The Bitcoin Time Traveler was Right Since 2013, and predicts $100K for 2019

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that my presentation was how the how the unsound booms that are created by the sanity central bank's all right we should say the banking cartels supported by the central bank's to be accurate but my presentation was about the brought up the question of whether whether or not there was a lot of now investment in the sector right and it was and at that time it was like I gave the presentation it was a little bit complex it went into a little bit of the the economic theory behind the boom-bust cycle and I think I saw a lot of puzzled faces and not sure what was going on and while I was going into this but but here we're living through it now we're seeing a lot of these a lot of the startups are are probably gonna be worthless right someone have already shown that they were that they're worthless we're going through that purge process even a lot of the coins that we thought we're gonna we're gonna make it we're not so sure anymore right so and like Jason you know that that comes from you know 20 or 30 years of experience with death we look at all the fun of mammals everything looks good on the way up on the way down things kind of looking a little different right that's that's like an important part because fun is a characteristic component of the of the market we have to have it and it's our job is to price it hmm right we are novice to price the fear the uncertainty and the doubt when there is none that's the kind of that's kind of the sign right that's a sign that nobody's pricing in any anything negative right yeah yeah you know and just that reaction to any any just the possibility of 3k that just the reaction to that alone kind of that affected me and turned me bearish more and I actually started this short Bitcoin from about 17 down to about 10 and I think I stopped at about eight I wasn't sure if that was the right risk reward anymore but just for my trading account not you know okay I have a cold storage but I have some for trading in and it was it was fun too short for a while but but now it's I think it's I think the tides turned I think you know it's like it's like we've disc there's no standard of value that we you know it's not like it's not like there's a price earnings ratio or book value we ran above a point that anybody or any of that so then it's consensus and but you know you're gonna get to a point where you're gonna find like you know I don't know how much we want to say over the camera but you get to a point where your employees are gonna start to want to be paid in quite hectic right then you're gonna have to go out and get the big coin and so there's you know at some point you know they're just gonna end I think we saw a record next short position I'm in Phoenix just the other day no I don't know what's happened to it in the last two days but just the other thing they said on a record – that's another sign right that's how many people think it's going down that kind of tells you that maybe it's over weighted to the downside now yeah right and most I think the were most calls are now you know they're all over the map but it's very yeah they're lower yeah oh yeah because you know the a year ago everyone was talking 100,000 john mcafee 1 million or he'll eat his penis that's he must be kind of and we never did anything late but I pointed out it is possible for Bitcoin to go to those types but you know it's going to take a while for the markets to do that is this what these things don't happen overnight and that's another thing that you know and they go through cycles and kind is important like yeah everybody underestimates time everybody thinks it's gonna happen overnight no it's so true but at the same time when we have it so down in the the feared that the cryptocurrency fear index is that almost record lows right now and you see people with their price predictions now are like zero the 1000 I think they're going too far to the downside and and you've actually been one of the people out there that I you know not many people are saying that this is the bottom and you've been pretty confident now I know it could go lover and you said that and it definitely could but you've been pretty confident that this is pretty close to the bottom unless something until the unexpected happens at this point yeah I think so cuz you know I mean my diagnosis is that the fundamentals are sound you know I know there's this lots of uncertainty about which coin is gonna win and which clay is the best in yeah that's a whole other topic that we could go into just trying to cover that the you know there's so much going on the crypto space the miner wars going on this let's hold Bitcoin cash fork and people are talking about aetherium the sec might come after it and say everything on there's a security and try to shut everything down which will obviously cause major problems for etherion bitcoins got we've got major questions what bitcoin with the lightning network will work whatever become anything even close to usable its cash you know what's going to win out and that's that's a whole other topic from just the general where the market is so not only do you have to be aware of these market cycles but you have to be very in the know on what's going on in the space and I would say 99.999% of people up to have no idea what's going on and we're very lucky though you know this has been our main one of our focuses for a while now and you focus on a lot and then we have Raphael averted and we actually have another new person called mr. X he doesn't even want his name to be known he's actually one of the most prolific Tracy Smith and is not it and man that you know I seen their research