TOURING NEW HOUSES! | MOVING VLOG #1 (+ a trip to see Meghan!)

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what's up you guys welcome to another vlog I don't know if this is gonna be a week in my life vlog but it is going to be at least the beginning of my moving vlogs well we will actually see how this footage turns out if everything goes as planned when I tore this house today and I decided to go with it then it'll be the start of my moving vlogs if not don't know if I'll include this footage so hopefully everything ends up being great if you guys missed my announcement and my last vlog I am in the process of looking at places and this place that I'm about to go tour in about 45 minutes blessed finally the people home moved out on Friday it's now Tuesday of the next weeks I got the door code this morning texted to me so I'm assuming that means I think that it's just gonna be me who's going to look at it obviously I feel like they wouldn't have given me a door code unless somebody wasn't gonna meet me there to let me in because then I can do like her a full Malaga tour and everything and I feel like I can just get like more footage if I'm alone and just see it better I might as well get a little bit ready alright guys I am a walking up to the house it's a pretty nice day I hope it's just gonna be me I think it is I am here I just actually took myself on a full tour a goal place before I pulled out my camera just cos I wanted to kind of see everything and get my thoughts but now I'll show you guys I know that people just moved out of here on Friday and maybe I don't think they've fully cleaned it yet because I'll show you guys there's like tons of stains on the carpet and things that just have not been cleaned which obviously I think that stuff can be cleaned before someone else moves in so maybe I'm just being like I'm really anal about it I'm not in love with the carpets here at all I really really really wanted to find a place that didn't have any carpets at all but it is so hard to find a place that has no carpets at all it's like it's hard so other than the stains on the carpet I'm pretty happy with most things anyway let's do the door alright so here's the door I just came in there are stairs as you can tell which what I was talking about like all these gross house stains I think there was a dog living here or something and they just haven't touched those which is fine if they're gonna clean them obviously but stairs that go to the second level of the house and then this is the first level in the hallways so in here is the first bedroom which is basically like the smallest room I would use it as probably an office space since there is a big window in here but I do really like the floors in here I must say I am a fan of the floors I like the wall colors and they have these kind of textured walls as well if you guys can tell throughout the house which i think is a nice touch I definitely like that this is the first of many storage closets there's a ton of closets and storage throughout this place which I really like so this is the little office storage closet and then if we go this way there is another storage closet so I'm really happy about that because right now in my place I feel like I don't have enough storage and that's why I use my basement for a lot of storage so all these closets that I found are going to be amazing this is the first bathroom which I do like I must say this is a cute bathroom like a little first level place there's a nice shower in here it's basic but it is nice I like the floors in the bathroom as well I'm really glad they are kind of like a darker nice stone or whatever this is and I also like the this is already more storage than I have in my bathroom in my house right now and I think there's 3 or 3.5 bathrooms in this house so there's a lot of bathrooms because it's like a three level townhome that is one thing I like as well I definitely don't need three bathrooms but it would be obviously nice to have one on each level if I'm like working in there and that room and here is something I'm also so excited about which might seem basic to a lot of you guys but the two-car garage I don't have a driveway or her garage right now at my house and you guys know I did just get a car so this is a really spacious garage so I'd be able to just park right out there and then come in on the first level of the house right here so now let's go upstairs so once again I really just wish they had hardwood floors throughout this house okay so now you're on the main level which is pretty nice I must say I was really hoping for a white kitchen but I knew from the pictures of this place that it was going to be a bit of a gray / taupe patan kitchen I do still think the kitchens really pretty I must say I love that that there is a big open island here and then it opens up to this room which is I guess would be the living room yeah kind of a living room maybe dining space over here but I probably would just use barstools that I already have maybe get a tiny table for over here that could be cute like a breakfast nook a dishwasher which is amazing and then let's show you guys the rest of this kitchen it is a really pretty kitchen I must say there's a ton of storage here which is so exciting because right now in my kitchen I probably have this amount of storage up to like right there and then I wake out all of this extra storage which would be amazing that's something I really do want in my neck Towson I love also how the floors of course in here are hardwood really wish they had just done this throughout the entire house but