Tourism and Hospitality Management BA (Hons)

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Hi I’m Edward Isaacs the course director for
tourism and hospitality at lsbu university I have been here quite a few years but more
interesting than that I was a student here at London Southbank University back in 19
*(coughs) and I have had the pleasure of being through this institution as a student, so
it is really my privilege to be here today as a lecturer. The tourism and hospitality course equips
students with the knowledge they’ll need to work in tourism and hospitality as well as
a number of other different professional areas. We will study subjects that involve tourism
such as travel distribution, geographies of tourism and there are also subject to do with
hospitality such as fundamentals of hospitality and international hospitality operations,
the rationale behind providing these different modules is to equip students with the skills
and knowledge to work in a range of different industries. Now what’s really unique about
this course, is it allows students to pick subjects they’re interested in be it tourism
or hospitality, you don’t have to focus on a particular pathway and just study tourism
subjects. You choose the subjects that you’re are interested in. Students choose this course firstly because
of our location we’re situated in the heart of London that means there are loads of opportunities
to work in the tourism and hospitality business which is really booming at the moment. secondly
we have some great teachers here, not only do we have some great academics but we also
have lots of part time staff who’re currently working in the industry so they’re able to
bring the knowledge into the classroom and that’s really really valuable. we also have
an excellent field trip program, we students away at the end of first year and the end
of second year so that they get an understanding of different tourism and hospitality situations.
It’s for those reasons that make our course really cutting edge. Students would choose lsbu of course because
of our excellent facilities and brilliant teachers but more importantly that they would
choose this is the university because of his destination. we are situated here in the centre
of London along the south bank of London are more tourist destinations and hospitality
operators than I can care to mention in this video but for example we have a London dungeon,
the clink museum, HMS Belfast, the globe, the Tate, the Bankside Gallery there’re loads
of different tourist venues and hospitality operators as this area is going through a
massive process of regeneration. The prospects for students who complete this
degree are awesome. we have students who graduated who’re working in lots of different industries
from tourism and hospitality to sales, marketing, Human Resources and accounting. So what you
can do with the tourism and hospitality degree is partly up to you and where you want to
take your future career. Lots of alumni come back and speak to students here about how
their career has progressed and how they developed and students find this really beneficial and
one of the other really important points is that our students do this placement, they
do a placement at the end of first year and the second year so that they leave with one
years full-time work experience. We currently have students working out in Disneyland and
sandals resorts in Jamaica as well as a number of tourist information centres around the
country. So the scope of opportunities for students are really great which is one of
the reasons why you should come join us.

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