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hey guys we're gonna have more minutes I'm Chris and I'm the messenger yeah yeah and we let me recommend that you watch the earlier episodes if you haven't yeah yeah if you haven't watched the past 33 you should probably go see them they're pretty good yeah this is a DLC that just came out recently within the last month or so something like that of the the messenger is picnic panic yeah yeah neon in Miami Vice hey we had to go through and repeat the final boss yeah that was uh that was a hiccup in the plane I've read on get back so that could be a situation but I wasn't sure yes return to the series right but let's try this one more time blurry visions are forcing themselves into focus in an alternate timeline the folk ins have been kidnapped to this day a messenger is needed in the tropics oh boy oh boy picnic panic confirm whoa I believe this was a 3d tropical vacation I don't remember any of the voices we gave them earlier what is going on but a voice is sir who's my sister act against it for portal to another dimension is just opened shut up Billy it's fine you can you can get back to work but I'm supposed to be the one opening the portals madam I'm telling you it's fine it's the messenger leaving for a side adventure yes and do you think you'll do the thing no why because it's it's not real adventure if you don't do the thing but I want to do the thing don't whoa okay look it's just a quick trip to a dimension wood though Vulcan Island never merged with our mainland I'm sure it's nothing nothing of note will happen well you better let me know if you do the thing cuz I want to be there what I can barely remember what voice at hey last time I'll change it to a Jersey accent okay fine keep you up dude sick I'll be in my lab I mean toy and hover Jersey things what nothing well why don't you go then it's just once I wish somebody said Godspeed orifice here oh come on well we're trying to focus you why you always got him feel the need to make everything about you hey I worked really hard but it's not all it's always about you and the profit Oh me and the proper wait a minute don't oh big tall guys and it might be you but [Laughter] it's like is that the smaller headed one Oh prophet can you say Godspeed artificer just this once mmm I'm sorry what Wow can we just get on with the show already oh that's you out sorry I see all your lines can't we just steal life so at least not in charge of reading the we just steal lines already these two I swear just go messenger I don't forget where you're inching in officer Italian which you must prevent at all cost wait what forget alternate reality and whatever get in there stick to the script damn you guys can't do anything right he left you guys just suck in an alternate timeline far off the coast of messenger island that's really just phone that one keys in tongues or something oh god where the Sun shines bright on tropical but–can island so the little I didn't press anything I know you participate would have the demon general right a pity I don't know what it costs to point into panic God hey little little yeah take miss ostrich deepens I'm working on said the jungle hey buddy isn't for an evil rich probably give himself beat it's my tired of boots home suck would only one hero could travel across dimensions to rescue the folk kids and foil free plans farmer Fred's as little des Plantes unless of course it was all a trap I lost a die in an unfortunate glory hole incident not pleasant hmm not pleasant for anyone involved yeah that's next fight went really fast yeah yeah denied impressed anything this time typically it's especially when you talk for the first five seconds and then he disappears up to three it's like okay square detective wonders I swear oh wait hello there young adventurer elder I was transported here but I don't know where I'm supposed to go and who are you've known me since I was a child don't you recognize me Susie listen Susie I might be heard but never take more than a costume before me I remember every single student except your best especially you Susie I'm a real ninja Tom yourself oh yes Susie the ninja do you even cloud step oh yes it matters little I can sense the sprawls power which means my time is probably better spent helping rather than questioning Susie how about you right off very tolerant rarely evil being is coming peace to wait at the docks for the messenger said Yetta new truly beneficial offer for him I don't know I suggest you head for the docks down and get the out of my face and again we are all well versed in the prophesied acknowledge the scroll no need to wear a disguise next time Suzie you let those long beautiful blonde next time I will talk to Brian yeah at least knows who I am Brian's a bitch Suzie I believe in you what God traversing must be a quite a pain in this game now considering you haven't played in forever wait was that you from the past running towards the no I guess maybe it was one of your the other guys yeah I don't remember that Susie Susie Susie Susie 3zi and Susie fuzzy I'll hopefully get there all of them of the messenger I'm telling you I hi drinks that messenger will bow before mighty Roxton Teddy Baxter y de Messenger has arrived oh great sweet thing cam plenty of time left up to practice or spooky flight intro oh I guess I'll just have to come down and watch this quarter eyes don't make you taller you dumb tiny skeleton I I do well aren't you trying to get to the Mugen Island yeah early some opens a