TEKNET: Planning Memorial Day vacation

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with Memorial Day just around the corner many people will be hitting the roads or flying in the sky the Federal Trade Commission has some helpful tips to keep in mind when planning that dream vacation get recommendations ask family and friends about the companies they use and look online to see what people are saying about their service and prices also make sure to call and verify your reservations and arrangements get the details about any 5-star resort or luxury cruise ships they promise including what other travellers had to say about them because some companies market below average vacation accommodations as luxury or 5-star if you can't get a hold of the people from that travel company on the phone to answer your questions you might consider doing business elsewhere also get a copy of the company's cancellation and refund policies before you pay for that trip consider whether some form of travel cancellation insurance is appropriate and make sure the product you're being sold as a license insurance policy also pay by credit card it gives you more protection than paying by cash or cheque if you don't get what you paid for you may be able to dispute the charges with your credit-card company and lastly consider using a travel up travel apps can help you search for air fares and hotel rates to get fair alerts and some real-time deals

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