I do love the floors and then this is something really exciting to you guys there's a whole sliding door for a laundry room right next to the kitchen which is actually such a cute laundry room you got your washer and dryer you actually have a cute little window as well to make this face little more open and a storage over here as well as a ton of storage right here and here so and a frickin rack I could like hang stuff when it's drying so this is something that I really do like and would be very convenient to have because right in how I do my laundry in a little tiny my basement which is really dark and kind of scary and this would be awesome to have it right by the kitchen on the main level let's keep going so that's where I came up from the stairs um we'll go in here this is the half bathroom which again I think it's just so cute I'll probably end up using this one a lot it's really all you need it's just tiny little bathroom but it is cute I must say I do think the bathrooms are pretty nice have another storage closet I'm just gonna have so much ability to hang up clothes and all the sorts of things if I do move in here which is great also we have the first of two balconies out here this is the view from the first balcony it's better from the second level but it is cute and it's pretty spacious but once again there's like bird poop and all this crap I would hope that they would at least maybe try to powerwash this before somebody moves in just you know I'm sure they would but I just would want to confirm that with the lady right here you have a little nook which not really sure what I would do it is not– maybe like a little corner piece or something right here but it seems a little bit odd also I guess I didn't show you guys the living room that well the only thing I'm confused about I do like this face there's a lot of light which is great all these windows the blinds are ugly I would definitely get rid of the blinds and just do curtains everywhere I like this light as well it's very low to the ground now that's really weird you guys see how close that city got that's a little bit odd I guess it would just be above a table though so it wouldn't really matter who's standing up from the kitchen this is the living room the only thing I'm wondering you guys is since there's all these windows wait what wall would I put a TV cuz obviously this is gonna be my living room I want to mount the TV on the wall where do you guys think is the best I guess maybe oh it would have to be like over here right because you can't really put a TV in the middle of two windows because you're just gonna get a glare so but then this seems weird because I couldn't really fit my couch up against this I guess I could but it would be like hitting the windows so I'm a little confused about how everything would work in here I think in the pictures they had a couch cutting across here but obviously I can't put a TV where the balcony is either so let me know what you guys would do I guess I would probably mount it over here because obviously my living room I gotta have my TV so that's a little bit of a wonder but we could figure that out later but it is really beautiful seeing the open kitchen not something that's super important to me to you guys because right now my kitchen is very closed off and it's really small when there's more than like two people in the kitchen it is just so hard to move around in there especially when the dogs are in there so it would be really nice to have an open kitchen so that's one thing I really like about this place the kitchen the floors the bathrooms I must say I'm very impressed with all of this now let's go upstairs we have another window and we have more ugly carpet you guys I'm just a carpet hater don't mind me if you I know some people love carpet but having a dog it's just really hard because their carpet right here and like I said it hasn't been washed and it smells like pee so they must have just had a puppy or something that or a dog that just peed everywhere and okay we have two bedrooms up here first we will go in what is the master room which I was expecting honestly for it to be bigger but I do still think is nice the bathrooms over there which we will go in in a minute window carpet which come on it's like why did they put carpet in these bedrooms I just don't this one's actually in pretty good condition maybe they didn't let the dog come in here something is this one's actually in not bad condition we have another balcony out there which will go out to a little nook as well over here window and a weird half closet this is a half closet maybe shoes could go here and then some other things definitely would be glad to have this and then the main closet is in the bathroom which I'll show you guys so I already looked at this and this is my favorite part of the whole house well I do like the kitchen a lot to you but I think this bathroom is really really gorgeous has this whole standing no door shower that is actually you know looks to me like it's in great shape whoever had the master took care of things pretty well and then look at all this bathroom storage you guys this is my dream if you're someone like me that just loves to put a bunch of things away and not have clutter storage is just a dream like you remind me of my old bathroom in LA it's about that same size of the one I had with all the storage like this your skincare and towels so I love this bathroom I must say it has a nice white countertop really pretty I like the light in here and then we have a toilet I also like the floors they're the same as at the first level