bit the big capture and how do you suppose we'll get there well I was thinking agreed to call my buddy man for deployment oh really that's not what buddies do did you just speak English sure did you like eat a bag of marbles and then trans huh called head out I don't know now I have a quarter bow before me – no – my superior – I will take you there on my skull mouse sweep the leg messenger oh sweet the leg Kraken your sons of a Kraken bitch well this is embarrassing look I know I have a date tomorrow uh could you help me get my stuff back oh I'll take you to book a nylon afterwards I have a promise sure all right well here we go no boy we're gonna still quest now don't mind the little appendages I beat the muscle I mean what is he what is he steering with more stilts maybe oh my god I can't wait for the demon to be introduced and be like hey I'm gonna be tragic as I can remember the demon there's weather is perfect he's gonna be a girl's mouth moonshine weren't Cheech we had a shirt yeah he's here at the photo boss oh all right first ruler serpent I'm walking rocks they're all cost yours now I'm moving up and down move down one lane so it looks like Oh sometimes you have to avoid the rocks or jump over it it looks like this Turtles yeah first beat a jump is the neckroll boost which has no cause to cool down that's why do use the knuckle boost yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yes it did it not too impressive right all right here's the kicker that girl boosted maintain freaks oh so you have to land on like the squishy boys oh you can still change leaves and jump off boosting wow man though this looks hard don't forget to avoid the rocks and you the neckroll boost if you want to maximize your speed this looks difficult that's about it covers it and I'll let you drive time gosh shoot the car is that what they say I'm from California I don't know what she's the girl means I know nice crab the point I do like the fact that the pixel though is changing and showing like three dimensions oh so dooms the pixel yeah look how it's like changing the top of the boat how like you can see parts of like the inside of oh whoa you're talking about there yeah yeah they're angling it slightly print yeah yeah I think you want to jump on those bad boys there you go I think you don't want to uh hordes rocks at all cost – through would it jump and jump on the the Buffy fish I haven't played turtles in time in a long time no I guess you can jump on rocks new fee only got a little totally single rocks sorry magic art I'm getting I'm getting very not turtles in time but uh oh god what does it call that Battletoads vibes oh yeah yeah cuz there's a lot going on it's like welcome back to the game you probably haven't played in forever by the way here we're gonna throw like a plunge to things at you – through these jump over these doll so don't jump over these hit these land on them but don't dash into them make sure that you have enough power it's a good thing that made me fight the final boss then again isn't it that's just gonna say oh a green late you probably want that oh you have three heart heart heart slit who said heart blood now yep wait more you're a boy you're fine see simple simple and clean boy we're making everyone feel tonight oh look God what what oh god you're gonna go into double bounce you're gonna Steve Irwin on him first Tony Hawk on mmm was killed by a by a stingray thing right yeah I figured you would kind of want to like avenge our fallen considering Irwin's a total boss and Tony Hawk still here just not doing anything better than the nine hundred so he didn't want and then he was like I'm done forget it holy gossip but you are getting total Tony Hawk vibes from like the the counters and everything your bonus for sweep combos god total turtles in time dude yeah yeah this is exceedingly long is this just I maybe I'm going for something is it just go and play you die no there's got to be something hey it seems quite long and it is no it is refilling your health bar for hitting those green barrels that was your best combo yet yeah Wow it even has like turtle one time sound effects though oh no except it's more megaman though duty – yeah at the rod in there yeah oh god when you die and explode right yes oh my eyes there's a there's got to be something I gotta get right or this may be the last one just feel like you goes on forever okay there you go get all the feathers make banjo-kazooie proud no you didn't do it the purple feathers gone the perps totally derped on you oh yeah you can't jump over those yet they go up and down ah it's only getting hotter in here – yeah did you uh there's only three lanes that what I'm seeing Wow right sure that squish boss wait squid oh boy possible oh so this is checkpoint system I stole the demons eye to the glory hole I was the glory hole the horn whoop oh hey just stay in the middle you're gonna have to do the didgeridoo jizz there you go there you go and then no oh god how did you even do that oh he's threatening to blackball you you'll never make it in Hollywood boy damn oh do I never make it there anyways though well I mean yeah I kind of figured oh you just you just gonna you are getting a – combo so I love you not that I think the score is much but uh maybe I have to wait till it's like the wines they get that jump into him maybe there's always a trick with these bosses there you go Dom I get the – into the black balls there you go – into it take that gotcha it's stupid octopus show you on you should have