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hey guys how's it goin Laura with garden answer so I'm really excited about today's video I'm gonna be touring you through my parents garden this is the garden where I grew up it's where I learned a ton of things about gardening a lot of what I know about gardening came from this garden because I had to work in it a lot before we go in I kind of want to paint you a picture of what it looked like when we first moved in I was six years old so it feels like it was a long long time ago waist-high weeds I mean just weeds everywhere there were a couple of trees and then a couple of rows of raspberries which those things are all still here today but everything was in disrepair the house was the yard was horrible so it's taken a long time it's been a long process a lot of trial and error with different plants to get it where it's at today and it's really beautiful so the gardens about two acres which is the size of ours and it's on a hillside so it's very different ours is very flat um this one has terraced areas it's really gorgeous so let's go in this is the entryway a couple of urns with beautiful whites kavala and then right above me is a service berry tree which you can see they're just the berries are just starting to ripen and then they are edible the birds love them they are pretty good to eat though and then this garden here so this first initial layer when I was little my mom created a moon garden she wanted all white blooms in this space so she started with a row of white peonies right there when they started to bloom for the first time they were all pink they had somehow been mislabeled so she kind of threw that idea out the window and thought you know what we'll just go with some color since she has had to remove them because all of the trees they planted have grown and shaded this area too much shade for peonies to thrive so this is actually where we came in planted a row of bow-bow hydrangeas last year there are five of them behind the delphiniums that look good I can see them back there they're putting on some growth corsa delphiniums are just in their prime right now they look absolutely beautiful and I love it when there's big drifts of one thing I think it's really striking and I love that the color is mirrored down here in the annuals there are some pansies and then some petunias there now you guys my parents are opening they've opened their garden up this here they're gonna open up three times to customers at the garden center to come out and take a look at things plants at their maturity or to give them ideas on what things look like texturally together and different groupings of plants so I think they might have me rivaled on annuals I know you guys probably think I'm well I do I plant a lot of annuals in our garden but they have planted a lot this year too which makes a garden look really really pretty I think I want to go this way so there's the Mother's Day gift you guys might recognize that that's what I made for my mom and so this is the front door here it's very cottagey feeling this garden is to me so this garden here has got beautiful hostas I think that these are guacamoles maybe and then Mount Bruno boxwoods which if you have an area where you would like boxwoods that don't get very big Mount Bruno's are a great option this is them at maturity they stay in nice little spheres like that without having to be trained and a bunch of lily-of-the-valley in here oh please hydrangeas and you'll notice there are little fountains and things throughout the whole garden just to bring that sound that nice water sound right here there's a big Japanese maple and my my dad and Aaron and I and my mom all four of us we're out here one night before tour it was several years ago this came in one of those big wood boxes we were out here was kind of storming and dark and we were planting this so I know there's lots of memories in this garden there's some who Kuras here and then this leads up to a balcony which has got a beautiful view now the Sun is coming up over here I don't know how well you'll be able to see the view but we did do a video up here before where I set all of these hay racks up on drip for Mother's Day last year so they're all on drip system before we had to carry a water can up here and water them every single day so they don't have to do that now which is nice so this look is down over the lower yard there's an orchard beyond that and then there's pasture beyond that and then the road well they planted lots and lots of trees throughout the year when we go out to the barns I'll show you what the view of the valley is like you can't really see it from up here quite as much which is nice because it gets very very windy so it's nice to have that block and have a little protection in here okay I just want to you guys to look at this just look at the structures and here the colors the different textures I mean we've got iris that grassy strappy texture there's an M&E right here that's got your nice bold leaf also hosta with your bold leaf then we've got the black pearl hooker right here which I gave these to my mom last year and they're doing great and the blooms just look kind of like this fluffy feathery it's just a really good texture and then there are coleus and I don't know what variety those are you guys sorry coleus and then right below there's some coral coloured impatience for a little pop of color under there but I just this is just so pretty to me I think it's just beautiful so if we come down this rock pathway here now right here this spring they had to have a hedge of variegated boxwoods removed which were about