The Rook and the Raven Campaign Diary Review – Far Traveler’s Collection

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The Deck of Many and Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and today I’m here to talk to you about the
campaign diary books from The Rook and the Raven. Now The Rook and the Raven has materials that
you can use for both your DM and your players but I just want to talk about the player notebooks today. These are discbound customizable
8½ x 5½ inch campaign diary books that you can customize to your
own preferences as a player. This kind of notebook has these eight free-floating discs that allow you to interchange the pages where you want. So if you’re doing a campaign and you have a character and let’s say, unfortunately, your character’s
brain is eaten by a mind flayer. Well, in this kind of notebook you can take the pages out
and replace them with the pages of your new character and continue on as you were. If you want to rearrange your book and move your
spells further up or your quest notes further back, you can do just as you like. But this notebook is the recently
released Far Traveler’s collection and it’s a slight variation on their
Mischief & Misadventure book This one has a slightly different cover. It has this nice, beautiful map on the inside by
Deven Rue, who does the maps for Critical Role. And when you order the books you can choose between
getting the regular Mischief & Misadventure book or the slightly more expensive Far Traveler’s one. They are $35 or $40 [USD] depending
on which one you want. The basic notebook comes with 80 pages. You get five sets of character set pages. So it’s ten pages in all and this has all the
information that you need to run your character. Everything from their abilities and their saving
throws and their background and traits and also has a page for you to keep
track of their current hit points and all the information that
may change during play. And because you don’t necessarily want to have to rip out this page every time the character regains a hit point, this notebook comes with these nice wet erase
overlays that you can put on top of the page so you can use those wet erase markers to make
those changes happen within one game session. So that’s really great. Next you have your spell lists
and it comes with five of these. And it has a place for you to write in the spell and
what page number the spell is on if you need to look up the spell in one of your books. And it has a place for you to check off what
kind of spell it is, what components it needs, all the pertinent information that
you really need to play the game. They include three pages for your character background
so you can write up your character’s backstory because you always need to have that handy. They have 25 pages of session notes. These pages are specially lined pages that include
a place for you to put the session number and the date and the location of the adventures that you have
so you can refer back to them later when you need to. They include 20 pages of basic lined
notes for you to do with as you please. There are five [of] what they call “quad pages”
and this is for you to track any, like, if you have an NPC you want to keep track of or
a particular monster you want to remember— the important things, lore behind
that creature, its vulnerabilities. You can do with these, again, as you like. They try to make these pages pretty flexible. You have five blank sketch pages. If you need to jot down important runes that you saw, maybe the tattoo that’s on the back of the
prisoner to learn how to escape from the prison or important symbols that you may come across; you
can jot them down and write some notes on them. And you have five pages for you to keep track of maps
if you’re mapping out a dungeon that you’re visiting. The ledger you can use to track your own personal
finances or the finances of your party, including how you spent your money and
how you earned your money. The quests, jobs, and missions page
can be used as your quest log so you can remember everything your party
needs to do from session to session, who gave you the quest, who you need to
return to in order to collect your reward, if you’ve collected your reward, and
if you’ve completed the task entirely. This is your faction page. It can be used to track your renown with
the various factions in your adventure, who your points of contact are, what the mission
statements and the goals of that particular faction are, so you know if you’re serving them correctly,
any other notes you may want to record, and on the back of the faction page
you have this page which can be used to track maybe the various leaders of
the faction, different levels of the faction, or maybe different locations
where the faction is located. It is entirely up to you. This page can be used to draw a region map. It’s in hexes. On the back of the page you have information
about that region including the name, the climate, the borders, what’s the dominant terrain, any landmarks or population centers that may exist there, and any other notes you need to
have about that particular region. The town and district page is good for tracking the
various communities you may visit, their locations, important landmarks or NPCs in
that location, and other notes that you want to keep track of when
you return to that town later on. This page is your timeline. You can use this to track maybe the mythology and the
ancient history of the campaign setting that you’re in or maybe you just want to record
what happens in your campaign, what the important moments of the
campaign were and when they happened if for some reason that is important to your campaign. You can also get these plastic sheets
