The NEW Best BUS Simulator Game!? (Tourist Bus Simulator)

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hey guys and welcome to tourists a simulator so just bus him later it's now tourist bus simulator and I got his games given to me for free and currently so far on Steam reviews aren't the greatest it says mixed I'm not sure why they were actually read the reviews myself but I thought to try anyway because it's busting later it's a simulator I mean you know I'm like the simulators these days I like them and this one basically is set in faretta menorah a popular toy destination where I am going to be running like you get those buses when you come at the airport a book holiday with Thompson or something what Thomas could you would come at the airport and you get on your bus and they take you to your hotels I believe that's what the game is sleep your airport get in the car and typical to see looks like it's go bit more in depth drive to your company accelerate up and break it down or gamepad cut house ones home on the car and we're celebrating here we go can't change camera please it's like a the first person team oh geez Yeats around the corner we go oh my god okay please no chains camera I'm on the wrong side the road and I should probably fix that one we just write down a Range Rover here we go if it's nice no no no no actually to fair I've read some reviews that say they should the dry humor surrender switch I can kind of see there cuz that was a smart a case of fun this at now if I remember we go sorry just gonna go across the roundabout don't mind me oh my god I see what you mean I can't actually handle the Range Rover maybe it's designed to be driven with a bus and therefore it'd be a lot better the bus I'm just going to fast air awkward oh my god choppy game here okay just take out science why not why not okay let's just get back on track alright it's a simulator game replacement that game seriously out here don't you know this like crashing into stuff it's not GTA really Oh God oh my help turning corners is a night there have you get used to it no you just like need to learn to slowly just take things both Mars now speed limit and there you go just go this way nah this nice look at that I got a hang of it almost elemental or why is it Salian with this where to Endora you know nearly and she bends furniture I don't think I have they're poor venturers as it their gym Santa fit which oh my god that's actually like 11 games are more in depth it's just this and just like the bus driving part what it's going on my camera angle I can yard an exit vehicle okay I guess I thought the reverse there we go now how do I get out of the car see it's okay it's a sea to enter a live car company name what to say I'll think of anything shag aloof 'mobile Mobile's really make sense we were met from fresh who fail insurer and I've got shaggy lose mobiles and I'm a coach company into your office all right I will do the first bus go to beautify your first bus all right click on this button to open a secondhand vehicle market and she don't know they were vehicles details and a barge we just played click and hold by click and hold the buy button ok man Lions coach says 89 Gregor budget 200 grand let's just get the cheapest one now let's get one that's really boots on yeah screw it okay now I don't we do it I don't have to do any work no you know what screw it I'll get and cheapest one we're a company we got make a lot of us enough money here please said to be a cool at the 4th at the 4th of June let's accept it at a time goes to the wall clock to open the calendar all clock gear we goat skips this day all right this is in depth drive us heart button Puerta del Sol ready old to pick up your bus mate Wow oh hey Sonny no I swear we're out here ok good tip a Range Rover a cress seeds get in my actually highlight lists already I mean that yeah the driving is a bit off ski but low we got a gym here I haven't been in yet you're saying Kelsie and that's a food place just need to get hand like hang on the driver you'll really like a boss tomato type game with something with a steering wheel and let me know if you like a video and let me know in the comments or I never simulator games wanna see me do I know a couple people said flight simulator we got many simulators as always there is a link down below to suggest video ideas we just fill out a form and then if I use your ideas transcending credit you if it's like it obviously a very solid it you desist just it I'll see if everyone has just that idea I can't credit everyone or maybe already have that idea down anyway cuz I have a ton of ideas down but it's no you're harming tekzilla money as possible you know or a bigger rounder oh okay so we go down the roads right okay I like how this is a tourist bus tomates I took more time driving a Range Rover so far get out the way it's getting less potentially no like if they just work on a little bit more like the scenery is pretty good it's a bit choppy who God I think I'll get a new puta soon PCs pressures climbing with a hook up this PC is like three four years old at this point in some kind of proof the big I nine processing everything so we're out here making moves one at last when I moved house they'd say okay go down here I hope you discovered small cocktail bar explored big turn there oh my god I haven't got a drive around here in a bus I was a cruise ship in as a cruise ship in town now I'll start a food drink place there oh yeah out of TT oh sorry you know what you come with me why not hey check out the boat though and in first person the whole site like this is this is stressful way too stressful for me uess playing games like this what speed my even going I've got a hundred free Club Med's I'm on the wire turnings a bit like that you'll get a big slowdown that it's when we go in three again how do I even stick a very G's why is this bird sound so loud out of my ears where's the bus all right it's on the Left somewhere you don't see a bus bus loop around apparently right listen to your bird in my ear can we stop it pick up the Range Rover Oh big ol bus i filtrate him Oh leave your car behind and track it oh no the nice camera angles mate Oh God okay no birds mate shut up nah they're like oh every bears can right you see in this bottom right all right I'm back on the Sat Nav here we go I've got drive the same route we just did maybe it's easier in the actual bus Oh fusses no damage it was me tonight but Range Rover is fine I can crash but in the bus that can't be crash into the party music going on as well what do you prefer ca oh my god Wow I've done that somehow here what he needs he more respect people who do but are these oh my god I'm destroying the prayer hug the rear undercarriage of my bus dudes you've more respect to these drivers cuz they they do mad stuff even on a ski trip in a coach they do some math stuff but they can get round angles that you like no person coming around in a hatchback I need to turn you turn really wired you've got a really take it last second is scary especially these like Rosie's road said dodgy as hell I can't see this angle is not good please no no no no no zero zero I don't go