Styles P Talks Growth, Traveling, Studio Habits + New Album

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Breakfast Club morning everybody is dej envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building SP two ghosts oh yo yo yo yo yo welcome back here right now thank you yes SP to go ghost of all time there you go you don't get tired of music I definitely do do you act like he must love it to do like I mean I do love it but I think it's just pride therapy for me mental therapy and I do love I love the rhyme like the rhyming part about it I love and just to UM people who like the rhyme say hey thank you good looking or this help me or this I felt that like that keeps me keeps me ticking so what are you tired of what don't you enjoy want to do so many other things I guess it's like when we craft like any anytime you have a craft and you good at the craft like you guys are good at your craft there's a lot of other things you do outside of this but you always find yourself at the craft that got you it becomes the most time-consuming so that's the real part about it I don't like it's time-consuming for me like you don't I mean that that would be like I have to it's like I can't do it that's really what it is like I wanted some days to be like I don't want to think of a rhyme I don't want to run for a while I just want to go do some other things in but programs yeah I do things I'm just saying sometimes I don't want to think about ramen at all but it just happens so much to say yeah I got a lot to say always I like to talk and that was a play on words on one of the songs to be yeah yeah so much to say is about all of that pretty much cuz you feel that because I'm sure sometimes you hear other artists and you hear songs and you like I could I'm nicely doing it yeah definitely I always feel like I'm I'm a cocky person when it comes to MCN I don't feel like I'm the best for everybody like I don't want to say I'm the best for everybody I feel like I'm the best in certain categories for certain people like if you like street rap with a little you know cockiness wittiness at the same time with some arrogance but yet knowledge and consciousness there's not too many people who's going to do that better than me thinking about anything even like I'm I can make really good fly raps all the time and like kinga's raps but that's it wouldn't really fit so I'm not the best at that but you know I mean I'm the best at particularly or one of the best at what I particularly do you enjoy the making so much music cuz we're from a time in a place where you did an album that outlast you for damn near three years or two years and then you come back but now it's like we just seen you a couple of months ago with an album and I think that's really important like kind of understanding an algorithm of today of the young artists and what they do in a memory span as far as what you last done like you you're holding and embodying more than someone younger will because there's so much on a plate there's so much that they see so much coming across the screen and what's going on so as a businessman also you have to sometimes you have to say I'm an artist and a businessman too so it has to be like alright I have to be consistent enough in this category to be able to work in this category in you know make sure I'll get my shows in and make sure I do this and do that because it's really easy for people to forget about you no matter how dope you are and I think sometimes we as artists feel like I'm dope I don't gotta do this like me particularly I like to know what's going on with far as the timing of what's going on in an industry like how the younger artists are dropping on how they making sure they stay and the views or they do a lot of things smarter than that we did years ago it's faster but some of the things are smaller some of the things that dumber but some are actually smarter with how they go about handling it as a business like you know what I mean so I try to balance it all out look at both because I believe you can always learn from who came before you and after you as well as your peers that came in with you so I just try to look at it all juggle it out what works see the best balance for me yeah the songs are very much yes Matt she be like wow yeah like so like and that was difficult for me to understand the deal with two because I'm a third verse type of guy so you were 16 for 16 years like you know so we're understanding of the algorithm that you're wasting your third verse most of the time if it's not a particular song nobody's gonna play like you know I mean your album dudes well but on a radio you're not gonna get played aux cord with a bunch of young people if that joint is like going on for minutes you taking up too much duck like you know so you got a kind of balancing out but then some joints you have to put a third verse on like it's just mandatory like so you know it's balancing that day as the crew I realized and I was thinking the other day I was like all crews mostly most of the crews in rap have all had a problem beef broke up not spoke to each other got back together and I never seen that with the locks no you never will yeah I've never had a problem waves like they never will really I mean um in real life we have problems will we deal with it like brothers like but we that's not for the public to know that's not for us there yeah I mean I'm gonna do that like we our Brotherhood in our family and I bombed but comes before music and comes with full money like you're gonna mean