Surprise Anniversary Trip Beer Tasting and Horse Rides – Melbourne – Victoria – Australia

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we just jumped in the car and we going
to stomping grounds brewery and we’re going to have a brewery tour and try
some of there beers hopefully you enjoy ohh Shona Gluten Free you can drink beers with us too Beer tastes like [email protected]#$t no you gotta pour it right oh my god she’s gonna try beer I wonder if she will vomit when in Melbourne you can’t go past the
vast array of food and drinks and what better drink is there beer a good place
to start is stomping grounds brewery if you want to see how local and
independent breweries operate the brewery holds free tours every Saturday
and Sunday at 12 noon there’s no need to books just show up at the bar in the
beer hall i will leave links to get there in the description lets go so we’ve come to gattamata trail rides
and we are going to ride some horses across the beach so when you’re ready you can climb up to
the top of the step put your foot in and hop on i am on Bare gunnamatta trial rides is
located in St Andrews Beach which is about two hours south of Melbourne
you’ll ride through the coastal bush land as soon as you leave the stables if you’re interested in horseback riding
at guttamutta trial I’ll leave a link in the description riding along the beach was a
breathtaking experience something we would never ever forget having the waves
gently rolling up over to the shore is amazing there is truly no better way to
experience the beach cheers for watching stay tuned for the
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