The Risks a Traveler Takes in Thailand and Southeast Asia

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it says I'm live it says I'm live it really says I'm live and guess what the signal is not dropping and I can't text my moderator because I'm on my cell phone uh so I guess cell phone internet is working that's great hey everybody after the sixteenth attempt to get it working I put up a video and hey there you are rah yes I'm glad you finally I'm glad you got notification man because I didn't have any way to text you so thank you for tuning in thanks happy know I love my hat it's friendly to me it's nice and I wear just because he gives the hate or something to talk about so pretty cool man every 12 year old girl wants her hat back no no no and no they cannot have their hat back because I like it better thanks everybody hey guys Sansa JC a Chuck JC assassins JC with the bucket hat where's what'd he say where's the fishing boat don't have one yet man say q1 Jason good morning from yalla in the tide deep south just waking up here hey but good day sir hello Frank how are you man ready for welcome to meats with a metal detector possibly it's time for desperate I may need to actually look at doing that maybe I don't learn you see if I cleanse clean this lens off just say I actually have a topic that I want to talk to you guys about hey Frank and Roy and Mitchell anybody else I miss well it's been a rough morning I'm in a rough morning no I have not done any fishing over here but I definitely plan to do some fishing at some point in time can you eat the fish or sure that rate seafood over here amazing seafood actually I've I've indulged in some very fresh seafood for sure so today's topic finally now that we're all on here or all 90 know this there's not that many watch and then there won't be because this notification was put out by or not put out by YouTube so I don't expect to see many people on here hopefully we'll get some people on the replay hopefully um I wanted to talk about the risk we take is travelers like the risk that we take as a traveler Stephen hello from Bangkok hating to partake today I hear you my friend will partake carefully and let's see you want to go in October JC yeah man especially if I'm off work absolutely you know I will Chuck and if I'm not I'll make a chance I'll make time to go with you somewhere Cody what's up bro I know you've been following along trying to trying to help get the live stream out if you guys want other people to see this live stream I knew what you meant Stephen if you want other people to see this live stream share it right now you can share it like from your phone and get the word or get the message out that we're having a live stream and we're actually gonna talk about a fairly decent topic I think as the traveler would take certain risk in the first one that we take is with our health because if you travel and you don't have health insurance or you don't qualify for certain types of health insurance like me for example it means my wife here instead of using everybody else's I have pre-existing conditions right so I can't qualify for any type of travelers insurance that I know of and I tried to qualify myself for many many many different kinds of travelers insurance when I decided to start traveling but before I went to the Philippines and I was really excited because I found you the these companies and all these name brands how they would cover you and that kind of thing if you have anything wrong with you at all anything they're not gonna cover you so it's just you can forget it I don't want you guys to be aware of that if you have the slightest problems you have high blood pressure if you have anything like that they're not gonna cover you David what's up good morning man finally got live stream off mark thanks man thanks for the thumbs up on the head there but health is something that you have to take very very seriously so one thing I have done in Thailand you get older over there I finally got the full medical package here in Thailand and I got the accidental insurance as well happy dog says we rest time money helps but gain inside our yeah I'm gonna get to the gaming stuff in a little bit that we definitely gain a lot but John says hey from back now digging the Hat I bet you are from back yeah that's in the Philippines guys by the way guess you didn't know well one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines by the way also sets way up in the highlands and it's nice and cool up there year-round I love that city have several videos on if you want to check them out on Channel but anyway about health I was able to get so that will do a full chugalug says how do they know if you have high blood pressure well one you have to mmm in some cases you have to do physicals in other cases you'll have to do stuff like submit all of your medical records to them and if they get you in line or anything like that they just disregard your insurance completely it's just it's going it's going Cody says you said it was about eleven hundred dollars for the year and you pay monthly or quarterly I pay yearly I paid for the whole thing all at one time for health insurance so it came out to be about eleven hundred and forty three dollars roughly that's for both packages yeah and also a good reminder their happy dog also buy the mad you take so if you take prescription medication they're gonna know why you're taking that prescription medication that particular medication they're gonna want to know why you're taking it and usually it's gonna be because you have some type of pre-existing condition hey arbor good to see you so but let's talk about the positive things of health and that is like the health insurance they got here in Thailand so I have a million baht coverage five hundred thousand per incident own and I'm gonna do a whole video of the bracelets down it gives me twenty five hundred about a day for the doctor to come in and see me it gives me yes snake by medication right now here it gives me forty five hundred by today for the food for the room hey kangaroo and for the nurses so if I go to a plus it pays me 2,000 baht a day I'm out of work which is great Alaskans number says he spends just about that on month yeah that's why it doesn't make any sense really for me to move back to America especially pre-existing conditions my lip insurance will probably be there's no telling two thousand dollars a month so I would have to find some kind of corporate gig somewhere to earn that kind of money how do they know what mad that's a because you put it on a piece of paper and tell them and if you don't and they find out about it then they will cancel your insurance and you are out of $1,100 if you're trying to scam the insurance company that's a big big big no-no we're talking jail time over here so you want to be upfront you want to be honest and you want to know if they're I mean I guess there are some loopholes but you know you try to stay out of the loopholes liberals