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but right now there should be more on these points kind of at the mouth of the coves look at that I can't get three sentences out Mike's hooked up again this guy's staying down which makes me think it's not a look at that that is big a massive wall oh my god not long ago I decided to ditch the corporate grind to pursue my passions for traveling and the great outdoors so I sold everything moved into a trailer full time and now I'm fishing my way across the entire country there you go good job you're watching field trips with Robert field hochi town was actually located down here in the middle of this lake Oh 80 foot 100 foot deep out there and now before they flooded out and they actually pulled up the cemetery getting relocated up there on the highway but there wasn't many buildings I mean this is you we're talking well a lake filled up in 1969 so we're talking years ago yeah 50 years yeah I was a kid but I we used to camp on the river fish here's the pulley for the lake was here for like that's cool I wasn't with him that day but he called a 12-1 large-mouth all right off of here yeah the sound of that yeah hey guys welcome back to another episode of field trips we are here in beautiful hoja town Oklahoma right in the middle of McCurtain County this place is absolutely gorgeous I've actually been to this area before it's in my opinion the prettiest part of Oklahoma we were here with legendary guide Mike Newman Mike's taking us out today we're gonna do some bass fishing maybe even have a shot at some walleye crappie I mean really we're just kind of going fishing what pretty much pretty well it yeah so probably targeting bass you know at least a start but we're gonna see you know whatever's biting we're gonna we're gonna get into him but it's kind of pre front right now there's a front coming in tonight it looks like the weather could kind of turn on us at any time but as most people know pre front before a front is always a good time to fish for any species so we're not gonna let the threat of bad weather keep us from having a good time yeah we just got to the first spot you just tell me about a 12 pound largemouth that's been caught right here so we're gonna we're gonna get after it see we can't start this day off with some fish first but we'll try shake your head to start with as a little bottom bumper top plate and then the other bait we're catching fish on is a swim bait right now which that's pretty popular with a lot of folks these days yeah no that's perfect those are two baits I got a lot of confidence yes that's in my wheelhouse I like it alright a small bear yep small e great fish nice bad start that's beautiful man beautiful fish is that nice work first one's always the hardest I didn't take long at all beautiful small mouths I forgot there's even small mouths in here actually I haven't caught too many small amount in my life really repay on the fish yeah great start nice work and that was on that little son bait this will be that's hard break y'all isn't a tournament on Lady Bird Lake which isn't downtown Austin yeah nice all right Mike Newman showing us how it's done beauty man yeah getting ready to huh yeah shake it sold yeah I saw felt I felt the hook set yeah I filmed I got a 12 part series done and so since I've been back the last two and half weeks it's just been sitting at a computer like every other cubicle desk jockey and it feels good to not be doing that again that's the stuff that people don't see on social media and YouTube basically 12 to 14 hours a day of editing for last two half weeks and it's been a lot feels good but it's done I got the twelve part series done so back to fishing for a little bit I'm still real big do you think that they spotted yeah oh well yeah dese a little spotted bass well just caught my first fish of the day haven't been under too long I mean about a pound and a half little looked like a spotted bass came off in my hands at the boat but feeling good oh yeah beautiful so Mike knew and knew of a couple bald eagles that are nesting over here not far from where we're fishing and there's mom or dad right there circling clearly agitated by our intrusion the beautiful birds man I went to Alaska to last summer and you know there gosh they're like seagulls they're just everywhere but I've never get saw me the locals are all like when these guys going on about them they're cool Birds it's hard to tell them perspective on the camera but that's a big must gotcha yeah they can be misleading because they'll hit art officials that you know you're thinking yeah yeah decent food same spot or a large mouth yeah who is pulling that's on that shake you have a new one that you're trying out he's digging man now here's the part I'm gonna try not to screw this on the board and there we go first fish on the board for Rob it's been a story of missed fish so far this morning for me Mike's been blaming them no problem but yeah