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hey what's up people MIG P and welcome back to subnautica below zero early access is upon us 30th of January is what the five row says but of course the dates in the past for unknown worlds have changed constantly I'm hoping for sometime around that because I I really just want to play and of course instead of showing you guys a bunch of concept arts and text we can actually show you in-game stuff or you can even play it yourself until then you'll have to deal with these now of course if you're still enjoying subnautica below zero content let me know anyway I guess the most recent piece of information is the title they should do blue this we got this in-game now sighs obviously not be truly represented here it's hard to tell it almost looks like a small fish swimming by the screen but it's quite big we've seen how big it can be now we mostly know about the Titan whole fish I'm not gonna go into too much detail about it I just thought it was interesting that we got to see it in-game you guys really want to see it in-game watch this this is actually the model that you could find right from the wiki I think we've looked at this before you can't really appreciate the size but at least you could appreciate the eyes next up is the full render of our character Robin Goodall now we've seen a little bit of this in previous models I think when the female character was being developed a long time ago when the possibility existed of having an interchangeable character obviously we know we're playing as Robin and now we get to see her in full high-resolution Beauty got her striking a nice pose the quality of these almost seem like they're from the like a cinematic trailer for subnautica how Riley Robinson looked is how this is kind of looking again I explained in a previous episode about my thoughts on having a character that actually has a voice I feel like it's so important especially in a character driven story driven game where you have an investment of sorts not only do you have an investment in the character because she has a personality now but she also has a blood relative that is in the same situation as her someone who is there but actually cannot intervene and whom you have to worry about it adds a lot to it so with that also having a brand new character of the one you're looking it really adds to the whole experience I honestly could care less whether it's a male or female that we play as or whether we can choose what we want to be it's about the story and how that story unfolds and to be able to experience it properly we need the proper vessel so moving on to videos we have this one this is out of bounds past collapsed rocks in intro and this is a video that was sentenced to show that you could potentially get out of bounds in the intro sequence of the game and to obviously fix it this is bug testing footage as you can see so this obviously reveals a lot about the terrain in which you're going to be escaping in and of course the storm this is the electrical storm that caused a bunch of rocks to fall down on top of the base that you were trying to get into when Alan speaks to you if you don't know much about that I highly recommend watching the story video where I go into more detail about how the story's gonna play out but the real thing that we can take away from this video is that as this player whoever this maybe is escaping out of bounds they actually go across a much larger section and you can see here it is a giant area of extended parts of the base now on the wiki page it is now separated by lower section and upper section that is the alien research site zero the lower section of alien research site zero is accessed via an ice cave tunnel that's what we already saw at the beginning of the story the interior is inaccessible as Alan restricts access to the inside at a later point in the story presumably after Alan has been given a physical form the force field will be shut off granting access not much is known about the contents of the base except for a single elevator leading up to the upper section base upper section the upper section of alien research site zero is accessible only by the lower levels elevator in development footage shows that a large amount of the base is jutting out of the mountain forming what appears to be a balcony the exterior of the upper section is far larger than that of the lower section and it is possible that it may be visible from the surface according to developer notes the upper section features in alien Ark leading to an unknown ocation as well as a terminal that ends the game it can be assumed that the upper section of alien research sites zero is the end game now there doesn't seem to be any references linked here so I'm not exactly sure where in the father oh this is but there's a lot to go through in the father oh and a lot of the times I am going off of what is in the wiki way more organized and easier to digest so it's very much easier to relay it to you guys – but that's interesting so at the very beginning we get a glimpse of what will eventually be the end of the game at this point the character jumps off and I wish that they looked up so you can actually see underneath it or see what could potentially be in there now here's some interesting information I want to share with you guys I don't have footage of it or anything like that in the distance what seemed to be something of this sort I can't confirm that it's this that I saw but I remember that when I was exploring around and I got close to it I started hearing that dreaded horn sound the one that we used to hear way back in the day in the earlier versions of subnautica when I revisited the old versions I heard it too and it freaked me out I had no idea what it was I didn't know if it was supposed to be an animal noise or if it's supposed to be the