usually end up tied in knots if you know what I mean so health is a major factor for anybody that wants to travel whether they solo or not now even if I was only coming to Thailand for about three months I would still get the same packages I got because my accidental covers me up to meeting but my print my full medical covers me up to me I'm eating but and there's a lot more details on that on how much it covers for each individual thing and all that stuff it's really good Andy says hey any tips on how to get to the – pattaya from USA I see the Bangkok International Airport but I do not know what is the closest thing that's well Pattaya has an International Airport you can google it but Bangkok is probably your best bet because all you do is golf there get on a bus for like 150 button and Drive you straight there get a taxi one hundred a hundred thousand options and flying to Bangkok Akita Bob said I thought it was Bill Murray for a second I know I love these jokes Cody's got your answers there Rob what's up buddy uh throw you a little wrench or incher in there and says hey Jeremy and all I can't stay on a poker broadcast in a few minutes okay man no problem thanks for stopping by HT how are you man good see you I saw in your comments I think in the Facebook group I'm not sure but that pretty much covers health and if you have the ACT the accidental policy is only forty nine hundred bucks so it by itself is worth getting especially if you have a little bit of savings that should take care of your health needs because most of the time things that happen over here are accidental if you're coming over here on a like a tourist visa or something like that you know now they're making tourists pay for health insurance when you come over here for accidental insurance but I would go through a company like aia and get my get it get a like a solid accidental plan myself just me personally so next one is safety ready says what is that way box over your shoulder that is the breakers chugalug says isn't that isn't health insurance a requirement for a retirement visa I'm not 100% sure to be honest with you so Cody says never thought that ask are there casinos there I'm assuming not new all right now that I know of anyway to the best of my knowledge gambling in Thailand is illegal I think and he says when would you say the best is the best time of year to go to Pattaya for a first-timer pretty much any time I would probably pick the low season I don't know Chuck I don't know I don't know if that's true or not I have no idea David says high taxes in Sweden but at least recovery is medical stuff happy dog says no casinos head across the border to Cambodia Keith's boss there's only lottery and horse racing hmm interesting stuff so let's talk about safety safety as a traveler when you make these kind of journeys in Southeast Asia and when you come to these places what kind of what kind of safety can you expect well I can tell you myself coming from the Philippines and then coming to Thailand is two entirely different worlds in safety because the Philippines and this is my experience and opinion is far more dangerous than Thailand far more you know here we I said it's all the time here we get off our motorbike leave our helmets laying on the motorbike and just keep moving no I've not been to Cambodia so there's a lot more trustworthy here worry more about the expats than of the Thais absolutely happy dog and that that's that's here but that's not the case in the Philippines no it was on my case anyway yeah it was a kind of rough experience to say the least so you definitely have to worry about the expat definitely have to worry about eggs pass over there but also unfortunately there are some you know locals that partake in those kind of activities so I encourage you to look up the safety laws like can I carry a pocket knife can I carry pepper spray look up the individual laws for each country as you travel as to what you can do for protection just simply because it's a good idea to know what your rights are and what your limits are many people will kind of take the law into their own hands I know for me when I walked around the Philippines I didn't walk around completely unprotected there was no way I was going to do that here sometimes I most of the time I do only if I'm in a very very sketchy area and usually I'm not in sketchy area so even when I go to bathia that's not really a sketchy area for me because I'm familiar with it I'm familiar with the looks on people's faces and what's coming next and all that good stuff you guys got try this tea by the way if you ever come to Thailand it's absolutely delicious I know I'm not sponsored by them you don't know about a walking stick but took a look I'm not sure I have no idea I'm I can only speak for my own experience and I've never had to carry one next what about the language barrier well I kind of dress this in the video I just put out but the language barrier here's the deal with language barrier if you're coming over here as a tourist you're probably gonna be in the tour cities like Patea Phuket Bangkok Koh Samui maybe killas met Chiang Mai some other places the you know those places you're gonna find people that speak English now to what degree of English they actually speak that's a whole nother story but the the level of English will at least be tolerable in these places and you will be able to understand them and they will be able to understand you and if not you can always just show pictures of stuff and they will they will say when I type people I love it when they understand something because they go oh so it's like you know brain they get it and it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun being around ties with really cool people hey Todd love that thank you man I made this hat just this is the Hat they got me two menus I wore this hat on the video and the video got to me in view so I thought I'd try it again yes Google Translate can help out a lot in fact Google Translate now has you can take a picture of Thai writing as long as it's good at eye riding and take a picture of and then highlight it with your finger and it will give you the entire phrase of what the picture says so it's pretty cool the language barrier itself with ties especially if they're in the educational field or the business field that kind of thing it's really not that bad where you gonna find the language barrier being a real problem is gonna be like out in you know the jungle or out in really really rural areas of Thailand David says it's not you not the Hat Jeremy it's not you know that you know like I had David I'm sorry also moving on to some positive stuff let's talk about the comfort zone you have to get out of your comfort zone to come to a place like Thailand hey James good to see you but you have to get out of your comfort zone to travel to Southeast Asia whether that be the Philippines Thailand or wherever you're gonna go James says styling hat yeah little stop no it's not really styling