this tall and about as wide as the flowerbeds they got hit really bad in our winter a couple years ago and there was just a ton of dead and broken branches and you know with the tour coming up they decided to have those removed and plant some green I think these are winter Jambox woods which do a lot better than variegated box within our area anyway so right here autumn Frost hostas we planted these out here last year for my parents and then tree peony right here which was just in glorious bloom I mean huge white blooms you can imagine how pretty that was tucked in there one thing that my parents are trying to do which I need to do better is they're starting to label everything because when you have people come into your garden it's really nice to have labels so somebody really likes something they can see what it is make a note and then you know go try to find it so like right here this is a mint truffle Bosnian pine so I don't know I don't know what kind of labeling system I want to go with because those are great I love the copper ones what they do where you know the marker wears off so I don't know I got to figure out what I want to do so do you have any suggestions let me know you go down this way a beautiful spruce this thing is huge I remember when this was first planted it was probably no taller than me maybe maybe a little bit taller gorgeous trying to remember what all of these plants are there is a crimson century maple in here it was a mock orange its variegated and then an elm tree a Chinese elm I think this is a specific type beautiful structure right here I love the way the trunk looks this is a chocolate eupatorium and I love the color of the foliage I mean look at this it's got kind of that chocolatey green color and then the stems are really dark alright so let's move this direction into the grassy area this area is actually right off of our death which is right in front of me and we do a lot of activities in this grass we play a lot of croquet any kind of games my dad always sets up lawn games and so that you know people can be hanging out on the deck and while other people are out here messing around and then my sister and I always get blankets out and lay in this grass it feels like every Easter is the first time we get to do that because Easter is typically a really nice day here so we'll put our blankets out in the Sun and just soak it in so and this bed is very pretty as well so we had a huge storm run through last night so my mom was out here just like picking up big branches and trying to get things as clean up as possible the wind was just howling there are some Tuscan Sun roses which the this color is just beautiful look at that it does look like Tuscan Sun and that coupled with the hardy geraniums which in this area I believe we've got let's see Johnson Johnson's blue geranium and then there's geranium Magnifico and then there's some chocolate I think Chocolate Drops sedum in here back in there you see that kind of green well a lot of green a green drift that's David phlox and that's something that's been here since I was a little girl my mom planted a lot of David phlox and it's one of my favorites till there is some dusty lawn on dusty miller lamb's ear right here which is always such a beautiful texture at the edge of the flowerbed japanese anemones which my mom and dad have to work at keeping them in the bed anemones want to spread like crazy so they've done a real good job of keeping them kind of tight this is a Tenenbaum spruce right here look super cute with Christmas lights on it you guys my dad always has specific trees out in the landscape that he lights up and this is one of them back in here there's a gold smoke bush isn't that color beautiful love that so they're our flower carpet roses in a coral that ring around this area this spot right here was where our our pool was we had an above-ground round pool growing up and it burned a hole in the grass so when we finally got rid of the pool my mom thought well that's perfect spot to put a fountain in some roses and the fountain that was previously here this one is actually brand new it was just installed maybe a week two weeks ago the one that was here got a great big old crack in it it was really old so they moved that to a different spot in the landscape and planted it up I'll show it to you when that was being removed there was also a ring a boxwoods that looked pretty bad too that they took out so I think they'll probably come in with some something and fill in that little gap okay and I love how this little area right here it makes you feel like there's like different areas to this one yard I mean this has a potential of feeling like just one big square flat square and it can be really hard and that's something I run into with our garden it can be really hard to make you feel cozy and make it feel like there's little like just cozy areas like different rooms in your garden and doing things like this kind of gives you that feel back in here there's some scent area or mountain blue it which is a great perennial it does want to spread everywhere so if you've got an area that's tough to grow something and you want something just to kind of fill in Santeria is a great one Solomon seal more flocks and then they're iceberg roses have just started to bloom and if you look through here you can see the vegetable garden so you kind of go down a couple steps here and I love this space love it so there's a really beautiful Network like a beautiful design to this garden a couple different groupings of triangles and then the two long rectangles in the middle and just various things peas kale broccoli beets onions lettuce