and then we get the ugly carpet again for the not that impressive but it is a walk-in closet and I think that this would be fine I actually do think it would be a good amount of room because there is that other baby closet right here so you know I do think it would be enough room for me not pissed off about these carpets but I really wish it was hardwood but you know you'll get what you can get so that is this bedroom and then we have a measure this is another storage closet or maybe it's bathroom Oh a storage closet with shelves kind of love that you guys and then we have the last bedroom so I would use probably this bedroom as my bedroom the downstairs they call it a bedroom but that's pretty much just a tiny office so I would use that as an office and then this I'm not sure either a guest room or maybe a filming space and once again the carpet in here is not in bad shape so I'm happy about that and there is a not a walk-in but a 2 door closet for this room which I would probably just use this for like a filming equipment and all that jazz so definitely like that our fourth bathroom in the place is another shower this might be my least favorite bathroom I just think it's kind of been used a lot which is fine but there is some good storage all those things the mirror could use a cleaning but obviously I think they would do something like that but yeah this is just a simple last full bathroom last thing is I realized I forgot to show you guys the last balcony over here which I do really like it would be awesome that's really loud maybe some wd-40 on her it'll be awesome to be able to open my bedroom door in the morning it's just a little fresh air so I mean once again there's construction over here it's not the prettiest view but there is a cute little park a separate apartment complex and there's also like a park and right over there you can see the mountains and the hills so I must say this is definitely my favorite of the balconies that is the end of the tour alright guys so I would love to hear what you think I am feeling a mixed energy about this home I do think it's very beautiful but I just would want to make sure about those carpets get fully cleaned and there's not any gross stains left over before I would move in here so I would kind of want to see if they can do that and I would see if maybe I can come back and tour the place again when it's fully clean I think they were just accommodating me and they wanted to be able to view it as soon as possible so maybe they haven't seen you know the move out I don't want to be so negative obviously it is a beautiful place it is pretty my style I like the floors I love the kitchen I love the amount of storage and the amount of rooms and Bao Thurmond is just so great for the price it's actually only a few hundred dollars more than the place I have now and it is so so much bigger more modern and a lot more storage than than else I have now so I really do think for the price of only you know a few hundred more dollars a month but that it would be totally worth it I hope you enjoyed seeing that like full tour that was a big tour I'm so glad that I was able to come here by myself and just Toria but I'm going to head out now email that lady about the carpets and see what we can do about that but other than that I would say I gave the house I get the house like an 8 out of 10 I would give it probably a 9 or 10 out of 10 if they had cleaned those carpets before I came if they can fix that before I would move in and then I think that would be to make me a lot more inclined to live here but I might look at a few more places so we'll see what happens but this was my top place I wanted to look at thanks for coming on this tour with me let me know if you guys think it's a nice place and I will see you a little bit later all right guys it's a change of scenery I have been logged since I think I saw the house the other day which was a couple of days ago I wanted to update you guys I was thinking of just making this vlog a moving a beginning moving vlog and start to the moving process but then I was like you know I mean I kind of want to get this video up and I don't know the next time I'm gonna have a moving update although I did find out which I will already have put text on the screen so I kept saying like when I toured at the townhouse the other day I kept telling you guys like I hope they can clean these things and do all this stuff and I did get an email back from the lady that was basically it being like yes we are going to do all that stuff for you the house just got moved out of that's why it hasn't had a like final inspection and all that stuff would obviously be perfectly cleaned for move-in day so I guess right now I'm kind of trying to decide if I think it's worth the price they're asking or not it's obviously it was really nice and I really do love it and it's the number one place on my list but I do think I wanted to wear at least like one to two other places so I'll give you guys update updates on that when I find out but well I am in the car right now is I am going on a road trip I'm actually already on it I'm going to miss it Megan for the weekend it was kind of a little last minute but we planned it on Tuesday she was gonna be alone for the next like week because Finley is out of town and I was just kind of chillin at home and everything's I got my car I've been like why don't I just take some road trips like what am I really doing on the weekends you know so I texted her and we planned a little road trip and so I'm going to visit her and lately squirtles with me right here he is being