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was John Titor a real time traveler from the Year 2036 or was he just a fraud now the subject might seem a little different from what I usually put up on this channel but this is related to nerd stuff and I've always had an interest in science fiction and science fiction topics and that includes conspiracy theories which often involve these kinds of things and these ideas of time travel and alternate dimensions seem to have gotten a lot more popularity in recent times on YouTube and other places partially through the popularity of the Mandela effect and I did do a video on that which got me lots of dislikes because I disagree with the whole mandel effect being something that is actually real but I've been following these kinds of stories for a very long time and there's one particular story that I followed for many years and it does seem to have popped up again recently and that is the story of John Titor and people who are unfamiliar with the John Titor story seem to have picked up on it and have spoken about it as if it's something real something that we can actually take his word for when this man made all these predictions so we're gonna jump into the story and I'm gonna give a little bit of an overview of who John Titor is and we're gonna talk about some of the explanations for where exactly these ideas came from now John Titor was something that became very popular he was a popular figure and mythology that showed up when the internet was still quite young and that was in the year 2000 there was a time-travel forum called the time travel Institute and on these forums somebody with the name time-travel zero began posting and he claimed that he was a time traveler from the Year 2036 he became more popular when he decided to use the name John Titor in 2001 when he began posting on the art bell forums the former host of coast-to-coast that popular conspiracy theory radio show and John Titor put up a number of posts detailing his experience in the future and talking about exactly why he was here came to the past and he was looking for and he answered all sorts of questions and over the years this myth has grown and grown and grown now nowadays someone like this probably could not gain popularity because there are so many people that are faking all sorts of things on the internet but this was a time when the internet was young and people were interested and people actually believed his story and he made a bunch of predictions that people wanted to know if they were going to possibly become true and let's just take a look at some of the content that showed up from this certain John Titor the time traveller now John Titor appeared in Florida supposedly he was visiting and staying with family members but the reason that he was traveling back in time was not just for sentimental reasons but there was an item that he needed to to retrieve and this was an IBM 5100 computer from the Year 1975 and there were certain things that this computer was supposedly able to do that he had to go back and get those pieces for it now it had been discovered that indeed the things that he said this computer did were true and the individual who had done this was very clearly well informed about computers so it was somebody who worked well in the computer industry now I've seen the claim by certain people out there today that nobody knew about the secret feature of the IBM computer until John Titor discovered it but that's actually not true this is something that had been known about the computer for quite some time that anyone involved in the industry would know now in order to travel back in time John Titor was part of a secret government project and they were using a time machine that he actually described yet a picture of the suppose a time machine that he used and how and even spoke about how it worked and he said that there were two micro singularities or mini black holes that ran this particular time machine and it was able to cause one to travel back into time now what he claimed about his time travel was that when one travels back in time you are not actually going back into your own timeline and he was trying to solve what's called the grandfather paradox which says that how can you travel back in time because if you go back in time what if you kill your grandfather if you call your grandfather you would never have been born but if you had never had been born then you couldn't have gone back in time to kill your grandfather in the first place and it leaves you with this paradox that's imposs to solve well the way that this poster argued was that every time you travel back in time you are actually going into a different reality and they're all different versions of reality and in those versions of reality there are slight differences now some people have tied this into the Mandela effect to say that these differences within the timeline today such as you know Berenstein bears berenstain bears and some of these small differences would be explained by these differences in reality so you're actually not changing your own reality but you are going back and changing a reality that's very similar to yours and he claimed that the farther back in time you go then the more the actual reality would change so you couldn't go too far back in time because if you want too far back in time then it might in fact be unrecognizable from the timeline that you are actually from so when you're going to go back into your own time it will actually not be exactly the same universe that you left there may be small changes in some areas and others now this is all well and good this is all an interesting story but there are some very specific and testable things that John Titor told us that we can use to try to verify whether or not John Titor was actually telling the truth and he was a time traveler from the future or if he was just a very intelligent hoaxer that happened to be pretty well-informed about IBM computers well he made a bunch of predictions and we can look at those various predictions and ask the question well did these predictions actually come to pass now he argued that CERN was going to discover a time-travel or at least some begin to realize that time travel was possible around the year 2001 at this time these mini black holes that he spoke about would have been created and obviously this did not happen and unless CERN secretly has these things which I'm sure some government conspiracy theorists say they do then we don't have any evidence that such things were ever discovered at all he also said that in 2004 civil war would break out as there would be divisions between people groups within the nation of the United States of America specifically he argued that cultural centers and cities along side of rural areas would come into conflict with one another over various issues in there would be a massive war and chaos at that time in the United States he said that the last Olympics was going to happen in the year 2004 he spoke quite in detail about this as well and clearly these things have happened since then and these are only a few of those particular things that he said we're going to happen he spoke of a future and a future that he believed was a better future and in that suppose a better future people would live at