The Big Surprise – North Norfolk Community Transport

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by buying a national lottery ticket tonight you've helped transform local communities and change lives and here's what happened when we decided to honor a hero at the heart of one of those projects Vic has been transporting people who would otherwise be isolated across North Norfolk now for the last four years community transport isn't just about getting people from A to B it's about helping to combat loneliness isolation he tries to make every journey for every passenger special for them because it's a long way yeah it's not just the mini purse that big loves to drive he's also a huge fan of motorsport and loves fast cars today Vic thinks is giving his passengers a ride to a local event but with the help of the National Lottery we've organized a special ride for him [Applause] [Applause] you made such a massive difference to everybody here that we wanted to do something to say thank you so we've arranged a special ride for you or a much job smacked community transport with Vic the driver they're the best of best friends absolutely met by playing the National Lottery you can help projects like North Norfolk Community Transport

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