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well guys welcome to the totally awesome fishing show this is just a regular short fishing trip down here at Vale farm on a bank I haven't fished before I've come around the opposite side yeah two or three guys fishing here it's got some real lovely looking swims and you know I can't believe that our fish dear several cons I'm not involve we're on this side because it definitely does get a lot of fishing attention but look all these nooks and crannies all in here with the Willows hanging down so what I've done is picker swim further up here I was just gonna see if I can get something on basic just some slices of bread that's a ground bite that's all I've got rigs gonna be basics it's gonna be same old story of a free learning with one BB shot size 12 bombers hook let's see if we can't get something feed it I'll just in here see them all set up there got my sloping slightly down because I don't want any friction on the line if I can help it so I'm just free lined got a big camera they're all geared up I've already put grab a straight out so on I'm basically on fishing down there teacher for those berries offic it might be some berries falling off the trees might take the fish I don't know and I'm straight out there and I've already got fish you weren't seeing tiny bubbles so I haven't even made a cast yet so first thing I do always ground paint goes in first you can old mix get there in there when I do if there's a lot of bream everywhere about there very very close to barely Rutland a lot of prima not small fish I squeeze the ground bait balls quite hard so they're the small fish don't actually they've really got you away at it to break it up if you check it in the loose if you're catching bream radroach then of course you want them feeding like that but I saw I don't want the feed I want to try and get myself a carpet I can out of this but they are bubbling I know they're going to move on it the bream and then just a piece of bread flakes and to go on there but I will check the odd piece out on the surface just to see if something comes up I'm sure it will got noise still corner there I'm using Brit flake I'm breaking the bits of grass stuff like this first keeping the flake the softer flake in the middle for my hoop boats how that goes you just see it really really really close so I'm peeling off the crust off the bread leaving myself the fly I can always throw the flake in again for one they are and already coots have come in and there's some small fish going for this I'm going to chuck some under that Bush if I want to do is check them in the trees and they're all tumbled down fuel stick and they'll be right in close they're right let's get something out I'm about five or six pound line it's just interesting guys what's done here I've reversed this nine i got like i don't know 125 yards of five or six pound on there these five and a lot and lot of fish on it but you never really get to the underneath of it we're certainly in england it's not most of the lakes barely 200 yards across I've reversed it I've already got backing in there anything I've lost to bring the line out to the edge of this ball I've pulled this off put it on a spool backed up say another thirty yards on there then got this ball put this onto another spool so basically when I put it back on the top is the bottom at the bottom is a top of the line but all this line is nice and shiny if it's smoky because smoke it's been dragged across here the rod rings a lot for fighting a lot of fish or whatever and you'll find it will get slightly wood it will get away eventually so this is nice and shiny looks like a new line but it's not what it is it's been on the bottom of the sport that's been reversed rookies so is 12 their single BB shot and if a fish come up on these bits of bread and I should be going right is on the top which you are allowed to use here avail she's noise to have a fishery you can actually do floater fishing from and the fish are good here they don't allow matches I don't think that makes a huge difference you know to the quality of the fish and get a piece of breath take on thoroughly got a size 12 I'm using a relatively large piece of bread flake again because I don't want to get pissed up by the small fish swing it out if it once I can see what the bubbles are right on the top shake off the loose line check your drag wine down slowly always be prepared for a tug on the way down there we go yeah bobbing on there I'm using the good old washing up bottle top with a slot cut in it so it slides up and down and hopefully that buzzer would it's working look at the rat there was a rat quois well Michael don't move the bolts feel it already I don't want a very very very short drop more even top a little bit higher the higher you have angle on the slope the less friction there is across the Rings so that one's all ready to go just miss my first fish guys the screaming take let's get this rear untangled how do I know it's definitely a fish they're a big old scale on the hook so you're swirling around the bread spun up all this no in here let's give it another go just pinch the eye of