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welcome along to the breakaway Matteo Trenton got the rind in at the last chance saloon at the last big chance for the breakaway goes to the mitchelton Scott riders we head towards the Alps Julian L Philippe is a man taking the yellow jersey to the big mountain showdown also rather Wiggins Brian snow are here to go through the day and look ahead to the Alpine sheer tide and Bradley we have seen Richards and Scott suffer adroit over the last three years what is it about winning that encourages wedding among Stettin is it just confidence well I think it's the atmosphere and obviously I think simon yates set the tone obviously you know the forgetting names today the south african rider that one excuse me down and just i was the bus again this morning and ye and they're just the opposite the riders coming out doing casual interviews there's no timings whitey was saying we're just gonna be firing riders up the road as much as possible now and in some ways because they haven't got a GC to ride for they can just focus on stages over watch simon yates come in here 10 15 minutes down earlier you know just it's so relaxed they can have a day off pretty much on day like today in the next three days you can guarantee they'll be they'll be up in the break again you've gotta remember that they came here to support adam yates so they're here to do a job I knew had one of the strongest teams so when the leader doesn't deliver then you've got pretty much seven strong raters are very capable when they stage let Brad this is your picked up days they'll go for the days it's not as if the leaders gone and and then yeah we'll just throw him in a breakaway and let's see what happens they've chosen the stages that sent the riders and he's a quality rater well that's here from inside at the team then the Julian doing the assessment sports director has been chatting to Matt Stevens at the race finish today spoke with Matt white this morning getting out his crystal ball again he said you were going to go for it once more and you've racked up your fourth stage win by the European champion you know a truly amazing day you know we we have been going really well obviously were three stage runs before this morning but you know when you got good form and the guys Morales were really high there's no reason to take the foot off the accelerator and you know we sit today to try and get Matteo Wardell on the brake again did their and the boys did the job what was said at the team meeting this morning well we've seen behind the scenes a little bit with the team in terms of what what said to the riser what's particularly said on the bus this morning I mean nothing nothing new was differently sit on the bus at all but when it comes down to was you know you've got to pick out things you can use to your advantage and our advantages a moment this morning was would one three stages were gone after more stages but we don't really have to kill ourselves we just have to make smart decisions put ourselves in the right moves and things happen and you know sometimes when you have that little bit more relaxed approach which were able to take from our previous stage ones you know things tend to fall your way a bit easier it's like I guess it's like gathering momentum isn't it it's just kids they see it coming and coming yeah I don't think it's not um it's not out of the ordinary in sport too you know you have a series or a good run of victories and you know I think like I said you know they get that relaxed feeling within the organization and that shift the focus away from from Adam and you know just let things happen themselves fantastic enjoy some more champagne tonight yeah we will do Milton Julian Dean backing up what you've both been saying really that they just feel relaxed and Bradley it's almost easy to forget that they came to this race with an entirely different game plan isn't it they did they came here with obviously Adam Yates looking for GC that didn't work out but as again I spoke to Matt white this morning he was saying that they're gonna fire everyone up the road and actually including Adam so Adams obviously starting to feel good again and he wanted to get in the break and try and get a stage with him and try and get one to match his brothers I don't forget the last time in the Tour de France with two brothers maybe one of stage in the tour in the same race but superb I mean it they're just as I said they were fantastic team then and de conic quick step they kind of the most relaxed atmosphere around the team and when you're in a team like that and it's winning it's so infectious isn't it Brian you just you all want to win yeah of course you do and it's the same when you go back to their tale the staff are all waiting for you and it's just everybody up so again just consider before the smart and even now we have had seven teams of the 22 teams won a stage editor seven there was 15 teams and maths right yeah 15 teams there's 15 teams with her when this was the last pretty much opportunity for them to win a stage confidence were there before it was like Julian didn't sit there who's big pressure on everybody else they could just but I tell you what when Michiel Trentham they went from thirty three to ten and then he went off the front on his own or kilometres before that last claim tank child to victory even casperrr screen sat on up backer the the grip all day couldn't even catch him towards the end he'd really deserved up high exciting would it be does he Adam yeah it's going up the road and the Alps he's far far enough back to at least be given some leeway let's have a little look at the riders who will be contesting GC over the next couple of days then and it sells julien ala philippe right front human teens has one minute and thirty five lead over gallon thomas and no change behind that which means you know we've got this we keep talking about this some forty second buffer between Gary Thomas and Bookman that can go in a couple of clock not even a couple of hundred meters and you take ala Philippe out that equation how close is the next few right from two to sort of six there I mean we're in set for an amazing couple of days in the mountains let's not hope for Julian's sake that he does explode but you know something's going to happen in the next three days someone from that top six is going to explode horribly you know it's it's you have to take your opportunity and the deeper you get into race especially a three week race you don't want to to take that big lunch forward that big attack because you're frightened that you might blow but that big attack may lead you to the yellow jersey in victory in the Tour de France so it's weighing up everybody's tired you can see that with everybody so it's who's going to have a go and who is happy with our podium place who wants to win the race more than anybody else and in my book the only person that's got that experience is Goering but they have to get that communication between Bell now and Garrett writes the best claim on that the the one it's only ascendancy seems to be Pino but like we're saying about a loffley these guys and that team have never been in a race when in team they have surely we're talking about