so understanding that it gets you a little further like if I want me to get a bag and you know turn my back on my brother for a bag that I could've got with him right throughout the years and got more bags like it it doesn't make sense all four look like because you like kids better than me or you like chic better than me now I'm gonna get egotistical and not one want the best for them that's petty that's not real that's not you're not really a man and you're not really living by a gentleman's cold as far as your brothers like yeah I want to be the MVP but if if they want to come that's like us doing business if they wanted to come to the juice bar because they like ye or they want to come to juice ball because they like you and not me and I'd be like hey I wish they came in because of me then right how is that good for what we do how does that make sense and a win for the team it doesn't so it's like I whoever whoever's winning as a win for everybody whoever's bringing an attention or bringing a light that's helping us all at the end of the day so I think some things become beyond money and fame I think you know the any go like you and our families interact like you don't I mean everybody's together yes and we realize how much more yeah well are attracted to seeing the whole crew yeah because that's the biggest thing and we understand it too because that's where the energy comes from that's the foundation that's what that's what started us that's what God is through the door and that cold got us through the door especially being from Yonkers like you don't I mean so what drives me to keep mama to is I'm going to the studio I know when I show up in the morning and I have to noon kisses day's gonna be working I know when I show up in the evening chicas gonna be there and he's working I know they working hard then I know we got to make a lock song I know we got to make a song for each other then it keeps you it keeps you motivated then at the same time we have our sons my son knows working kiss sunjai Juan's working we got marksburg in there we got Nino man in it we got snipe life in there like you don't understand we got dice pain we got whispers we got a bunch of talent I'm missing two we got um fortes Chris rivers just Cassandra God it's nightlife just a bunch of people working so it keeps showing an energy mode of saying all right this is what I do let me dedicate myself let me get it done and it just works for all of us like you're not saying as it can't because it's like in a few years I got to work hard now cuz when is when I'm on a projects and coming off I want you to know I'm solid like you know because that's the future of what we do so I think we got to set a foundation and a criteria and a certain work ethic and cold that's gonna last longer for who's coming behind us and I think we've done that pretty well are you guys gonna do something like see how looting has the Hulu series and we got a ill doc we got a ill documentary time I know for sure oh really yeah it's really it's really like I actually loved it like you know really really loved it I think it gives people a great inside look on us a lot of special people in an industry giving a point of view in a aspect and you know how they seen us coming a game and grow how do you feel about us and just shows our trials tribulations and our evolution now we still doing business on that right now but I noticed this shot is shot well you know we don't do a big with this one because I think a lot of people know our story and there's a lot of people who want to know our story and it's a lot of people sort of know our story like we're that with the weather everlasting era guys we've made it through many many errors in them we're still standing because that's a lot of insight as to what was going on like in different time periods of hip-hop yeah with different crews and different deals that you had yeah how to get out of it situation like the locks got out of a certain history no not at all I mean we understood the power where we came from that's my big bro yeah I mean I think it's just the evolution of understanding the power you have what you working wait how to deal with the industry doing good business doing bad business understanding your flaws and your wrongs and your wrongdoings throughout the years and trying to you know grow and get better that's what I want to do is really grow and get better and get smarter and be around smarter people I'm gonna make money I'm gonna have a good time I'm gonna travel I'm gonna join myself I'm gonna blow all the money then do it all over again like every month you taught you mentioned your son so your son's in music do so every he's produced on all the projects I did last year and he did um raw dreams on this project he's also a artist um it's really dope like you don't I mean I I kind of always you know what definitely definitely and he critiques me too because we live in two different we live in two different area he don't he doesn't take me to what too much what my artistry he critiques will critiques me with my knowledge of the rest of the artistry that's going on and knowing like so I have I have a young man in the house to be like dad this is what's going on and you know first of all we father his son so he's a 20 year old who's looking at a 44 year old man besides music it's like yeah you'd be doing old stuff here real cool but here like you ain't up on everything like I'm anything electronic I'll go in the house I don't even look at yo know do this like yeah firestick phone 