been a squid instead of an octave you're not even a real good octopus you only got like well at most six legs yeah what the heck the wrong supports they eat man don't know hey I think I can fight squids at six octopuses have eight that what it is I will neither confirm nor deny I am NOT a fish I'm not allowed to testify against somebody who I love oh [Laughter] wow they really oh yeah that was what I'm supposed to do it yeah sports the user the charge attack doesn't have a you said it doesn't have like a rebuild on it right no it doesn't oh you're at to health so if you can find one of those green barrels that would be ideal that would be real chill chill of you I'm still left to go for it always the one with fashions actually feel like you can move up you can move forward or back if you wanted to probably no that's not good damn if anyone asks I'm taken okay oh my god are you kidding me all the way back to start no oh thank God thank God boss who I am dripping sweat yeah it's one it was a hundred and one today boys and girls and it's still whoo it's still probably about 95 in this recording room right now and we have headphones on with everything closed up with no fans no a/c we're sitting on the couch shoulder-to-shoulder stick to stick and same as fighting gotcha and then in the tropics I am in the tropics I'm feeling that bursting boys it is a hard day's night whoo booze come in his face did poop oh god I got brows wet that's not good yeah I took a shower too but I'm like I had to his old it went for honesty that day like for showers a day yeah and I mean like with soap and stuff I mean like I just go rinse off and old water you hate cold water I like warm showers but at the same time when I take warm showers when it's this hot I get out or do breathe the humidity that's big is he dying from all the heat you have topically I do love how they included the fact that he flashes red when he's injured much like the old school so food oh speaking of I know we just started this game what are you excited to play River City was it River sister yes so bad it looks really good I haven't played a good beat him up in a long time hey and we've got like there's a couple be notes I'd like to play on this channel at some point turtles in time being 101 another yeah that's it damn you old Samuel oh we also want to play what's it called the remake of Street Streets of Rage the new streets rages come now yeah yeah yeah three beer I don't know when that's coming out but it looks good yeah I think it's three or four I don't know when River City girls coming out either we have it under schedule I just ident top my head I don't know it's coming out soon but yeah the animation looks really great I was like yeah man that's that looks tight probably play that I'm loving this cuz it's not a reentry immediately back into the mechanics of the game yeah it's like Oh relearn this and then we'll probably give you something easy to be like oh here's the nude here's the jump mechanics and then we'll really get right back into it because you kind of have some muscle memory Oh a little bit yeah after being that I mean you you have to you just beat the 'final boss cuz the game decided it really wanted to make you do that the only one those give me trouble is getting used to grappling hook again that was that was throwing me for a loop that's act cuz I couldn't move quick enough I thought I can move faster but that's only if you're really good with the grappling hook which you fight that point of the game you should be yeah what after what is six to eight nine months later what yeah you're not you're not exactly the best that the guys think we beat this game around April you got a you got a Duke one with the blue piece I can't remember because after we played shapes of beats he was it yeah just shapes in BC February I believe so yeah yeah I think you'd be correct sir I'm gonna go oh boy there you go nobody likes bubbles underwater that probably just means somebody farted whoa very nice it's not the good jets not like the Jets like No actually don't like the jets in jet jet skis huh Kuzon they uh they make me itch oh don't wait too aggressive oh never bothered me too much but just depends on the chlorine levels my parents used to have a jacuzzi yeah but uh I meant like going to like it saddles and stuff yeah but you know one health and I didn't want to I didn't want to call you out on it we'll see you guys next time you'll fight the suede later yeah bop boo gonna air out the room hopefully I can pause oh thank Christ thank Bob Saget thank everyone Sam you've only been in here for about an hour and a half playing in 95-degree whether a room that has literally no air circulation someday we'll have AC Samuel something we just gained a couch will cane AC someday boy he got hot in here


PatV · July 30, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Talk about suffering for your art! Wow! I do appreciate you guys doing this in this awful heat. This was fun. I'm definitely going to check out the older videos.

PatV · July 30, 2019 at 12:52 pm

Ha! I thought this was the beginning of a new series! I'll have to check out the earlier videos. My son played this game and he loved it.

Israel Medina · July 30, 2019 at 12:52 pm


No Namer · July 30, 2019 at 12:52 pm

just revisited the playlist to see some of the episodes again glad to see part 32 got a sequel! 😀

let's be honest episode 33 the FINALE wasn't that great cause it just wasn't part 32.

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