shallots I think tomatoes potatoes corn looks like there's some garlic down here and there's the shallots I don't know what those are over there have to take a look shallots garlic nasturtiums there's a couple of vines something in cucumbers and probably a watermelon and more nasturtiums so the nasturtiums right here will be really beautiful when they bloom look very like I don't know formal to have that repeat right behind me there are raspberries that are just coming on not coming on they're just growing on her as berries are not starting to ripen everyone smile they'll come in there are everbearing but they'll come in and take them all down clean them all up and let them come out fresh which makes you miss out on kind of that June like the end of June kind of crop but it does refresh your your berry area when we moved in in fact let's go this way towards the potting shed over here big ol rhubarb here and just a really sweet little spot to sit underneath this apricot tree and when this apricot tree is in bloom it's just beautiful there is a little rabbit hutch back there which does not have a rabbit in it my sister had a rabbit for a lot of years that travelled around with her actually and so when she stayed here the rabbit stayed in that cage um their kitties their kitties love to be loved so it's really hard not to step on them when I'm walking around out here beans right here and then the sweetest little potting shed ever it was made out of all reclaimed stuff I think it was made out of some wood that came down from the garden centre so let's give give you a peek inside let's look out kitty so just really I mean who doesn't love a good potting shed right stacks of terracotta pots my mom probably wasn't planning on me me coming in here but it looks really good it looks really organized more organized in my space does and I love this this is like one of those little things you can hang in your kitchen and put like apples and potatoes and stuff in and then use it for supplies in here alright Katie you got to come out kitty kitty come here Oh better be careful with the kiddies they've been recently spayed oh okay okay so when we moved in there were actually four rows of raspberries in this space and if you've grown raspberries before you know how huge they get so there was a huge row here in a row on the other side and picking him as a kid who is like torture because you could barely get in between the rows in fact a lot of times there would only be like a space below and we would crawl we would crawl underneath the raspberry canes pop-up where we saw a big jackpot we said we would call it when there was a whole bunch of them and then we pick and then go back down and crawl to the next place I'm so it's really happy when they got rid of two of the rows to make it more open make it more pleasant to pick and then on the side of the potting shed cute little hay racks we also set up drip over here so they don't have to bring a hose or a watering can out here either back behind here and I have showed you this before this was a very just unused space I mean you can imagine it's just tucked away and a lot of times I don't know about you guys but with me areas like this become a catch-all like you just start piling your stuff and it becomes just an area that I don't know it's not pretty to look at you don't want people to see it and so my parents were like you know what I think we came butyl lace utilize this space and make it look nice and then get some production out of it as well so my mom had this old door and so she had this raised bed made custom and so this door is on a pulley and they can raise and lower it and so they're able to grow stuff in here for a lot of the year in fact they'll usually bury a soil heating cable like I do and they can grow greens and stuff almost year-round out here and then this bed is really nice to the height of it's really nice and then of course the trellis is they had some vines up here I can't member what they initially planted but doesn't look like you've got anything oh they had Keuka melons like the little tiny tiny like watermelon looking cucumber any things I don't know I haven't grown notes before but there's dill and basil and lovage and rosemary and a lot of back here right now okay so let's go back up into this yard I'll show you the deck area and then we'll pop down into the next garden what's a little soggy little soggy watch out Aaron all right we're back up at this garden I just wanted to point out a couple of things before we move down Campania lazar looking beautiful look at the flowers on these they are just so pretty and such a striking color especially these are fairly newly planted once they get themselves established and kind of spread out and beefed up a little bit they most the time won't need staking and they'll just be this glorious drift of that purple color okay so moving up onto the deck a couple of Juniper spirals here and then my parents always have a really fun time well it's usually my mom who's putting the containers together she's a really pretty job of the combinations that she uses I mean look at this so my mom has always we call it romancing the ordinary we never we grew up with no paper plates no paper bowls nope no nothing like that everything was real real plates real glass she always did fresh bouquets everywhere and she said you know I know it takes a little bit more effort but why not romance the ordinary and make something that wouldn't be maybe as special make it more special and so that's something that I always remember and it's something that I always love to do around my house when I get a chance I love to have