Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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hi my name is if you come in just with the potatoes and the yams you can bring it through your security check bag without having to put it through this baggage you can place in anything your carry-on bag it is a solid if you mash it into a potato a mashed potato at that point you want to place it to you check bag you put that thing like a Tupperware container yes yeah I will recommend yourself away pretend container not glass yes so that way be putting you check bag won't be damaged so we know that people are really it's very popular to bring the cash off the onions if you come in with just the onions the onions go until you carry on bag because it's considered a solid what did you do with your engine block franca do your check and your carry on bag breaking which you'll be carrying on back we have a refill station where you do Saeng yourself a couple of bucks and refill your water after coming through security ourselves is definitely going in your checked bag because it is okay so the canon EF is going in your checked bag ears in the raw form cancer Lacaze carry-on but it's gonna be in a jar like this way too big to go okay so we've got great what about three alright griffey mix i can definitely go in your carry-on but if it's like this and look at form already made or if your grandmother already made it catskil let's check them free so this one won't go that's fine okay yep put that right hand know a lot of people want to be a spy wise man of course pesco in your chuck bag as well it's way too big to go as carry-on pumpkin butter yeah I'm afraid butter or the jams are gonna have to go as a checked bag unless he of course the soccer 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters and I understand that stupid typical spillage spray spread popular for it it should go into your check absolutely alright and then we know yeah so you want stay hydrated while you're flying best come to the checkpoint with an empty bottle of water but you want it to be full it's gonna have to be checked on three we also see lots of pies and cakes this time oh absolutely and of course you can have that as a carry-on okay I'm going to church and what about Turkey I understand people actually yes you can bring it to Turkey and your carry-on bag carry the turkey on the plane happy holidays

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