TOP 10 TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN MADRID: Madrid Travel Guide. Sightseeing in Madrid (Spain)

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Madrid is one of the most visited tourist cities in Europe and in the world cosmopolitan and welcoming the capital of Spain invites us to live their festive atmosphere to savor the white gastronomic offer it's also one of your stop shopping destinations Madrid is reaching monuments and landmarks in this video from ctrl+ we show you our selection of the most important of them all number 10 temple of debod the temple of debod is the oldest building in Madrid it's actually 2200 years old but it wasn't built here was built in the region of Nubia in ancient Egypt also in temple of debod you may find one of the best sunsets ever number nine plaza de la vida here we find the most ancient civilly like the tower and house of johannes de casa de loja nice from 15th century style gothic moody heart we also have two interesting buildings in the same fossa the house of his narrows a renaissance palace from the 16th century and la casa de la vita a baroque palace from the 17th century number 8 Puerta Alcala the puerta de alcala is one of the most popular symbols of Madrid in addition to a monumental function it serves as a gateway to the city until just a century and a half ago it is the first arc of triumph built in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire in neoclassical style it was built in the 18th century by direct Commission of Carlos the third number seven gran vía great way starting in 1910 it was settled the great way was the main artery of the heart of Madrid it has many iconic buildings such as the metropolis building one of the most photographed buildings in the city of neo-renaissance in style completed in 1911 with 45 meters and the tallest building in Madrid for 10 years until it came the first skyscraper Telefonica building this telefónica building was the first guys nearly 90 meters tall the first of its kind and the tallest of his time and finally the Capitol building Capitol building is a jewel curvilinear rationalism number six civilus the pastor de cibeles is one of the most well known squares in Madrid and in Spain is currently located in the Palacio de comunicaciones the palace of communications a beautiful attractive building from the beginning of the 20th century current City Hall in the center of the square there is the famous fuente de cibeles sibylla's fountain which is the first of five mythological fountains that form the prado ha commissioned by Carlos the third number five plus amateur the Plaza Mayor the main square in Madrid was finally finished in the 17th century and I say finally because this place got unfired three times it got devastated the third time in 1790 this part was the only thing that was left and his served as a reference to rebuild the rest of the plaza it's called the House of bread la casa del upon idea learning this year 2017 plus America memory is fourth centenary being in 1617 when it began to bill four hundred years ago number four Bertha let's solder gate of the Sun portal so Liam is the heart of Madrid social meeting point in which life flows at any time of day or night from its beginning in the fifteenth century in this place have been directed some of the most important events of the history of the Spanish life symbolizes Madrid referring to the shield of the city which pictures are bear climbing and albita Street is the official symbol of Madrid it used to be a female bear but that's a story for another time also important soul we find Terra el Casa de correos Royal House of mail where the locals meet to hear the hinnies every new year number three the Royal Palace of Madrid the Royal Palace and its surroundings are one of the must-see in Madrid the majestic building that we can contemplate today dates from the middle of the 18th century neoclassical style clearly shows the taste for geometric and proportionate forms typical of the architecture of the enlightened despotism it is one of the largest palaces in the world it is currently open to the public as a museum it is surrounded by beautiful gardens Campo del Moro Sabatini garden and the East Plaza from his surroundings we can enjoy spectacular sunsets number two where t dog park parque del retiro be one of the most pleasant urban parks in the world is ideal for pleasant walk sunbathing and even padding in the center of the city this park Paris origin in the 17th century as the second residence and place of rest of King Philip the fourth places of recreation as peculiar as the Grand Lake of Rita's part are iconic in this very Lake Philippe the fourth made battleship simulations in which himself participated this was in the 17th century in this book we find other monuments whose visits are essential such as the Crystal Palace the Crystal Palace is an example our architecture and inside we find lots of expositions or the curious fountain of the fallen angel the statue of the falling angel is one of the few monuments in the war dedicated to Lucifer the king of darkness also it stands 666 meters over sea level before unveiling the number one we offer three special mentions monumental plaza las Ventas this beautiful near their heart stands circular Square is one of the largest bull rings in the world it is the famous plaza de toros monumental de las Ventas which was inaugurated in the first third of the last century when bullfighting was considered a prestigious activity closely associated with the image of Spain in the present time this perception has changed being seen by a great majority of the Spaniards especially the youngest like a cool practice of pastimes Santiago bernabéu Stadium of those architecture does not settle among the most beautiful stadiums in the world it is nevertheless one of the most visited by football fans from all backgrounds giving to the worldwide reputation of Real Madrid which has been awarded by FIFA as the best club of the 20th century basilica of san francisco a grandeur it may indicate makes it difficult to get an idea of its large size to appreciate the gigantic proportions of this temple we must access to its interior once inside we will contemplate what is the largest dome spain and one of the largest christian domes in the war this impressive neoclassical basilica is one of the most unknown and least visited monuments in madrid number one the work of art el paseo de left it brings together the masterpieces of the most important paintings in the war collected by the prado museum thyssen-bornemisza Museum and the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia Queen Sofia the visit to these three museums is one of the essential activities imagery to request more information or make us suggestions visit Cesar and applause calm we want to accompany you to be your Ciceronian when you visit a city or a place for the first time so that your stay would be the most satisfying and surprising as possible we want to help you discover new places to find the establishments of our quality that often do not have to be the most expensive but the 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People forget that those bulls are treated like royalty until the fight begins. I don't mean to start any internet wars but it's also worth noting that the bullfighters don't have anything other than their spear like weapon and cape to defend themselves. It's an honorable way to kill and animal for harvest, to risk your life for theirs. Why people lose their minds over something like this and don't think twice about the burger they consumed is very concerning.

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Madrid is my favorite city in Europe.

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From UK for me with London and Paris the most amazing city in Europe. Art art art culture and a impressive architercture and very cool city very gay friendly too

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Great video. A couple things though, the Plaza Mayor buildings are called Casa de la Panaderi'a which is the House of the Bread Maker– or Baker. Not House of Bread. Also the Palace mainly a baroque palace, but finished with some neoclassical touches by Sabatini.

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Stupid me when i was there I had on my list The Naval Museum, The Prado, Retiro Park. i took the historic bus route so likely saw a lot of what was on this list also.

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