reports we've put the mote ring up to premium subscribers and it's 40 pages of the smartest stuff I've ever seen and that's a whole other angle so we're kind of like well I guess we're kind of like the older guys now it's kind of weird for me to say because I used to be the younger who are kind of like we're just looking more at the big macro stuff a bit more but they're drilling down into each one and I'm looking at each of these coins and really trying to figure out going to win so so there's a number of reasons to subscribe to the door bitch you want to newsletter so you can get all the information there's really no other can use look at health reading covering the space you know I don't think there's a couple but like no one doesn't anything like what we've done other than that as long it's not as well you know I saw like I saw a post on Facebook written by one fella I won't mention his name but one of our subscribers it he he screamed the entire nap he couldn't find any anyone who could explain this bear market at all right and he wasn't mean to us and he was like everybody out there is talking under their house nobody knows anything and you know what that is opportunity right because nobody knows anything that's what opportunity is when all the analysts have figured it out and to tell you exactly what's going on and you know exactly who's gonna do the best and Woodstock spin it you know curtsy we're talking about but whether it's stocks of currencies same thing and right now there's a lot of chaos so that's opportunity yeah absolutely and I find that you know if you're gonna if valuation is not a reliable it's not a reliable if evaluation is not a metric that we can apply to find the bottom sentiment is right incentive in this silk bearish as we keep talking here so you know whether it's whether it's one thousand two thousand of whether it's here where I think we bought him but who cares no but be careful what you buy and that's you know another whole thing and well unless your traders are traders and you know how to manage your risk and as long as you're disciplined and you know you know you have your parameters before you go into a trade you know and that's a lot of stuff that you talk about but it's really an incredible times and a lot of P it's so amazing like I remember when I told people about Bitcoin around 3 and then it hit around 300 and they were just lashing their own back saying they missed and if it ever goes down to three again bye-bye and a few dollars yeah yes and then it goes up and then there's a whole new bunch of people and uh it's a bit going at ten thousand dollars you told me about it around a thousand and I'll often every close down I'm gonna buy a lot of those people you never hear from them when it goes down they're just just okay well here's another thing about that is like you talked about okay like right now we're at one three five hundred or something like that you think okay well I'm gonna wait till it goes down to 1500 at 1500 it's not gonna be as risky man look Marrero is at 40 bucks or $50 and people are still afraid to buy it all right it doesn't matter where it is the percentage in percentage terms like from $40 to $20 is 50% right so the percentages are still gonna exist whether you're at 3,500 or whether you're in 1,000 it's there's no matter if there's so it's basically it's it's all about where at what point the fundamentals where all the short-term traders are out or over for shirt too much and where the long-term fundamentals start to overweight and we're gonna find that out those where that is bites but I think one thing that will be very that will be very they'll provide a great impetus for the next bull market and you can't see it now because everybody thinks the US economy is sort of healthy at least okay nothing's you know everybody's forgotten that this is sort of that a lot of the numbers that they're looking at are the product of a of a monetary manipulation manipulation interest rates that that is that's historically extreme okay so as we said when when things are going up everything looks one way and then when things are going down everything looks another way and when we hit this recession this is going to be the biggest recession this is gonna be the worst recession you've seen in decades it's not maybe not going to be the final chapter but to be a bad one and you're gonna see the same kind of confidence drop in the banks at least that we saw after 2008 and I mean the 2008 dropping confidence basically ignited Bitcoin right that was you know that's what created it I guess but it's what he was planning it but he actually released it and put it out in the initial the Genesis block a front page photo of talking about the banks being bailed out and he sent something along the lines of this is why we're in a bit was amazing so someone we're reminded of that what if we will be in the next recession right that's what I think you're gonna see the next fundamental is it is for capital coming into this basin yeah yeah it's gonna be wild and crazy and it's not gonna be easy and that's really why you know one of the things I always said is you know if you're trying to invest in something you really need to understand that otherwise you'll get scared off during these booms and busts and so for people like us we understand Kryptos well enough that we know ok what's down from 20,000 to 3,500 on Bitcoin a lot of them are down 95% if you read the news Peter shell and the mainstream media there talked about it's going to zero if you don't know what's going on you might believe that because it looks that way right now but if you know what you're talking about and you know the market well enough you have a level of confidence that now this is probably pretty close to