podium positions and battling for podium maybe Saturday Friday Saturday tomorrow when you've got those riders so close together you're laughing we're getting Peter Sagan and in just a moment in fact I think we can get him in nine let's have a little look Peter so again first of all Brian off you go and here's the man himself earlier getting the green jersey yet again going for his seven green jersey i think it's a story on air hello welcome Peter lovely to see you we are as well hi was today hot yeah and don't ya the temperature drop 20 degrees then was also good and then in the end again 33 okay it never looked that hard for you though really Peter the things are neither looks like you know you know no do you have a sense of what you're about to achieve number seven green jersey number seven do you sort of feel that or is it just all in a day's work for penis again important is to come in the Paris yeah and exactly yeah of course then I hope the next next three days or very hard tomorrow is 280 kilometres involves up and down and then the twenty stage it's crazy I think then I try my best you do you seem to be enjoying this year's chair to France in particular is it are you having fun yeah because they're getting golf then I have to enjoy the mom and you know what about the day that you signs a lot of fans booked on the way up the term la most people our heads dine in a world of Peyton I knew decided yet I'm going to take that book I'm going to sign it as I climb not that hard to do I have to go like we go for wind that for France that is difficult you know when I am in group 8 along and somebody asked me to sign and it's okay and what about your here's your thing on the TV now I'm signing the book that guy's famous now thanks to you what have you got your teammate Bookman he's doing an amazing job as lien for these chances the next few days yeah you know the third week into the front is very hard you know to tell something about it and I just hope and I believe that could be good good for him and really I wish him the good energy and to stay in the front and maybe move more in the into the top is it divided on the team then I presume you're not going to have to work for bickmans podium position or years for you it's all about green it's about green but now it's a modern stages then I gonna have already trouble with myself that climbs up and down then I don't know what the kind of help me expect from me but if I'm there I tried to give him some bottle maybe that's brilliant and what about Paris you know hope to win on Paris difficult sprinters the different Sprint's are normal isn't it uncle I think this year is gonna be first of all I think to come there oh really and then even if it's trouble for you then everyone else is in real trouble I mean like and then we all see how many sprinters we left what's in your house is gonna be my dream to win in Paris but you see what's been your highlight so far on this year's tour Peter what's been your favorite bit sorry part of this year's not so far yeah especially pretty fast and now well arez days were very good not the stage when the rest day oh yeah well stage renal nice yeah but what about your wheelies your wheelies at the top of the time trial had four people what's next is where you gonna do the Walter and maybe the world championships in the UK I try yeah yeah they're gonna go yeah in altitude before and after I want super rare for for a Yorkshire area see when we're watching that I just can't believe you when you tell me how hard it is because that's at the top of some of the steepest climbs of this year's Tour de France and you still have the energy to lift the wheel up and expect you to go all the way up the Gullah be a tomorrow for example on one wheel no you're not going to do it tomorrow really are you looking forward to the next three days or is it just a case of survival and I all the way to Paris oh well I have to set in my mind and I am flying bar now right then I don't gonna enjoy it Peter it's been an absolute pleasure watching you thank you very much and best of luck with your battle for green I think you have an awful lot of people willing us for the party in Paris yeah if you win the stage if you get your green you'll come and join us again pause give us an invite yeah thank you very much indeed just for us your life what an absolute superstar thank you [Laughter] really maybe if he'd have been jealous along the way he's gonna need them for tomorrow that is for sure because we are off to the outs in the first of three crucial stages in deciding once and for all this year's Tour de France as you can see we go up the Col deze a walk we go up the cold you get Li ba to or category climbs taking us over 2,300 metres before the descent into valois well you can watch highlights of the stage today at the eight o'clock tonight on Eurosport one we'll be back bright and early I recorded Italian tomorrow morning again on your respiratory by the Wiggins podcast yeah what are you doing it's a treat he's bringing you bonus episodes from the race and brought the podcast to the top of the sports podcast charts so check that one night where we are saying goodbye to the relative flat loans for now Matteo Trenton take the stage win to the Alps Julian I love Phillipe with the yellow jersey as we take the stairway to heaven which will determine who climbs a stairway to the top of the podium in Paris are you ready for the Alps join us tomorrow


Shaarang Tanpure · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Wiggins – 2012 TdF winner and Olympic champion fan girling over Peter Sagan just made my day. Find someone who looks and smiles along with you like Bradley and Orla do with Sagan. Sagan showing pure class and why he is THE face of the sport.

Michaela Michnova · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Peter, whats your favourite moment of the tour so far?…..Rest days were good 😀

Jack Duffy · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Appreciate what we get from the Tour Eurosport, Aly Aly.

MrBoggins1234 · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Not possible to love segan much more. What a diamond.

Fabio Hering · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am


Damien CALLAGHAN · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Peter Sagan signing the book going uphill

Brenda Vane · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Hope everyone understands the Australian, yeh…no.

Miguel Gonzalez Vaz · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Wiggins and Orla laughing at every word Sagan says like people in love staring at her loved one. Loving the coverage anyway!

rob5gt · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Wiggins is a legend! 'he must be smoking crack' made me laugh 😂

Squizzy Taylor · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

My lord…..

Tarek Maafa · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

It took you long time to upload it ! Hope that everything is okay

D 13 · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am


NC NC · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

Петруха 👍👍👍👍👍

Simon Gilliat · July 26, 2019 at 11:39 am

At last! Well done..

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