4g anything immediately I don't even give it a shot but then he also knows that he comes to me for my wisdom for certain things so it's a good it's a good balancing act that's um a great relationship I have a good time working with him and just watching his artistry grow he seems very serious every time I see him he's a real quiet serious dude he's real cool but he's just very to himself and focused on what he's doing all the time not allowed guy you know yeah it's great we grew up the exact opposite of me but the way he carries itself as a young man was much wiser than I did at that age he's like he's ten times was everything he definitely does he definitely does I've seen you in South Africa a couple of incredible weeks ago that was the first time if that was my first time they called me you know I go frequently and they called me it was like Stiles has never been here it was it was that was the most incredible experience I had in a long time because my um you know my mom's from from South Africa she's um raised in Durban so just just to go back in experience with her cuz she hasn't been back since I brought my mom my wife my son so we just had a great family experience and for my mom that had experienced apartheid and just you know coming up doing my life out that's why I'm so probably blacker than the average person like when when it comes to conscious stuff so I've always heard you know how my mom come up my mom always told me what you think is rough is nowhere near rough what you think is hood in this ghetto is not like you know what I mean so for her to see the change and to go about and just to go experience the land where you look out you see so many brown people at once it was I never I need even think about like that landing off the plane I just when you're walking around everything you see is brown like like you know I mean like in just two I've never been like yo welcome home everybody telling me welcome home welcome home welcome home welcome home welcome home and actually felt like a like home I'm saying and the people just embrace and so it was just a it was a grand experience definitely need to buy some property over over there and get yeah I have to man it was such a it was so beautiful the experience was so beautiful it was just three weeks man like two weeks I was like – I was there for two weeks year cuz I went to Joburg then I went to UM Derby and then okay tell I got to go back to Cape Town we're supposed to go to Cape Town but then um we went to the Safari lady um lady something oh yeah my wife my wife gives me to risk my life yeah yeah yeah super dope they loved you they kept calling us be so cool yeah as a legend I had a ball like you know I felt I felt really God was chilling I was in a club lay back like you know what I mean I first got there I want to like a walk through I was like this is cool I got paid soon as I got there my call he's home walked oh I'm like oh yeah so I'm just chillin but no people saying what's up to be but nobody's really yeah or nothing so I'm like damn I made it came back too late I'm too old and then people just start and it was like all and I was bugged out that was in a club lookin like yo this really looks like America in New York City last they got a rollies ap big jeans diamonds newest aermacchi Z's this flower that fly they popping bottles of sparklers and the music was there was really solid music solid dope music so then somebody came name then everybody to stop bringing me bottles this a noun and a young guy came to me said man I didn't know who was you and I was telling my young boys we gotta start eating fruit or veggies like 40-some he looked just like us so I felt so good that they even know about the juice bar and the whole everything so I had a I had a beautiful try had a blast and they love music they they really they they embody that like so I had a I had a blast man my favorite place to go word now let's talk about this album a little bit so now we're recording this album right you do anything different than what you used to do because before it was I'm sure it was a follow certain protocol but now you're independent you don't need a radio record you don't need this have a record hey what's your protocol and doing an album now um I like these stones okay and I like to use them um I like to either feel like I'm an arm as own of being creative for a certain amount of time I like to work with the energy that's in house now like more so now I like the work with what I have is that because business is that because of noise because it's in house and that's just the energy that you there with like you know what I mean I think sometimes as an artist you have good chemistry with other people but it's when you in the studio with them or when you in contact with them a lot and then you ignore who you're around sometimes when you can make good music so I just like to be in his own so if I'm in a lab I like to be in a lab I like to hear I like to be around cuz that's the young people that I'm around I actually my family my close friends in in my unit like you're not I mean so I like to be around all the youth hear what they saying their thoughts their ideas then I'd like to bring my flavor cuz I feel like that's my most comfortable spot of them just saying I'm gonna put this I'm gonna put this body I'll work together cuz I'm in a zone right now like home like when I work with I want i'ma work with Alchemist again but I just kind of want to work with Alchemist when I work with scream again I'm definitely gonna have him on