertical feet to the aerial views of the falls it is possible to see the forest from the lower giver levels but you will not regret the soles muscles in the morning as you climb to the top this too is financially manageable but your rates change depending on the season this is the equalizer calls and remember to break lots of film for your camera there will be a lot of photo opportunities and some high quality true natural wonders of words Christ the Redeemer Brazil Christ the Redeemer a large art deco-style effigy is located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and stands 48 meters high the statue is located at the summit of Corcovado mountain in Pachuca Forest National Park handing at 710 meters and looking over the city in Portuguese this iconic monument the cloners Cristo Redentor Christ the Redeemer was designed by a French sculptor by the name of Paul and outfield and a local engineer named hater da Silva Costa was chosen to supervise the entire construction the statue is based not out of seeds but with reinforced concrete and that is considered the most suitable material to the cross-shaped statue the outer layers of the idol be constructed from a mosaic of soapstone because of the materials known resistance to extreme weather and also due to its malleability Christ the Redeemer was built between 1926 and 1931 and after Sun five there was also a chapel built at the base of the mountain to house hundred and fifty visitors the monument was inaugurated on up to the 12th 1951 in an extravagant and to land commemoration the busiest time to visit is Easter and the Christmas season from the road or the train terminals Christ the Redeemer statue is reached by 222 except for those not wishing to make the arduous trek up the mountain reaching the statue is possible by isolated and elevated in Rio de Janerio Brazil Christ the Redeemer remains one of the most beloved year-round to this attraction some say the best time to visit the Christ the Redeemer statue is late afternoon or evening when you can enjoy the splendor of the Setting Sun while taking in one of the most important landmarks in the world Amazon given the Amazon River of South America is the largest river in the world by volume with the children's with a flow greater than the next top ten largest rivers flowing into the ocean combined the Amazon which has the largest drainage basin in the world account for approximately one-fifth of the world's total river flow because of its vast dimensions it is sometimes called the river stream at no point as the Amazon crossed by bridges it was only partly because of the huge dimensions for most of the flames the Amazon is not so wide that a modern bridge could not stand but also because for most of its length the river flows through tropical rainforest where there are few roads and even fewer cities while Amazon is clearly the largest river in the world by most measures the majority of the geography community today regards the Amazon as second longest river just slightly shorter than the nine however the discovery of the new tributary of the Amazon now leaves some scientists to consider the Amazon as the longest river in the world more than one-third of all species in the world live in the Amazon rainforest a giant tropical forest and different places with an area that stretched more than 5.4 million square kilometres and is among the richest tropical forests in the world Amazon River has over 3,000 recognized species of fish and that number is still growing some estimates go as high as 5,000 anaconda snake is found in the shallow waters in the Amazon basin one of the world's largest species of snake the anaconda spent most of its time in the water with just its nostrils above the surface anacondas have been known to occasionally attack fishermen the river suppose thousands of species of fish as well as crabs algae turtles and chicken flower mayor of lima the plaza mayor of plaza de armas lima is the birthplace of the city of Lima as well as the core of the city located in the historic center of Lima it is surrounded by the government palace cathedral of Lima Archbishop's Palace of Lima the municipal palace and the clubs of the Union in 1523 King chance one of Fame mandated the procedures for the creation of cities in the new world these procedures indicated that after outlining the city's plan growth should follow a grid centered on the square shape of the plaza on the dais the foundation could be generally 18 1535 the quantitative francisco pizarro conforming to established procedure because maybe the location to build the planter later bizarro and Nicolas de Rivera the City's first mayor told the city's location and flits parcels Zadok taking advantage of the sighting of condor and governor took a large parcel of land between the north side of the plaza and the romantic river the loss to the south of the plaza was designated to be a church the Western lot was to be the site of a city council and the rest of the lot were divided among the rest of the qantas papers basilica and convent of san francisco comment oh the San Francisco is the Spanish name for st. Francis ministry located in Lima heaven the building is noted for its 17th century architecture