beautiful largemouth not real big but got a belly owner so all these fish are kind of moving up its pre spawn right now we're here in April and yeah they're kind of staging up if they mouths of these coves trying to get up shallow to get ready to spawn maybe on the next full moon but you can tell she's she's filling up with eggs so be ready to do her business here soon but great fish good fine on light tackle and this is on the shaky head it's been a pretty consistent bite so I was able to actually laying one let her go see we can't get some more beautiful fish still fighting alright so the water here in Broken Bow is super clear really by Texas Oklahoma standards at least really rocky kind of landscape and bottom here so it's not a lot of mud Stern up but we're using pretty small kind of finesse type techniques so we got kind of a finesse worm on a shaky head he's got a couple different swim baits hitech swim bait that if you've watched me bass fish before I'm sure you've heard me talk about him I love those things he does too he's got a really tiny little swim bait and then I just started throwing kind of Old Faithful the tried and true Ned rigged this thing catches fish all over the country so yeah I got a variety of baits got a few fish on the board so far keep after it see if we can't get in some more and maybe some bigger ones she's basically dragging it huh yeah kind of hop it occasionally or yeah some Mike says to worm like the girls walk around the Daisy Duke shorts I got that kind of wiggle to their walk that's where that's what we're looking for here the Daisy Duke action I've never quite heard of described that way but yeah I like it I like it yeah that's right oh I might have just had a yeah it felt like something just kind of nibbling on it shake your head has been the most assistant producer yeah little guy no monster he hit hard I tell you these little guys the ones that pumping Dumon showing us how it's done nice fish Oh number three huh yeah that's my strong not screw it up yeah the shaky head is the trick right now really really subtle bite man they they're not hammering it okay go on look at that look at that back-to-back oh hi just said there's big shallow boring ah I need to see but a foot deep here you say on the other side deeper drop-off and maybe one cast over there and there you go nice fish Mike you can see your bait better so you can write something funked it wasn't even moving it that feels like a better fish man I wasn't even moving it and it just it pulled yeah it was right on that law I got through saw there was just sitting there talking to you know and even oh and there she went just one after another happy monsters yeah but a lot of just solid fish and steady action here with my new today family fish now he pulled out of this one little spot lost count I'd liked it there we go beautiful patterns on this guy and I was on the shaky head shaky head is getting it done yeah little Smalley beautiful was that on how's that little son yeah he is pretty little fish man that's two one swimbaits okay then I guess there we go this little swim bait man better not be a trade secret I need to know oh you're on up left and right yeah well it's hard to brag about that look on cue Mike said they'll hit it and I felt the thumb I think he's got some of his best either trained or on his payroll I don't know but that was that was a little too on cue okay pumped it so hard I thought he's gonna be bigger than that Oh I was like oh man there's a little baby swimbait not a big bass but there are some bigger ones in there flipping some of these bait out of the water Mike it just got done telling me about you know in the fish school I've been here sometimes you can see them kind of far as yeah I can see I mean they're not doing that but they are schooling on top I saw Bates getting busts out of the water right here next to us looks good pretty distinct point oh yeah good one Oh My yes first walleye of the trip that's pretty decent one right yeah so a lot of people I think of Oklahoma do not think of walleye but I actually caught my first walleye ever in this exact Lake about four or five years ago it's pretty solid one man yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh I'm looking up there – maybe their time back all looking right here next up another novel I lost count a while ago I don't even have a clue I know you've got more than being on a fish that size there uh you know plentiful and they are aggressive yes you know when people think Oklahoma I don't think they ever think about it's kind of like dramatic landscape you know it's it's pretty unique jump off it's like perfect little staircase it looks like so Mike says in the summertime kids will get out here kind of walk up this Ridge and then jump off into the water let's do it you go first one guy let's jump then of all my years of guiding has been God and he was a fourth-year med student at OU you and I said well I know you guys up there