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so this is where we're going to start a Savannah way adventure this is normanton we're just staying a couple of nights there great spot cool purple pub good free can't get in the road as well we've just made to turn it off this is where we're goin come whatever look signs over here or a Lula 745 now we're going all the way to LA relish Springs so today we're only going to make it as far as lockup falls another free camp but we'll show you the road conditions between Normanton and the rail of Springs we'll show you what we get up to the campsites whatever else before and along the way so it'll be some great info to help you out if you're planning your own travels this way it's pretty incredible to come here and read all the history about how they managed to get all the way from Melbourne up to the Gold these early explorers amazing forty guys off the turn off from dawn till you hit your first stretch of dirt so pretty good though it's all I don't happen to be first trying to rock we're just like talking to each other counties I haven't saw this because I fantastic that's to get any wrap-up anyway we got so this is our first stop counted Normanton unless the van away it's a place called like our Falls you gotta check this out wait for it yes so it's not obviously there's no Falls at the moment it's a bit dry but far out check it out like this rocky escarpment and cliff top here and then a few other things around as well awesome spot crank them weather just pulled up stick it hot inside the van so we chucked on the aircon because we've got one of these bad boys fitted so turn our dancer lithium in a big inverter runs that aircon cool the van there and there we've just popped a few windows everyone's out of feed and we we're gonna get someone's victory key then we'll get that little fireplace out there cranking my Tsavo and have a wicked sunset here at like our falls on our way to Burke him pretty awesome I built so we've just had a bit of an exciting event happen show me oh my God he's first – hey and then why are you coming out to tell mom and he's dropped it in the sand on a tooth hunt that like out for hair calls that so we've made Linda Burke down here's the sign here I didn't know this but it says it's the barramundi capital of Australia so we better get the fishing rods out and have a crack I reckon so we're gonna stay in here nod off so we don't know where yet we'll go for a look but it's been a good trip like up Falls last night was fantastic on this sort of cliff top there the Falls weren't running because it's a bit dry at the moment but still a beautiful Lagoon a couple of freshwater Crocs in there came for our awesome set up and there's a few people around as well so great support on Hawaii the road conditions are good bit of dirt probably out 100 days of dirt but it was all freshly sort of braided after we set between 1800 days the hole right here so no drivers here folk dear let's go check it out this is our campsite and Albert River just up the road is burke town you got to book these places through the book tower i council website this is site number 27 we haven't seen any others so we can't tell where they're like but check this one out fire yeah hey we just had the best sunset going down just down there down the river come through here I'll show you the setup they were easy rode in it was a bit sandy and you go across these mud flats but they're hard as there's only one little Bobby section that um we are where they drop it into low range to get through but no drama so a good Bobby could get a couple of big t-bones on here we got from vertically there let's go number can they call a roadkill butcher look ma we got the Ute set up a couple of rods out can't far down it's called the barramundi capital of Australia I can't go on here know what's wrong with me Marvin it I might just get the missus – Phoebe be a choose it here ah 85 bucks a night but 25 of that is for a fishing license that's only ten bucks in order to stay a sec with that if you haven't seen one of they took this thing in it's called the nosy mate drink holder put your chips down here shove it into the ground hold your beer how's the missus one good ass any element they aren't you check it out I hope the River Campground Burt here [Applause] so we just managed to get across here we come through yesterday just down the road but it was dry low tide now it's high tide and it's too sticky and wet yeah so we found another little trap but it was still had a deep little washout in it luckily max tracks chocka mean like a bridge let's work the tree so we didn't have them in there I think we would have struggled hardcore getting through probably would have had to wait for my tide which is gonna be another 80 hours so any of Carrie said of these bad boys and then you can stop in that burg turn on your way out empty a dump point fill up the tanks with water and then we're heading towards Hell's Gate earlier so good stopover burg town on the Savannah way up in the Gulf loving it let's go we've arrived at Cal State Road House so we're parked up at the back here it's an awesome little our caravan park with campground or whatever I spot showers toilets there's an airstrip here I was only about 20 case of dirt today we only need a couple of hundred all up from Burke town to Hell's Gate and here it is great little spot on your travels along this to run away so we're just leaving Hell's Gate Roadhouse this morning go spot to stop