no I said it is you and not oh I got today I got you David I got you Thank You Man appreciate compliment but the comfort zone like tomorrow I'm planning on going somewhere I've never been before I'm not gonna tell you guys where yet yesterday I shot a total of eight pieces of content that's the most I've ever shot in the day I'm not gonna put those out all at one time what I'm trying to do a stockpile over this three-day weekend and be sure I get as much content as possible so like for example when this live stream is over and I tag it and title it I'm going to go new places are always more exciting yeah they know they are I'm going to go to you know somewhere that I haven't been before and bring you guys some more content so we're gonna have plenty of content for the month of what's next month I can't remember August yeah August so getting outside your comfort zone is real simple nothing can grow inside of a box but so far so if you live yourself and if you live your life in a box think of yourself as a seed that's being watered and fertilized inside that box once you hit the wall that's as far as you can go if you don't get outside the walls you're never gonna know how far you can grow you like that yeah James says you've been a busy beaver lately cranking out a lot of videos a lot of work when when you sleep I actually have a video that I shot yesterday on my daily schedule that is going to give you guys a breakdown of an entire week of literally hour by hour uh mark says I just moved here from working in China for nine years and I'm going to get married to my Thai girlfriend next month it's just so difficult to get a marriage visa without having funds in the bank I think happy dog can probably make comment on that Dino says when do you think you will go up north that's Chiang Mai Chang right I don't know if you know hopefully the sooner the better hey Michael as far as the marriage visa thing I think you can still get by with the forty five thousand baht a month come I believe I don't think you have to have 400,000 in the bank I'm not sure happy I yeah definitely congrats man but I think there are there's two ways you can either have the money in the bank or you can have the if you if you just want to retirement visa then that's gonna be 800,000 in the bank or 65,000 month that you can show income coming in if you're gonna be on a marriage visa I believe it's four hundred thousand baht in the bank and then it's or forty five thousand baht a month coming in so those are just things growth getting outside of your comfort zone to coming over here will definitely an able you to grow as a human being I assure you you will run into all kinds of problems like today for example you know YouTube provides a stream of revenue for me hopefully you know like yesterday random guy that I met a couple months ago started to go fund me for a new camera for me he's in America but he's got to go fund me for for a camera for me so you never know what's gonna happen once you step outside your comfort zone because I mean I think it's awesome I didn't ask for it don't have anything to do with it but hopefully raises some money and if it raises enough money for a camera I'll get it March says thanks everybody we were planning just to have a small wedding in the Csonka la district cool man so getting outside your comfort zone will provide you with opportunities to make new friends opportunities to meet new people opportunities to gain just more value in life in general it's not really a not really a what am I trying to say it's it doesn't have to be spectacular but sometimes the smallest experiences in life are the greatest like you you don't have to travel to Costa Mui to have experience right you can travel outside your yard and have a conversation on the phone with someone who says something to you that changes the course of your life forever that that that in and of itself is what I would consider you know life-changing stuff then that happens when you get outside your comfort zone when you talk to people you don't know when you go to places you haven't been those kinds of things so just remember when I say experience I don't necessarily mean I'm going to you know Japan tomorrow because I'm definitely not but it is the three-day weekend here and I thought I take advantage of it so Steven I have two videos in this channel Pattaya speed bike Pattaya speed bike that's where you want to go rent a speed bike in Pattaya Andy says any recommendations on avoiding to get food sick my first would be make sure you have all your Hep A & B shots and second that's not going to help you from getting sick but it's gonna keep your liver intact my second recommendation would be if you eat street food be sure you watch them cook it that's kind of my little policy last I want to talk about educating yourself and I don't mean I don't mean educating yourself like necessarily going to school I mean the education that comes with traveling because you have to figure stuff out on your own you don't have anybody to do it for you so you have to figure these things out on your own and you have to figure out the people on your own you have to figure out ways to communicate on your own hey stuck in Florida good morning sir you have to figure all these things out on your own so you are essentially educating yourself like you are teaching yourself how to do things and that is probably one of the most valuable things you will ever do in life because there is no teacher better than experienced none that's been my own understanding and kind of message I guess you would say there's no there's no teachers like experienced David says Jerry can you believe it I didn't have one fresh coconut when I was in Thailand why man you got to have the coconut when you come to Thailand that's like that's like that's like going to a movie theater and not eatin popcorn the coconut is the rite of passage no I'm just kidding that's not really the rite of passage but anyway if you guys don't have any questions I hope you have a great wonderful day you're welcome Andy very welcome it's about a little after 10:00 in the morning here and by the time I get done tagging this it'll be 11 in time for breakfast coconuts and little pineapples yeah gotta try those for sure on your way out you guys be sure to thumbs up button I really appreciate it and that's all my guys as always there's some cool links in the description in this video and if you want to check them out check them out the do-more life merchandise is available I would love to see people wearing some do more like much nice check load says I'm sure of the people there are very willing to help tourists yeah they really are Steven says you know what I can't find this out these days is a peach I've had that problem too man later Cody alright that's it guys so everybody take care have a wonderful wonderful what's left for your weekend and whatever you do today be sure you do more life see ya and thanks to the moderators ty and Ron thank you guys