fresh flowers and this is just a really quaint cozy area that we love we all love to come out here my whole family loves to come out here and just hang out we have coffee out here and spend a lot of hours on this deck and then this year they added some gorgeous pillars around the exterior kind of in place of a railing which i think is kind of the eventual plan but I think for now this is beautiful all right coming down this way this is one of the original trees that was here this is a maple and I don't know I don't even know that they know a variety of maple it is but it's absolutely gorgeous it's glows yellow in the fall this little garden here you can see that they have the same problem I do with all the little helicopters from the maple right now it looks like in a lot of my garden I have helicopter mulch like it's on top of all my fresh mulch that we put down this spring and I kind of forget about that and I need to remember every year like wait until all the helicopters fall and then put mulch down because they do make kind of a mess but there's more Mount Bruno boxwoods here and just a little a little formal garden in the making the bench here you might recognize that we have one two in our garden in fact they put this bench here first and then I copied them they had one more left at the garden center and I was like oh that bench looks really pretty in your garden I think I need to have one too okay let's move down into the next level I've got a weeping white spruce here in a snow berry it looks like it's probably a white a white snow berry moving down here I can smell the honeysuckle so this is the you know area right below the vegetable garden we were just in and this whole fence is covered in blooming honeysuckle right now it's one of the best smells ever I love it uh in this area here it's pretty simple grapevines these were these were here too I forgot so these are actually original to the house on those same structures as when we moved in they get huge so they don't usually ever plant anything here because the grapevines just come down and it's beautiful and these are gonna bear really nicely they're just there are clusters everywhere and then right at the end there that was the old fountain that was up in the the garden that got the big crack in it that now has roses and petunias planted in it so look at this like all the terracing it just makes it so quaint and cozy it's always good to have seating that's something that Aaron and I have been working on adding some benches and things around our house because it is nice to have a place to sit so this area here used to be when I was growing up our cutting garden because it was complete Sun there was there I mean there was that maple up there but it didn't really cached down here and so we just had a bunch of cut flowers because it was inexpensive you know his stuff that my mom could seed down here so we had lots of larkspur and bachelor buttons and delphiniums and things that ii shows things that were just easier that way and since then it's become quite shady except you guys a couple of weeks ago right before like maybe three days before they had a tour here we had a storm and the biggest branch out of this pear tree that created the dome like created the shape dome here broke off you can imagine how sick that made my parents feel because it's gonna change the dynamic down here so it fell on top of all of the stuff back here it kind of crushed their basket which is rebounding this is this koala here but it was on top of this on top of the roses and the dianthus down here some of the plants down here will do okay but this corner right here with the hostas the Japanese maple there's some astilbe those things here need shade so those things are gonna probably have to move because now they're getting full on afternoon shade which is so sad so sad but you know you have to learn how to roll with things when you have a garden stuff happens like this and it's just you gotta gotta just deal with it there's a southern one gold elderberry right here super great to grower in our area they're native and then there's a contorted filbert so red one really nice somehow kind of Chloe now this these gardens right here there's actually two levels there's this level and then it bumps down into another level used to be where we planted our corn and tomatoes growing up but now they're a little bit more formal so there's a little hedge of burggarten sage there's green cone / Green Mountain cone box woods and in between each one there's a season there's the summer fall and spring I think I don't know that they have the winter season in here so there's three seasons and then there's a viburnum with some heuchera it's got I think thin this used to be much more open and this is actually a pathway so you've bumped down into this there's a coral burst I think this is either a coral burst or a lollypop crabapple and there's one up in the other bed as well more burggarten sage and then a couple of lollypop probably blue stars first right here and then some gorgeous roses now I'm not sure what this climber is here oh but these are Tamura these are that's I think a David Austin these are not they're a romantic arose but beautiful the fragrance is wonderful this is my mom's favorite color and it's one of mine too I take a lot after my mom loved that like apricot pinky peach just looks so soft all right above us there's a couple of willow leaf pears which are actually very hard to find here so whenever we get him in at the garden center they usually get eaten up pretty quick but they've created a beautiful canopy so I think it just irrigated last night because there's