the bottom and then you can start buying but if you don't have that level of confidence you're just kind of like I don't know how you get really scared if this technology comes in and people just start selling and they just want to get out and it's it's kind of funny because it's the opposite of what most people do right when it's Black Friday or Thanksgiving or whatever they have a sale at the stores they line up downs down the buck with investments when when it when there's a sale on investments everyone gets scared it's the exact opposite mentality yeah you're right it's conviction in conviction right but it's a tricky thing right because you don't want to have too much confidence or conviction in something that's wrong so there has to be like you have to have sort of got an idea of you know you have to have a when you're building beasts when you're building in market outlook you have to treat it as a hypothesis hypothesis right this is my market hypothesis let's think about whether there's other hypotheses right and I tend to do that and I tend to attach probabilities different scenarios right but if something happens in the market that that fundamentally rejects your thesis you've got to pay attention to that – right a lot of people may interpret that and say no I got a state with my conviction right and me you know but that's it that's the tricky thing you got it you gotta defend it really you know it after it really is experience you know like you got to put your time in the more time you put into to this business it the more you're gonna be up on everybody else because every year there's new people coming in you know new graduates from the universities new adults new generation right and a lot of these people in lynchpin alright but if you've been around for a while even if you've lost money and you've learnt things you're gonna be ahead of them absolutely right so it's um the longer you've been in this this in this business the more experience you have a lot many people get discouraged you know they claw can't make money in this he can't see the future it's true you can speculate about the future you know you can be pretty good at like seeing certain things I mean that's what we try to do right you know a little crystal ball but um but you know the more experience you have the the more your conviction will be important to you the more but you all but you want to have sort of risk management parameters so that if so it so happens you go okay maybe I should reconsider it maybe that's about the right thesis or maybe I should get out of the trade or whatever ya know it really does come down experience and that's what so you know children horns here but we both been doing this for 30 years and I remember annoying throughs myath in my first sort of crash that I ever saw was back to 1994 ish with the bre-x the diamond fields and all that when bre-x came this is a mighty 796 sorry 96 s yeah I was investing 94 95 and we just start a stockist calm we have the message boards called bull boards on there and I don't know what bre-x it would look like it was a fraud and for people I've known about their did you look it up it's one of the most amazing stories ever it's a goal finding thing when they said they had 200 million ounces of gold and they didn't have anything and there's a guy thrown out of a helicopter and everything and I said there was a fake movie about it yeah that's everything but it was fake I was like shocked if I psycho and I didn't understand what was going on and why is everything going down and you know and then I go through that and then I go through the tech bubble and I started to catch on I read the book the creature from Jekyll and then I go to the the housing bubble and I'm with you guys like watching and expecting it when that happened like I said it gave me a lot of confidence and then we'll go through that and we went through the gold silver went up to 2001 to 2007 to 50 you actually called pretty much the top on that again and and so it's actually kind of funny because knowing myself 20-30 years ago I'd be shocked right now this crypto market but I haven't just seen it this happen so often in fact I was really happy when it started to happen because we were both expecting it with I had personally taken some profits about a year ago and put it into gold and silver and and so as I'm seeing a crash the natural instinct for a lot of people especially some people were very bubbly we are and I do have a lot of crip does but it's way lower than I had a year ago is is to panic but I'm like just sitting here very calmly going this is good and I'm gonna start buying right around now which we said to so what's what's worse about that is that yeah it less than we have a year ago maybe because everybody wants to get paid in Bitcoin now so it's like costing us more a bit quite you know keep things going right so it's like oh we got a guy even more down here to get you know that's very true but I I mean an actual conscious decision to try to spend Bitcoin more than I had in the past over the last year so if someone want to get paid like a year ago when bitcoins around 20,000 like I'll give you some Bitcoin and then like now as you know like even you were asking me if we had some extra that I could give you and I was like I'm actually trying the whole gun buying like big-time right now I'm not trying to get rid of it and I actually had some problems getting some funds into the exchanges some time but I finally got some win but yeah these are just you know but you know and the thing with the crypto market says I saw a hole and it said something like fifty percent of people in the market are young twenty thirty year old guys who are like libertarians or anarcho-capitalists that's like a poll of