Things to Do in Budapest: 3 Day Travel Guide

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we're here in front of buda castle overlooking the danube in the beautiful city of Budapest and we're gonna show you how we spend our time here Budapest is filled with tons of historical landmarks beautiful views and funky districts which means there is plenty of things to do and see on our first date we started out on the pest side of the city and the first thing we did was check out hero square construction began in 1896 to celebrate 1000 year anniversary of the Hungarian state the back has of the monument each have seven statues representing the different Hungarian heroes and the column in the front features the angel Gabriel holding the crown of Saint Stephen the first king of Hungary also in heroes square is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and views of the Museum of Fine Art and the Palace of Fine Art a three minute walk away from hero square of vajdahunyad castle this castle was actually an Exhibition built originally of wood in 1896 to celebrate the history of Hungary by depicting architectural features of different types of castles in the empire it was so popular that it was refurbished in stone and now makes for a beautiful spot to hang out we were lucky enough to see rehearsals performance take place finally in the city park area is the star attraction this is Changi thermal baths Budapest lies on the thermal basin which means that naturally hot water can be extracted from the ground which the locals harness into various bath hose around the city hnd is the largest of all the bath houses and features plenty of different baths saunas and steam rooms as well as a famous picturesque outdoor pool not only the best fun but the spring water is also supposed to have health benefits which the locals love to take advantage of Budapest is easily walkable by foot but there's also a nice metro system of buses trams and subways in particular we love the millennium and one line which runs under the famous undress the Avenue built in 1896 the m1 line retains its historical charm in the stations and cars we used the m1 line to take us from Shechinah bath back into the city centre to get some dinner and wrap up our first day to charge up some energy for our second day in Budapest we started our day out at New York Cafe perhaps the most glamorous cafe we have ever been to inside on the ground level of the New York Palace the New York Cafe has been in operation for over 120 years the interior is beautifully decorated and the food and drinks were definitely tasty we made a reservation in advance which you recommend but the line was pretty short so if you don't have one you should be okay so we're here at the New York cafe and Budapest so we got the strudel selection record on cappuccino and I got a sponge cake with lots of whipped cream and chocolate and a hot chocolate that's incredible so good you after we finished our desserts and drinks we took some time to walk around and explore push'd there are plenty of neat streets to wander around with beautiful architecture to enjoy sometimes the best part of enjoying any city is just strolling around and taking it all in after walking around for a while we arrived at Saint Stephen's Basilica the largest church in Budapest and all Hungary completed in 1905 and named after the first king of Hungary and Saint Stephen's is a beautiful church to check out the inside is great but the best part about st. Stephen's is climbing up to the dome at the top after a cool instagram-worthy staircase you will get to enjoy one of the best views in the city when the top was st. Stephens you can see the square below and a lot of the city including the crown jewel of Budapest the Hungarian Parliament building which is our next stop like many of the key attractions the Parliament building was built as a celebration of 1,000 years of Hungary and what the architects came up with is one of the most beautiful building in all of Europe it was a pleasure to be able to walk all the way around the entire Parliament building and to enjoy it from all different angles after we spend time at the Parliament we decide to take a walk along the Danube River which has long been a lifeline for the city of Budapest you get an amazing view of the Buda side and the many sights we plan to explore tomorrow along the Danube we came to the shoes of the danube memorial towards the end of World War two thousands of Jews were killed by the Nazi line government of Hungary many were taken to the Danube told to remove their shoes and then shot leaving their bodies to plunge into the cold waters below initiative 2006 this memorial remembers thousands of men women and children who were needlessly murdered to teach future generations to never let such things happen again after a long day of exploring pest we decided to get the famed Hungarian dish goulash for dinner and then call the night because our busiest day is coming up next on day one and two we explore all oppressed leaving us with one day to explore Buda but before we cross the river we have to first check out the grape market hall the grape Market Hall is the largest market in Budapest and one of the largest indoor markets in Europe it spans multiple levels and has everything you could imagine from produce meats and hot food to clothing and souvenirs there were many unique things to see but we knew the one thing we had to buy no so we just bought some paprika for a souvenir gift with the market behind us we finally crossed over into the Buda side on a nice pedestrian-only bridge and the first thing we did was climb Gellert Hill for the highest view of the city this is not the easiest climb especially on a hot day but the higher we got the more we could see that it was going to be worth it the view from Geller Hill was breathtaking giving a sweeping look at the whole city that was even longer of a hike than st. Stephen's Cathedral but an even better view at the Parliament building guys st. Stephen's we got the whole city side of Peche and a bit of Buddha it is a magnificent view and if you have a chance to walk up this hill try to do it earlier so it's not a lie maybe the first time yes and at the top of the hill you can also check out the Citadel and the Liberty statue originally built by the Soviets to honor themselves after liberating hungry in World War 2 it now honors all Hungarians who sacrifice their lives for a free Hungary hi so we just finished climbing up the hill and now we're back down to the bottom of the hill and we're just about to go into Geller fat house and take a nice soak to cool up located in hotel Geller at the base of Gellert Hill Geller bath is the other famous bathhouse of Budapest Geller has a beautiful Art Nouveau design and it feels like bathing in the museum there are thermal baths and saunas as well as an awesome outdoor wave pool which has a Great Gatsby feel to it after relaxing in Goeller baths we made our way over to Buda Castle the current version is a marvelous baroque palace built in the 16th century which the Hungarian royalty used to live in the palace grounds are huge and you can stroll all around and enjoy the statues and sights as well as the amazing view and if you have extra time you can go inside to tour the palace a quick water Buddha will then take you to perhaps the most beautiful part of the entire city matthias church and fisherman's bastion fishermen best known is a neo-gothic and neo Romanesque terrace that provides amazing views of the city built at the beginning of the 20th century fishermen – Nolan also pays tribute to Hungary's history as a features seven towers which represent the seven magihour tribes which founded Hungary Matthias Church is also a really cool site because it was founded by st. Stephen in the year 1015 although the current version was built in the 14th century it still makes it one of the oldest churches in Hungary st. Stephen's presence remains with a statue in the center of the square we took some time to enjoy the view from fisherman's bastion and then we made our way down the hill and over to the Chain Bridge which is beautiful to see both in the day and at night after we cross the bridge it officially wrapped up our amazing trip to Budapest thank you so much for watching our video on things to do in Budapest so you want to include this short segment at the end to talk about some things that we didn't have time to see during our trip so one of the things we weren't able to visit was visiting Brutus bath that's the 3rd thermal bath available in Budapest we already went to – when we were there so we thought maybe we shouldn't go to the third one if we have more time we would it is the most Turkish bath available by night I met it's the oldest Turkish bath there and then the other exhibit that or museum actually that is really how you recommend was the Budapest house of horrors this is a museum dedicated to showing off some of the travesty submitted by the communist government in the fascist government during the cold war world war ii it depicts how they other governments tabs on the population even torture people who stood against it so if that air of history is really interesting to you that's worth checking it the third thing we weren't able to visit with the Hungarian state Opera House unfortunately when we were there both the outside and the inside was under renovation they did provide offer to provide us short concert but in the lobby so you weren't even able to go in so we didn't think it was worth it to to stay but hopefully by the time you guys get there the renovation would be done and then finally there's a lot of our galleries and museums throughout the city that's a lot of stuff on the council here in your castle garden hill near buda castle we like to explore at the city streets and and food and that's kind of our go-to thing we travel places we know a lot of people love when museums and art galleries and and there are a few of those in Budapest that are really well done and we heard good things about so if that's something that you're interested check it out so thank you again for watching your video stay tuned for more from our trip in Central Europe where da man man man from domination travels


