Top 10 Fortnite Landing Locations RANKED WORST TO BEST!

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it's a new season a new meta and a new game which means that you're going to need to know some spots to land at I mean either that or you could just land near hoverboard I mean who needs locations right forget the video let's ride here the landing locations this season including but not limited to the new ones ranked from worst to best no.1 location can be the best so this list is subjective but going through these will definitely help you guys find the spot that works best for you before we get into it though we are still giving away 8v bucks clothes on all platforms every single video plus an additional two which you'll have to join the discord for on PC and for all these 150 codes we are giving out over the next two weeks all we ask in return is that you guys like subscribe and comment down below but without further ado use code t5g in the item shop when you buy a skin and let's get right into it number 10 tilted towers now obviously we were gonna be seeing tilted towers on this list it's been a landmark for high kill gamers and looters since it first showed up on the map sigh rise structures and city like layout gives it a whole new battle vibe to what you usually experience around a lot of other areas in the map allowing you to venture above that three-story building height without worrying too much about fall damage as there's usually something you can catch yourself on even though this location is usually very busy the fact is that there's just so many roofs to land on and windows to dive through that you can almost always get a spot to yourself if you keep an eye on the other players gliding in there were 30 different chests in this one point of interest there's always plenty of loot to go around and if you do happen to be the last squad standing after a 5-minute non-stop till two towers fight and you pretty much set four weapons for the rest of the match however when this place first showed up there wasn't really anything like it on the map which is why you could find 10 to 20% of the lobby there nearly every game now with newer bigger and more wilder points of interest showing up on the map you can even find tilde towers being left unlooted giving you and your squad free reign of tilted towers and its loot and in at number 9 we've got pirate outposts now something fortnight have been adding since the early seasons is smaller locations on the map that aren't main points of interest but can still help you out if you need somewhere quiet to land or just somewhere to stop buying stock up maybe it's just a couple of houses in the middle of nowhere or some giant Easter Island statues that all have loot and rips for your convenience it all helps to fill up the gaps in the map and make it more packed with new places to explore with season eights introduction of pirates there's been quite a few of these smaller pirate theme locations added that are definitely worth noting we went ahead and made a little map for you so go ahead and take a screenshot if you feel this will come in handy the black filled in circles represent the main pirate buildings you'll notice they're spread out in a circle around the map with one in the center nearly all of them used to be old houses or buildings that have been taken over and revamped into many pirate forts they are plenty of loot considering what used to be there and they all have cannons allowing you to quickly fast travel to your next location of choice you didn't know already these locations also have pirate loot that will give mettle and quite a lot of it now the white dots on the map actually represent vehicles that have been upgraded and turned into pirate land ship every single one of them has a chance of two chests and a cannon with plenty of materials as well similar to the old Easter Island statues you can quickly land here to grab some guns with a minimal chance of fighting for it and then use the cannon to Swanton bomb to the nearest enemies like people used to with the rifts and in at number eight we've got x marks the spot locations for anyone that's been playing for more than a couple of seasons then you probably know how quiet the northwest corner of the map was becoming not much with the landscape has actually changed over the past year or so except for risky reels being replaced by the block tomato town got a revamp into tomato town a few other little things were added but the whole area in general pretty much stayed the same since season 1 now obviously that's not the case anymore but beforehand this corner of the map was only really popular for people trying to practice explore the new block build or those going for some survival scrim matches now though it's completely different all around the top right corner it's become a brilliant way to set yourself up early game starting from the very far east side of the map you couldn't find a set of rocks set out to form a big X there's a chance for two chests and that may not sound like much I know but the fact is that there's small areas like this going all the way up to sunny steppes all hidden amongst a highly defensive and dense forest this adds up to a lot of loot with added geysers and you can easily travel around the whole area extremely quickly but in a number seven we've got Paradise Palms welcome to Paradise Falls it's one of the newer locations but it's definitely still going to be a popular place to land the fact is that Paradise Palms is one of the biggest locations in that area of the map just like the top left has tilted towers the bottom right has Paradise Palms it may not be quite as big but with its massive houses and giant apartment buildings there's still a lot of different places to land and stocking up has never been better when it comes to Paradise Palms boy is that place bountiful one of the handiest parts about diving down to Paradise Palms is if you get a late dive or just want to play it a bit safe you can land on one of the nearby mountains grab a couple of possible chests and use a riff to glide down and figure out exactly where's best to make your attack gives you a massive advantage figuring out where other players are in the town and can instantly claim you the high ground if you can take the top of the tower once you're done taking over Paradise Palms there's plenty of material to gather and close by rifts allowing you to quick travel to your next location just remember that these locations will be better or worse than the others depending on where you come in from the battle bus put in at number six we've got loot Lake I know what you're thinking loot Lake why well hear me out for a second yes before a lot of recent activity loot like used to be one of the not-so-great locations in fact we actually added to our list of locations to be removed a while back but since Kevin the cube absolutely demolished the area it's actually