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hi I'm Neela and my magic pad morbol and wasn't it [Applause] camping was such a great idea this is going to be so much fun hmm this is fun at all but I feel like doing something more exciting hmm waffle morphine – ah oh no where's that our towels go somebody must have taken them morville morph into a kite yeah [Applause] huh our food is gone not a gun something strange is happening morsel starting a campfire is so hard but I want to have these delicious marshmallows hmm move into a dragon hmm I wonder who or what is stealing all our stuff maybe it is a monster and the monster comes during the night and eats you while you sleep mortal let's have a look [Applause] hey I think it's scared of us hmm I think it's just a baby and it doesn't have its mother it does took our stuff because it was hungry and alone hey buddy don't be afraid let's find its mother hmm I wonder where she could be whoa its mother must be huge no Peter please thinks the mother is evil but she's only looking for her baby finally caught you no wait she is just looking for her baby what I see I'm sorry monster seems like I had you all wrong you are free to go by friendly monster I'm Mila and my magic had all those crazy magic pets why can't they be quiet for once that's it I've had enough of yes ah what's wrong Vanda Bo's doesn't want to play with you huh that's no fun right we can play together with these seeds my heads will grow so big that those pesky neighbors won't be able to annoy me any young hmm but how many seeds do I need hmm oh well let's just plant all of him I think the little dragon isn't sad anymore [Applause] Oh we have to save anger booze more for quick whip into an airplane these make it stop Thank You Mila and Morpher you saved me special thanks to you I don't drag you see mr. Vanderbilt magic pets are super friendly and helpful as well oh I want to play train driver morph into a train let's drag the Train all across town there is none go whimpers What's Wrong uncle well Bert my my car broke down now I can't go on my photo safari and take pictures of all the animals but uncle Wilfred you can come along with that we can bring you everywhere you wanna go Oh Thank You Bella and for for Wow great where do you want to go Matt hmm what about the sea these pictures are going to turn out amazing Oh doh my camera give it back please give it back monkey whoa this monkey is the same hobby as I do hmm have an idea we're still missing one picture a group picture of all of us would you take a picture how are you feeling myself you okay pour more fool it seems you're still sick you need lots of rest to get better don't worry more full daddy and I will take care of you hi April can you and marvel come out to play I didn't want to play but mournful is say and I said I would take care of him no more fool you need to rest to get better no more fool you can go and play Mila I'll take care of more for get lots of rest more full buy more full now then more full how about I read you a story we're back sure [Applause] [Applause] hi morbol are you okay I'm afraid of money for sure go away you mean tiger go bless you feel my lucky read came in handy once again [Applause] more fool what are you doing outside for my bed but you are sick you need to rest let's go home more full of babe with you that's grateful more fool let's pull a prank on daddy oh yeah morph into me great now put on these clothes okay let's bring daddy oh oh it's you Mila I didn't see you come down the stairs ah then you must be more full hi Mila do you and Morpha wanna play great let's go Jay I didn't see it was more full hi Mila what game shall we play Mila you're always so good at thinking up fun games yeah okay me luck your whoa now you only need to talk Sarah but where is she I'm in the tree I don't think I can get down anymore oh wait a second you're not Mila she's your mortal oh thank you meet mortal where well it seems Morpha listen with you which die isn't that more flick out Warfel wicked tease you are we want you're so small let me go you can't do anything where did that ball come from coach what's happening let's be the waste time yeah [Applause] this Mila nuke racism good morkul I'm so bored without more full let's find him [Applause] to finish reading my book about you to go and do something else so exciting hmmm let's get this out of the way okay now where was I take away the chin I did not break your silly beauty you know what I'm going to play without you I don't know what to drama hmm mournful would think of something that was a great book no sorry I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you for breaking the crayon on my drawing huh oh that wasn't Warfel I did that by accident oh did you also break more fools blocked our yeah and take the toys away probably I'm sorry I did all those things you too and I'm sorry I caused you to fight can I stay your friend as well


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