Top 10 Secret Places Hidden in Famous Locations

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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! There are some places in the world that all
of us recognize. We’ve all seen pictures of Paris’ Eiffel
Tower, and some of us have been lucky enough to visit London’s Big Ben. But, have you ever stopped to wonder whether
everything is as it seems? Believe it or not, some of the most famous
landmarks in the world are hiding secrets, and today we’re going to reveal ten of the
best-kept ones with 10 Secret Spaces Hidden In Famous Places. But before we get started, why not become
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places! 10. The ‘Lucky 7 Lounge’ At Pixar Studios
When animator Andrew Gordon was hard at work at the Pixar Studios, the last thing he thought
would happen was to find a secret human-sized hatch hidden in the back wall of his office. But that’s exactly what happened. Brilliantly, Andrew decided to keep his new
hideout a secret, and it only became common knowledge when Pixar director Andrew Stanton
went looking for Gordon and discovered the passage. The room, known as “The Love lounge”,
is said to have served as a speakeasy back when prohibition was in full effect. Pixar bosses loved the secret room so much
that they decided to create an even better version which became known as the “Lucky
7 Lounge”. Loads of celebrities are known to have visited,
and Steve Jobs, Tim Allen, and Roy Disney are among the famous faces that signed their
names on the wall of the top-secret den. Andrew Gordon’s story is told in full in the bonus
features of Toy Story 3 if you want to learn more about Lucky 7 Lounge. 9. Mount Rushmore And The Secret Chamber
Each year almost 3 million people head to South Dakota’s Black Hills to check out
Mount Rushmore and its world-famous busts of four American presidents that stand an
incredible six stories tall. The monument is spectacular as it currently
stands, and it took 14 years and approximately $1 million to complete. But, Idaho-born artist Gutzon Borglum had
even bigger plans in mind. Gutzon was already a well-known sculptor when
South Dakota’s state historian approached him with the idea of the carvings in Black
Hill, and the reportedly fiery sculptor went big with his designs. There were actually rooms planned for the
inside of the mountains meant to contain information for future civilizations about why the monument
was created. The huge “Hall of Records” can be found
just behind Abraham Lincoln’s hairline if you want to check out the chamber for yourself. 8. Track 61
Hidden underneath the ultra-glamorous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City is an abandoned
subway station that’s said to have transported famous faces and even presidents. Track 61 was built at the same time as the
rest of Grand Central Terminal and was only designed to be a powerhouse and storage area
for unused railcars. But, it soon gained notoriety as a private
transport passage for US presidents. The first time this was reported was with
Franklin D. Roosevelt when he was said to be using the secret exit and entrance to hide
his worsening case of polio. It’s said by some to still operate as a
getaway train for presidents, but who knows if that’s true. What we do know though, is that there’s
still an antique train car inside the tunnel. 7. Big Ben’s Prison Cell
A third of the way up the tower, or at the top of step 114 is Big Ben’s Prison Room. It was used for MPs in breach of code of conduct,
but it’s been a long time since it was needed. The last time, in fact, was in 1880, when
newly elected Charles Bradlaugh refused to swear his allegiance to Queen Victoria on
the bible because he was an atheist. He was locked up in the room overnight, and
his stunt was so shocking to people at the time that he ended up with a pub named after
him. A bonus fact for you: did you know that Big
Ben is actually just a nickname for the largest bell in the tower? The actual name is Elizabeth Tower, named
after Queen Elizabeth II. 6. Club 33 at Disneyland
Disneyland is known as the most magical place on Earth but listen up, grown-ups: The Magic
Kingdom just got a lot more interesting. You might not have heard of Club 33, but it’s
said by some to be the best part of the entire park. Tucked behind an unmarked door in Disneyland’s
New Orleans Square is the super-exclusive bar and restaurant which is the only place
in the entire park that you can buy alcohol. Club 33 isn’t available for just anyone:
the joining fee is $25,000 and then there’s the additional annual fee of $12,000. And, even if you can afford the astronomical
fees, the waiting list is said to be between 10-15 years long. That’s even longer than the line for Splash