a high example of Spanish neoplasm catechol and our business under the monastery's and are set to connect to other catacombs beneath the cathedral and other area churches the conference library is world-renowned the church completed in 1670 so this architectonic complex was constructed in the 17th century and that's made up by the church and the convent of San Francisco as well as of the chances of the solitude and the miracle you during your visit václav strokes can be appreciated we're patient adjourned with civilian time and the library here it is the headquarters of the museum villages art and the surveillance room under this complex there is a network with underground galleries and catacombs that where a cemetery at the colonial times and which are also very much visited Machu Picchu Machu Picchu is a pre-columbian inca site located 2,400 meters above sea level it is situated on a mountain ridge above the Urubamba Valley in Peru which is 80 kilometres northwest of Cusco and through which the urubamba river flows the river is a partially navigable headwater of the Amazon River often referred to as the lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu probably is the most familiar symbol of enter and tire it is also one of the new seven wonders of the world it was built around the Year fourteen sixty but abandoned as an official site for the interval is a hundred years later at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Inza and fire although known locally it was said to have been forgotten for centuries when the site was brought to the worldwide attention in 1911 by Hiram Bingham an American historian since then Machu Picchu has become an important tourist attraction it has recently come to light that the site may have been discovered and plundered several years previously in 1867 by a German businessman of Oscar burns machu picchu was declared a Peruvian historical sanctuary in 1991 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 since it was not plundered by the Spanish when they conquered the Incas it is especially important at the cultural site and it is considered a sacred place Machu Picchu was built in the classical in Castine with polished dry to enroll its primary buildings are the Incan who Wattana the temple of the Sun and the room of the three windows these are located in what is known by archaeologists as the sacred district of March feature in September 2007 Pharaoh and a Yale University reached an agreement regarding the return of artifacts which Hyrum Bing camp had removed from Machu Picchu in the early 20th century currently there are concerns about the effect of tourism on the site as it reached 400,000 visitors in 2003 7b hunter chavin de huantar is an archaeological site containing ruins and artifacts originally constructed by the sheddin a pre inca culture around 900 BC the site is located 250 kilometres north of Lima Peru at an elevation of 3115 metres between the Andean mountain ranges of the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca chavin de huantar has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site Sanofi shavon relief from this archeological site are on display in the museo de la nación in lima chavin de huantar was initially built around 951 the fairly large population was based on an agricultural economy the city's location at the headwaters of the Mara North River between the coast and the jungle made it an ideal location for dissemination and collections of both ideas and material goods findings that challenges one table indicates that social instability and upheaval began to occur between 500 and 300 BC at the same time that the larger Chadron civilization began to decline large ceremonial sites were abandoned some unfinished and were replaced by villages and agricultural land at Chartres and I want our no later than 500 BC a small village replace circular Plaza the planter was occupied by a succession of groups and building stones and stone carvings we're salvaged produce in house walls multiple occupation floors indicates the village was continuously occupied through the 1940s it's la belleza these spectacular islands eroded into many cases arches provides shelter for thousands of seabirds and hundreds of sea lions although the islands fall just outside the Parrikar's Mastan reserves they are protected by separate legislation the only way to get to the island is by faking an organised term charge a fairly inexpensive costing between US dollars 10 to 15 the islands are home to over 150 species of marine bird including the Humboldt penguins cormorants movies and pelicans even condors have been known to visit on the shores can be seen a large number of sea lions and in the sea it is possible to encounter dolphins and even whales and comprise a speedboat trip accompanied by a guide for about two hours both safar's between 8:00 and 10:30 from the fishing jetties at el Chacal port by the village of paraquad check that the company provides two life jackets and take one clothing and sun protection also ask what's the maximum group size since some boats can become very overcrowded visitors are not allowed onto the islands but views of the wildlife and the vote are usually excellent the