my next projects but I was so like the pocket that I make with him like there's a pocket with green lanten Alchemist static select the screen Jones Vinnie Idol Pete rocks you know a rap music these are people that like far as me as an emcee when I lock in knife one there's a lot of people that I just want to get in that zone of being like let me knock these four joints out these five joints cuz now it's the wave instead of let me get this one from them cuz as an MC that's cool and it's dope when you're doing that album but sometimes I'm all over the place I want to do our album on and do an EP and there's a project I want to mix it up yeah my next want to be with my son we got some joints in just from listening to all the beats he's done on a project in a way he approaches it but I wanted to make it where we do it and it's not just me like you know what I mean so like I had to warm up into that to like understanding how to use goals because certain things he do and they play in the house and I and they know they'll tell you I'm like I'm good like I need a translator approach you about doing a no I was like both are I dislike it was kind of just fell into place for how we work like you know what I mean in like cuz he'll be in a room he'd be like nah dad you need this one oh you haven't attacked this and young people will want to hear you as a middle-aged dude trying to do this but with just style so I'm like I that's a challenge like you know that's cool I mean so I think we're going home shout out to my son Noah aka prophet watch out for our project we get that's I said that's that's gonna be my next joint project don't be doping I thought about you when a bum became apparent and I was like that would be dope for Styles P bumpy did an album live yeah that's something I could see SP doin just a live album because you dad just to music the the feeling the vibe and all the author that I thought that would be dope yeah one thing is though I'm a I don't like cameras when I'm working too much like when I'm first creating like first original viola does I don't know where it's going like you know what I mean so it's like an intimate between you and the beat got you to where for me just for me like I would love to do it like if I could get the rhyme and then like you'd catch me on my doubles on my hikes but that first that first initial initial zone like I can't I'll kick a rumor I'll kick the whole room out like sometimes I could be there with the whole room into and everything out and there's sometimes I just got to be there by myself with the beat and I need a dog so it's like with the cameraman a I would have to put the lights on and it would take me out of that original first got your element and how I get into my groove but after that I would love it like you don't I mean I think with the lochs documentary you get to see some of that our process and how we actually go through the things cuz that was difficult for me to do – well you kick me out the studio for my own album I would say that because I think sometimes as an artist a person could bring the energy in the room that you don't really want to deal with you know saying don't even gotta be negative is just like this person's energy is off light from my creating right now so I need that space you got a lot of pride – I could see him being like wait I got it was an SP SP yeah you gotta go I'm out kick him out now start funny story were Primo I went too late in the studio of a primo he never seen me work before I worked but he never actually got to see me and I just smoked and lay down I said give me a give me a little while and he was telling me later I know this brownie and coming to my studio to smoke and go to sleep but you know he probably thought was gonna write or do something so I shout out the pitch black it was a primo and pitch black song mm-hmm so I just I smoked lay there for a minute I got it because it was is you know he's primo right I can't kick primo out right but he's primo so it's like I got a block everything out though like you know understand and get into get into this beat if I'm thinking to him is gone and a group it's gonna throw me off from what I'm trying to do so I just smoked on my hoodie on on the couch and like sometimes I go like until I have sleep zone or like 70 foot sometimes I'm just flat-out she be honest with you but I'm like working in my sleep because I think for a lot of you young MCS here's the trick to man I you know I'm it's a Jew today sometimes you got to wake up to the beat and go to sleep to the beat cuz your conscious will work when you sleep whether you know it or not like you're not I mean a little it'll tap into something like you know and so I'm used to and I practice a lot so I mean it's not grass hello did you sleep over evil it was fire light al I want to say was our see the problem is people probably dealt with a lot of artists that fell asleep so here's my hair goes another one yeah my dear max slept for eight hours one time fell asleep and people were scared to wake him up there's like you wake him up now you wake him up now you wake him up now is the best eight hours he probably let him sleep you got up alright let's go I think it's for the morning alright I'm ready there's going everybody up but that was X that was Manning today now you end the album a tiny shit I think a lot of people were caught up nowadays were pointing fingers so that was that that hook was more of a player's okay I ain't you ain't shit either though like so we ain't gotta get confused about calling