early stages of the quarantine enforcement platform and what it may become and how it makes a horn sound as well but you also do hear this same sound in a global video this one in the distance listen I honestly want it to remain ambiguous because it gives me the creeps and I want it I want it to stay that way now this next video we're going to look at is called strange noises in intro it's a bug report number seven four eight one now this video has been shared by pretty much every other youtuber at this point and I'm sure you've seen it now there's a lot going on in this video because it shows the actual intro sequence and what we are to be expecting of course there's going to be updates to it and it's not gonna be exactly as we see it now I can also give you a little bit of detail from what I personally experienced doing this intro so obviously Riley Robinson is now waking up from an alarm I think on her PDA now what I know about the intro and what happens prior to this it's gonna be very different from what tom has informed me which I'm not sure that I can share and I won't out of respect but she opens the door to her room and it leads into a much larger portion of the base this base being called research base zero now she didn't explore around too much but around that base are different areas different pieces of information you can gather and also Joe Geoffrey's room which obviously we know that Joe Jeffries is missing now when she opens it out you can see a very detailed of view of everything that's going on at this base this is best for Station Station come in by Sam miss Jeffries with you you lost contact with this GPS tracker up at the research site understood I'll go take a look as soon as I'm ready okay so there we heard an exchange of actual voices now keep in mind these are just temporary voices they're placeholder but that is obviously Sam and Robin sisters Robin being the main character you're playing as talking to each other over intercom now in this section I'm going frame by frame we can see that the PDA opens up and there are different work documents that the character already has Altair employee profiles Sam Goodall which is the sister in the Vesper age 48 cubed resources manager now this gives some background information to the character which isn't really at least from what I can tell is pertinent to the story we know they're sisters so that dynamic is already established if you want to read that obviously you can now damn it Robin you know I'm up for vice-president you know these conversations are monitored I don't care who knows it's cute I've been here two weeks and we've hardly spoken because you insisted on transferring straight to the planet Mike Jeffries yes ma'am now Robin is currently entering the front of the base and listen to this I come in peace Sam the building just powered up it spoke to me you need emergency assistance justice it's already here so from here she travels through the canyon to go back to the base obviously the electrical storm is here as she said it was and this happens so it blocked her route she has to find an alternative route and she actually goes through one of the biomes that we saw in a concept art not too long ago lightning storm still happening in the sky everything is terrifying of course so in the alternate area for the base it comes to what probably was once a waterfall and she's in a pit now of ice and ladder perfectly in front of her and just as you can imagine it breaks and she falls it and the video ends with Robin utilizing her sea glide to then continue from there when I played you go out into the open Arctic area where as you have to try and survive that's set your goal now now a fun fact Susie Q sounds like it could potentially be a voice actress right apparently it's not now correct me if I'm wrong the information I got from you guys if you're watching by any chance is that it is an automated voice like a much more advanced version of Microsoft Sam with some edits to it clearly I thought that was interesting because I was always wondering how things were constantly changing and who they were using for the voice for Suzy Q and in subnautica I was wondering like cuz the dialogue would change from time to time I'm like do these people have all that time to like go in and record and do takes of all this I mean in reality it wouldn't be too hard but the character also didn't turn around when the rocks fell the first place I believe they also fall behind her and block her path back to the base the alien base so the parts that they didn't really show is one what happens prior to this which I promise you it's gonna be incredibly interesting as long as they keep it in subject to change as always but the rest of the base was interesting because if you were to go into Joe Jeffries area which I'm sure they'll show eventually you can see it's very lived in it seems like they've got comfortable in this base and it's quite expansive for just two people physically living there outside of the base is beautiful too the character does go straight to where they were supposed to go because again this ate a bug a video but the rest of the area is very well put together now I want to correct some information because I've heard a lot of people say this and everyone who was telling me to cover this video in particular was saying that oh this got leaked oh it's uh you know it's a big secret video that got leaked it wasn't actually a secret video by anyone and nobody's really gonna be in trouble necessarily for it it's you know a bug report it's a legitimate bug and that stuff is going public and Fabro so no it wasn't necessarily leaked because it isn't a proper display of the intro sequence I know it could be considered a leak if they didn't want any event shown but they clearly don't care I mean the alien research site zero wiki page has the images of it