a good trooper we're about five hours into almost five hours into the road trip I have about two and a half hours left I'm getting hungry it's almost dinnertime and I've only eaten really snacks today and at this exit that I stopped at now they don't really have much food options so I just went and went to the bathroom in the gas station took squirtle on a little walk and now I'm going to be driving another 50 minutes to Taco Bell unless I find something that I want quicker than that but I think Taco Bell that's on the way sounds like a pretty good option because I want something that's drive-through since I have squirtle that's a little update video guys so I figured I'd turn this vlog into a roadtrip vlog after giving guys that tour so stick around I'll probably update you guys once I get to Megan's house either tonight or tomorrow we're obviously going to catch up and everything but I will vlog while I'm there so this is exciting another vlog with Megan um I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you in bitch guys I have made it to the house of Maurice oh my gosh Lee mom did Larry crawl with me Larry just growls because he saw squirtle going over to his dish they're being very weird about their food since we arrived I got here last night Maurice welcomes me with open arms feels like you know I never left I probably got here around like 9 o'clock and we just spent the whole night chatting catching up on life until like 1:30 a.m. when we decided to put ourselves to bed yeah and now it is a glorious Friday afternoon it's a beautiful Oregon day in the house of Megan and Finn but mr. Finn is not here Sansa yeah he's in Virginia yes oh he's on he's on a boy's weekend we're on a girls weekend yeah with our boys the house is covered in some gorgeous um dandelions I'm not mowing the grass because I want to do a photo shoot it's so cute I want to mow it either Larry was so cute running through it this morning it just killed me he's so you are silly squirtle is kind of like afraid of them yeah he's like do you like Whitbeck ideas yeah he was like what is this Megan and I are planning our day we think we're going to have maybe some sort of a picnic at the park bring dog so we're gonna bring the dog I'm gonna shut right Peter they're here at the park um and then we might go to the movies talking about going to movies to see midsummer or midsummer I don't know how it's pronounced oh yeah it's spelled like right so mom I just wanted to check in with you guys I'm uploading a video so that's good news she been working she been today it yeah that's about it you been privacy been thriving with especially with the boys in the back yeah look at that back there hello stinkers you know squirtles asleep sunbathing fake sleeping yet again and Larry's just watching him for attention yeah well ladies we are often to have a cool glorious picnic at the yeah we're going to Milo McIver and Estacada it's a beautiful park it's so big and you can do a lot of separate things there you can go there to you know kayak or pedal board on the Clackamas River or you can you know go and have a picnic with Peter at the park or you can go hiking there's lots of trails it's just totally wicked you is there's also equestrian trails there's frisbee golf I mean it just has so much to offer you'll take it right in here see yeah that's where we're headed right oh my god I can't wait you guys oh we made it to the park it is so cute yes some rice krispies Lindsay made we brought a lot of things from home so we brought our dogs and we have this whole green park we're literally the only ones in this area which is just I mean besides that car which hopefully they'll go away yeah we love it's a plunger not very comfortable right now can you get comfortable finishing up our picnic we ate almost all the home in some peanuts carrots a little bit of snack mix from window I'm homemade snack mix I made this mal analysis cream 50 treats Megan didn't meet her is because she's can't eat grains right now well I've been eating these I mean Oh true what's the use just have one buy it or the whole she made these for me that was really nice and hers I brought them I honestly did not remember that you were on the anti green life the pretty Conran I'm not anti green up a little rain yeah I'm little green low sugar just for the month see how it goes okay good right with the chocolate drizzle something to switch it up well guys actually I should have brought a jacket because it's actually a little bit chilly today and Morgan yeah we're in the shade and you know what is actually a beautiful day but you get a little bit of that wind which I'm not used to for the summer I me a great day we'll see you later alright guys we are back in the car it is dark out now I'm actually kind of tired me too but it's about 10:30 meg and I are going to the movie usually I think I told you earlier but we're gonna go see mid summer midsummer means summer I'm very excited about it I hope I can stay awake for the whole film I mean I think I will I'm thinking only a little tired as we just ate a nice full meal at the Portland and cider Co right lovely it was my first time there after our picnic we just chilled at the house and then we came out for a little date night and mountains so I will say you either after later tonight or in the morning I thought well I'll give you your view okay not Megan's driving I was driving before she was longing me now stops woohoo it's another beautiful day in Oregon with Lucinda Maurice we have had a great day so far it's Saturday we woke up and we recorded an episode of the podcast which I