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Tell us your favorite thing to do in Budapest?

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I really enjoyed the video I am going here with my girlfriend in September.

Baz king · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

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Pls can you tell me to see all this attractions do I have to stay in the city center and what airport is close to this places because I will be visiting with my kids. Thanks

The Fluffies Channel · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Interesting video besides some info issues. Some of the comments above addressed some of them already.

Szabadság híd (in English: Liberty Bridge or Freedom Bridge) is not a pedestrian only bridge. A number of trams cross the bridge as well as other road vehicles.

We love Budapest and we looking forward to visiting again in August.

MetaGamingSRB · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

You have such a nice girlfriend!

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Which direction did you start and end? Budapest first, then Vienna, and Prague? Does it matter which direction to go?

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Hello guys!! Thank you!! I followed this guide and enjoyed Budapest to the fullest!!! how much did it take you to climb to the Gellert hill?

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Loved your travel guide. Very nice video shots. Thank you for sharing!

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The new york palace cafe food is over rated. It's a good place for instagram and for coffee and cake. There are much nicer place for fancy lunch or dinner. I would recommend the four seasons hotel, Caviar and Bull restaurant and Brody Workshop. For macaron lover, try Chez Dodo, they served freshly baked macarons. So light and yum.

Kyant T · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Budapest is relatively easy to travel by foot especially if you stay on the pest side. There are a lot of cool bars and cafes. Spent 1 month in Dec 18 to Jan 19 and will be back again. Didnt want to do everything there and just take my time since I know the place pretty well now. One thing to do is the thermal bath and is the city is cheap.

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László Vasas · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Gellért hill is not the highest point of the city, that is János hill.

László Vasas · July 29, 2019 at 2:17 pm

St. Stephen's is not the largest church in Hungary. It's the basilica in Esztergom which is the third largest catholic church in the world, after St. Peter's in Rome and St. Paul's in London.

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Thanks for making this video! It's great!

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