Team Kramer Trips | Bohol | Ep. 9

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we're above the board our irrigation right we're going to Phil I run this winter resort you've always been going to be a really nice so we're back here at Anand resort oh-ho this is our go-to place and right here this is your boy lemon good morning everybody today we're going island hopping well the first one is going to be the Virgin Islands this is a place where you can enjoy the sandbar it's my first time there so it's gonna be a time that for sure we will not forget the kid let's go let's go so we're finally here at virgin Beach for all the shows here ginger digitizer makeup alongside the helmet I mean Tatiana Nami towel oh it's safe with the kids because it's very low chop come on chop chop Jojo queasy even gavinc and stand up gotta take what gummy bear takes so it's now dinnertime you've been swimming the whole day how many hours today six hours six hours now an unrestored Bohol has prepared a very nice intimate dinner for the family I want to see what they be all about the details they got our team Kramer logo they put it on the menu good morning guys today we're gonna explore some places here in the hall the first one is going to be the loboc river cruise we're gonna be eating our lunch at the floating restaurant okay while you're at the wall this is one of the things you have to try it's called the floating restaurant and right now we're we're at the possum monarch floating restaurant we're walking towards our floating restaurant and we're at gate 1 so it's very organized here I heard it sort of like a buffet style so we're gonna enjoy the river cruise and the forest have a really nice hearty meal do you trust me this horse is so nice but I feel like I want to climb this tree did you know that this force is man-made yes my lips the lips okay we're trying to capture a jumping shot jump shot oh wait oh my god I'm really excited to find out all about butterfly we have here come here what it's the caterpillar yes it's alive its alive yes gonna eat it oh my god yeah you're lucky today please do not okay do not eat them okay we finally made it here to the Chocolate Hills I just have a slight problem my daughter all the way here can get sleeping it's 220 steps up to the best view here and this is gonna be so hard cuz I have to carry Kendra can wake up now we've made it we're here at the Chocolate Hills how many Hills are there Kendall do you know no okay it's 1776 are you spire Cranky's the whole 2.0 hello everybody they so cute yeah hello everybody so we are hearing alcohol beef farm and we are gonna check out the activity that we can do here so we're also gonna see how they do their livelihood art or said we're actually gonna have a partner where the beasts are gonna be white you cannot shoo them away yes that's what they don't bother them it's amazing how everyone just moves aside when they see the queen bee I said mom was the queen bee let's go okay this is very famous here at the Baldy farm it's the ice cream stand this is very exclusive for the Bohol beef farm everyone has to try to even have salted honey and different kinds of flavors of their fruits so let's try it lots of our coin is very good with a chain so burst hug you will forever be my yeah because somebody somebody did try not if you don't know what you found up we're gonna have an aside you said leave also please how can we say no joining us tonight so we're going to be a happier side I make this look good [Applause] surveys yeah forgiving super hydrates in school mega ideas online of night that's where 100 Wow I really needed this break I was so tired from school thank you so much at manga or advertising you know even the just two or three days you can visit and do so much and below and that's the beauty of staying there we had such a great time in in on the wall and of course AirAsia and we're so thankful for them yes so it was such a good family bonding experience but at the same time it is very educational for anything you don't first feel a lot of things if you're able to do so there's more reason to come back and subscribe to our Facebook page our YouTube channel and if you have any suggestions for our next increment trips leave a comment below thank you guys you

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