y'all you know y'all vena don't come too late guys job for a lot of here right now he's gonna be a doctor oh yeah that's scary yeah I'm an Aggie on TNN so it's cool and you can see the layers like that how deep is it here ninety so we're at 90 feet of water eight feet off the bank essentially okay that day a variety today Mike with the first crappie of the day Beauty was that black crappie yeah very good pretty good size yeah man if we kept the walleye we'd be halfway those fish fry by not a lot of people watching this and really that was a sin right there letting that delicious guy go feels like a fish like a sizable fish Samos might be a drawing or a catfish yeah this is on that little baby swim day it's heavy man it's definitely the heaviest fish of the day without a doubt you think Jerome yeah oh yeah oh yeah got something for sure and that's the smallest bait I got tied on that tiny little swim day and this is something sizable it looks like a drum and they're strong right when they hit I set the hook in and it didn't budge I thought I was hung up this will be my new personal best drum without it I don't have to see it to know okay he's not nearly as big as I'd be filled all right gonna be twice that big oh it's a it's a hybrid hybrid nice that's a good one too well that's nice surprise that's way cooler this is sure I thought I was getting bad oh man you got it I got to figure out with you what these one dates are gonna get something look at that guy so we were just talking about these that is a hybrid white bass and striped bass or striper that's actually definitely my personal best hybrid as they call him or actually I was up in West Virginia fishin for him they call them wipers up there white bass striper wiper but look at that belly honor they're kind of you know striper really long and slender sand baths are kind of more football shaped and these guys gonna take on a little bit of both that girl's got a belly honor that is a great fish man that is not I mean I expect to get something like this today beautiful fish and look what she ate the smallest bait I got tied on this tiny little swim bait that might hook miss with I mean that is a little bait this big ol gal a great hybrid I can't believe it she pulls – man they're strong what a nice surprise today I didn't expect to catch anything that fights that hard beautiful fish on light tackle tiny little bait and these fish do school up so there's a good chance there are more in the area we've been seeing black bass in the surface he was saying they're probably a white bass mixed in and apparently there was some hybrids also and there she goes whoo nice awesome man that wasn't expecting that but right now this should be more on these points kind of at the mouth of the coves look at that I can't get three sentences out Mike's hooked up again we are it's working non-stop action today this is fish number I don't even know 2530 who knows and you never know which it's like fish and broken bones like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get this guy's staying down which makes me think it's not a look at that that is big a massive wall oh my god oh man I was like my eyes are playing tricks on me that's not a walleye yeah look at that man on the shake yet hmm was I just talking about anything everything no shake you all thought drum for sure when it wouldn't come up like that I was thinking drum I don't even remember what I was talking about but that dude man that is he watch yourself yeah is that you bleeding there him okay now that is a walleye oh man that it took my brain like a few minutes to register what I was looking I was like nah look at that you guys I was just talking about how these you know anything will hit it there's a shaky head worm we've been throwing and there's a walleye second ball on the day for Mike Newman here and that's it that's a tank that would easily be my personal bus goodness you want to keep that in our yeah yeah I'm thinking think you so look at that sun's coming out that's a fish there man now we're talking yeah what do you say y'all go ahead and rip a big one off this point real quick we can get out of here and then yanking up monsters on demand oh that was awesome all right so we let the last wall I go I didn't know but it was because Mike thought I wanted to let them go I told him oh no no no nothing wrong with keeping fish especially one as tasty as walleyes so this guy it's going alive well he's going back with us what a killer day here on Broken Bow I mean just non-stop action we didn't stop catching fish the entire day lots of small and kind of medium-sized bass couple pretty good ones he started off the day with a stud smallmouth and ended it with a stud walleye I got that beautiful hybrid I mean just what a day of riding so many different species so many fish I lost count no idea Mike Newman ladies and gentlemen put us on them McCurtain County I'd say it's off to a good start yeah not bad not a bad way