just water everywhere my parents watered this garden for 20 years by hose by hose and sprinkler it would take two full days half-hour sets and they'd have to set their timer and come out and pull sprinklers every single week they just put in an irrigation system like after we were Marin and I were married and you can imagine how hard that was with all the different levels there are at this place but they thought you know what this is a good investment because that you know it just takes up way too much time it was hard for them to leave anywhere on vacation because you know asking somebody to dedicate two full days to pulling sprinklers around every week's kind of hard this space here is just starting to evolve beautiful large fountain here there was a dog kennel here when I was growing up right here we always had dogs and then there was just some random plantings I can't even remember what was down here but now there are some baby roses with some petunias there will be a boxwood hedge you know these are a little bit younger the ones in the back have been planted a couple more years but it's a beautiful sound and then there's a couple more beds with really like dog woods in the lower one and then there's some gold Arbor vitaes and this one and these lead down into our orchard which I'm not going to go down there right now it's an orchard you under planted with some Hardy like dryland grasses I've taken you down there before for pruning it was wintertime but anyway right here there was just a huge and I I see the base here huge snowball Bush right in here but it was kind of had run its lifespan and so they've cut that out and this is gonna start growing in there's a snow berry and some these are lemon Jade sedum that I gave my parents last year and they look great some hostas back in here and then this right here is a staircase that leads down into the orchard so you can see the little garden gate that's actually my gate I bought that event antique store but it fit perfect right there for to keep people up in the yards when they're touring because down there it's just not that's actually where I had my first childhood garden down in the orchard there's nothing left of it now but it's where I got to experiment with a lot of different vegetables I planted lots of greens lots of carrots radishes that sort of thing I love this view right here and I hope that you guys can see it the way I could never looks the same as when you're in person you know but the layering in this area is just so gorgeous especially I wish we were the type of family who took lots of pictures because we weren't growing up so I have no before pictures of what this looked like which is so sad there was nothing nothing right here it was just like weeds there was not even grass so you can imagine how much time and work that took but the layering and the colors down here is just so gorgeous so we've got a beautiful iris right in here that's a Katsura tree I think like fairly new like within the last couple of years there's tree peonies and dogwoods in here asters there's a pine persian parotia right here glorious color in the fall and then there's just a lot of beautiful stuff in fact like this little R inoculum like marsh marigold these are just starting to fizzle out but when they're in full bloom it's like the most happy little bunch of flowers in the garden in fact I need to come get some starts because I don't know I've never seen it for sale and I don't know of anybody else who has it so I had some of these in my last garden that kind of sad to leave behind but there's a weeping birch here and a blue spruce and underneath look at the trunk on this birch tree check this out look how neat that is beautiful so down here like right here is the back side of the bed and then there's like a 20-foot rock wall that goes down into the orchard so you can kind of see the orchard down in there it's where my mom's beehive is that sort of thing a little bit more utility down there but yeah the beautiful hostas the lamium is in full bloom right now little Japanese maple royalty crabapple right here and this looks like a lilac I don't know what variety and oh I totally skipped these beds right here so my parents heat with wood a lot a lot of the time they don't have to but they prefer that so a little wood pile right there which actually kind of like the look of and then there is a flowerbed here and where we've planted a couple of things so we've planted the who karela that's right here and four out of the five we planted look really good looks like that one's having a little bit of a struggle but you know that's how it goes beautiful clematis back there in bloom some oak leaf hydrangeas and hostas and the tansy there's tansy in this bed that was just cut back so usually there's a nice stand of like ferny looking green right back in here and that was something I always wanted tansy in my garden so I bought some for our old guard the garden we just moved away from and I expected it to grow how it grows here and here it's get shaded pretty much all day so it stays really short well I thought that that's what I was going to get and I plant it in my garden in full Sun and it got like this tall it took me forever to get it eradicated from the garden because it wasn't the right size I didn't know it could grow that tall so it just goes to show you how different how the same plant will behave differently in different spots maybe even in your own garden so beautiful impatience down here and there's four layers here so there's this layer here with the hookahs dogwood this is a Japanese umbrella pine and then the next layer has amber colored flower