Time Traveler Came From 4126 To Give This Message

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hello hello this is my pecs TV I've been in your emails hello I just want to let you know right off the bat that this call is being recorded are you okay with that okay are you okay with us distributing this on youtube so you mention it looks like it I've been reading some of this here and it's really interesting I'd love to hear more was the first time in history actual time supposed to be invented in 2023 and then released to the public in 2028 the way that it works is in 2028 that's when you met one of our agents from 2055 your video on him earlier yeah so he was someone that was actually here to prevent some some disasters that were going to happen okay such as the crash of the Bitcoin and the okay would you mind elaborating on that when's Bitcoin special the price fluctuates a lot in your day but in our day it's pretty stayed the same most of the time because that's the only the only currency we use anymore because all the other forms of currency are easily hackable and easily taken over by things like that and so yeah the big coin is really the only thing you can't copy and so that's what we use now I could see that so bitcoins used worldwide I could definitely see that and the one that in 2017 is what they know to be true is the method of speed but it's not achievable in your current time okay a time machine that can move faster than the speed of light and so when that happens time kind of stops around this is the rocket or at least that's how it feels okay so have been talking about this in recent history about how time travel is possible but yeah that's what I've read I've read that even yeah I've read that even moving close to the speed of light would allow somebody to time travel into the future when it stops around you so that you feel time differently than everybody else mostly how it works is the area around you get slowed down to the or the area around you get sped up to the about the speed of light and then what happens is the area not directly around you just keeps going and you stay the same and so that's how you found time travel to you it feels like a few seconds but really you that you live through you know there's a two or three thousand years that you travel but to you it only feels a few seconds and that that time travel works okay and if have you experienced this yourself that's how I came here I came here a while ago and I came here when I was much younger and have been an Asian here and so how that works is some of our agent yet sent back for certain mission you know to do a mission and then home and then other agents get sent here to monitor the situation here and give updates to the agents that are coming once in a while and to receive orders and things like that and so I'm one of those agents who have been here for years just kind of receiving orders and giving orders there's people that come once in a while okay and can I ask you what your objective is what what if what are the other people's objectives the people that you are easy for people to understand those references because easy to visualize how things are in the future if you have a reference point okay for Supernatural Bobby Bobby singer is kind of they're doing the phones and everything and he just kind of the reception guy that's kind of what I do what my job is no agents come in they need to do something so they call me and I let them know the ground situation and you know like the rules of the society things like that anything they need to know about the current situation here on earth in this time period so that they can acclimate themselves and and react appropriately and blend in accordingly okay and may I ask how many time travelers are living right now in our time in 2017 okay so there's a lot of time travel going on it's just one of those things we don't really like go to the past because the past is a lot more fragile than the future mm-hmm so you do have strict guidelines then if but but there are certain rules and there's a lot of rules if you're going to the pack because is really easy to break the future to the Mendell effect and the butterfly effect and all that other stuff that you yeah so time travel to the future is possible yes okay would you mind explaining how works well just like I said with the time travel before the way the area around you get sped up too close or accurately the speed of light and then you feel like you're going only a few seconds but really it happens where you're going for more than a few you know for however long you decide that you want to go for so let's say someone in the year 4100 wanted to go to the Year 53:53 so they would get in their time travel device and then it would speed up the area in that chamber and then they would have find themselves into 5353 interesting okay and so it kind of like I mean the way to think about it is like a wormhole where you you're on this side and you're getting speed up and then so then time slows down around you and you're like in a bubble that's traveling one-one speed while everything around you is traveling a whole lot faster okay and so that's that's how it feels the time traveller is that you're you're moving in one speed like for instance if you're sitting in your Ferrari and then there's there's a smart car next to you if you're going 100 miles an hour and you pass by that smart car to the smart car it looks like you're going super fast yeah you it looks like the smart car standing still that's how it feels interesting okay I've never heard it explained like that that that does clear some things up would you mind telling us a little bit about the future