there are buns for indicating and stuff I just haven't learned those ones yet I mean this was more real for a simulator this feels a lot more real right full speed ahead off we go that's hit the 110 is a speed limit so you can just get a go it and it changes to 90 here too bad I'm going fast weightlessness camasta it's 60 speed limit well sorry mate because we're going full speed ahead brake brake brake brake brake pretty quickly quickly quickly memory I definitely craft in the same excuse bit oh yeah x6 BMW powered like them the Karma was in this car better than most games i canna call these cars and I can recognize what cars your boss is back at the at the campaign Park in the yard a native vehicle was park here why not now they're into your office nice bus he said that she's me very very decent okay oh no excuse me sorry hello it goes without him get your first order who's glad to see available orders actually hold to confirm it you'll find it except the builders okay continue new orders this is a short trip one hour forty minutes gets 500 euros for it what would that's it current orders so glad to have to click it to do it or no sky it's it I become her again and skip times next appointment when is it what date was it there you go that's a day is no you should go to the gym and see what that is what's what's the gym in that say after I've done this first trip board the bus should have parked in a way like a gator out easier are these bus the proper hot as O&O where colonists bus I'll get a navigation is the first stop gonna be reversing out there and whose do this Victor beats on the wheel brake now be good peak reverse again check mirrors regards comes looking good I don't tell me I'm not professional bus driver at this point how you seeing what I'm pulling off and I think you are weight-wise why do I have to go around in a circle now it's time right that's new I don't see from Supermercado I guess I have to skip I can't turn right maybe to avoid a very harsh right turn it's ground air to pass a little holiday homes guess we going up there Airport right now I feel like high speed in this game way too much Oh what's this I like that stop office it's okay just go in to stop the Earth's nature wanting to be active you gotta get in alright holler at your boy so you're saying hey and I see you mate I see yo where you off to wait what I tell me where you have to come taking you there don't mean nobody dress or fight venture right you've all got like I can see more clothing door closes foyer ass that's what lit see that's what we're talking about they definitely bang the Mod they thought they Bank this is a lot more detailed than like a bust in their game are we are we that old clocking this bike as much as there's some things like this game that I definitely aren't great as a lot things are sick in this game I even really science and stuff I've done really well I have you have to be a bus driver you know God says that as any any question sir I wanted to see that one over there I said are you not all going to the airport by taking with you maybe that's why they're not dressed properly because it will go in home taking them to the airport yeah I really think I should cut the music out I just just don't think it's gonna be I mean at this point I probably already demonetised very well I just turned off music eyeing after this acceptor is accepted like I supposed to go one road over Shh it never happened oh my golly dressed up in here and I think's up there I can see sank out there on the map it's a white bear there's like a little coach dot for me nope but I'm not entirely sure it'll just stop anywhere here I don't mean it's the way I feel like I'm I couldn't tell what's going on here I mean a bus taxi Lane like where we're going why is this the route I pick up more Donaghy's maybe aha here we go I has more of them people get off oh why couple of them get off I only got one out – oh there's some beef count on that step wait what you free doing then you've got off – what why wait you just bit right you this bit did they just all right hey what'd you say what's on your phone you any games hey what guys in the information you're saying like you seem you bang that in a party by nothing let's go forward then I like this game I wanna see how in depth art the company thing gets if it's properly in depth and it's the really really big game big roundabout don't bother me look how we're here I'm traveling on sand road bit – out here maybe oh good that way just pull around the 50 miles an hour Oh just about lady a petrol I'm not good I don't over Tony petrol oh it's not a stop guys I just didn't I'll just check in zero all petrol is needed yep sorry lads if you don't mind if I just go in here that you just part of the job sometimes you'll get petrified ain't gonna make it there alright here we go take it a little wider waiting scrape the side there alright and then take it take it wide again hey hey you see in the skills I'm you see you see it refueling I mean we feel yeah petrol all right why Mars where you feel myself Oh away hey how much look we're a half tank this is genuine I guess it is I mean it is it is the coach at this point really with a bus did they cut coach bus where is it toys coach you later realistically should be come on keep it going and we are all done all right big boy refuel Oh how'd you get out out there that's that's just not physically possible check out the rims though look at those I don't to refuel again none right big old sir you ready there we go ok let's get back in spike good angle please oh god no this not this is not good angle yeah that's this can angle there we go Titus Titus angle more today I feel a bit more like an actual bus driver now you're taking these people then I taking them from a bus station to the air pool and free people got off and a new lot I just bought it's chillin I've been out my driving firstly I think I driving is great look at this nice you write about wait what well my actually following there's not region there's that island is the route may I'm laughed so enjoy how's she going I think it is I mean I supposed to go up here then turn around I'm really not sure here I'm very confused okay we're at a duress area that's what the actual job was right around here go bust around here you don't want to jump on jump off ok turn down this bloody Hill a bit fast sorry excuse me Toya fruit – stop – I stopping on the right eat oh it's going off then couple people getting off copy be going off four people five people six people free all at the same and is that guy's hair line and just disappeared at whilst he walked out to put it over the spit the hair lines disappear you can you just passed you a hair line disappears are you all you're all getting off what's the point then by that guy lost his phone and he's out on his phone straight away again she's got a Sun Hat on the trees ready to go okay well anyone left on the bus can I see the rest of the bus no one's on of us well off we go there taking the same journey without it now I think all these restaurants being discovered and stuff is that what I heard you I see anything you say no but may I see nine that can't