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just like that we're going on an adventure in fact it's just the five of us so much fun right so all I can say yes this is it so what are playing kiddos we're in Korea right now and Kendra is sweet thing to see black pink let's go let's go we saw you come you where Oh we're walking towards our gate you don't have any yeah oh Jenny or yeah it Jean so they're in the card stack up making it work okay so this is it guys we are going to the we've just landed we're in Los Angeles this Milan canvas pieces it all this is so exciting let's go let's go we rented a Mercedes Sprinter just like our Bing van at home so we'll be comfortable traveling around California there's your business class here we go [Applause] [Applause] yeah that's Beverly Hills it's gonna be super fun I'm so excited this is gonna be a vacation talaga in-n-out burger I just saw my dream car we're here at the farmers market hi that's nice here who's there who lives down there this could very well be the start of jet lag scarlet can wait a minute I snuck in this – its day two here in LA good afternoon from Los Angeles West Hollywood we're here now at the girl it's Kate but I rent two inside this is American Girl so you got this one marry Konishi okay so this Gavin and I are getting impatient because why are you getting impatient are you getting mad what well suddenly you're excited Gavin Stern so you've got Thor's hammer presenting Kendra and Scarlett go carry Thor's hammer about Gavin my kids on top of the tram Gavin is knocked out so we're gonna have our dinner at in and out for yourself number one all right let's see what you have here double-double Sam how are you Luke where's your burger I've seen that I mean how are you buddy boy day three good morning little it's waiting for a breakfast this is Sunset Boulevard guys oh there's no Donnelly we made it to the Hollywood sign actually I think the perfect place to get a good vantage point the Hollywood sign Lake Hollywood Park nice here chest duck blanket Hollywood hello guys we are now at the Universal CityWalk it's so nice here Texas looting IG stories there's a kids Franchesca smite on we made it we're here at Universal Studios Hotel Transylvania oh my gosh your the movie haunts me oh my gosh oh one more time weird I get no wait oh my gosh they enjoy let's go here we go again so we just finished the roller coaster twice yeah Harry Potter so now we're forming your life this we're gonna get somebody blew five orders of butter beer so what's going to Harry Potter without cheaters okay we're gonna do a little playtime Oh but we're gonna get with you excited to write the mummy right oh my gosh [Applause] so tonight it's round Table Pizza how is it can Lincoln approach so there's a game room here in round Table Pizza put your hands I highly doubt that's gonna work good morning everybody we're still here in Los Angeles it's day four we're heading to Anaheim to Disneyland for the kids ready to go road trip let's go stop laughing so we're walking towards the ticketing booth that's something the kids are okay world of Disney I know I mean a you're getting mad at me because I wanted to buy socks so sexy finally made it we're inside Disney there is so this is gonna be our first ride are you ready guys you ready I'm ready to vomit [Applause] now you have to get their guns have to shoot Brenda buzz lightyear right hi guys oh my gosh I know Frontierland leather goods are being pushed by keep the mark okay next up big thunder right [Applause] ice cream break ice cream break ice cream break that's not nice you kicked off the child honey Wow relax relax relax I'm still wearing something that because I don't care basically look at that hi guys it's like we're going underwater I uh Hey good morning it is day five here in Los Angeles we're just gonna make a pit stop we're gonna do some shopping here outlet shopping welcome to the outlet Shoppes who's the most excited relax [Applause] I got your game just a little bit from it's so nice it's a munch this is five guys burger here's how it looks when you're on the way to Vegas tonight very sleepy Roadtrip gotta entertain yourself no priesthood being made in we're here in Las Vegas all of those lights those are Las Vegas gender let's see the truck just walking and Las Vegas Strip good morning from Las Vegas so this were at the Palazzo so today we're going straight to Grand Canyon and then we're gonna head to the Hoover Dam hi everybody so we just passed beside Hoover Dam we're heading to the Grand Canyon right now but very nice and it's so beautiful here take a look at that guy's how do you find it here Kolkata nothing so we're heading to the Skywalk it's the last that's right Wow that is beautiful wow it is so beautiful here hello everybody we are at the honey are you okay yeah it's crazy candor please I'm so scared are you okay jump up dinner's cut Wolfgang good morning from the border of Nevada in three California were off to Fresno California and then we're gonna visit some relatives it's down to spell paper because it gets really hot in the summertime that's why there's a big thermometer there we're here now I let my hunting merchants house take it away from everybody here family reunion come to the Philippines please we are traveling at night here in Yosemite National Park you like so do that marks crazy leave her inside the pound we needed to get some fuel there's our car oh it's freezing oh the mink hey everybody here now I'd rush Creek Lodge here at Yosemite is quite a while to get here but it was so happier finally here I'm so that is so sweet but it's so next year how you seven tulips do that saltwater heated pool it's happening to you guys this trip is all about helping each other break can what does it say ken we are heading towards the giant sequoia tree from here early trips okay so we made it here at the first giant take a look Elina kids are tired been walking for 20 minutes we are inside the giant sequoia tree goes all the way up like that but it broke good morning we are navigating through San Francisco so the kids saw this carousel you want to try it out don't say I didn't say no to you can so we made it here we're at Baker beach this is probably the best you that we can get without having so much it look of your shoes and what is good [Applause] okay we're by the fisherman's wharf right now Gavin is feeling cold that's gonna keep you warm there's the trim right now we're just looking for a place to eat here let's check out the menu fish and chips by the wharf oh look at the pizza looks good you're gonna ride the tram thank you you're manually turning it around but we're here by the Lombard windy road in San Francisco that's the Bay Bridge right there movie so just walk in here in San Francisco I think this is called Union Square how do you like it in San Francisco Gavin go sir ice okay go open your eyes here move Gavin move davits Wonder Woman it's our last day here in San Francisco and in the USA and the last thing we need to do is pack her clothes he came here with six luggages now we have about 90 there's the messiest one of all Gavin Kramer we did it guys let's give ourselves a round of applause thank you for all the help Gavin hi everybody so our trip to the US has come to a close this trip was planned October 20 and it's a five days for us to get here and it was something very spontaneous but I guess that's how our family is no help we had a lot of fun the kids also helped Papa and Mama right so we're very glad that we did this trip so till the next team Kramer trips guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video god bless and bad [Applause] Leafly comment and suggestions and subscribe to our YouTube our Facebook and even our Instagram channels so thank you so much guys and leave a comment below and give us a suggestion on what's next for our team favorite trips god bless

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