think it was just incredible some of our best work yeah we had an incredible conversation one of my favorite episode oh my god because I think that we just talked about such a variety of things if you want a little spoiler alert we talked well the original aim for the podcast was talk about if to talk about if you could truly separate the art from the artist and then we got into just like abusers and reporting abusers and coding when you should support someone or not support them yeah a lot of important topics and I think it was a great conversation so but this vlog goes up it'll probably be yeah so I'll link the episode in the description box doesn't go and listen to that if you guys are interested in what we mentioned me chatted about but we oh I never I realized we never talked about the movie last night so maybe we can have a quick synopsis of that but I I really enjoyed the movie um but it was one of those movie that's movies that's such a mindfuck when you leave the theater who are just like shook to the core yes kind of I told her I was like I felt mine folks leaving get out and I also tell mine coach leaving mitts right I felt super might inflict yes to him but I didn't love the movie like I would have honestly made me shoot again a lot of people go and see it twice to like understand it a little bit better I think and I don't know man it me up I don't think I would see it again I like disturbing but it was still beautiful at the same time which is kind of confusing yeah the film was just like the cinematography the colors like the general setting and I really like the lead female yeah Daniel I honestly would give it like a 9 out of 10 it was a little bit it's most scary movies get really weird at the end it definitely got a little bit all at the last 30 minutes I would say and it was a two and a half hours long movie so we're right there until 1:00 a.m. which is kind of why we didn't check in last night because worse we drove home and we we were like discussing what it even happened yeah let me know if you guys have seen it in the comments down below what do you think but my arms hurting really bad right now but we're gonna jog to Portland that get some food and then check out this vintage tour and see where the night takes oh my god meg and I are at a little vegan restaurant I got some tacos Miss vegan tacos tempeh tacos that's what it was what did you get medicine Tempe when you are embarrassing I know it China masala chickpea curry and we're so hungry so we're gonna eat right now I also have a lemon drop and we are living our best life that's all for now Trebek at home throwing back them truly Maurice is playing at the Sims she's showing me her family yeah like redo my entire upper floor my site so long process it is a lot you can't really see that good on the camera but yeah it's happening good you can't hardly stay away so he's not on tonight too I think what were you doing in there all right tell us what you were doing in the room alone by yourself hello hi guys we are on my phone because I just realized that I didn't bring my memory card sighs editing earlier today well but it's totally fine I did kind of flop but we figured so that a vlog so today Sunday we are we just drove to the Silverton Renaissance Faire to check out the last couple hours yeah it seconds we called the Canterbury Renaissance Faire but it's in Silverton just so you can like search it or correct me woman tell the people yeah we're in our garb Lindsey's wearing one of my Renaissance Rose dresses from Ashland Oregon uh-huh it's a great store if you guys are ever in Ashland love it also love Oberon's the restaurant must it's a must visit for sure how you cash for anything it's also Renaissance themed just love a good Renaissance themed in general if you can't tell pretty much so this is my first time we're just gonna check it out for a couple hours we're gonna get some food we're gonna go to some vendors we're gonna see some people's garbs I told her that is cost yeah I was like if you like somebody's costume tell them that you like her car I can do that y'all okay guys what's getting really hot in the car so reliable we're gonna hear something called a boom schedule who is she we have the Pirates over here we have some vendors and such up here which weird that's been going to be peeking at today that's our main goal find some goods yeah always looking for the good here we on Geoghan has a great outfit she's gorgeous and of course it all right we're at the jobs actually it's beginning I've never seen a jobs before because at all of the other rent fairs are always like mega giant curly Friday I wasn't it today it was how large it is basically it cannot fit in it thing and I ordered a regular one and I don't need it at this point [Laughter] [Applause] nice my latin so bad right now wanted to place you guys somewhere but I'll just hold you okay guys we are home from the Renaissance Fair my first ever Renaissance Faire it was lovely I love how people how much people got into it we were only there for a couple hours like we said so we mostly just checked out some incredible vendors very artistic people I ended up getting two things a really cool pair of earrings from a vendor that Megan really likes and I also got like a holder for my water bottle it's just like a across the body like black leather bottle holder I guess you could say but we are back in the house now I'm having a bit of a snack myself some cheese and I get slices very gourmet and then we are gonna be having some dinner later and also we're gonna freaking watch the big little eyes finale truly girls