bounce that balance off me properly don't mess with a coach hotel a suitableness there we go and the straight head Oh God it's at the same car that car's recovered drastically from what I saw it looking like previously I think that's a cow a lamppost off you get off you get on you get sorry come on hello hello hey how you doing my issue again are you bit sunburned yeah yeah yeah yeah the phone boys here are your new hello you're right or you iPhone as well very good can you go in a minute ago a veneer that tell is that you like five characters in this game all right ruff let me take you back yes all right go shopping what do I destroy at the most that's mean I just find these locations please the place I need to drive to for someone go for you to try that in series me uncommon fruit hello horns yeah the way everyone why haven't about Street roundabout oh I need to go I hit then Bobby I made it it's on give me your mia mama or something they saw the advert that I shouldn't but it's original yo before their Morning Calm I'm glad but wait some okay now I'm pulling that orange one right what's all this yellow stuff is that stuff I've done it's very computer yeah it's very confusing I think that's just like route that I need to do at some point then you come in nope all right mate the skillful oh oh no yep skills excuse me speed up excuse me I got guests to be taken to the airport on got need for office we're gonna rock down to a different song I'm singing Jack on singing the frogs on Electric Avenue boss that's me the morning comes in Tavella I'm get move around in a rapid speed rap here to rapid speeds you can't be messing the speeds that I'm delivering here across the air again oh this one no no no no no which one quite up I can't wait to go home I go out there I'll just come down from there sorry excuse me a big left turn it alright I'm back here oh we're going now a little bit this way I guess I gotta come in as an entrance mate you're sending me in circles Oh laughing posts begone boonies lamppost anyway it's ours I can't see how this fun I need to just assume what I can my safest is all right big boy turd looks like I'm going into here to drop off here again wait no no that wasn't yep okay you can stop now appeared change camera please no I'll get off if you don't get off wait what's going on then it just to be here hello okay I guess not now that has to be then there's a spot here it's orange a bit you've done this fruits all over the place it's Oh give me a room anymore we're gonna have to keep following this room screwed around the bow okay here we go everyone blue there we go now you know you're in the right place when it goes open for you people Don I go that seems good all right the cameras there as well oh yeah they bend it Oh God there we go right now wait now am i taking these people off another bloody mission again okay guys oh I think I might finally be going back to our home I need to drop I guess I'll drop hold all these lot yeah yeah I got all these off for the first the first one anyway then hopefully say right now go back to your company hopefully I've made with $500 this boss cost me like 90 grand and then I'm gonna make profit on this there's a lot of bus journeys I need to do it's all really sustainable for a game if I can start buying hiring people they're all passengers disembark gone see you later get off it turns your company I will do Crash's tech RCC percent are at crash ten times you mad I think so what is it oh my god oh lucky that wasn't that person was that I spin bags oh god no it's all go over this song no no no like a little bit a little you know Cole does anything you as cold as warm grows warmest temperatures oven quit gather coach skirt just gout the coach no no pretty go out route there we go real good we're all good we are saved okay enter your office our first employee go takes premium see the file folder on the desk hey employee yes yeah I think she right so that go to job market we hire someone who do you want do you want to get we got Michael you're one star was that what a story it means liability of the employee he's not really reliable what does the star mean South African send me hired if they offer them an apartment ain't open no apartments no one lien Falc he's got good reliability this one is really reliable Samir not have much reliable person if I can become he from tomorrow let's just get all of them and it's any more coat I need more buses okay so see what he does now does he just drive for me those much my driving time done do I just sit in the office now who is he that's my employee continue new orders right he's doing this one do I sign it to him he just go and do it go to imports I open the schedule you're gonna button in the entry ah Samir and you'll drive this one mate there we go I like this imagine everything he's off let's get two days forward let's just make he out here get this daily bread a bottle company needs a vehicle for an order to enter touch of it to it one I haven't what you mean I've had my vehicle now open the free management in the vehicles menu where's the vehicles is it here fleet management okay he really ruin him and stuff everyone do it I'll customize it change license plate what's a nicer take gonna be big boy they're really your employee did you speak oh okay I'm signing it's myself again basically I'm saying it now my vehicle screw you get any order for yourself these are old as which persist permanently they like special order that simple one-time orders and reappear occasionally I said this one's gonna be permanent that always gonna do it notice I assign it to him I don't want to do it I don't want to read I don't want to assign myself as a vehicle the driver I want to go to the gym later I'm gonna go on the oil exploration but yeah if you want to see me do this game and play it some more take it more seriously and Bowl means bang light some video if it does really well it may be a will this gym will improve your employees satisfaction what so one I have 11 oh wow you guys slow motion to table and I'll tell time we will do mate they released a song about slow motion just press shift any insert of rental apartment so she won't be able started saw start and will also improve your employee satisfaction oh I said you have to just go and click them is that you could hike collectibles you can't collect the shops I can buy stuff yeah what what please do a soccer pitch over here I just triggered everyone I thought will pay I think it is where's the goal was that oh yeah can we just do a crossbar challenge and air please where need to do any of this bus simulator driving I let's kick some ball I always got the ball why is it no boy yes that was tourists buy some they've enjoyed it as always make sure you like on video make sure you subscribe to the channel once you have subscribed make sure you smack the bell at entry get notify in videos that I post in the future you wanna submit a video idea or a game idea for yourself link download efficient as always and you become a member and drum probably discord and stuff you can check out all the perks by clicking the join button down below and I will see you guys next time good