carpet roses layer up has the areola I think Ariela picanha Khloe Brenner ah a beautiful clematis and then the layer up has ivy and hydrangeas isn't that beautiful it's a beautiful view this way – this looks right back up to the entry so you can kind of see this rock wall is probably the least like I mean it's stacked but it's a little bit more wonky it's made up of a little bit larger rocks right here and I love the look it doesn't look what is it like what's the word heron it doesn't look manufactured it looks very natural and I love that especially next to this bed right here which is very formal with the box with hedging that I want to steal I want to dig these out and take them to my house they're so perfect right here whew birch trees right there there's a grouping of three and then inside here there are some beautiful ladies mantle which is actually another favorite of mine and I don't have any of my garden yet there's a just kind of a design of those these are hydrangeas in here that are recovering from our winter two years ago but there are buds on them before they were like just huge so if they'll get there okay so I think what I want to do is I want to go up this way we'll go by all of this can't remember bishops weed Oh don't plant bishops weed unless you want it to go everywhere like it's perfect for this area here but I remember growing up I thought to myself I won't never plant that plant anywhere in my garden I might do it now like if you have a spot that you just like need something to take over this is a good one so this is the entry garden here with the delphiniums just to give you reference so we've made a like a full circle around the house so now we'll go out to a kind of the outer areas so before we pop over to this space well before you pop over to this space you have to see this tricolour beach I just planted one of these in my garden actually I'm gonna move it because I found a better spot for it it looks like it's getting a little bit of scorch on it all it's a beautiful pink tree so right here where this pole is there was a fence they went all the way down and this was garden or yard and this was pasture and it was a hill there was a decline so you mean you can imagine me the yard a lot smaller and my junior year of high school my parents put in a pool which was really fun and it was something that my mom she was like you know what I want to create a space where like it's just fun for family and it is like my niece and nephew they love it I can't wait for Benjamin to try this out I actually have already bought him a bunch of stuff a bunch of gear to get in the pool so this area is just beautiful I mean it's perfect they have it planted to where it feels very private but for the most part it stays in the full Sun all day which is important you know you want it to be comfortable but look again there's some flowers out here and I think that just adds something extra makes people who come over feel like like they've been prepared for you know I'm it's just like a really good hostess type of thing to do this is fairly new I think I think they put this in maybe a couple years ago there wasn't gate here in another Arbor and this one works way better than the one they had and that's what it's all about right like you try something out and if it doesn't work then eventually you just swap it for something that does and this is really beautiful these are all custom handmade some people come through town I think they're from Texas and they unload they have a bunch of handmade stuff in their truck they unload all of it and then you can shop you can shop off of what they have and then they load it all back up and take off and they come up maybe once or twice a year so this is one of their pieces beautiful boxwood hedge right here with a smoked bush there's some beautiful blue Artemisia in there a pine a tree peony this one gets huge like bigger than my face peat blooms are beautiful we did have a fire pit right here for a lot of years so we could be in the pool then we hop out and hang out around the fire and tell these Leyland cypress got too big then it became a little bit of a fire hazard so we don't do a fire here anymore like I just want to stay out here I think they actually turned on the heater I'm a fair-weather swimmer you guys the water has to be like 84 or I don't want to get in that feels wonderful okay oh there's a chicken out my mom has chickens off she take you out to the barn there's a couple chickens out what are you doing out here you're not supposed to be all the way up in the garden oh there's there's three Oh Rose just run down here and take a look hi kitty there's the new fire bowl so this one's a little bit more mobile the other one was built into the grass so they had to reseed the area this one we can pop out into an open space just use it and then tuck it away when we're done oh there's a whole bunch they're all out here look at this what are this are you nesting right there I love it I love that feel and I kind of want to do that am I in my garden like I know that they can cause some destruction but they're so fun there are nice chickens too so this whole area below the pool has been a testing ground so they've brought things home that we're like stressed or broke broken and shipped shipping down at the garden center and everything they pop it in the ground and it just takes off it just takes maybe a year or two longer to kind of rebound than most other plants but there's gorgeous this is a huge elderberry right there look at the trunk on that thing huge pine tree there's some nests up in it which is fun a blue spruce I don't that name of that one's evading