what what's in store for us technology wise people from those time periods yeah and so things are really really advanced and really are you really like people from this age and things are super complex but in the Year 4100 we've gone back to this sort of simplistic view where we don't want things overly complicated and who cars there are they are all-electric but they're pretty simple and they're always self-driving because human error is too great a risk yeah streets are usually like some in Japan they do with the subways they have the subways above the streets well that's kind of how the street is in 4150 where everyone drives on the leg a street that's above the sidewalks and then the whole regular street where you have now is just the sidewalk okay so there's no more cars hitting people anymore ever it never happened so when some also car crashes are like so hard to find that yeah safety safety rates are much better yeah that definitely makes sense I seems like we're heading that in that direction right now so so what about artificial intelligence what's the future of human health or like working with chemicals are working with really complicated machinery or anything okay and so I know you mentioned that you mentioned some of the people that we pass head interviews with do you personally know any of those people okay so you're yeah okay it sounds like you're really interesting your story sounds like a really interesting one may ask you so you're born in the Year 4126 was it yeah okay so may I ask you how did you first get involved in time travel how do you get to this position of being a leader [Applause] like cars are used to just like planes are used to travel of different countries time travel is used to travel different times um you know like a great vacation and things like that so I got involved in time travel when I was pretty young but eventually I got to the point where I'm where I wanted to get more involved in it than I already was and so I applied for a government job and worked my way way up to the rank okay and what's the future of of countries and governments and borders are we all going to be a one world nation take over the whole world decide that racism and discrimination shouldn't be around anymore so they instead unify under one government which we call the Federation of binding light that's the human government okay um here let me check my notes real quick on what I'm supposed to say all right so you've prepared note notes so you don't disclose too much we have like some of the questions that you vent the you've asked in the past are things that we want to address okay good yeah yeah I was just gonna I was just gonna ask you that yeah what about interplanetary travel we've colonized Mars and so Mars is actually a primary research planet now but but at one point it wasn't um 30 100 it was a weapons research planet and um and some of the corporations that were researching the weapons for the government were actually illegally testing them as well on Mars and so that's when the Empire stepped in and was like hey you stopped this and that and that's when they stopped it and um stopped the second Mars catastrophe the first Mars catastrophe happened a long time ago and actually there's a video on YouTube about it where you can see that on that the noble gases I think it was like 120 nan 129 or something like that was really high on Mars and that's what that is is weapon signature okay yeah Mars is dead right now because of the fact that thousands and thousands of years ago a civilization much like you grew up on Mars and then bombed itself into nothing really really so okay so has life evolved on Mars independent of Earth so by definition the people living on Mars or extraterrestrials interesting and what about interstellar travel by the year 4126 have you figured out how do interesting okay so so you have confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life yes okay would you mind telling me a little bit about it seeing where we were seeing we were because I mean we the human race is noisy I mean it's very noisy satellites and probes to the space all the time we found out the golden record by NASA yeah that's actually Empire first discovered us the golden record okay yeah is is that the that they sent out yeah we they sent out like songs and different pop culture references our books and everything plain throughout space human had contacted the human species they found the golden record and then from that figured out where our planet was located and came here so they took over our planet okay I just I see the information back to you before you were ready didn't know though so we just dealt with the civilian and encountered instead mmm-hmm so so were you upset with him leaking this information no one really pursued that line of questioning anymore after that so that's what yeah I mean we were thankful oh and so we didn't really have to do anything to him we just told the people of 21-18 not to tell the people traveling from the past anything about the year or the politics or anything and just you know and so that's why a lot of times people traveling from the past um don't come back with a whole lot of significant or specific information anymore yeah yeah that's what it seems like it seems like it's all very vague the people that we've met up with not to leak any information that might change the future in a way okay so why say anything at all if you're not going to risky recently it's we've decided that instead of keeping the information to ourselves and keeping you guys in the dark in order to bring about the change we need to save the future we need to be more open about the information and tell you