Steve The Butcher · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

I guess we are a bit luckier in the UK with Travel Insurance, I use out Post Office and always declare medical conditions and medications that are taken. Had no problem so far getting cover. Probably pay a higher premium but it enables me to #DoMoreLife Have a great day JC

ThePresentation010 · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

Not having enough condoms

Ron Floyd · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

Thanks Jeremy!

Dan Man · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

(In case u need it) Currently, u have a good option in the US (in the event of a serious medical issue) in ACA/obamacare (which Trump n GOP tried to kill — i'll go into this later). Since u have been living overseas, you can sign up for HC in the States even outside the open enrollment period (nov – dec) when no questions r asked such as any lapse in coverage or preexisting condition. U just need to show proof your prior residence was outside the US which u can. You really need to make 13K per year to get your HC fully subsidized by the govt (paid for like free). As your declared income rises, your subsidy declines. Since your income is probably low (Teacher in Thailand n minuscule YT n ancillary income), good chance your insurance premium will be low (adjusted for subsidy) so u can take of your immediate medical needs which may have forced you back to the States. I dare say your cost after adjusting for the subsidy may even be less than what you paid for your current insurance in Thailand. Now just a side note on ACA/Obamacare, most people don't know that the law set MINIMUM requirements (benefits) for HC plans in the individual market AND the employer-sponsored plan (group). Prior to this, if you took a job you probably needed to read your HC plan to see what you were covered or not. After ACA, you were COVERED if your employer offered HC plan. Again most people do not know this. Why Trump n GOP want to mess with this is so businesses like Trump Organization n many others don't have to offer HC plans with minimum requirements n thus lower the cost to the employer n shift the burden to employees. As anyone who has been sick prior to ACA/Obamacare, they would know ACA had nothing to do with the high cost of HC in the States — it has always been ridiculously expensive. Everyone knows full well you get what you pay for — without minimum requirements, what is the point of 100 per month plan that covers nothing. Likewise, what is the point of allowing pre-existing conditions if the cost is so prohibitive its unaffordable (aka cos don't want to insure you). This is the wordplay politicians use by saying people with preexisting conditions will not be denied HC insurance. So right now, if u get into deep health problems u have a good option in the States!!!! IF ACA goes down then u r out of luck. Even if u get a job n they offered an HC plan, as many have found out in working for small n medium-sized businesses they will lay you off — u r back to being out of luck!!!

Tim G · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

I have great insurance while on blood pressure meds. Cigna global just asked if it was well managed and it is, so heart-related problems are not excluded. I guess it depends on the company. I do pay a dear price for the insurance.

meatpie · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

i im a new subscribed from buriram i im dave l;ove you videos

benzman500sl · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

Hi JC. I'm heading to Bangkok/Chiang Rai, and Phayao in late October and early November so if you're free, I'd like to hook up with you.

B W · July 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

Nice hat. Has a bit of a Gilligan vibe to it. LOL.

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