peace they would be more religious people would live in small towns and more rural areas and he described this as a much better time and so all of the civil unrest and all of these crazy things that happened according to John Titor led to a time that was indeed much better than it had been previously now some people will point to certain statements of John teeters that seem to say something about a website that might be similar to YouTube and there are some other things that you might be able to squeeze in and say these are predictions that have been fulfilled but nearly every major thing and major event that John Titor predicted just did not happen now what's happened since then is people have come up with all sorts of explanations as to why this was the case and people say well John Titor part of his mission even though he didn't tell us was indeed to come and fix all of the problems that had happened in this world and so he actually fixed all of these things and so the reason that things didn't happen the way that he said that they would is because he found the solution to them in particular people will point to something that happened back in 1998 because while John Titor did not rise in popularity until 2000 and especially 2001 he actually sent faxes to art Bell in 1998 speaking about the disaster that y2k was going to cause now clearly y2k did not cause any kind of horrific disaster however it was speculated that some of by some of his supporters that what happened in 1998 was that John Titor actually fixed the problem that would have been y2k and because he fixed that problem then all of these other issues would not happen now my question is if that's really the case then wouldn't John Titor have mentioned the fact that that that he had done that in his post in 2000 and 2001 and he would have already noticed the differences between his reality and our reality where y2k didn't happen and he probably would have said something about it and would have realized that this would indeed changed the future course of history but that is not the case and indeed it is not the case because John Titor is simply a hoax and that's all there is to it and what he did within his explanation is really he left himself all of this wiggle room so that no matter what he said if it went wrong he could always go back to the excuse well it's a different world and because there are these parallel worlds that are similar but not identical any of the things that he said as predictive prophecy could have just not occurred because of the nature of our reality so really there is no way to actually disprove John teeters predictions because of that and so his supporters will continue to support him no matter of all the failures that actually occurred through what John Titor has said and if you look at the supposed fulfillments of certain predictions and you look at them they're really not that detailed at all and they're not really clear and if he did indeed come from the past why didn't he give us some very particular and very specific ideas of what would happen in the future because every time he did do that those things didn't happen and every time he gives some kind of vague idea of something that might happen in the future well then people say those are the things that are fulfilled and I think that it's not a coincidence that the major detailed events are the ones that we don't have any evidence actually occurred so who was behind the John Titor hoax if this really was a hoax well we can actually find the information out pretty quickly even through a quick google or youtube search and looking at the relevant information which a lot of people who have studied this issue seem to have not really done very well but as we look into these details there's one piece of evidence that's very important to keep in mind and that is there is a registered John Titor foundation and the person who runs the John Titor foundation is a lawyer in Florida the same area where John Titor supposedly lived and his name is Larry Hebert now Larry Hebert is a lawyer in Florida and he has trademarked the John Titor title he claimed in several places that he was the official lawyer of John Deere claimed that he had spoken with him as well as his mother and that he was indeed a real person now there had been planned projects movies and other things Bay upon the John Titor name that people had been trying to start and promote at one time now those projects generally fell through though there is a Japanese anime that does bring in elements of the John Titor story so it's pretty clear that Larry Haber as the lawyer would have had a very much an interest in promoting this story now is there any evidence that Larry Hebert himself would have had the knowledge of the computer systems to be able to say the kind of things that he did well not really Larry Haber himself but Larry is part of a family and in that family there are brothers who have all said that they're very close to one another and they just so happen to work on computer systems in particular they are knowledgeable about IBM computers now it has been mentioned that Maury Haber who is Larry Haber's brother works with computers he is a computer scientist he is very familiar with IBM's and he is the most likely candidate in this particular hoax now a youtuber by the name of John Rasmus of the hoax hunter channel has looked into this for many years and he's provided some clues in terms of the language that was used in writings from Morrie Hebert and the similarities in language between Morey Hebert and the posts of John Titor and while some of those similarities might just be you know coincidence in terms of having a similar style of writing some of the language that's used by both is very particular some of the most distinctive phrases and terms that show up repeatedly in John teeters writings and up showing up in the writings of Morrie Hebert as well now recently hoax hunter John Rasmus has made public a certain strain of emails that he had with his with Arthur Hebert who is another brother of Larry and Morrie Hebert and in those emails there is some indication that Arthur does indeed know exactly who John Titor is and he says that it's kind of a joke within the family that they all laugh about now this pretty clearly demonstrates that whoever is behind John Titor it's involved in the Hebert family and none of them take the thing too seriously because one of them was behind it now later Arthur Hebert ended up saying that he has no idea exactly who was involved but he knows that it is somebody within the family this ended up leading to him concluding that the son of Larry Hebert named Brandon Hebert was actually likely behind it that was a supposition that he had but this really doesn't make any sense because when John Titor first started writing Brandon Hebert was nine years old and he would have had to have been a pretty clear amazing genius to be a nine year old who was so well informed and could write as well as he could with so much computer in scientific knowledge so whether or not it is indeed Morey Hebert or Brandon Hebert is just some kind of child genius it's very clear that John Titor is not a real time traveler it was indeed a hoax that was perpetrated by the Hebert family thanks if you like this video like comment subscribe and share