jack tedore · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

josh the type of guy to say excuse me to a wall

Alpha Delta X · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

It is a bad idea to drive from 3rd person's perspective. It is more easier to do it in 1st person's perspective

Skylor Sutton · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Touwer 3D pro

Matěj Mezera · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Anyone know the name of song playing in the background from 11:40 to 13:00 +-? Thanks

Jamie Dray · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

What is the game called

Tfue · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

I have been to feurteventura

Fanatic gemini · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Do this with a Sterling wheel

lewie hinkin · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

17:58 a tad racist

Art Fiction · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Forza + stering well

Suma Kn · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Which game is this

Benji11 · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

Please play this again

Stepford County Railway · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

17:18 oOf

Flexx_M8 · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

that game is all right

Haroon Eqball · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am


Reddy vamsi Mandem · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

What is name of this game

Prajwal Bangalore Kannada film industry · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

link plzzzz

Leo · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

How did you get it for free??? I want it for free too but my mom won't buy me games ☹️☹️😭😭

Andrew Dupuis · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

there are so meany BUS Simulators hard keep up with them this looks good

Jamie Swift · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

F1 2018

GaMinG Shed · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

I pooped on ur driving skills

scott bridger · May 16, 2019 at 9:42 am

For any driving simulator I use my flight yolk. Does the trick kinda.. have u thought of trying out american or euro truck simulator 2 with the special cargo? I love these DLC deliveries. Biggest trailer has 10 axels and all wheels on them steer 😀 . Epic challenge for small cities. I have my eyes on this new bus simulator but like all new games they are expensive 🙁 . Great vid keep em up!!

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