turned into the location deserving of its name like used to be an annoying bunny hopping snail's pace across the water but now that's only small areas of the whole lake its center area alone has at least ten possible chests for you and that's amongst all that floor loot that you can find – with its deep crater massive rocks from the floating island and metal containers is actually a fairly defensive the only real issue with this area is the material mainly being around the edges of the lake so you can sometimes get caught without any builds but that's not much of a risk considering most of the time you'll probably get this location to yourself without much of a fight and because it's a central location you won't exactly have to run far from the storm if at all once you're done quickly looting there you can also head right next door to any neighboring locations like tilt the towers and finish off the remaining enemies in there but at number five we've got the hangars behind the volcano the best thing about the massive forest covering the whole top right corner of the map is that there's still a lot of pretty cool or handy locations that some people still don't know about the whole north side of the map from lazy lagoon sunny steps is covered in the airplane hangar style buildings some almost completely hidden by the greenery in the area but these are all fairly handy places to stop at before heading to the next big location maybe you and your squad want to ambush the volcano but want to make sure you're kitted out grab a building each loot up and head to one of the many close geysers and land on your opponent's before they know what's happening a lot of these structures are very close together so you can even just travel along the top of the map looting up but in number four we've got lazy lagoon this was probably an obvious spot on today's list it's a literal beach paradise I mean who doesn't want to go there but aesthetic society it's also a really good landing location the entire area is full of objects that will give you a lot more material than normal which is super useful for those Pro builders out there now the actual lagoon can be a little annoying to leapfrog across but if you manage to take the ship it can be really defensive there's been a few times now where my squad on the ship will be having a full-on pirate battle if another spot who landed at attack it's just a super fun and beautiful place line' which means at the moment while it's new you can find quite a lot of people landing here plus the wooden ship has a lot of material there's pallets and boxes everywhere plus the actual captain's desk for some reason gives you an insane amount of wood for just one hit number three Sonny steps it's one of the biggest locations other than a giant volcano and has been warmly welcomed by many in the community it has that old Aztec style – its structures and figureheads that really make you feel as though you may be on some deserted island forgotten by time considering it's quite a compact area and looks fairly simple from above the actual structures and be like a literal maze making it easier for anyone that's learned the area well to outplay their opponents a lot of these new areas are a lot about learning the layout first to give you that advantage with over 15 chests hidden amongst these structures plus all the floor loot it's fairly easy to grab yourself a gun even if there is ten other people landing around you and make sure to take into account that when you're landing these awesome new locations will almost always have a lot of people landing there especially if it's the first stop on the battle bus so unless you're an actual god of the game try to land in one of the edge buildings you dive straight for a middle building it's most likely gonna be the end of you you might end up getting pinched and all of that sort of stuff and that's where you know pick your fights you you can win the fight before you even start it by deciding when and what not to engage that kind of thing but in number two we've got the volcano throne room at the number two spot we have that a new volcano it's probably one of the biggest locations on the map at the moment and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon will a dragon fly out of it at any point in time or a magma monster as a landing location this is going to be a super useful location for you skilled gliders depending on the bus route you can either go through the top pole or one of the few side entrances now if you and the squad are quick fliers then you'll pretty much control the volcano instantly there's only one main loot area where the throne is with a possible three chests and a bunch of floor loot then there's a couple smaller areas behind the two pillars that each have a possible couple chests if your team get in first and grab all the compacted loot there'll be none for anyone else giving you control of the area and the volcano I mean that's quite the flex like check out my volcano homie if you do happen to be the one who lands late then don't try to take a risky fight just use those hot waves to ride your way out of the volcano to somewhere safer around the edge but number one we've got the legendary chest at the block now a lot of people are gonna be surprised by the block being our number one spot now even though hellraisers castle is amazing it's actually more about the loot epic games put inside that has made this a brilliant location to land if you make your way inside on the lower left levels you can find a legendary chest on top of a couple of bookcases so why is it that this one chest has been so many other locations well it drops you a guaranteed legendary weapon like an RPG or heavy assault rifle some heels a tray type and even a random alternative item if you manage to land on this chest and grab its contents first you've pretty much set yourself up early game against people running around with the basic floor loot they've only just found I mean where else can you get yourself a free guaranteed legendary weapon other than at random chance but that has been our list of the top 10 season 8 for night landing locations ranked from worst to best the codes that we've been giving out for the last couple of videos we actually put in the video but we got them at Walmart self checkout and wouldn't you know they're not actually redeeming because self checkout doesn't activate the codes so we had to go back to Walmart we got our money back and so we have to read it out working ones just wanted to let you guys know because the first few videos those codes were all working but the last few videos we have to read rhop them since Walmart self checkout isn't apparently with activation protocol be sure to click that like button if you've enjoyed this video subscribe to the channel if you're new push notifications on and keep it here on top five gaming you


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