we've been getting clips of this image for a long time now don't worry nobody's getting in trouble and it's all good now a little bit more information to touch on about the main base the research base zero here's a nice picture of it from an aerial view in the unity editor see we got two or three rooms that kind of resemble what the moon poll and three of the multi-purpose rooms quite an expansive base now I don't remember what the third room was I believe it's just supposed to be Robin and Jeffries down on base obviously Sam up at the best bird but I don't know I can't recall now when I played there was a lot a lot of information laying around the base PDAs posters even information that you can't collect but you can absolutely observe and gather information from like pictures Jeffery's room for sure but there was a lot of notes and stuff laying around now from the talk between the devs I believe a lot of that's gonna be changed I don't know how exactly but there is a lot of information being given to the player and it could potentially be considered overwhelming so they might be changing it up anyway moving on from the intro sequence we've talked that's enough there's a lot of speculation there but something concrete that we do have is the sea emperor Leviathan now I know you guys are saying whoa whoa well that's a different game bro but if you think about it and spoilers ahead if you haven't played subnautica which I wouldn't I'm not sure why you would be watching this but whatever at the end of the game you free the sea Emperor babies and they eventually grow into juveniles and if you stay long enough you'll see them in different biomes that they've grown and they are this size they're very massive creatures they're not full-sized like the actual emperor was but they're still growing now considering that they spread out and covered the entirety of the volcanic crater and eventually cured the bacterium and were eradicated it completely they do move about and from what we've learned about the sea Emperor's is that they moved in herds and the void would have been an excellent place for these creatures to roam so as it says here a sea emperor leviathan juvenile has been shown living in the lilypad Islands biome presumably this is one of the sea Emperor's hatched by Riley Robinson in the crater that has since migrated to the Arctic a nice image on the Favreau shows in detail a very good-looking sea Emperor juvenile kind of clipping into the twisty bridges I think is where they're at look at that a little stalker there that's you're not supposed to be there dude that's the wrong game buddy so this next video that we are going to be watching is another kind of bug report it's called world loading brakes in jelly shroom area under lily pads so we have quite a bit to look at here the very first still image we see of the video is the biome listed as start zone so the characters starting in the starting zone that there's going to be a jelly shroom area I'm assuming is very similar to the area of a jelly shrimp caves and subnautica and then underneath the lily pad so we get to actually see the lily pad biome now in this video is in connection with the sea emperor that's why I'm talking about it now is you get to see the sea emperor roaming around in the lily pad bio it's interesting to see the right-hand side – you get to see the weather default weather profile Blizzard also in debugging when they transport somewhere else it actually shows you physically the the travel from one place to another and there's the sea emperor swimming around very large very large and creepy and here are the little rocks that we saw in the concept art for the lily pad biome they're a lot smaller than I thought but it's still nonetheless cool it's kind of like below zeroes underwater Islands now that thing you just saw was a C truck and we know the model to be a little bit different we know the model to look like this now I'm not sure what that one is that's very strange down here is the jelly shroom area I'm assuming these things kind of just go everywhere around the world now I don't know if I said this already but this video is incredibly unorganized but this is the drop pod the drop pod is a deployable vessel that will be present in the game it will be deployed by the Vesper and functions similarly to life pod five from the original subnautica sometime after the destruction of the research base Robin Goodall will make a request to her sister Sam that she sent down a temporary shelter the drop pod will then be deployed shortly afterwards landing with the help of a parachute similar to that of supply crates the pod will function as a safe haven for the player until they are capable of constructing their own C base you get a fabricator and a storage locker inside of it and it's a little tiny base that doesn't serve much more purpose than obviously having a starting base kind of like the Life pod it's pretty much identical now shortly after when you explore a bit I believe Sam will get a signal and relay it to you saying that there's a sanctuary nearby or it's detected or something this is sanctuary zero this is where Allen is currently residing now sanctuary zero is an alien base they'll be located in the twisty bridges the twisty Bridges is like the main area it's almost like the safe biome for subnautica and the kelp forests mixed together it's a very large biome and it goes extremely deep but it functions as a resting place for the core that houses Allen's mind and is where he broadcasts messages from its name suggests that it shares a similar purpose to that of the sanctuaries from subnautica however it is currently unknown if any of the precursors are stored here besides Allen sanctuaries here is a location that Robin Goodall will visit while searching for her lost colleague Jo Jeffries having been warned by a broadcast at alien