TIMMY GOT LOST ON VACATION IN PRAGUE and more! ~ Timmy's Worst Day Ever

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guys this is the same thing this is the same day Timmy got bitten by a dog you don't have a good day no this is like the worst day of hey guys we have a big problem we are in France anyways Timmy's loss he jumped in a tram and he sees a beard and he wasn't at the next stop and he doesn't have his phone and we are freaking out where could he go Adam you guys I'm not just gonna like he was gonna be at the next stop yeah actually he was gone like because I know Timmy he was on there and I was like laughing because I thought that he was gonna get off or something until like if the doors actually closed and he was like knocking on the doors and I was like wait this is actually you know we are so worried guys I hope you'll find him I think this was the one because I saw and it said 20 and yeah everyone on a tram number 20 my mom Sedonas grandma she's waiting at the last stop for him and she doesn't have her phone with her so she said if he's not there get off that stuff but I panicked and we didn't manage to get off we got off on the next stop so now we are all lost so shall we go back to the last stop or what what should we do already here here let's wait for the next number 5 and the whole band and it's just not to be here and then if we can't what are we gonna do yeah you should have good often that that the one where you want them there okay guys this is gone wrong what sweetie scared okay you guys so I'm going back to the last stop to see my mom and tell her that he wasn't there or see what's happening maybe he's there and Sedona is waiting there she has her phone so that's good and she's not here either great she's not here oh man now what they might be on the next stop so I will go back to the next put on let's see if her car is here it's not so she just went home okay that's great Timmy Timmy why are you doing such stupid things really worried not guys I'll just wait for another tramp and my mom forgot her phone so I can't even talk to her I think she went home to get her phone okay guys so I'm going back there I'm getting bloody scared where did he go did he just stayed on the tram and just went on melon man why didn't you get off at the my mom got him and they went home to call me guys I'm almost back to Sedona stop luckily the trams go here like every few minutes you scared me when you weren't there No okay so Bobby was in there and her car was in there I think she went home to get her phone okay so basically there was like all these gems coming past I what something inside I wish he had his phone with him now okay so what do we have human tracker no my dad okay so you guys Navi lost my mom she has no farm my dad is here and her car is in there we don't know what's going on we might have to call the police we don't know like did he stay on the tram he stayed on the tram prevail but why yeah this is probably scared and we don't know where my mom is did she follow the trend first of all inaudible predictive medicine is a photo detector she operates terror says that we managed to call the police to look for him because we have no idea and it could be anywhere okay guys we are going to do a previous stuff with my dad okay my mom just called and we are going to the previous stop because that's where we were meant to be so you guys we just came back at the original stop where Timmy disappeared from my so we are waiting for my mom and we are probably gonna call the police because it's been a while now yeah you know he's lost he's in danger right now who knows where he is do you think that he would go to the driver and talk to him and say he got lost what would he do probably like stay ready yeah dad just went to talk to the tram driver and maybe they can find him that way he doesn't have his phone with him he doesn't remember or know our address so oh my god a nightmare this is a nightmare why would he do that why did you do that and why didn't he get off at the next stop guys we are going to the police which is right here so we have to report him missing now and the tram the driver said he's gonna call all the other trams and let them know here oh maybe he went to the police station yeah they're typing up the report no guys he's missing he probably stayed on the tram hopefully don't find him soon it's been almost an hour now 45 minutes it has been an hour it's like my mom actually went to every stop she's going the same route to check it as well how long has it been now I don't know guys I was just at the beginning but then he was nice he just didn't realize that we're basically touristy my kids like their names Adam Adam I don't know product taken over this place was called darkness just on water Scott okay that's it yeah it's a different situation he doesn't speak the language you know so we are still waiting we are you know there's many other people it's not like in school when you have something that you need to finish and that you need to do yeah like he didn't realize how serious the situation was he just thought you know if it were we wrote check for Muslims the closest place it would be different but he's there in many places in China yeah we go to the same places every single year you know guys like in America Las Vegas the baton use public transport them so here in Prague there's amazing public transport so we were gonna use it but because he's not used to it I don't