people who are into the crypto space and these guys have never seen these market swings before if they've been in Bitcoin for a while they have the last one was probably what was the 2013 I think it went up over a thousand I went back then 200 and but if people have got into it on 2016 or so they haven't really seen these sort of crashes before and you see a lot of just people confused and panicking and that sort of thing and that's exactly when you want to be buying I'm not to say that this is the exact bottom but I'm seeing some coins out there I'm not saying a lot of them are good in fact this as you pointed out this will wash out a lot of the bad ones which is totally necessary in the market but there's a few I mean air is a good example yo so I recently duck down under two bucks and I was like okay although there's issues with here like there's so many things going on it's just a wild space gonna cover that yeah we're actually going to cover that just so you know people out there watching on YouTube we don't put out a lot of the information that we read about in the newsletter because people pay us for that information and obviously we're going to give it to them first so if you want the inside preparation definitely sign up to newsletter we've been talking to Tumbo crypto I know we've got to get running soon but sighs yeah I'm gonna have together let me pitch a couple points yeah there was a point where just a DAB to the sentiment angle there was a point at the top where people thought that stock stock investing in bond investing was gassy like it was like oh yeah and would pick everything over everything right and that's those are the kinds of science things you have to pay attention to that's like a mania right that's the those are many ideas right and it is possible but it's not gonna happen with see if it's gonna happen it's five 10 15 years ago and the good news is this volatility is gonna be here to stay for a while this in you know and let me mention that you know like that's that's Peter ships biggest problem with this whole thing is the volatility right and you know obvious you know anybody with any kind of a math education knows that you know when you get to a point you know when you imagine the market cap of Bitcoin getting to a trillion or two children that's right the volatility is not gonna be the same because it's got critical mass right right now the doorway is small so you got people going and you got people going now there's a lot of volatility like a small little penny stock right yeah what the so I think the home where it cut Bitcoin another on sixty billion dollars which is Bill Gates could buy all the Bitcoin if everyone was gonna establish they won't but you know that's a tiny tiny market one person divided market right but I wanted to mention the volatility as being is a bit of a crappy argument right and I want to point out one thing on that is that look the volatility in foreign currencies you know I mean the you in eight years of US dollar haves right against European currencies look at the Canadian currency look at the South African Rand look at some of these other less higher risk currencies they're very volatile it's nuts to sit there and say you know like to say okay well those currencies okay they're okay their currencies but the crypto currencies know they're to volatility currencies right and so on the other side of that of course is that we're pricing the stuff in dollars it's really the dog events you have to take into account the dollar volatility do you like the stock markets the bubble in real estate that's all dollar volatility beater deputies got a few things right I know he has you know some Austrian economics and he did pick I think the in bubble burst which anyone who knows Austrian economics me that lookin hash and you know he's he's pretty smart guy but he seems to be missing some things especially what the crip does like he just seems to have this bug in his back about Bitcoin and he just can't accept that it's a it could do something you know it's actually crazy when you actually know the value of these cryptos you know the fact that you have a currency that can't be controlled by a central bank that can't be sieved by a government that can be transferred across the world in in a few seconds or minutes for almost nothing the value of that is absolutely massive at this time in in in where we live today with all these massive mafias and the value of it will be even greater in about two years you see yeah absolutely and we didn't get into about the rest of the crashes that are pretty darn close right now and actually we should get into a little bit you've had so many great calls you see I loved your call but to short the tech stocks especially Facebook and stuff like that and I could tell there was a little bit of it was because you're like there's sensor and stuff so much you know they're gonna you know they should go down or whatever but you're also looking at the TA and all the fun Michael's no I was it was not avoided that emotional reaction I was upset but I do think that it's going to be the end of their own it is it's a bad move on their part I think you wouldn't you know obviously they've got plans to bring in the regulators and sort of you know to share that task of controlling content with the government right so they're gonna try to control things and they're gonna no way to be harder for competition to advance but it's but what they've done at the same time is going to catalyze competition I think right so yeah that remains to be seen but I think we're seeing some of it was not pretty you know there's so many reasons why those stocks should go down any oh and starting to drop but on that point like Facebook Apple Netflix almost all the stocks