Tour 2019 – an introduction

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20:19 is an exciting year of firsts for the guy on board tour will be visiting Liverpool and bringing our first ever production of Verdi's great tragedy Rigoletto alongside revivals of two of glein borns best loved productions handles Ronaldo and Donizetti's Lily's aired a mermaid Rigoletto is the perfect synthesis of music and drama it's an opera that's often been described as Shakespearean and it really is it's Shakespeare play that set some of operas greatest tunes if I had to describe Rigoletto in three words I would say do or die I think this is a perfect aqua for all the family it's a proper comedy and it's a combination of sophisticated character comedy and good old fashioned slapstick and alongside all of that it's also just a really tender love story you really can't help but root for these particular characters lizard amore in three words I would say it's sunny funny and enchanting the original story of handles Renaldo setting the first crusade is involved knights and kings and Sorceress's and director robert carson has completely reimagined it as the fantasy of a schoolboy he's fitting bored in class and he imagines all his friends and his teachers into roles in this exotic drama and of course casts himself as the hero rescuing the princess and defeating the evil sorceress the story of Rinaldo in three words I would say is completely brilliantly bonkers we very much hope you can join us on the blind Bourne tour this autumn and if you want more information on any of the productions you can find it on the Glenburn website you

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