the hook so it's not too hard definitely don't want it to go into some sort of dummy mix can't just swirled up the odds of bread so a little bit more cost and throw that out there let's see if they come up again I need another bobbin in amongst the junk loop here nearly I feel one coming guys yeah with the bobbins are lots of brewing right out there shall I so I can hit them just like that waiter the bobbin tension up where the bait is where if you fish a big bobbin it's going to keep bumping that bait back so I got one BB on there that's it perfect loads of bubbles out there oh there we go I might even go to a lighter bobbin guys I don't know sit back and relax coat off I feel bite on the right hand one that's a drop back carp over there well action-packed it area for sure I got this it's big overhanging bush they're like I saw rhododendron try Bush I could also fish down the right down there for wanted I've gone four straight out and there's so many bubbles out there are no the bream are already on the ground Brayton I'm just gonna gradually keep that swim going because they can pile through the bite easily another drop back by another drop magnet it's about to kick off there guys it's one under the bush just a bit probably if I put some bread down there I reckon that rats coming down the front in a minute well you're gonna come around me I don't know now one thing I don't like doing is leaving that bread in there too long because when it lays on the lakebed night there's a small fish will be nibbling away at it another you getting TWiki poets they're biting a piece of flake of all the time so I just like to give me it three four five minutes don't get he takes bring it in put fresh piece on is after all about forty P a loaf I'm getting dropped back to all the time I might have to go to a light bobbin on this left hand very very light one they still dropping back you can see that's the fish knocking it fishing like this just don't take your eyes off anything it's not a self hooking device it's not a ball trick where they do it all themselves and you just wake up and wander across and wind it in you're gonna make sure you're fishing with this method and concentrate on the bobbins not just relying on the on the buzzer itself buzzes just a backup in case I sort of look away or I'm messing with the camera here I'll be trying to do is just keep got one on got one on this see if we don't get in a mess here it looks like a bream to me looks like a bream to me oh he's come off the camera our mouth has actually saved me about trouble so the Bremen moved in there and means are going to be getting through the groundbait look guys I'm worried over the back over the left over there I've got bread down here it's drifted really down here's too close I've got my bread flake on the bottom in the swim there but my Wagner float is out there as far as I can throw it on this Haven rod nothing but nothing is coming in close which is very unusual normally I got me a big camera set up here ready in case when I packed out at least 40 minutes ago I allegedly stopped fishing according to my phone call don't move – my wife I've missed that so obviously that means I'm gonna have another cast now so that's my set up there just so you know I want to start to pick these fish off on where I can float locked either side they're only about two feet away from the bait the crust I cut up on my lucky table here cross the bread on goes the hook in once out just pinch a little bit over the black and the hook I suppose if people my white hooks that would be quite handy for bread fishing wouldn't mean you think about it I've never seen a white hook cast it I can go on trying to get in that dark shadow look over there purely cuz I can sort of see a little bit better no more fish beyond it so the thing with a Wagler is to space it and pull the float away from the bait but then don't move it at all so as soon as the crust gets taken by the fish it registers on the float I personally add distance like this don't bother striking when I see the swirl the most important things at least wait till you see the float move that's your indication so you can get a lot of activity around a piece of cross boiling swirling that sort of thing but just stare at the flow once they start nibbling and nosing that piece of crust don't take your eyes off it just keep your eye on the float and hopefully when the float goes under you have to do a lightning strike I'm gonna pack up in a minute because I've got a little bit of breeze pushing me left and that makes it drag too fast also it's gone dead on the inside so I'm very close to packing up when I got some bread out then I'm getting fish that start I take bread of the service there's so many bubbles coming up here we pan left see if you can see these you see just an incredible amount of bubbles coming out around those bits of bread that got floating out there as well could even go to touch let you in here of him which is actually my favorite method of fishing we generally use one rod for that it comes in red I think I think it's actually a race between the carp gala they're floating bread and that red – rats excuse me well