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it's Alisa and I am the scrappy wife behind scrappy wife Tom and today I have a traveler's notebook process for you I'm gonna be documenting these two pictures from my birthday one of the selfie I took and one with me and my three kids so I'm gonna put you on fast-forward and we'll get going the big present that I got for my birthday was a silhouette cameo 3 I am so excited to learn how to use it but it turns out it's a little bit more of a learning curve than I anticipated but I really wanted to use it for this project so I designed this die cut right here that says this is 36 on my Cameo and managed to get it cut out I don't think I had the right depth of blade because it had a few incomplete cuts but I got it cut out and I'm going to mount it on this paper this is from felicity Jane some scrap paper that I had and I'm going to use color blocks in this lay up so this is 36 it's gonna be on the left side and then I'm going to cover that up using as a tippet and that's what I'm going to get my photos in there so you see me fussing with photos here deciding where the placement is going to be trimming it down just a little bit and putting them here and making the best place for these photos now I decide the photos will pop a little bit more if I mount them on black cardstock first as a mat and then add them to the colored cardstock that you saw earlier so you'll see me here putting them on here cutting him out I just do freehand I generally don't use my cutter except for larger cuts and getting them all set to go on this dippin I've been playing with the placement here I decide at the last minute to do the pictures offs that just to give a little more motion to the page a little more interest it's not so much straight up and down the line from top spot so I'm all set the pictures and then you'll see meet bussing putting down that this is 36 that cutting and then attaching the tippin's with some white and black grid washi tape that I picked up from the paper source a few weeks ago and adhering the Washington table both sides with the tip and to really secure those in place the next die-cut I'm gonna use is actually the very first thing I purchased from the silhouette store the online store and it is a big because it says birthday on it and I want to say use it on the right code layout I decided to mount it on the black cardstock that creates a good piece of look with those pictures that are added on the black cardstock so I'm going to mount it here and then I'm going to also clip that on some color-blocked cardstock the cardstock is all from Felicity Jean it's from when I shopped their Black Friday sale and I grabbed up a whole bunch of stuff that is a fantastic sale and actually they have an ongoing sale on their website on Felicity Jane comm where you can find last chance feels and it's a great way to try some of their products so I cut out the birthday die-cut on the black and then I'm going to use this vellum piece this is also from felicity Jane and I thought the numbers were perfect for a birthday theme play out the Bela piece is going to go down first I'm gonna trim that out with my large paper trimmer and then I'm going to mount the birthday die cut lines color-blocked card stock to create the same kind of look that I have on the left I had a little bit of trouble deciding which colors I was going to use on the right side of the spread here and I took out some of this video but in the end I decided to pick up that coral color that's in the bottom left and split on the top right so that your eye would go from the bottom left to the top right and carry through and then I wanted that yellow to be a predominant color as well so I left it in the middle and you see mostly the yellow I'm gonna use some tombow liquid and speed up to adhere this now a 6 quart stock piece on to the Slayer card stock and then I will fussy cut it out and it's yours to develop I know a lot of people don't like to use the adhesive tape on vellum because you can see through it I don't mind I think that's a small detail I don't think it makes a really big difference especially on a piece like this where there's so much going on so I go then use my it's a combo adhesive tape to adhere that and now I'm going to switch back and look at the left side of the page after I get this birthday adhered them and it's at this point in the process that I really felt like my layout was coming together but it was it was super bold it was very I don't know cold was the right word it just needed some more detail so I grabbed this Tim Holtz this is the snarky addition of his small talk and I look through grab a couple of choices in the end at the top I decide to but I've got it all together but I forgot where I put it and on the bottom I chose she could see no reason to act for age and I chose those books in black because there's so much black on the right side after mounting and that birthday guy said that I wanted to bring the black over to the left side except I chose a couple phrases and then I'll grab my big chat words and choose some words that I felt really encompassed I felt for my birthday one of my favorite techniques for softening up a page is using these black and white florals that I firstly cut out from different scrapbook pages and I learned this technique from heba who has a YouTube channel called my little journal I loved watching her process and she keeps a box of these black-and-white florals that she's got into dammed out or cut from papers and she uses them all the time in her layouts just add a soft layer and I think it really breaks up a lot of the harsh lines that I have going on brings the black and white theme continues it throughout and I love the addition so I put it here on the tippet and then also I add it when you open up the dippin into that page to kind of soften the inside and frame out where I'm going it lives in here some of the process of seeing these switches and different die cuts try different things out when I'm doing layout that's what happens I try things out I knew things around does not come together immediately so feel free to to move things around try things one way to try things another way but eventually you do just have to make a choice and start solutely thanks to your page and once you do that it's very free and you start moving forward now I was about to start journaling when I decided I wanted to bring in some of that number Bella over I have some scraps leftover from that piece that I used on the right so I'm gonna block them off two areas here on the tip in a that gives me a little bit more narrow of a space to journal because I have some things to say but I don't have a novel to write and once you open up it's a nice detail that ties the two sides together as a surprise when you open up the tip it so right here that vellum down and then you'll see me begin to journal and I'll put your fast-forward – kind of feel my age I felt a little older for the first time I think that's part of just being a mom maybe at this time of year and then I also added some birthday details that the top of the day that were special to me and things my family does celebrate in one clip fitness journaling and we call this layout stud I love how I came out and I'm really enjoying these Tippit's how they provide a space for journaling and an interactive element to my layout if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up things consider hitting that subscribe button thanks for joining me today be creative


Parshwika arts · May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

Nice content

House of Manucci · May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

Awesome💝 so beautiful

Jenny Gray · May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

Love it! I still use my blue creative memories scissors also! Lol!! Love those things!! It’s been literally 17/18? Yrs??..

Lacey Dean · May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

Beautiful layout! Once again Happy Birthday! I’m naturelover5398 from Instagram, I messaged you on your birthday, saying we share the same birthday month! 🥳🎉💕

Rayna Headrick · May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

Can’t wait to see more Silhouette Cameo projects. Happy Birthday month! ❤️

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