me I don't know why I'll think of it later I'm sure beautiful zelkova zelkova czar a tree that I think are just grossly under used they've got a beautiful structure they're super super tough there's nothing about them that you have to watch out for they're not bothered by insects or disease so it's one of those things like I want to put some in our garden I really like them this is an older tree which if you have an area that is very moist like an area that's boggy that you have problems getting things to grow you should plant an alder tree because they will use up every last ounce of that water and they'll create a really nice planting area around it in fact that's why this alder is down here because I think yeah they were having some issue with water down here and now they don't now they can plant dry land stuff because all their uses at all and the most fun part is that they get these really sweet little black cones on and we use them all the time to make wreaths because they hold on so once the tree loses all of its leaves they'll be full of these beautiful cones and you can work them into your holiday wreaths or just decorating in general so really fun there's a pear tree here and then also this cool area since the the pasture was on a hit you know is on a hill and it was at a decline they did have to have this built up and had the rock walls from the yard the garden portion kind of mirrored out here so there's coral flower Herbert roses there's a hedge of lavender and then barberries in that third level and then you bump up and you're on the pool deck and I just I like to see areas like this that are not contrived they're just like there's hollyhocks growing down there there's sedum asters I do see some grass down there Kosmos just a really fun mix of stuff it just looks more wild and look kind of like breathing space you know you kind of need those areas like I like that about our big expansive areas of grass it's like just huh breathing space there's a beautiful spruce there the blue spruce is down there okay so let's run out to the barns and then I think that that's gonna wrap of our tour so I'm gonna actually take off back up around this side of the pool so this is where the pasture begins there's a cute picket fence this is the sheep farm and they have been developing this area over the past couple of years there's beautiful lavender which I think I think this is hid coat variety pretty sure it's one of my mom's favorite David Austin roses and then there's a maple tree there more David Austin's on this side and a boxwood hedge also there's your root cellar in here so like look at this door like that's romancing the order ordinary to the max you could put some like really utility door in here but not my mom she wants to do something that's antique and pretty light bulbs out but there's actually a root cellar in here I can smell the garlic they're storing there's like jarred things things my mama's can Katie you can't come in here am i dad also bruised he whoops he makes his own beer he and my brother so all their supplies har in there I don't want to lock you in here kitty come here I don't want to lock you in there and I didn't see blossom in the barn so and that's my mom sheep well see if she's out in the pasture oh there she is a little place to sit out here we've actually filmed a video out here before more lavender just a lot of repeat plantings out here hi blossom Hey what are you doing yeah Oh lovely so she recently there were two out here one of them got attacked by actually a big dog that was roaming around out here and that's kind of farm life which is unfortunate but my mom is going to probably be getting some more so that she's not alone out here some chickens and so this right here is the chicken run they usually have a cover crop growing out here that the chickens can feed on they just haven't started yet that yet this year but then there's the enclosed chicken area that they are closed in at night so no predators can get after them and then yeah just more lavender and roses out here so this was the original barn with the house and I had to come out here and feed cows growing up I had to give him grain twice a day throughout the winter remember I got paid 50 bucks for the whole winter and I thought that was so awesome now I look back I'm like whoa like I should ask for more money for that like months so coming out here twice a day but it was just part of farm life so anyway that kind of concludes the tour of my parents garden oh you know what the view that's important you have to see the view that looks down at the valley beautiful and before before all these trees and things were planted it was you mean you can imagine living right perched on top of a hill it was so windy and so they've really created a really nice protected peaceful comb place inside the garden area there and then they can come out here and enjoy that view and it's a beautiful view actually behind – you can't see it from here but it's just rolling pastureland you can't really even see houses from this side on that side or really on this side out here they're pretty isolated so it's really really beautiful out here anyway I know that this was another really long video but I just thought it would be fun to show you around my childhood home and hopefully inspire you but looking at all the beautiful things I still get inspired coming out here just seeing what new projects they're working on and I like to try to emulate some of them at my own home in my own garden so anyway thank you guys so much for hanging out and we will see you in the next video bye


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