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the southwestern Community of show-cell enjoys a reputation of leading the island in the local craft industry traditions of basket weaving and other creative handmade goods have been nurtured throughout generations in shizzle but despite the high quality locally made products on offer craftsmen and women have reported that sales are not as buoyant as before to address this concern the Ministry of Tourism has stepped in to assist the artisans with the aim to arrange for tourists to frequent the community the idea submitted a craftsperson and to really get them to be interested in working with us in developing or establishing this new tour and to give the visitors something that they can live with it's an opportunity for them to really experience the authentic products and experiences that solution has to offer the director of product development at the Ministry of Tourism says that efforts have been made to isolate the factors that could lead to the most success for the marketing endeavor additionally their findings indicate that younger generations have shown a less interest and continuing along the traditional route over the age of 50 which is not all but realized that a lot of young courses are not really taking part in that so in that sort of activity so it is slowly diminishing in fact I just had a discussion with one of the persons within the Craft Centre and she shared with us that one of the producers of a particular craft has died so there's nobody to actually continue to continue making that that particular item so we really want to see how we can get persons to be more interested in in the art and to ensure that it's sustainable because what we are trying to promote in st. Lucia is for persons to really experience the authenticity of the destination and of course it means that what we are offering must be sustainable so there must be persons were able to pass along that generations were able to pass along that that that art skill public relations officer for the show-cell arts and crafts Heritage Association Peter Philip says that the program will hopefully show participants how sustain themselves and their business ventures this meeting also serves another purpose that to bring the crafters to be mindful of the duties that they have to play in a program that is being established to towards building resistance towards the effects of climate change a few lessons a few things that they have to learn before we get fully engaged into the into the program in essence of the program sorry we have a series of workshops and meetings going on in order to get this whole program in place so today is another example of part of the exercises that we have to on the tick in order to bring the program into completion ultimately the government plans to collaborate with the local vendors to brainstorm the ways in which the creative industry product can be improved upon whilst also assisting the vendors and getting a more consistent group of buyers Russell Lord for the HDS news four's

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