on tech tonight just me actually Megan doesn't like sparkling so just me it's the only truly girl on deck tonight and I'm just gonna eat my cheese now so Lindsey made some beautiful corn on the cob you can't see it but she's willing gorgeous really gorgeous hopped up tonight who is she wearing she's wearing some vegan butter and so a little bit of garlic and some salt and then we have some chickpea curry chickpeas sweet potato curry with a little lime wedge over a bed of quinoa just looking – I clean up my cooked up fat I know I thought she was slow no he was quick tonight pretty quick tonight we're doing the double vlog this evening mm-hmm I have some fresh turmeric and ginger in there is the book say to serve it with the lime yeah or is it just for fun it's not for fun it's so cute the recipes love a little acidity moment love my date and folks it's Monday morning about to drive back to Miss Idaho Maryse hosted me she was fantastic we also just had a cute little breakfast at aleeah's house Megan's neighbor I've never met her before but I have just heard so many things seen around I G yeah and she used to live in Idaho as well and her sister lives in Idaho so we always bond over that we can relate our sisters to tsunami they never come here Lindsay that's like her number one wonderful trait is she always makes the trip I love that about you of course I mean I can't just be a flop family member yeah I'll be really embarrassing free so I'm gonna drive back I don't know what meg is gonna do but she also vlogs so I'm not sure what hers will be up but it's if it's up when I put this baby up then I will link it down below if you guys want to see some more from the Renaissance Fair yesterday and she actually showed what we got on her blog I don't know if I showed Larry enough so Larry say goodbye okay what are you doing who comes in by the log you cute man and squirtle you can have a little moment to find out auntie Maurice we'll see her soon we'll actually be seeing her in literally like two weeks three weeks from outside lands all right guys this vlog is coming to an end I am back home and I am editing this vlog now I do have a slight moving update for you guys actually toward another place this week I didn't include any footage of it but it's actually somewhere I can't even move anyway because I found out that the building is really strict on having no pets which sucks I asked the guy when I was there and he said you know what the building was really strict about that which I'm just taking it as a sign that even though I toured it and I did really like it and think it was beautiful on the inside there's a lot of things on the outside in the actual building itself like it not being a house or a standalone place was not great I did get one more email today about another house that I'm kind of interested in but honestly I am not quite as interested as the townhouse that I showed you guys at the beginning of this vlog so I have applied I had to reapply I think I told you guys in my last vlog when I updated on moving that I had already gotten accepted which was great so I had to reapply only because my application only lasted 30 days and it was over 30 days ago that I applied just because I hadn't seen the house yet so once I saw it and then I was making on my mind it had passed thirty days basically even though I only saw it last week anyway I reapplied because I have decided that if I hopefully get approved again which I'm guessing there shouldn't be any issues at this time because there wasn't any issues last time that probably not is gonna be the place that I end up going with because I have just been so set on it for such a long time now and they told me I already told you guys that the carpets would be fully cleaned for me which is one of my only things about it that I was like why didn't they do this you know so that is if you made it to the end of this vlog that is hopefully where I will be moving in around 30 days or so obviously I'll have some more updates for you guys in my next vlog hopefully you know send me good wishes for getting approved and everything for that again and I do feel very very excited about the place and I do think for what I'm getting that it is worth the price it is a little bit expensive but I do think for all the modern finishes and mostly the hardwood floor is two balconies a garage and a great location it is an amazing location and it being a corner unit not even a unit a corner townhome I only will have one neighbor which is very exciting I do feel really good about it so I'm hoping I'm making the right decision I did want to tour this other house but at this point I'm not really sure because the people said they were delaying the showings of it and everything and it does have a few rooms with an ugly dark carpet and I just don't feel great about that and the location is nothing near as good as this townhouse so if you made it so that in this log you'll have that announcement that I think that is hopefully what I'm gonna be going with and I wanted to just end up this vlog thank you guys for watching and let you know that more moving vlogs will be coming in the next month or so obviously I need to secure my place secure the move-in date and I will have updates on that I believe in my next vlog and I feel like I've been talking about this for so long now so I'm gonna go I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog give it a thumbs up if you made an till the end and if you liked it and I will see you guys I'm very soon in my next video and your ears and your hands and your movement anything you okay