Mountain! I bet Club 33 is where you’d find Mickey
and Mini Mouse holed up drinking Dry Martinis after a hard day at work. 5. Tower of London’s Secret Pub
England is known for its pubs and if you’ve ever been you’ll know that there seems to
be one on every street in the country. But, there’s one pub even the most beer-loving
Londoners don’t know about, and it’s the one tucked away inside the Tower of London. To be clear, the Tower of London isn’t actually
a tower – rather, it’ a 900-year-old castle that’s been used as a fortress and a hideout
for criminals in years gone by. Today, it’s where tourists flock to see
the Beefeaters, the royal bodyguards who would once have been responsible for looking after
the crown jewels and guarding prisoners being kept in the tower. Being a Beefeater has some major perks – one
being that they’re able to live in the apartments inside the tower which date back as far as
the 13th century. Did you even know there were apartments inside
the Tower of London? No? Me neither! I also didn’t know about the pub that’s
hidden somewhere on the grounds. They do let regular folks in sometimes, but
by invitation only. 4. Apartment inside the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable structures on Earth, but did you know that
it’s hiding a secret in plain sight? Yep, there’s a luxurious apartment hidden
at the top, which was created by the tower’s mastermind Gustave Eiffel himself. Gustave was said to host well-known people
back in the day, including Thomas Edison, but he wouldn’t allow just anyone to stay
over. Despite Paris’ elite constantly offering
up huge piles of Francs to spend a night in the luxurious apartment, Gustave always refused. HomeAway made a second tower apartment available
during 2016 so people could get a glimpse into what it would have been like to spend
the evening at one of the world’s most exclusive addresses. 3. The Empty Building In The Middle Of Times
Square Times Square is the second most visited tourist
destination in the world, with a reported 37 million people queuing up to have their
photo taken with its bright lights and all-round chaos. Have you been? If so, did you notice the empty 25-story skyscraper
sat smack bang in the middle of it? Yep. You know the huge tower of billboards sitting
in the center of the square? Well, that’s One Times Square and it was
originally built in 1904 as the headquarters of The New York Times. In those days, the building looked very different,
and after the newspaper bosses sold the tower after just eight years, it passed through
several owners. When the final owners went bankrupt in 1992,
the Lehman Brothers bought it and saw a great money-making opportunity. Instead of putting tenants in it, they slapped
advertising all over it. One Times Square now makes an incredible $23
million per year despite being completely empty. 2. Rome Colosseum’s Secret Tunnels
Dating back to 70 AD, Rome’s Colosseum took between six to eight years to construct and
it still stands today as a clear reminder of the Roman Emperor’s ambitious vision
for the glorification of Rome. An incredible 4 million people visit Rome’s
Colosseum each year, but most of them are entirely unaware of what hides beneath the
incredible ancient structure. Below street level, a series of underground
tunnels can be found that were used to house animals. Lions and bears would be held underground
in this network of tunnels before being lifted to the arena by a pulley. The discovery of the tunnels was hailed as
a great archaeological discovery and they were opened up to the public for guided tours
around a decade ago. The tours only cater to 25 people at a time
though, so many visitors never actually get to set eyes on them. 1. The Empire State Building’s 103rd Floor
The Empire State Building in New York is widely publicized as having 102 floors, but that’s
not accurate. Did you know that there’s actually a 103rd
floor hidden away? Sat on top of the official top floor is the
real top floor which boasts incredible 360-degree views of New York City. If you are wondering how you’re going to
get up there to take a look for yourself, I’m sorry to tell you that the chances of
us regular folk ever seeing it are incredibly slim. Only the most famous and wealthiest people
get the opportunity to gaze out across The Big Apple from this secret vantage point. One of the main reasons that the 103rd floor
isn’t open to the public is that it has no safety measures in place, so it’s a lawsuit
just waiting to happen. Still, you can look at photos of celebrities
up there and that’s almost the same, I guess.


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