Tony's Table: Ms. Chi Chinese Restaurant In Exposition Park

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tired of the same old Chinese food staples then you gotta try in this Chi cafe located at the Bank of California Stadium in exposition Park Top Chef Julie Chang twists up tradition with their unique take on noodles and dumplings and the results incredible thank you so much for having us here thank you for having me Tony tell me about these this is the steamed chicken dumplings we made it yellow so it looks like chicken little sugar little yeah after the little chicken little dumpling house made out to run these is fresh chicken with five five your love I like exciting flavors and textures no here I hope you like spicy I love spicy this is pork from one ton in a chili oil vinaigrette I like that kick let's break this say of course you do if your dish this is a Miss beef gravy the texture is velvety the way I marinated beef and then the sermon was seasonal vegetable let me get in here I am so excited better with the egg on top and everything is around 13 bucks last but not least what am I looking at here no cheese foam tea I'm top is the whip sweet and savory cream cheese parmesan foam you got a little mustache and don't be shy good thank you so much your lovely dispute is fantastic thank you glad you enjoy everything

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