Sarah Sutinen · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm


Paloma Souza · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I loveeee that house. So many possibilities and so much storage

Kat Woods · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Seems like such a big house for one to two people. Its gorgeous tho!

Emily Euphoria · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I've been binge-watching HGTV's 'House Hunters' these past few days, so I'm so excited about this video! <3 Happy for you about the move! This is an exciting step! This makes me that much more excited for when I – eventually, haha – get my own place. <3 Looks like a really beautiful place you saw. This is obvious, but I would really think about it (the house you walked through). I believe that a house becomes a home when you love it 100% and when you know that it can inspire you in your life and with your creativity. <3

nicole · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The house is nice, but it is so huge! All I can think about is how long it’ll take to clean… also, does it have a yard for Squirtle?

Apoorva chawla · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Love the new house! Hope it works out for you!

Cassie Schuchert · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

This place is nice but I feel like you can find a space that’s more your vibe! Also I feel like it’s v big for u and squirt?

Krystin Zelek · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

if your not sure if you should move in to the house think about long term where do you want to be living at for a very long time

Erika Ramsland · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

You would get a glare with the tv across from windows- between the windows would be no glare

Sara Chaudhary · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

can't carpets get removed? also there are too many windows. like in master bedroom it have 3 small windows like they could hv made 1 big one..

Anabelle Parada · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

put the tv in between the windows and make that little awkward nook a space for squirtle!!

Rossana Ruiz · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The house looks too big for you in my opinion

Emmie sphere · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

There's something i don't understand. Please don't come at me, i don't wanna be mean or something but as a french person i'm trying to understand. How do you americans afford living in such big houses ? I mean, we just get a room per person. And one bathroom for the house. Isn't it super expensive ? Cause to me… This is a 2 children family house
Anyways, love your content ! ❤️ Great video

ashley778909 · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

You guys make me wish I had a sister I was close withhh 🙁
BTW that house was sooo cute

Shani w · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I love the Volgs with both of you together! You two are my favorite YouTubers here. Love you guys, thank you for a great content ♥️

macbuddies99 · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

anyone get a sense that Sean isn't gonna live there? she keeps saying "for me" but why wouldn't they bc they live together now? im confused

Riley Hoarn · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I hate to be this person & correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems really unsafe to show so much of the outside of your potential home!! People are scary!!

Kerri T · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The chandelier is low because a table goes under it

stephanie meza · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Loved the place!!!!

Rylie Carlin · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

loooooooooved Midsommar

Diana Cruz · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Is larry named after larry fisherman?

