Tourism in Alabama

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NEW THIS MORNING — KICKING OFF OUR ALL-DAY COVERAGE ON THE TRUTH ABOUT ALABAMA- A LOOK AT TOURIST DESTINATIONS. MICHELLE LOGAN REPORTS HOW THE STATE IS VIEWED AS A VACATION DESTINATION. MICHELLE? WELL — I TOOK TRIPS ACROSS THE STATE TO FIND THE ANSWER. ONE TOURISM EXPERT TELLS ME ALABAMA HAS THE FOURTEENTH LARGEST TOURISM ECONOMY IN THE UNITED STATES. AND GETTING A LOOK AT THE MOUNTAIN TOWNS, BEACH COMMUNITIES, AND WORLD- RENOWNED GOLF RESORTS — IT’S EASY TO SEE WHY. THROUGH HIS LENS& PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN DERSHAM HAS SEEN THE BEST IN ALABAMA – (Super: John Dersham, Dekalb Tourism president & CEO/photographer) “All the way from the mountains of North Alabama to the extensive, world-class river systems all throughout Alabama, to the Blackbelt, to the Wiregrass, the coastal plains and the Gulf Coast.” TRAVELING TO ALL 67 COUNTIES TO CAPTURE THIS DIVERSITY OF LANDSCAPES FOR HIS BOOK “MY ALABAMA.” “We needed a book to demonstrate what Alabama actually looks like to, uh, visitors, to economic developers, especially internationally.” Michelle: “There are more than 200 pages in this book!” THE PICTURES ON THESE PAGES – TELLING A STORY OF ALABAMA’S BEAUTY. DERSHAM SAYS HE HOPES TO DISPEL THE MISCONCEPTION S ABOUT THE STATE& HE HEARS ALL TOO OFTEN. “‘I thought you were just one level field, one level cotton field, north to south.” FROM THE LITTLE RIVER CANYON AND THE MOUNTAINOUS TERRAIN HERE IN DEKALB COUNTY&& ALL THE WAY TO THE SOUTHERN COAST – – WELL, THE STATE BOASTS A LITTLE MORE THAN A FIELD. (ocean nats) ALABAMA’S BEACH TOWNS – BECOMING INCREASINGLY POPULAR TOURIST DESTINATIONS. VIVA PRICE – ON VACATION IN GULF SHORES WITH HER FAMILY THIS SUMMER. Viva Price: “What’s your favorite thing to do here? Make castles! Make castles! (Super: Viva Price – Gulf Shores vacationer) “It’s accessible, not really overly- expensive and you still get the nice white beach and beautiful sun that you would get on the island.” BACK IN THE BIRMINGHAM METRO AREA – (nat pop of golf ball @ 04;42;25;20) DEVELOPMENTS LIKE ROSS BRIDGE – A LUXURIOUS PART OF THE ROBERT TRENT JONES GOLF TRAIL – AIMED AT GROWTH. Michelle: “So in the 27 years, how many rounds of golf have been played?” John: “Over 13 million.” JOHN CANNON IS PRESIDENT OF SUNBELT GOLF CORPORATION. (Super: John Cannon, Sunbelt Golf Corporation president) “We came into Hoover here and developed the Golf course and everything else then developed around it.” AMENITIES LIKE THESE& MAKING WHAT ONE PHOTOGRAPHER SEE’S AS “MY ALABAMA”(nats closing book)& MORE INVITING TO MANY.>DERSHAM TELLS ME OUR STATE IS THE FOURTH MOST BIODIVERSE STATE IN THE U- S, AND THE *MOS* EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HIS PHOTO- BASED BOOK AND ALL THE AMENITIES WE SHOWED YOU, JUST HEAD OVER TO CBS42.COM OR CHECK OUT OUR NEWS APP. WE’VE GOT REPORTS ON EVERYTHING ALABAMA HAS TO OFFER ALL DAY LONG.

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