Take a Field Trip To The Police Station | KidVision Pre-K

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(playful music) – Today we’re gonna
tour a Sheriff’s Office and learn some safety tips. The Sheriff’s Office
is where Deputies work. And Deputies are a lot
like police officers. Do you know what police officers do? – Keep us safe! – That’s right. A police officer or a deputy’s job is to keep us safe from harm. So if we need help, look for
a law enforcement officer. How do we recognize a
law enforcement officer? – Uniform! – Badges. – [Boy] A car. – [Penny] What does a
police car look like? – [Boy] Official colors. – [Girl] The badge and we’ve got it. – [Another Boy] Lights. – That’s right. Those are the
things you can use to identify a law enforcement officer. It’s their job to watch our neighborhoods, make sure everyone is safe, and respond if a problem arises. Look, there’s my friend. He’s a law enforcement officer
and he drives a police car. – Hi Penny, how are you? – Hi Officer John. – How are you doing? – Good. – Hi kids, how are you? – Great! – [Penny] Come on children,
let’s go with Deputy John into the Sheriff’s Office and
he’ll show us around. – Now one way law enforcement
officers keep everyone safe is by answering and
responding to 911 calls. That’s what we do in this room. Come on, I’ll show you. Here is where we take your 911 calls. We will ask you your name,
what your emergency is, and where you are. Are you at home? Are you at a shopping mall? Or at a friend’s house? – What is an emergency? – [Penny] An emergency is when
people need help right away. What could be an emergency? – [Girl] When you have fire in your house. – [Penny] A fire. – [Another Girl] An
accident is an emergency. – [Penny] Excellent answer.
If someone gets really hurt it’s an emergency. – That’s right, those are all emergencies. Now if you need help
always look for an adult. If you can’t find one, look
for a phone and call 911. – [Penny] What are those numbers again? – 911. – [Deputy John] In this
room we use maps, computers, telephones, and other tools to
help us locate and help you. We will send an ambulance, a
fire truck, or a police car. Whatever you need. – Thanks, this has been wonderful. Knowing how to contact an
emergency unit is a great way to stay safe. – Now let’s head over to
the fingerprinting room and I’ll show you kids
some other cool stuff. Law enforcement officers
also need to identify people. One way we do this is by fingerprinting. – [Penny] Everyone has
their own fingerprint. No two are the same. So you can be identified
by your fingerprint. – [Deputy John] That’s right Penny. Fingerprinting is the most
accurate way to identify people. There may be more than one
girl named Molly in the world, but you’re the only one
that has your fingerprints. – That’s the truth, but
fingerprints are not the only thing that’s unique about you. What else is different
about you than anyone else? – My brain. – My shirt. – In fact, everything about you is unique. We use fingerprinting because
it’s the most reliable. You can change your hair color,
you can change your clothes, but you can’t change your fingerprints. Okay, who wants to be fingerprinted first? – [All] Me! – Just like that. Look at that! Pretty cool, huh? – [Penny] Wow, you did it! Look at that! That is your fingerprint! – [Boy] Look! – [Penny] Wow, look at yours TJ! Congratulations, you did it! Right there is your unique fingerprint. – That’s right! There is no other one like it. We now have a mistake-proof
way of identifying you. Who else wants to give it a try? – [Girl] How do fingerprints keep us safe? – [Deputy John] Having
your fingerprints on file helps law enforcement
because we can match them to the ones we have in our
records, which helps us identify you in case you’re lost. – Getting lost can be very scary. – That’s true Penny, but come
with me and we’ll explore some ways that you can keep yourself safe. – Deputy John is gonna tell
us what to do if we get lost. – One thing that always need to remember, and it’s the most
important, always stay calm. – Children, show me what you
look like when you’re scared. – Ah! – When you’re calm. Great, that’s it. Stay calm, and then look
for an adult to help you. If you’re in a store look
for someone who works there. – But if you’re not in a store, look for a law enforcement officer. But remember, the adult that
you are with is also gonna be looking for you so stay where you are. – Yes, good idea. And you can also call out their name. But be a good listener, they’re probably calling out for you too. – It’s also a good idea
if you’re planning a trip to a busy place to make a plan with the adult that you’re traveling with. Have a meeting place in
case you get separated like, for example, the front of the store. – That’s a good idea. What other safety tips do you have? – Well Penny, here’s another good idea. You can write your guardian’s
name and cellphone number on a card and put it in your pocket. That way if you get lost
or separated, another adult can use it to call. – I’ll stay by my mom and dad. – That’s great, good idea! But if you do get lost,
look for a uniform. Look, what is Deputy John wearing? – Uniform! – That’s right. And typically people who
work in stores will wear some kind of uniform. Your safety is our number one
concern and that is something that we all have to contribute to. We all have to do our part. Hi-5, alright! – Thank you very much Deputy
John for all the information. – Thank you Penny and thank you kids. Take care, bye! – Bye bye!