overnight I got a bar there and the mechanic Timmy does a fire truck show and that so it's a good bit of fun and it's social a few people stopped here overnight to travel east and west now we've got the big trick between Hell's Gate it's kind of wiring it's a bit we've got mixed reports some people say the rarities so anyway we're gonna go and do it for ourselves but we've got that gut feeling that it is so with a on red Caribbean in turn 50 kg corrugations not sure what this row is going to bring for us brother what we'll try and do is just drive to the conditions or just out what we can tire pressures SB pick your line and we'll try and get through those guys slow down take it easy and be sensible so what do you reckon kids we're gonna break anything doing we bind it to the Northern Territory border the road from Hell's Gate to here was pretty bad but it was about 40 case of corrugations pretty deep pretty wide but if you slow down we've slowed down about 20 30 Kay's an hour and we've got you know drama so bitter bitch man as well but it's still another 268 kilometers to bar over and I don't think the roads going to get any better so be slow going for us but are we going into NT time near so that's alright I'm going to slow down when you go to the door the territory and I will definitely be doing that on this road I think it's no good not so invite it hey Hell's Gate 2 for Loula what in it's about 320 KS and it's I won't lie to you it's pretty terrible Road the worst of it is this probably this last 30 K's in the boiler this stuff now oh my god how good is this specially hand out the last 40 cows well the first 40 cows coming from Hell's Gate spoiler was absolutely terrible but anyway it is one of these dirt roads corrugated we're in the middle of nowhere but we're in for a little near I will go in stock up on a few groceries and then now we wanted to stay the night at the caravan park so we'll give you a look around and we'll end up the King a spike we made it you break it any pretty I hear that so this is our campsite at poor Loula throat the cavalry and park you it's 25 bucks for a night unpowered up the back here safe to spin around there is no one around we're right on the edge which is pretty awesome overlooking this and I reckon some tips can be pretty nice stabber yes sir not much in Brewer Loula if you're looking to stock up on groceries and stuff probably not the best idea to wait until you get here because yeah it's almost a cheese ball we're now on our way out the King out Bay from viola so it's only about 30 or 40 K I think but um when you hit the turnoff to King of Spades about 20 guys and goes back to the Izone it's pretty bad as well I think it'll be all right there's a greater on it me out so after we spend a couple days in here it should be smooth on the way out but ah this is well let's go potentially be really bad side be ready for that as well should be good out of you've heard good things about King ash by and the caribiner part just food fishing lots of people getting a tease that should be fun enough boobies you better always be the bass here we go I couldn't get anybody dormant in and it's the barramundi capital of the world or something so we'll keep trollin is going to get through this next 20 cozy corrugations now set up show you're in the beautiful morning we need to do now he's got your buddy fishing so this is our campsite at king ash Bay down in the jenny flats they call it so it's all unpowered camping only twenty to fifty and nine by tram just there I went for fish this morning I lost the good bear out which I'm spewing about but be careful because there's Crocs there I had once talked to me last night and I could see his big print on the bank this morning so they're around let's see where crops been sitting if he can see that should be Aldi see where his nose has been lying it was two feet and all the way back into the water and then look the best he's like scratch marks from his claws as he's gone back in whoa hey rod on that little Bank there wouldn't even know he is there that's pretty big a yeah even if you don't do any good make sure you talk to the locals Randy there's a lot of older generation get around here and they stop here for three or four months with their boats do a lot of fishing and crabbing and lovely Oh couple over here Heather and Chris look at this giving us a coupler a couple of muddies and a couple of filter fish as well so get you out into them they do pretty well up here in their tennis and even if you can't get something off the bank you should still be able to get a good free to fresh seafood from up here King airspace so we're loving it two nights here and we'll move on I think but um if we had a boat or you know they could struggle to get me out of here [Applause] so here's the Heartbreak Hotel 100 case you have to borrow Loula it's all bitumen you just pulled up for lunch hmm a couple of singers one kids sleep in the truck he's a favor would you have boys so it's probably the last part to down get Grogg before we got into lorella unless you want to pay 300 bucks for cotton it's plenty expensive be there Justin just told me it's $75 for a bottle of vodka which is what I drink we're tossing out we're not sure we actually spend the funds or not or are we thinking it's gonna be three dollars later for diesel and mirela so we might save the crock money and spend it on fuel so I can go explore but tough choice in it very tough choice check it out anyway when you're coming through hot