I'm actually getting so many beats on this and seeing some action on the surface I'm tempted to actually put a piece of crust I'll go keep my eyes peeled behind in case the rat suddenly come up from the bang this one on the inside not there's the same amount of ice I'd do over there think I might even have to go to a floating and I'm not sure oh yeah because I'm only using bread freight and that one we be sure yeah at all wait those plastic poppers is too heavy and I can't really sort of tighten up with a short drop there's a way that Bob and his bump bump bump bump all the time putting it back so soon as a fish touches it I'm getting the drop back by instead of a pull up point both both of them so I know the plastic is too heavy I think we change over to these little plastic spines cause responds that I use it at very very low hmm still no fish just that one bream miss Tim you say I think is bobbing here it's too heavy just got that gut feeling it's not a science it's just that you haven't had a fission you'll get bites and not really converted that is time to start thinking why why fine why these bytes not converting into fish so they go away Fisher moved in but definitely there Rhetta moved in rather than the gas dirty rat 40 and you get about 30 minutes and they're gonna go flying fishing or more input to floats in the ones who will forget this left-hand swing in other way you do it is to put the wheels on back home and fish straight tighten to the bait we're not gonna get there there's a tonne off the buzzer but I'm also going to be if I sit watching the bow in the liar enters the water it see it we can start to pull tight actually strive before the buzzer even has an indication maybe too much win from really really like 50 funny guys gonna pick that pretty Oh see what I mean so everyone must again just changing that Bobby Wayne my lost it's a straight away there's an ostrich down that's not can't this toilet on the hook tiny scale there bream at least don't know what's in there so when the green my slow up a little bit hopefully that's when a car quite a moved in when I getting sort of intermittent activity on the surface on I've taken the shot off the left-hand rod even the right hand writing the Patriots win and go for a piece of crust out there didn't they're not really going gangbusters on it yet the crust there's enough fish out there were to look decent I feel I could just sit and hold this and keep it on the available at least touch the edge of this one while I'm out there floating crust just going out there hold the line across my fingers says well as visual aspect I've also got the sensation of the pull through my skin on my fingers I gotta feed it tug and if I have to reach across and grab the other one as well I can't start there what happens car comes up down here sometimes even Phoenix will be one of those days and here comes run in the rat looking for my grade did you wanna make rest most dive you do that squeak sound that they nearly always died it's that's why I'm going to Fox grabs them they squeal well guys official off the top the cord just got a loin out when I don't eat anything today you're moving in country like a monster no never no here you never know [Applause] we'll keep it moving catch that rat eating that was just an isolated piece of crust inside fish ground for five pounds what did she want to focus worlds out there this will be given up easy I'll check what part exactly bigger much bigger this says you can misjudge fifty soldiers but gratefully accepted misjudgment that was well first cast of the waggly flow didn't last thirty seconds i got official peculiar fighter don't say like a car this one's a three more treble a batteries because it's very different well it's about a third or fourth changement me and there you go seems to made a difference that is one of those days was just talking to the owners father came around and he said he's sure high pressure brings the full carpet on top and a gruff impression why suppose push them down I mean they're down there feeding but man a lot of the bites a bit picky but the float seems to do it let's soldier on with the float and want to even put the free land rod out well I got a link ledge or as well now though as well as the flow lost one on the float now just pick one up on the link ledger and grab a pace there's about five changes of Naomi maybe dangers near that group okay he began I thought holsters other crazy horns yes close to nine place the new accounts nice fish but man I don't think I've made so many changes we can't seem to set or anything and me become the fish but are still taking away or set to green two three grain to Carl I'm happy with that no no no I'm not oh well fish were too greedy they want war no walking on official here guys there are supreme or whether it is the car decent wing that's agree it's going nowhere at the moment that's on the float so we're thought I have to say could be a could be a fair husband does happen when they show up could also be a small carp of course it's a regular-sized there you go feel about a comment about 66 ninth pounds about 6 3 3 carbs a good little session but very very hard to