Sylvanian Families Babblebrooks' Beach Picnic Unboxing

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hello and today I'm going to be unboxing the beach picnic and the bubble burps new arrival I'm going to open this one first so these are both made by lab but you can still get them from the Sylvanian families shop in London so this is George Babel / this is Harriet rabble burp and this is the baby Freddie and they also come with some Beach pings they've got a bucket some little sand parcel bits a sand castle a watering can a like a scoop thing and a beach ball that is everything from this so now learn to open the beach picnic move this to the side alright this is the beach picnic it shows the fishing trip fan on there as well that you can have it a beach with them now let's open it there's some instructions on here how to make the newspaper is this this and this and that is everything right type in saucer in here there is a deck chair which can be like that or you could sit more upright like that so I can adjust how it is it's a bit like that so that's nice and comfy let's pull like that and I put Harry Pebblebrook in it like that and then here I'm going to put this behind her like that and then in here in these think they are think that postcards thank you and as this which is the newspaper when this is their picnic blanket so I put that down here alright I'll do these afterwards then open this so I put lots of things in it all right so this is everything but we got this mm mm hey ring moves like a duck or we've got some ice cream some things tough for lunch and sand castle and this right wished I happen fast ripe in this one fast so here are awesome ice creams and put that lemon there and George is going to be eating one like that I always dropped don't want to sand the ice cream right so we go oh look this this is a flask and then it's got a cup on top you can take off an Emporium I don't know – then now I'm going to open this one which is quite small there's a small bits in here looks like pearl lights I think alright so here there is a sand castle because you can never have too many sand castles and see quite a few and these two sets a plate there is a another plate and a cup and another cup right so now I burn these which is their food for that picnic at the beach there is sand wedge apple a bunch of bananas put them there another sandwich and an orange do they look very healthy lunch and then I'm like this this is a bucket this is the bucket for this sine caster and there's also another bucket and this is the bucket for this sandcastle put them there right now open this here is a space go with buckets and there's this which is so cute put baby Freddie in there hmm Sookie oh it's that on there hmm and we also got some cutlery here two forks and two knives so I put them of the plates yes two nights it's quite fiddly to go there we go love knife and last knife I'll put you or one last thing here the last thing to get out hmm so these are flags to put on their sign castles here's one flag so I put that one in some here is the f1 I'm gonna put that in the smaller sign Casa my and then here there is a lunch box up at the sandwiches in there right so open ups not everything because I haven't done this yet all right so these are postcards there's this blonde with the chiffon dogs on and it says wish you were here that's pretty cute my momma and there's another one here just life's a beach it's got some pictures of ice cream deck chairs and sand doors and some sand castles I put them on there and this is the newspaper mmm where's the instruction yeah it says that you dressed Constantine and then it just fits together back up it just Lots in here it's quite fiddly today that just Lots in there we go like that I'll give that to Harriet purple bra Oh Freddie's woman over there we go move this closer as well I think these are to go on this sandcastle like little pointy bits very good thanks for watching please subscribe I


axel toy · July 29, 2019 at 2:13 pm

I want that family. 😱😍😍

Mila White · July 29, 2019 at 2:13 pm

Yeah! New video! Cool!

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