truth also passed the candelabra a 15-meter candelabra shape traced in the desert hillside overlooking the sea there are numerous theories as to its origin Nazca lines the Nazca lines are a series of geoglyphs located in the nazca desert a high average plateau that stretches more than 80 kilometers between the towns of Nazca and falfa on the Pampas the Jumana in Paris we are believed to have been created by the Nazca culture between 200 BC and AD 700 there are hundreds of individual figures ranging in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds spiders monkeys fish sharks llamas and lizards the lines of shallow designs where the reddish pebbles that cover the surrounding landscape have been removed revealing the whitish earth underneath hundreds are simple lines or geometric shapes and more than 70 are natural or human figures the largest are over 200 metres across call is deferred interpreting what the lines were for but generally ascribe religious significance to them the drive in lists tables line it at the plateau has preserved the lines to the same the leading explanation for the method of construction employed by the Nazca people involves the use of simple tools and surveying equipment wooden stakes in the ground at the end of some lines and ceramics found on the surface support this theory furthermore researcher Joanna Kell of the University of Kentucky has reproduced the figures using the technology available to the Nazca people of the time and without aerial assistance with careful planning and simple technologies a small team of individuals could only create even the largest figures within things contrary to the claims of several commentators the figures can be observed from the ground by standing on top of nearby Fort Worth Lake Titicaca Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Bolivia and Peru it says 3812 meters about three levels looking at the highest commercially navigable lake in the world by volume of water it falls the largest lake in South America the latest samples of to nearly separate sub basins that are connected by the Strait of Tokina which is 800 meters across at the narrowest points the larger sub-basin Legrand has a means depth of 135 meters and a maximum depth of 284 meters the smaller sub basins like oq9 marker has a mean depth of 9 meters and a maximum depth of 40 meters the overall average depth of the lake is 107 meters Lake Titicaca is fed by rainfall and melt water completely on the cyrez that's about the Altiplano 5 major river systems feed into Lake Titicaca in order of your relative flow volumes these are ramus quwata illa V Cohen came and Sujit more than 20 other small rivers empty into the Kaka and the lake has 41 islands some of which are densely populated having only a single season of free circulation the lake is mono mixing and water passes through lago Hyun America and flows out through the single outlet at the Rio de Janeiro which then flows south through Bolivia to Lake puto this only account for about 10% of the lakes water balance evapotranspiration caused by strong winds and intense sunlight as altitude balances the remaining 90% of the water input it is merely a closed lake sacred Valley Peru the sacred valley of the incas of the valley in the Andes of Pharos close to the Inca capital of Cusco the valley is generally understood to include everything between price tag and ollantaytambo parallel to the Urubamba River or will cannot a river or will can i you as this sacred River is called when passing through the valley it is spread by numerous rivers which descend through adjoining valleys and forges and contains numerous archaeological remains and villages the value was appreciated by the in pursuit with special geographical and climatic qualities for the extraction of natural wealth and the best place remains production in Paris Manu National Park Monell National Park is the biosphere reserve located in Madrid reveal and for cars handle Cusco before becoming an area protected by the Peruvian government Romano national park with conserved thanks to within taxability the park remains fairly accessible by Road to this day in 1977 UNESCO recognized it as a reserve of biosphere and in 1987 it was pronounced a World Heritage Site it is the largest national park in Peru covering an area of 15,000 328 square kilometres the biosphere reserve includes an additional two thousand five hundred and seventy square kilometres and a further 914 square kilometres are included in a cultural zone bringing the total area up to eighteen thousand eight hundred and eleven square kilometers the Park protects several ecological zones ranging from as low as 150 metres above sea level in parts of the Amazon basin to buena drast land at altitudes of 4,200 meters because of this topographical range it has one of the highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world overall more than 15,000 species of plants are found in manu and up to 250 varieties of trees have been found in a single hectare the desert is a destination for bird watchers trip also with the word as it is home to over 800 species of birds nearly the doses for all of North America you

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