Mandy Seale · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Is there a yard for the dogs? The home is beautiful inside but too crowded of a neighborhood for me 😊

Nicole Johnson · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Are you buying or renting? Because if you are buying cant you just remove the carpets?

Reyna Reyna · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Dude honestly the home is beautiful but idk why I just don’t see you there. 🙁 I think there will be another space that comes up and you’ll FULLY love. Idk maybe It’s just me but the layout in its entirety seems off. :/ I think something better will come your way!

Aubrey Corbin · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The kitchen was so tacky but the rest of the house was beautiful!

Caitlin Smith · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I would make that little nook a cozy space to sit in with a comfy chair and some plants! That way when you feel stressed out you can go sit in there and zone out. Or you could make it a little meditation nook (slightly same idea, but maybe a mat on the floor instead of a chair). That’s what I would do anyways ☺️

Britney Dawn · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

wow i love this so much 💗💗💗

Emily Baranski · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The light on the main floor is low to the ground because it’s supposed to go above the middle of your dining table 🙂

Grecia SG · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The tv is supposed to go in between the 2 windows. I have a friend that lives in a house exactly like this in Houston… minus the office space nook – but yeah they have their tv in between the 2 windows and it’s fine.

Megan Weimer · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I think that house is way too big for you! It’s gorgeous but I think you might be able to find something a little bit smaller with all the storage you need 😊

Shelby · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Get a swivel mount (:

Elizabeth Yanda · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I must say, i think it’s beautiful and i think you’re being a little hard on it. But if you don’t like it, that’s all you. Don’t settle if YOU don’t love it. But definitely be more open minded when you come back after the carpets are cleaned.

Sunnyday Sunshine13 · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Be careful with that carpet because smells and stains just come right back, even after deep cleaning…I would ask that they replace the lower level carpeting. I would take a pass on this one if they won't replace it. Also, it seems noisy with the traffic outside. I mean, if you get it you could make it work, I just think you might be able to get something better with what you are probably paying!!!

MrsDavis913 · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I don’t think this is the right house for you. When you talk about it, you don’t seem inspired or feeling the energy. Keep looking!

Kirsten Handley · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

No one:
Not a single soul:
Lindsey: I must say…

Hahahaha love it

Elizabeth Yanda · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I’m really gonna miss the Dweisel Chronicles

Darby Gilchrist · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Yeah I’d put the tv between the windows. Putting it on the wall by the stairs hides it so much. I’d hate my tb being there bc I couldn’t see it from the kitchen

Olivia · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Happy I’m not the only one who occasionally slips into Miranda persona

Olivia · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Goin to meet, PETER

sicksadgirl · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

between the two windows is the perfect spot for the mounted tv since there's already an outlet for it. you just have to close the blinds if it ends up glaring. i'm in love with the house, i'm excited for you to move in. <3 and that little odd area can be a meditating room or for the dogs to chill 🙂

Kait VanDerVliet · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

that movie gave me weird dreams lmao

MorgansMakeup101 · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

i don’t think you want the place. hold off and follow your gut

KellyNJshore M · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

No yard for the dogs?? 😢🐶

Alison Schwartz · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Maybe your don’t mount the tv! Cause honestly putting it on that tiny wall next to that small nook thing by the stairs seems kinda silly. Lol! Just get a cute entertainment center

peyton clemmer · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

my advice i wouldnt put the tv right there i would put it in between the windows because u wont get glare because youll have curtains and the tv will look so weird in that corner but it looks great im excited for vlogs!

Holly E · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

Definitely put the TV between the windows! There wouldn't be a glare because the light isn't shining onto the screen

Ravinder Kaur · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

I really enjoy your vlogs, it’s one of the few I consistently watch these days.

Emely Silva · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

With curtains closed you won’t get a glare 🙂

Emely Silva · July 27, 2019 at 4:08 pm

The Tv is meant in between the two windows!

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