research site zero Robin shifts her focus on finding out more about the precursors obviously I'm sure there's gonna be a lot more context of that it does seem kind of strange that you abandoned finding a missing person anyway her investigation will lead her towards location of sanctuary zero the core pedestal within sanctuary zero is a pedestal that holds Allen's core Allen converses with Robin telling her that she is not allowed to leave the sanctuary Allen activates the sanctuaries force fields and Robin must remove the core from its pedestal in order to escape consciousness transfer device it is revealed that control over the facility is currently assigned to Allen who functions as the sanctuaries administrator Robert uncovers a machine within the facility that allows her to transfer Allen's consciousness from the core to Robin with Robin acting as a new storage vessel for Allen's mine she is able to turn off the force fields and leave the facility now I'm gonna reference red versus blue real quick because I feel like it's a bit it's a bit similar to that Allen isn't in artificial intelligence Allen is obviously eight the mind of the precursor uploaded so I wouldn't say it's artificial it is absolutely organic but much like O'Malley from red versus blue and how that AI implanted itself on different members of each side and including techs the mercenary and controlled them it was able to manipulate their their bodies and their minds so I'm not saying it's going that far but I fear that it might this wasn't how it was presented at first at first you were supposed to take the core and then send up a fake core to Sam to make her think that they you know that Robin is doing her job in fulfilling all Terra's wishes but this time we're actually transferring the consciousness to Robin so this is gonna be an ever-present potential voice in Robins head which I feel like is not so good the potential for that how far this can actually go I'm hope I'm not looking too far into it I do try to get my information correct before relaying it to you but I accept the likely possibility that something in this video is incorrect and I apologize for that but from what I can gather this is kind of insane this is not what I originally knew it was supposed to be now here we got the snow stalker cute little animation of this guy walking around as you can see there's a list of all kinds of animations for him he's an adorable beast that is ever so frightening obviously going to have a very threat full presence under water and above water look at this thing run look at it stride look at its teeth dude how far into your jugular do you think that thing will sink oh my god it's attack animations are beautiful man unknown worlds you guys got some talented people working on this good lord that is some of the best like early development creature animations I have seen yet Jesus Christ look at its death animation it looks so good it's dying on land too so we don't normally see that right subnautica that didn't exist you killed it it just kind of like turned over closed its eyes and look at the climbing into the water animation oh my goodness okay this is actually kind of insane here's another video of the sea monkey in the engine in Autodesk Maya being animated and such beautiful I got it's so beautiful sea monkey is you know what it reminds me of if you guys played halo reminds me of the prophets I wonder if there's any inspiration from that if you're watching whoever made this let me know if I'm right I feel like it could potentially be right but I'm not sure what kind of role the sea monkeys gonna play it looks incredibly friendly obviously doesn't have gigantic teeth or anything super scary but I'm wondering if it's more along the lines of like the cuttlefish or the cute fish like if this could potentially be your pet next up look at this title screen so the article below zero I love how the penguins look in how the rocks on the right side kind of look like a big penguin hovering over a little penguin could just be me but it's beautiful please don't change now on Twitter there was a new biome to be revealed which is always good I don't know exactly what it's called it wasn't given any particular name but it does have something that I noticed that gives me the chills one it doesn't look very cold it probably is but this looks very much deeper in the arctic area but if you look those what kind of looks like yellow blood oil cases I believe is an egg and there's something inside of that that I can't exactly tell what it is but it is terrifying nonetheless it looks like it has many legs many many many legs but these are definitely eggs of sorts and if they're not eggs and those are just like creatures that crawl inside to feed off the juices well it's still scary because those creatures exist there's another image of it which includes a spiky trap thing and this is what happens when you get caught inside the spiky trap thing anyway that's about all I have for this video I'm sure I missed a lot of stuff I did want to actually do a live stream where we explore five Road together and chat about everything in below zero I want to follow up with the devs to make sure that's okay to do that I'm not sure if they want that much attention at one time directed at every little detail that's on the 5-row but if I get the pass on that I'll be streaming that and I've been streaming a lot lately so if you want to check that out slash indie game promo link will be down in the description you could follow me there but anyway thank you guys so much for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you learned something from it I hope I got something wrong so you can yell about it to me in the comments but if you did enjoy the video even just a little bit hit that like button and subscribe I love you all and I'll see you in the next one bye bye