Oh Yeah yeah · May 15, 2019 at 12:46 pm

John Titor is actually just an anime girl

BLACKTIGER BEATS · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Johns real

Light · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Well its not that wrong. I mean israel and Arabia are actually in a war

lloganos · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

FALSE John titor is female!

FullFledged2010 · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

The Mandela effect is real but that doesn't time travel is.. 🤔

Ernest Yeap · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Why are some ppl(Titor) so crazy til this state?

Makkusu Otaku · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

2.5% divergence is a lot of difference. Leave him be.

Dragonflameace · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Same planet, different dimension.

risquedj · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

John Titor predicted 5G nodes. That's always the thing that sticks out in my mind about his description of his future. He said that internet would be more localized through nodes, rather than through central hubs. Sounds an awful like 5G to me.

Marius Laurentiu · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Hoax…where is ww3…civil war? Jt=apex tv

emsie76 · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Bad research..

Buttquacker · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Titor I believe. His predictions were correct in the time line that he came from and what he saw. You can't debunk that. He was doing what he was doing to save HIS future on his parallel world. If it was a scam, it was beyond brilliant. He did get some stuff right and after looking into it I found that the IBM pc he referred to and the info about it was only known by less than 10 people in the world. Unlikely he or his family would know this in any way.

Tony V · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

The John Titor story is too tropey and contrived and derivative. I'd believe a time traveler more if s/he came back in time and said "Yeah, everyone made peace in 2041. Food distribution around the planet was perfected. Violent religions were made to STFU. Peace and Love are everywhere. People get reverse-mugged in parks at night by rich men who drag them to expensive restaurants and treat them to fancy dinners. So, the world has become so insufferably BORING that people time travel to the past for excitement."

Lee Wohlfert · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

How many times can you start a sentence with the word "Now…." An irritating tick for a listener.

Aage Nost · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

people do not understand the different timelines. John Titor talked about a Revolution in 2004 in the USA. I saw an uprising in the USA in 2005, which I spoke about in the BBC Television Documentary when the BBC interviewed several Theoretical Physicists and me about Time Travel. I do not see any such uprising in the Timeline I am now.

Xyu Bam · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

Would like to start off by stating that I am not one of the John Titor defenders. I do believe that time travel may be a possibility that may occur in the future as our knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, & technology advances, though I am not counting out that maybe very secretive black military black projects communicate with advanced beings who've helped create our own time machines. However, I do not believe in anyone who has come out to the public claiming that they're so-called time travelers. First off, I'd like to state that unless a time machine that can safely send an animal/human safely into the past or future also has the ability to create a metaphorical chain to the exact timeline as the starting point, then I doubt anyone would want to time travel. What's the point of leaving your own timeline only to return to a completely alternate one? Even sending anything will change a timeline even an object as that object will displace the atmosphere surrounding it, which may cause a chain reaction if different small changes i.e. energy, chemicals in the air or the ground, etc. which can eventually lead to certain bacteria or virus mutation or introduction, that could cause a certain other organisms to change, die, or come into existence leading to its attachment to some animal or plant, getting spread, causing something to mutate or live longer or die sooner, thus changing one's original timeline. So unless a metaphorical chain can attach to time machine back to original timeline, which would allow for any sort of miniscule to large change to be made but then the time travelers can return to their original timeline. Secondly, no time traveler would EVER RISK making him or herself known to the public. What would the logical point be? There's too much risk involved in doing so therefore no one would in their right mind. Thirdly, regarding the grandfather paradox. If a time line is linear with a beginning & end i.e time begins 4 billion years ago & will end at 10 billion years. Then the grandfather paradox doesn't conflict because the time travel was on his original time line, traveled back & kills grandfather. In his timeline nothing changes, but in an alternate timeline which branched off from the moment he killed his grandfathe is where he doesn't exist because never gets born because his grandfather is dead & doesn't have his mother or father. But if time is the infinitely ongoing occurs i.e. the same life span of time is 10 billion years for example but as soon as it came into existence right away all 10billion years of it began to loop over & over forever. Then yes, going back in past to kill grandfather is paradox because how can you be born to when you went to the past & killed grandfather thus making you nonexistent right away. That's the difference.

Ok, with all that stated in regards to time travel, now I would like to ask the YouTuber who produced this video as to how do you figure you debunked John Titor? All you did was read some notes on this John Titor character but you literally showed NO proof for your debunking. If y ou were on trial with a sentence of death or life in solitary confinement & a video debunking John Titor was your only way out, do you think that this video is sufficient for clearing your name? I wouldn't bet my freedom or life on this debunk video. R

MarieKayali_ETContactee · May 15, 2019 at 12:47 pm

does anyone even need to wonder lol