guys straight okay so why choose us at Apex TV why not contact the mainstream news anything extraterrestrial is weekly world news and they don't get any credit okay and you guys are the main TV network in the future like really yeah after the year 21 18 you guys really take off a lot and you guys become the really only major news network like for instance you guys right now when you think of news you think of Comcast and AT&T yeah my time you think of TV networks all we think of is Apex TV apex TV apex gaming is the apex gaming is the only really gaming company that does tournaments or anything like that anymore all those other valves and all the other companies got bought up by gaming interesting so when you say 21 18 like this it just strikes to me like I'm not going to be alive what about life expansion technology how long can people live okay and what about uploading your brains to computers is that is that a possibility do people still pursue that yeah it's not really okay what about the future virtual reality will we be able to get to a point where virtual reality feels like our actual reality right now when you feel wind it actually feels on your face yeah well when you you can just walk into a virtual reality chamber like no technology on your you just walk in with your clothes or whatever and then you actually feel like you're there like you you feel the people you're interacting with you eat the food you you know you talk on the on the phones from thousands of years ago do all that stuff it was real yeah virtual reality comes a long way okay so about this virtual reality do you sort of plug your brain into a computer sensory input devices project signals to your brain that make you believe that things are actually happening when they're not interesting so even going through like your your optic nerves and everything yeah it's like when you send airdrop to another device you're sending files to another device and a brain is really just a organic version of a computer if runs on electricity electrical input so if you taught the right electrical inputs directed at your at a person's skull at the right frequency then it can be interpreted by the brain as if they were neural inputs okay and do robots get rights in the future robots that are deemed or another robot that are only for basic tasks like okay you know a factory worker robots all they do is they they are you know they get bolted to the floor with two arms and they just sit there yeah there's no sense yep there's no sense to be coding in philosophy into a factory robot okay um is there anything else you wanted to address right now have anything written down I really can't think of anything off the top of my head right now really okay so let me stop you right there let me stop you right there so are there any other intelligent species throughout the galaxy yes yes okay so do we have to do we go to war with them have we met with them long range trading and things like that so for those long journeys do you uh do you freeze yourself so you can be reawakened later the computer broke down who's going to wake you up and things like that and there are a lot of high risk when it comes to cryo so what they usually do is try and do time travel instead through that first method I told you about the method of speed yeah so what they'll do is they'll send a rocket at the speed of light towards whatever place you're trying to get to so let's say you wanted to go to the Andromeda galaxy rocket going faster than the speed of light and T you would only feel like a few seconds but but it actually is a long time now for training that doesn't really work because how do you get supplies when you're when you're doing things like you know waiting thousands of years to get to another galaxy that doesn't work so instead what we do is teleportation via long-range signal points and so what happens is we'll have like a pad or something here on earth and then we'll put something on that thing and on the pad and then it'll send the particles via you know so be a sub-sub way of communication to the andromeda galaxy and then a machine and the Andromeda galaxy will recombine those particles in the right way to make that supply job so like let's say you wanted to spend a cooler of steaks your mom in the Andromeda galaxy yeah you would you would take it down to the local teleportation place you know I mean yeah yeah yeah I understand yeah whatever and it and then you pay a certain amount of money like a shipping fee you know like UPS almost yeah and it tipped it to the other teleportation pad where it gets real come and pick it out for some amount of money pay for the shipping charge and then that's how you should think okay a whole lot of time or money on things like that yeah so when you ship something isn't it really just a copy of that thing isn't it sending copies of the of the particles or there is it actually sending the particles themselves okay so so people don't generally teleport themselves okay teleportation works a lot similar to if you ever seen Star Trek the way that they like destroys the thing and that makes it copy somewhere else yeah interesting okay so so you say your natural year is the Year 4126 have you ever been farther into the future okay if you go too far the future that you might have a number on a time period where they don't have time travel spending exploration units into the future once in the year 50,000 we came back with the fact that had been destroyed okay so we decided that we didn't want to risk going any further than that all right um so peace so you never see people from the future coming back to the Year 4126 we do but not not past I don't know maybe I think the