IGP · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

The Spike Trap animation near the end of the video is of the Spike Trap (duh), but the image of the green biome does not show the Spike Trap. That's the "Oxygen Plant". Also the biome is called the "Arctic Kelp Caves". Dope.

Thanks to Vee for the correction, and also for being my #1 hater and supporter. You're the shit.

UltraGamerPrime 97 · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

I wish subnautica would get a new game similar to Minecraft where worlds and locations are generated randomly and some may not spawn at all. Either way basically you and friends can work together to build bases and explore deeper areas on the map. The best part is the fact that this time around it’s all randomized, every world is random and there will be new alien facilities and structures to explore that tie in with subnautica’s lore. And certain creatures will only spawn in certain biomes, like ghost leviathans adults spawning in grand reefs and blood kelp zones. Or reapers spawning only in crash zones, mountains, and dunes. You can actually go mining too, this way you can find openings to find ores and entrances to areas like the lost river and lava zones. Not to mention this game could include all creatures, including those from below zero, having all these leviathans out here would be so cool.

SuperMummy 9019 · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

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CMDR BluntCommando61 · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

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22:04 have you heard plants of bloodkelp

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Clickbait much igp your thumbnail shows a ship yet you don't show it hmm

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Is it just me or would a subnatica movie be epic if Hollywood doesn't mess it up

Mihaly Kasos · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm


FuZZ FX · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

After below zero they should make a a DLC that take place in void i already have an idea for a name In to the Void. Imagine your in the deep and you see massive titans of deep fighting each other while your just floating thare forzen by fear and awe.

GreatCow · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

When below zero fully releases, I am going to come back to all these videos and see how close they got to the finished game lol.

Deserted Times · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

I play on Xbox I can’t play dlc 🙁

Kyle M · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

That voice acting is so bad.

darktooth347 · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Can't wait to remove her voice from the game, I don't know what it is but that voice grinds on me something fierce

feed me memes · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Wait so who is the OG character we play as?

nano · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

the sea truck almost seems like it's parts can be interchangeable, perhaps that was it before any modification?
almost like the interchangeable limbs of the prawn

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Bruh, been talking about this for months now

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Dusk · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

So is it a sequel?

Or a dlc?

Dusk · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

No silent protagonism

MowPow · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

At the end of subnautica right before you warp through space there’s a ice island on the planet, does below zero take place there?

Shatugi - Sama · July 29, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Glowwhales can be heard from the other side of the planet confirmed. I’m pretty sure that’s the Reefback noise because when I hear that sound I’m near them

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