read the part about a 1012 brain it's been unbelievably that sounds difficult can't can't be that difficult but it is changed you again take a normal shot from Wagner float put the weight and flow itself about 15 20 inches from the hook but a piece of floating crest on to get right out and I just took some a fish with what it might be my clothes out fish and I've had another couple of car I just can't seem to get this swim salted I don't know why show you this one people lost a few fitted well I don't know why a pinion facial you just just have these days it's bit just hasn't gunray's don't feel don't get me wrong not being great a great breeze was about five Carlton it doesn't bring me the loot it's quite a nice carpet area I had to use about six or seven different techniques to get some fish today I mean it's pretty steady it's been very steady but considering the number of fish in the swing that bubbling and blowing or ship had a lot more anyway they were the call it quits now pretty good session or special really shouldn't be ungrateful sure but I just can't isn't knowing what I can't get one technique nailed down then it's a high-pressure oh it's that guy Smith just watching that float that waggle folk and the other problem went up a couple of beeps gotta breathe sneak a unfortunate O'Neal's a fishing show watch out for my ta outdoors especially you've got nothing else on television to watch some of those bushcraft film do quite interesting we'll see you again next time and hopefully bream number 13 that means I've got a hunch bad luck 13 hopefully we get some more for you maybe just maybe I've got a technique nailed down there's another car passed Roger that close out next cast out getting this one it's quite decent fish this is quite a good one guys you're so just so I guess that's better yes that's a combing on Gus going around about rant about the knowing pound mark I think he's just gonna be showing a ten great closeout fish regular floats to three feet from the bait and you don't strike we see the swirl you strike when you see that way to float dip let's get back I thought it went to camera look three wait for that wagon folk pop under it's weird no he got taken out again a technique saw still days been weird like that distance fishing you saw that distant fishing crust showing up the wagon folks on the trip see the bobbins here I just get bream on that it's about six pounds guys but of course you know this means it's time for one more cast about twenty already Smith I know where you live got a method now on the top distance wait and the lucky chair let's go let's get about knowing pounds four in a row all of these worth putting on let you over like almost just stick with what I've gone last few slices of bread going in the water I've had a good session but the fact I've had to change and change and change and really fight hard to get those fish we were talking about changing the pressure and changing the weather definitely and I mean he's had these Lakes for years so he knows what comes out each day he definitely said that the air pressure makes a difference maybe there's a low pressure coming in or high pressures on the change my goodness mr. Cartwright under me I think he deserves a piece of bread no this loads down there I won't put any more out got him got him boys oh what a method holy schmoly long distance long range wagner's on the surface you know what the car over there's got a fish as well on the other side he's had he's got a pretty good session over there I don't know idea what he's just on bread I think I see a packet of bread there no I'll not move it on the surface so what's going on here it's got new batteries what is happening poor old Ivan Woods had another incredible hammering today oh this afternoon what is this fish doing he came in really easily and he is not coming in easily now is he gonna kind of cutting through to the left at me tells me he knows where that snag is yeah he's not big fish I got him n'yar that's right he swelled it the crust up and it's like the tangle trendle change so there's fish guys what do you think ten to sevens got be worth one good to his f1 more cars want to pack up Paul it takes me water put the cameras away so let's have one more cast just put the bobbin on one more time I've got the ultra night Bob and I'm thinking that was gonna be there do or basically be the business but it weighs like nothing that one more cast at long distance Wagner and then it will get dark really quick tonight quite a bit of clout out there and thankfully no ducks why still another car moving you know there there's a shame I've seen him because that means I'm going to stay longer I start tidying up guys fish all over my float out there we've got a company in the shape of a white cat which has been attacking those rats and did in fact have one or just wait for that float ago so I didn't strike at the swirl you probably won't go to see it back there but I didn't pull the strike in this one wait for the float to go official here just so they have it all the way I got to be a bream it's a very set about fourteen green you


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