Tips on Travel Photography from National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes

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we're back with National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes and he's talking about some of the challenges of travel photography trouble photography as we know it is the thing of the past and yeah I rarely get assignments to shoot trouble and one thing I always tell workshop students that are interested in moving into the travel arena is that they should find another interest that they can concentrate on that enables them to travel I did this several years ago through wine I love fruit and morning they seemed a natural way to go I live just outside Napa Valley so it's very convenient wine and it was you to travel all over the world I shot in Australia New Zealand South America all over Europe even places like Myanmar so it opens a whole wall to you and it doesn't stop you traveling but it gives you something to hang your travel photographers hat on so in the last few years I've specialized the century in the wine industry and a few months ago marketing director for a winery in northern Spain in Ribera del Duero region which is easy for me to say we were approached by this guy who was working in Oregon but he was the marketing director for the Spanish winery and do my work in my partner's work Andre Johnson who you know mark and invited us to go and shoot the winery for promotion and web use all kinds of different uses and we jumped on the opportunity obviously it's always fun to go to another country that you haven't really shot before shooting in a new area it's always difficult because you find yourself repeating yourself one wineries very much like another wherever it is in the world landscape varies but there's still grapes in a field yes this autumn or of the so let's talk about some of those images what were your say top three or four images that you came back with my favorite areas I guess who are some of the landscapes of that part of northern Spain the village where the winery was was fascinating it was a village of 300 houses with a population of 50 picture-perfect village absolutely picture-perfect and you could imagine being an arts community yeah I could be filled with little galleries and artsy stuff but it's no one lives anymore with just 50 people and then here they all work in the winery or retired and I found the village as interesting as anything I have made some of my favorite photographs sir do you have one in particular that stands out from that village yeah there are one or two that I really like from the village we'll see I have to live with photographs for some time before I really make a final decision I used to put prints up on my wall I still do and just live with them so my tiles within a matter of days or weeks and others I've got one print I made in Egypt that I've had up almost since I made the photograph and I never tire of it it's one of my favorite images so you know it it's too soon to say much than to be honest I've even edited them yet we're pushing you beyond the limits if we're asking you to comment on pose they haven't even edited yet so I won't press you on that one were there any challenges in particular that you had to deal with on that few the normal challenges of travel photography and even more so with wine photography because a lot of wine photos really landscape photography yes you can use it's all landscape so you know the secret of landscape is as you all know get up early stay out late in Europe in June Sun rises at 5:00 set at 10:00 so you're always up at 4:00 in the morning to get to the location to shoot your app until the sun's gone down so you get up and go hopefully an interesting skies and then in Spain dinner starts about ten o'clock wherever you are so you having dinner and inevitably accompanied by wine go to bed at midnight get four hours sleep yeah every everybody's a photographer now which is an odd thing and I'm not critical of that guess they were taking sometimes because people set themselves up as experts with absolutely no experience at all yeah but generally I think it's a good thing that everybody is embracing photography as a hobby the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional is that if an hour to photography will shittier for in the morning they're all over and going back to sleep I can't do that I however I feel you know whatever sort of mood I'm in I have to be up and out shooting and that's that is a curse but it's always worth it it always plays off that's the biggest challenge the other challenges is finding something new finding a fresh look again as a professional we have crutches that we use that enables us to get good acceptable photographs even the hardest circumstances that don't necessarily make great photographs but they make acceptable photographs we always come home with the goods true death well but hey thanks for joining us make sure you subscribe to not miss any of these future videos and Bob and I would love to see your comments your questions things you'd like him to talk about so make sure you leave them down here leave your likes as well and will you please follow us both on Instagram you'll see it on the screen where to go the last thing I'm going to tell you is this remember to get out and capture your own images of life thanks again Bob thanks mom it's been great you


Megan Marie · July 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

Great tips! I’m an aspiring travel photographer and videographer! These tips will help me so much! Thanks!

Outta Thyme567 · July 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

Bob is a real inspiration for me

Ectra Lardge · July 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

Your first video with him is what got me hooked. He is a really intelligent and talented artist. I take his word to heart in my practices

Praz Pix · July 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

1st Like 1st Comment..

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