farthest someone's ever come back from is other than that fifty thousand journey someone came back from the years eighteen eighteen thousand once and interesting that everybody was like the only races that were happening in the human race and the year eighteen thousand was was the Americans and the Chinese so a lot of yeah so a lot of people predicting the future in our time they talk about exponential growth in terms of Technology is this the case is our technology going to keep getting exponentially better and then with the advent of artificial intelligence that will even boost it more computer ok what's that how it works is a computer will you'll put in a computation let's say you want to UM it'll start working on part one and then that same computer in the parallel universe next door starts working on part two and then the one in the third parallel universe that's working on part three and so on and so forth and then maybe like an hour later all the different parallel computers send all the data to that original first computer and then you have your answer Wow I just blew my mind I can't even comprehend in the future that's the only type of computers we used ok because there's no other computer you can make that will be faster than a quantum computer ok now what about scientific inventions or scientific advancements in that have you discovered multiple dimensions parallel the universes exist they do wouldn't work okay so are you able to travel between parallel universes okay what about wormholes for interstellar travel do those exist that's really the main way that that people travel as far as like travel between galaxies and things like that because it's a lot faster than then that speed of light travel speed of light travel is fast but it costs a lot of money because you have to use a lot of fuel to achieve that level of speed yeah yeah are you able to engineer wormholes in the future okay we try not dangerous and because punching a hole in space cost a lot of money and so like if we're setting up a trade route we might do that but we're not just gonna do that to travel for some random reason yeah what about black holes have people travel through Marvel have you sent any probes into the black holes to see what's on the other side that's still being researched um it's hypothesized that people might be able to survive a black hole if we were able to build a ship that would be able to withstand the gravitational force of it yeah but right now we are not able to build a ship that can withstand the gravitational force of a black hole it's just too strong mm-hmm so what about time traveling to the past has anybody gone like to the start the start of earth itself people have gone there the only time that we've ever really sent someone there more than once or twice was when we went and filmed it what happened is we rocket back in time so that someone could film the beginning of the earth because no one had ever filmed it before and so yeah and with all our geological scientific advancements and things like that we wanted to know because we've never reached the core of the earth like it's almost impossible to drill through the crust of the earth all the way to the core Oh even in 4126 even in 4126 it's impossible once you get deep enough the heat is just so intense that it'll melt any tools you okay interesting film the beginning of the earth so that we could see it that way and see what was underneath the earth that way oh I see yeah that's really that's really clever yeah okay I see have you ever interfered like say at the start when humans were just starting to evolve did anyone from the future interfere and maybe tweak little things [Applause] oh really okay so we were like you know what let's just fix that real quick and so we fixed it the legal marijuana is something that we've been working on because of the medical benefits that can have as well as on we've discovered a lot more medical benefits in the future that it has as far as cancer fighting and things like that yeah so if it wasn't for you coming back prohibition would never have been repealed it might have but it might it probably would have been a lot later okay and that that's what it was on the original timeline wasn't it but after you changing it okay so does resistor but riots and wars over it would have been we decided instead of having riots and the politicians earlier how about let's talk about the grandfather paradox like if you go back in time you eliminate your grandfather does it then does that in turn make it so you don't exist it kind of creates a paradox could you maybe explain if you went back in time and you interacted with them but you didn't actually harm them in any way it wouldn't necessarily change much because if you went back in time and accidentally ran over let's say your ancient grandfather's brother or something yes then in the future maybe a hole in the future it's possible as a whole timeline of people never got born so that's why it's really dangerous to do anything drastic in the past what about just minor things like let's say if you went winter your great-great-great-great grandfather or something and you stopped him from having a kid let's say so your great-great-great-great grandfather was never born does that affect you because he little minor things yeah yeah so so minor things can affect the future as well yeah it's not really but but sometimes something that may see minor at the time can have drastic changes in the future okay yeah I was just wondering about that and what about what about um have you ever interfered farther back in human history like or even beyond human history like let's say with the dinosaurs have you ever interfered