know why he jumped in a tram and left sometimes he's so silly guys but anyways we're just waiting yeah in jail oh my god guys he's found I was so worried he called his phone he went really really far on the tram and then he could have buy a store that he recognized yeah Bella but it's really far and then he found a shop assistant and they called his phone that he left in my back so because he doesn't remember my phone number see so so the police are bringing him here now oh my gosh guys big like for this because I was so worried yeah he doesn't know this place he doesn't know Prague he doesn't speak the language somebody like a little bit so yeah yes I am hungry and he didn't know where he was you know coming from where he got lost from understand so he literally had to find someone that speaks English to to help him to let let him use the phone right and the police said next time put bracelet on his hand with contact numbers you know relieved effort sake you've got nice to me we were all like buying the ticket for the tram and and we thought he was right behind and then if he look and he's banging on the glass and yeah because I was I saw him why didn't you say no because I was like elbows laughing because like I know they he's a prankster and stuff mm-hmm well there's one backfired but he recognized Baylin so that's why he could have fun went to Baylor right because he likes that story guys okay so we are gonna wait here it's gonna take about half an hour and he said the policeman we're gonna ride around six yeah we went to see our friends we are still gonna go why did you come people are buying tickets and then always calling you come are you crying no okay why didn't you get off the next stop because no what did you become ours I'm sorry just stay there okay okay what happened to me why didn't why didn't you get off the next stop you didn't know yeah you have to press a button too otherwise they won't open the door and then what yeah here enter all the way to the end yeah so start going and looking for that shop I missed earlier Billa yeah and then I went to it are you freaking really trying to speak check this out the service or yeah at first he was like how old is he 12 and he's not gonna find his way back are you serious they were not still search for him because I'm kind of busy here we just got two robbers they were stealing a car and we have them upstairs so I have to like read a report or something and and me and Bobby were like what okay so shall we go some other police and he's like no okay then I'll do it okay yeah it was crazy and then police station is right there and why did I ask if he did anything yeah they had to ask him questions like if he was if he was harmed if he do something like a crime you know or if somebody hurt him so they were asking the police were asking him this and then they let us go please don't do anything like that just stay with me okay cuz you didn't even know where where you got lost you know right okay this is our tram mom where are you gonna cry yeah I would I would cry a Timmy if I if you didn't come back at night then I would be crying because you know just like that beating yes did you think the drama was gonna chase the shine with her car okay guys so we are so happy that Timmy's been found ready Timmy we are gonna see if we should punish him or what the heck but I think he punished himself what do you think guys I think he was so scared and he knows not to do something like that Akash is looking for a shop okay so if you liked this video I mean give us give him a like and after we found him and for him to be a good boy next time and let's get on the tram to Dallas and also at 500,000 subscribers they means gonna reveal his face so it's subscribe and then go notifications are good bitten by a dog oh my goodness okay yeah is he hurting bad yeah he's over there it's okay baby okay do you want to put a nice scoop on it yeah no this is like the worst day of just to keep an eye on you it turns no purple it should be all good now Saddam they may get bitten by a dog can you believe it sit on this is a bad day for Kimmy guys you still there okay so we just spread something on it to clean the wound and we're just putting a plaster if you like the work there okay yeah hopefully we'll be good you guys we had to go and see the people to tell them not to do anything to do dog because Timmy didn't want the dog to be put down or anything no yeah he wanted to bet it yeah uh-huh I said no it looks so dirty over here yeah it's because we sprayed that special yeah and I can even hurt you more than me you don't need it are you sure okay original ISM I have is because it's take a look we have a slime party who are you playing with Misha and Evelyn and their own playing with slime time yeah because Sedona was good and gifted her slime to you linka because this one is too runny Murphy don't lick my hands oh he's six months old guys he's my friend's dog you guys we are gonna go back to Timmy's rescue them for helping to me he wants to play over there in the darkness we don't know where he is I think he's just playing a prank on us that he's hiding behind the trees chips oh no what are we gonna do we need a flashlight we need to sneak her door Murphy Murphy found him what is he Murphy they me Sadie you are like thinking yeah okay stop it that's so scary you know you guys were even crying I can just laughing but I was scared

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