that are used to hold reference cards. Now this is a single plastic sheet that just has
a few slits put in it so you slide your card in. This style sheet holds your tarot size cards
like you might have from The Deck of Many and this size sheet will hold your
regular size reference cards. Now due to the nature of the design of this,
it’s a little difficult to get your cards in there. The standard size cards fit a little
bit better than the tarot size cards but they still fit in with a little bit of effort and you can have all your spell cards handy whenever you need them. And the Rook and the Raven are always coming out with
new pages that you can add to your campaign diary. They have one that has critters and companions
and conjurations and constructs for all those people and critters that are
coming along with you on your adventures and you want to keep track of their abilities. And it could also be used for beast shapes
and transformations that may occur. So all these kind of little extra pages
you can look at on their website and customize your books exactly what you need. If you’re a druid, if you’re a bard, you may have different
needs for your own personal campaign diary. And they don’t just make these for Dungeons & Dragons. You can get them for Pathfinder 1st edition, Starfinder, Shadowrun 5th edition, the Star Wars settings
from Fantasy Flight, and they have Call of Cthulhu. So if you want to have your campaign diary for
other adventure sets you can do that as well. Also I want to say that the discbound
set that they have here is not something that was invented
by the Rook and the Raven. This is something that you can
get from other places as well so some of the more well-known ones are
Staples has what’s called their Arc set and Office Depot has their TUL® set. So if you want to customize your books further
with more generic pages or these are dividers, you can go to Office Depot, you can go to Staples,
you can go to a couple of other places online to get extra pages or things
that you can add to your book. Now just make sure that you get the
ones that are made for eight discs. I know that these other sets come
sometimes with twelve discs so you just need to make sure you get the right one. It’s 8½ inches by 5½ inches with eight discs. You can also replace these discs. Now the Rook and the Raven has some nice mithral
discs if you want to make them a little bit more fancy. You can also get larger discs if you want to
have a larger notebook with more pages. So this is all very customizable and it’s a really great way to
keep track of your adventures if you are the person in your campaign
party that is keeping track of the notes and hopefully you do have at least one
person keeping notes in your campaign. And if you look at their website
you can see that they also have other things that you can do to make your book
even more fancy for you if you want a leather cover to keep it more protected. You can customize it just the way you want. So that’s the Rook and the Raven campaign diary. A couple of other things to keep in mind: due to the way that this is designed, you
want to be a little bit careful with the pages when you’re taking them out and putting them back in
because those tabs can kind of wear down over time on the pages. So if you constantly move pages around
in your notebook they might wear out and they might not be able to
hold onto the discs as well. So just be gentle when you’re trying to change
pages around and maybe don’t do it too often. Also they do sell hole punchers that you can use to
turn regular pieces of paper into discbound pages that you can put in your notebook. So if you want to be creative about it you
can go and buy those hole punchers, design something on your computer,
cut them down to size, and make your own pages for these campaign diaries. The hole punchers do tend to be a little bit expensive. It looks like they are $30 and
up at the various places. Again just make sure that they are
designed for the eight disc size. So this is the one for players. Maybe sometime in the future we’ll look
at some of their campaign atlases or the DM’s book that you can use to create your
world and your campaign for your players, but this is the one for your players. If you have any questions or comments or concerns
please leave them in the comments section below. Otherwise we’d like to thank our
sponsor, The Deck of Many. They have a new Humblewood
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campaign settings, a new adventure, it’s very exciting—coming out this fall
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The Last Laugh · September 10, 2019 at 11:50 am

Looks like a great little book. This would a great companion peice. It would save a lot of time, I myself am guilty of having books upon books of stats, locations, and various npcs etc etc . So this makes it perfect to keep track. Yet again another great review.

Gamarishi · September 10, 2019 at 4:19 pm

That's some very useful tool!

Fridge Magnet · September 10, 2019 at 8:16 pm

Another great review of an interesting product. I appreciate all the time and effort that gets put into these videos. I don't think there's another channel for this subject matter that's as thorough as this one is and I'm very glad to see that subscriber total going up. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Gordy Garcia · September 10, 2019 at 10:53 pm

Love mine got it at c2e2 super quick interchangeable small compact and handy spell section I feel is better than official sheets

Slime Studio · September 11, 2019 at 1:28 am

When are you announcing the winners of the contest?

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