break hotel I'm gonna get four one two now I'd look up here maybe camp getting at the back she's pretty killed but we're moving on to linman National Park so once you leave the hop right hotel it's only I'm not far before he take a turn off towards Roper bar and national park so then it goes back to his stuff it's pretty Ralph Shiley car guided and it's about about 90 kinds of this I think – way down to a place called city or city campground it's a camp gram which is just past the rail of Springs and then we'll spend the night there and then we'll just backtrack a few guys will be on there the relish Springs Road in which is about 30 guys and what referred it's the worst but anyway this is no worse than the bar along the road to Hell's Gate so but anyway I go take your time let your tires down we'll be in there pretty soon so haven't been rough though the kids today all about to leave them all on the side so on the way lil Arella are we spotted a free camp on wiki cam so actually it's not free it's a national park while it's called the lost city the southern lost city so it's 12 coast pass the turnoff to lorella we thought why not we're gonna spend 12 of those there anyway let's go check out something different we've rolled it in a day so National Park saw 774 a family how cheeps that better toilets over there so you got dropped Ott's over there here's their van and car pulls up here then swing around here we got this big area gonna fire pit cut like a picnic table and then here's the lost city up behind us so hey goods that you just walked like 50 meters down the trail you can roll in there and do a walk through them we'll do that in the morning we pulled up about 4 in the other so we're just having a couple of tins and get the fire down and enjoy it but check it out it's on the way so you can go through from where we waited a bit what's that Lake Hotel Heartbreak Hotel and go from there to Roper bar right so but we're not going that far because we're on each other other Springs and the road is pretty bad so not far after you hit the top row Kotel you turn off top here and it's about would we do probably 90 Kay's and it was on par with the road from Hell's Gate before it's pretty bad so now all we have to do is go back 12 and then hook a left and we'll be up at the relish Springs and 30k so we'll show you that when we get there it's gonna be unreal but tonight don't get much better than this eh see ya we're doing their southern lost city walking trail you can do it from the campground it's about an hour to do the loop now you start off from the campground and you come to these amazing rock formations there's this beautiful unique pillars and then you head to the look at which is also amazing heading back down now it's a really easy walking trail the kids have manageable we've all many 12 that's awesome Nili hey check it out hey this is the entry to Lorella springs only 29 kg this dirt road left to go so it's been a massive trip for us the whole plan was to get up to Lorella Springs all the way from Brisbane to Cannes up into Atherton and we've come across the savanna way across the top here with our caravan on-site in tow so check it out she's looking pretty filthy and mangy but it's done a really good job with no damage a little bit of dust inside everything's happy days and we got 29 case to go ten or twelve days in there got some big stuff we'll show you all around the station see what's going on anyway pretty excited we're going to get in here set up at the homestead get a map and plan out what we're gonna do for the next week or so so let's go check out some hot springs pretty cane gonna be a mission getting here but I reckon it's all gonna be bloody worth today so from the campground at the homestead at the Ellis Springs you've got this awesome map when you pull in on the back of it it's got all the locations and what they are so you can do day trips you can do remote camping you can go fishing there's heaps of stuff to do this hot springs water slides waterfalls we're a bit late in the season so it's pretty dry so some of those things like the Falls and water slides aren't running but if you're here early like April May just after the way when it opens in guinea it's like 20 or more places to go and swim and slide the waterfall so it's pretty epic we're doing a day trip today at a place called Moody Hot Springs and then up to rosy Creek fishing a bit lunch so check them out lots of good trips to do and now it will explore for the next 10 days there's only 29 kg this dirt road left to go so [Applause] [Applause] this is where we're gonna set up for the night this is on the way out the secret fishing spot chilly I never came for a few bees hopefully that's your trip down to bring massive get near but we've just done 10 days in at lorella Springs different campsites rivers waterfalls swimming holes fishing they will be finally back on the bitumen eyes there for like five or six weeks feels like so be good to get back on the blacktop you know get back up 200 guys again get to a wall where ya in a Willy's we covered to bear a no fruit no veggies been put through hell on these corrugations and stuff but cruise master suspension underneath and the off-road hitch it's not a really good job nope that being here and the master is always just killed it so anyway let's go we're going jump in you


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1chrisandangie · July 30, 2019 at 8:18 pm

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