Team Kramer Trips | Baguio | Ep. 7

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jock Ewing discover more but welcome to back kids cars for the Paralympics thank God good morning for those who don't know I'm actually a local here in LA I grew up here my whole life and I'm glad and you know value tourism DoD car I've decided to work with the family and you know they're into a campaign right now on the red/blue matches which realize revitalize angry listen so it's time to revisit the arts culture here of North our first stop is the band cap museum and then later we'll be going to the wood carvers and the from our village so these are places that would be nice for all the tourists that come up yours about you and see how the culturist has embraced ya and embraced art and it's time to revisit this thing so follow us as we go inside best kappa zero short for Benedicto Cabrera everybody knows international artists most successful was it is generation with the thing about vent carbon what sets them apart is that key business videos for all the stories receive and not only can you see is art you can actually eat here you can actually have a lot of things to do I people from people got our we need supervisor Michigan's me everything their state we have made here are swearing in forgive you gone and I want to be later on I'm going to check on what Clark for bison Chris hello this is why I'm discussed in the wood carvers businessmen you should go you're disgusted you can buy another person's employer ugly I don't know anyone in Nevada who yeah buddy yeah that's right so a year now at the top our village you know as a rumor I'm very happy that we're able to revive and revitalize you know the local art scene here in the Cordillera as you can see here behind us that you see the house seduced divorced during the 1920s and as what scarlet said I'm too big and you're so small you guys get fit there right yeah see here were able to showcase a lot of the local artists see how colorful life year minutes right ridiculous more around the vehicle maybe number come on I am Cree said that we can rent out this place for you to come back to haunt you my favorites are eating so we are now here at farmer's daughter the history behind distressed or destroyed was farmers luggage because there are three generations of women whose fathers are Harvard and partners okay that's right so right now in resolume we're trying to revive and you might elect a local senior here as you can see these are some of them so we are letting everybody knows that they have yummy yummy food here in the project area will come visit surprises it farmer's daughter visit welcome to Tsubasa this is the first project of grab tube and amazingly for the love of the retired of one for free we are here not this strawberry farm at Las Vegas oh my god is a dream come to shove every field professor garlic in doors hahahaha if it's always out there just eating an eBay we are counting us by the Petrobras baby so Phoebe yeah you're taking what was the strawberry in the world part hi everybody so we are hearing agricultural village of meget so when you come here you will see all the different municipalities and it takes existence and perfected so that's exactly what we're doing now take a look you can actually buy souvenirs here from the different municipalities Abuna Vika do it flower pot right we're here now at this beautiful flower farm this is actually the place where they harvest the flowers they bring it to the lowlands and you guys might be familiar they start from the Pune Film Festival from after a summer we are encouraging the rebloom we green your surroundings just like what we're doing good tiny 15 years together it is only not discovered a lot yes that's the whole point of a huge car campaign so you know I mean Kramer and we are your next trip

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