that I mentioned they are all priced this is the paper folks they were not too perfect just but – as if there was gonna be no competition ever mmm not just next year but ten years from now so I do think that the idea that competition could be a factor did playing into the peak on all of those stocks including like Netflix came you know we've heard that Disney is gonna take away their to take away some of the whatever contract they have with Netflix right and that Disney's gonna start their own what he called it what he called this streaming platform ring it's gonna start its own streaming platform so I mean that came around in the last year or so – and you know with Tesla of course you've got GM and I think you got some of the European card companies that are putting out electric cars so there's the idea these stocks were priced at levels where people were growing like they've got these guys have monopoly on this stuff forever in Ulsan that changed right I think why Facebook there's a I saw a poll and like 50 percent of Millennials have have closed their Facebook accounts like it's so not cool every time that I meet people that are like in their 20s early 20s and I'll be okay we should keep a contact on Facebook and they're like no like none of the kids are on Facebook and that's how fast these things change I remember I was on myspace before Facebook and just overnight everyone was on Facebook and so if something else comes up and it could be decentralized you know we'll see what happens and and that's really exciting and soccer boats you know things like steam it and stuff like that now steam it hasn't done that whoa but there's other ones coming into the market now as well it's actually a pretty amazing time to be alive and being a speculator and investor even has the the amount of chaos of volatility and things that are going to change over the next few years is impressive yeah keep your eyes open frog – it's gonna I mean don't focus on the name yet don't focus on the chaos don't focus on look at all were the opportunities that come around from that yeah absolutely unless we're fortunes are really made and I think you know kryptos work I think we're fair close to the button it could go a bit lower here but for all these people who've been watching and thinking oh I wish I got in a couple years ago when we were talking about it so in 2011 we were talking about this is your sort of next chance and you know it's amazing I don't hear anyone really clamoring for crypto information they're eating that like no one's like hey you know like where's the opportunities because everyone's in the state of panic and fear and then fun at the moment and again that's another opportunity for people to read and learn and get ahead on the learning curve so that when the world market does come you'll know where to go yeah absolutely and that's that's the way to do it and so definitely subscribe to our vigilante newsletter we covered the most of anyone out there knows evil cost that were vigilant slash subscribe a lot of other great stuff we didn't get into the stock market is pretty close to tanking the dollar crash coming well let's say that for another one and also you'll be speaking of course of mortgage Laura fees summit coming up February 12th and 13th right before in our poco and we're rebuilding our gold stock portfolio for when the on the other side of the hump you have there's so many things going on so you can get access to that on the newsletter and come to the summit we have so many great speakers coming to the summit as well as two full days it's gonna be our first time two full days because there's so much to talk about we've got a lot of great speakers there including that almost Jesus is Lord who we've got a lot of good speakers I can't wait to see them yeah and also a lot of people on expectation permanent traveler and lifestyle prior tax payer lifestyle you know all that kind of stuff all on the beach and I could focus that's just coming up in about two months when time flies interesting times and you know one of the things that I personally think just to finish this up is that if they launched that back exchange in January and if the institutional investors really can start to buy kryptos really easily at that point we could see this market go up tenfold in a matter of months now I'm not saying it will but that has that potential because we're talking about a less than 100 billion dollar total market now and we're talking about finding better I know fund investors who take a hundred billion dollars isn't that much money so they could double the size of the market just by flicking the wrists if they wanted to not saying no some of them have a minimum quarter billion dollar market captain probably yeah hey when you look at these size of the stock of bottom markets you're talking about hundreds of trillions of dollars and talked about crypto market with less than a hundred billion dollars so if even one percent of the institutional money starts to move into crypto so it will cause another major massive bull market so


Alexandra C. · July 28, 2019 at 2:25 pm

I'd like to know where all these people get these predictions since Bitcoin is stagnant and has lost value in recent years..people make a big deal it's gone up from it's recent bottom when it was once past 20K. We're still nowhere near where it was 2 years or so ago at that value yet people claim this will go to 20-100k this year?

Max Ley · July 28, 2019 at 2:25 pm

Time Traveler??? That's Jeff Berwick from
The Dollar Vigilante!

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EVGENY · July 28, 2019 at 2:25 pm

Zcash (ZEC) 150,200,250 $ !?

Design Build · July 28, 2019 at 2:25 pm

shit video

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