with any evolution of different species or anything and so what we did is we stopped them from doing that by moving some of the wolves to parts of Earth that didn't have dinosaurs at the time because wolves are actually the original creatures that then developed into dogs and so dinosaurs and wolves coexisted and so and so and like even before that like people people existed when dinosaurs existed they just didn't exist in the same sort of capacity like there was another sort of human like yeah I'm not sure that's the case I I seem to remember like a distant human relative like some kind of rodent or something existed so there were sentient civilizations back then that got wiped out okay and the only way it wasn't just one comment first lots of things we're constantly hitting the earth over and over but it was very light stuff you know like radiation and like small comets and meteor showers and things we're hitting buildings and things there were destroying civilizations but they weren't actually causing the earth itself to change YUM and so then finally this giant comet hit the earth and that's when the dinosaurs and everything else that wiped out okay yeah that's really fascinating hearing you speak about other sentient civilizations so how advanced were their technology but but it did get to that point they were as Vance's us today okay um what else what else there have been more than one extinction level event on on earth so yes those many extinction events over time caused the records and the the Tabriz and all that other stuff to eventually be eroded away into nothing okay so what about the ancient alien theory x' where people say extraterrestrials came to earth in ancient times were they actually time travelers that people documented yeah cuz some like ancient art depicts people that look like they're wearing spacesuits or something and it just dawned on me that maybe they're actually time travelers who traveled back to those times so what's actually smartphone what about some other instances like some people say that they're famous celebrities yeah yes and that Mike Tyson in that picture there okay um what about like ancient sculptures and stuff we've taken a look at a couple videos where it looks like they're holding a laptop or something in ancient Greece is that the case Wow okay this is just a lot to take in right now you've given me a lot of information a lot more than any of the other time travelers have and was that was a plan very you know not much information because we didn't want to affect things but but we're we didn't want to affect things in the drastic way yeah but being in the Year 4100 that's a long time ago that that those people were sent back those people were sent back back in the 1,300 or the 3,000 and the 2,000 and back then the popular theory was that we could change the past slightly and have it caused enough of a change that we could stop overpopulation and stop the food shortages and things like that but by the time Oh 100 comes along we discover that nothing's changed that our efforts haven't done much I mean the earth population does go down slightly but not enough and so that's why we've decided that we need to be more direct with you and give you more information that makes sense and what year was time-travel developed 2023 was when it was first invented but it was released in the public in 2028 okay so it's been kept secret but he was honestly invented in 2023 um well the what was his name Alexander Smith he claimed that he time travel from the 1980s successfully time travel when it was officially invented like for like for consistent use oh I see like a reproducible effects and going to the specific year in the future and they and then they tried for years to see how they did it and how they could do it again but they were no they weren't able to figure out how to do it again um but that but in 2023 someone relooked at that experiment and relooked at that technology and was able to figure out how to build it in a smaller capacity and make it work on more than one charge interesting okay yeah you've been given a lot of details I really appreciate all the details because I know that's the most common comment I get asking for more details and specifics and seems like you've given a lot here but in case we want to go for more do possibly in the future want to do maybe a live stream where users could submit questions and I would ask you them over the phone and we could do this live okay that sounds good do you want to set up a time and date for this I am open on some time next week okay so I'll be sure to do that but this will be a live interview so users will submit questions to that I don't have any previous knowledge okay yeah be sure to I'll be sure to jot those down okay yeah sounds good yeah I'll send you some emails and yeah that sounds that sounds great I'll send you an email when I have some time in my schedule maybe even sometime this week and it would be later in the day maybe around this time awesome yeah I'm actually really looking forward to that I'm sure the viewers are gonna look forward to it too yeah I just wanted to thank you so much for coming on the show we really appreciate it I thought you had a lot of interesting points and I can't wait for a future interview I'm sure the viewers are gonna look forward to it too sounds great and everybody you just watched us we do have a live interview planned as well as a Skype interview with this guys so be sure to stay tuned be sure to subscribe to our Channel and leave a comment below saying I subscribe we really appreciate it guys and we'll see you guys in the next video peace out


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