to send us off there sir still giggling uncontrollably Oh exciting there when it came up all right well we're gonna call that the finale that walleye just killer day out here with my new man Broken Bow and hoja town Oklahoma McCurtain County this place I'm sold I am sold I'm gonna go get some grub I am kind of sleep-deprived a lot driving yesterday and this morning and yeah I'm gonna go relax back at the cabin tonight and then next up I will be doing some fly fishing on the lower Mountain Fork River which feeds Broken Bow Lake with Morgan banner Trey Prater actually I guess now it's Morgan and Trey Prater two good buddies of mine they are guides down there for both ziplining and fly-fishing and we're gonna go try to get on some trout tomorrow but for now we're gonna pack it in and go get some food oh man it was a pleasure out there today thanks thanks for telling us what exceeded expectations I'm okay I fish this lake twice before ever kayak and both times were miserable failures so thanks for making third time a charm oh yeah yeah Namah gets in the kegs on point for sure yeah we'll make that happen all right guys so my digs for the weekend while I'm here in McCurtain County are the knot today cabins and I told me these were luxury cabins and they did not exaggerate look at this place look at this place this place is incredible these cabinets are absolutely beautiful I'm about three miles from where I was just fishing with Mike Newman on Broken Bow Lake let's go here and check this out sir you might dig for the weekend oh my goodness gracious this place not exactly roughing it this weekend and a little bit just a smidge more spacious than the 28 foot box that I'm normally staying in Wow I mean spick-and-span spotless places become my bedroom since these beds giant bed come on TV so I can be lazy lounge in bed tons of Windows look at this ceilings we got the tub and this shower which is about half as big as my home my trailer and there's just a shower right here Oh number lies someone to take a bath this might be an occasion to do so hey there there's the fanciest thermostat I've ever seen what is this look at this another half bath in here check this alibi honey this is so what I've got this hope I've got this whole place to myself who wants to come this is like where you throw a party this is a party room right here I need more friends in Oklahoma you live in Oklahoma come on down not today cabinets I'm here oh my gosh place is gorgeous look at this his windows everywhere I love that all the natural light Oh what it's got the back deck screened-in back deck back porch I mean just massive this is like for entertaining right here wow it wraps around Oh what I spy with my little eye a jacuzzi ladies and gentlemen a jacuzzi look at this come on hot tub man I have been spoiled this weekend McCurtain County I am a fan everything got going on fish it was great today these accommodations are next level look at this outdoor fireplace look at this got a giant grill back here I like need to have some guests I gotta call some friends absolutely gorgeous not today cabins I am blown away by this place incredible it's gonna be a good weekend [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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bonsai treehouse · May 16, 2019 at 11:35 am

I lived in Tulsa for over 20 years. One of my favorite places. Oklahoma has the largest number of man made lakes in America.

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Jhunt Nfish · May 16, 2019 at 11:35 am

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I make a trip there every year. Nothing quite like fishing up the river around enormous trees sticking out of 90ft water.

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I live in Oklahoma and I gotta say we have really good fish even though most of our lakes are man made but go to beavers bend in Oklahoma it’s not man made (which Robert is at and I love that lake)

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When you let the first walleye go i raised an eyebrow but i let it slide, when he brought up the second walleye, my first thought was that i am unsubscribing if he releases it lol [ok not really but still lol] i hope to see the "cook" part of the "catch and cook" in the next video lol keep up the great work!

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Robert you have inspired me man!! Picking up this sport in huge way!! Moved home to British Columbia a few years ago from 8 years of awesome fishing in Australia. Haven’t fished a ton since being home due to not owning a boat. Kayak fishing is my answer and couldn’t be happier. I plan to join you at los buzos soon! I’m in a kayak derby at moutcha bay Vancouver island at the end of August and just won a loca derby last week. You should think about a trip up here for the moutcha bay derby it’s the biggest event in Canada for kayak fishing.

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