each other who's shitting who's not shit like you know what I mean so I'm cool like you know I mean I get it I get a lot of I'm cool with like being a bad guy sometimes I'm cool with being a good guy so you know what with social media you get a lot of a lot of shit talkers a lot of you ain't this you ain't that okay fine I'm good with it like I'm I'm cool with it like III like like I'm no longer physically aggressive or harming anyone or doing anything negative so I'm trying to outgrow this too so Twitter and social media was like my way of lashing out when someone says something smart to me without actually physically lashing out on somebody but now I'm trying to outgrow that to like just to the point where I'm cool like if I'm that I'm gonna say some small here and there but for the most part I just want to be cool like you know I mean yeah my random thoughts are pretty crazy but it's me like you know I think that's when we live in a world where people are scared to being themselves say who they are with the judgement of other people saying you're this you're that you're crazy you're this I don't agree with you yeah sometimes things can be taken around to like me you might mean something cuz you're watching something and then you're commenting on social media and then people have no idea where it came from and why why does it really matter anyway like we I think we get all too caught up nowadays on feeling like we all have to agree or see things a certain way or like that's not actually the case we don't long as you respect me and I respect your opinion and I'm not disrespecting you I don't have to agree with it like you know what I mean I have to say okay you thought this and we thought this I got to think this way as vice versa as you don't have to like my sneakers my clothes my tweets my phone my look my anything but you could just go on about your life as we all should I think we all pretty much and I'm I'm very much have been guilty of it so I want to grow I think we all somehow not all like a lot of people I would say that's that's wrong to say a lot of people somehow when you get too caught up in a social media thing there's some type of negativity you'll indulgent or judgment or passive judgment or become too opinionated like you know what I mean there's people that I have been opinionated about are things I've been opinion opinionated about and had to say to myself well if social media was out when I was doing a lot of things back then it could have been over I don't know how a person will look at me suddenly as we all have times in our lives where we do wild things stupid things dumb things regrettable things but I think now with social media you're just an ayah everybody so you have to be careful so me as a person – I have to remember I really can't judge this person like you know know me I'm not God I'm God and honest it's not on me to judge I've done I've done worse things than a lot of people that I see on social media or sometimes they be like oh that was stupid and dumb like like what do you think about Kodak black and everything cuz I know that was a topic of people saying well he's young he's got to make these same mistakes that other people made when they were young except it is I think that's the source of I think a lot of young black men and getting money now and don't have a lot of old geezers around them to tell them what's right and what's wrong because you do have a wild time like you know what I'm saying fortunate enough my wild time I had enough oh geez and enough been to enough to know certain things you just don't say because you're gonna get shot are you gonna get stabbed like there's certain violations you just can't do because it leads to physical harm that Street was and then music-wise there's certain things you can't do because it's bad business and people won't deal with you or you will lose money or you will go to general lose time I think that he needed somebody more in his corner to really explain to him how much success he has accomplished over the years how he almost lost it and how he's risking it with the cases and how you know think back on your life for Fortas and how much you had and how the life was and how rough it was when you didn't have money think about this life and think about the risk you're taking like you know what I mean I've done a lot of like I said he I've done I've done I've done Dumber things than Kodak black at that time I've allegedly shot someone I've allegedly stabbed someone with being famous so I can't really say I haven't I have a spoke bad to people though and I haven't been regard disregarded people's families at certain moments with certain times but physically I have like you know I mean not verbally but so I think he just needs someone better in his corner I think people I think all media outlets we need to put a put a halt on what we do promote like there has to be a line and say where this person went to fall take it down don't pump it don't promote it and you need to oh gee I think the oh jeez who's around them well where he's from well ever that's connected to him that has his line and he's the hidden one the line and sometimes he may be in a zone I think a couple people did reach out to him and it was more anyone ever and you want to hear from him so it was and it was very poor it was very public too so that's really maybe sometimes the wrong way to reach out and besides that besides music and all of that his family members got to do that because that's somebody from the family that now stands the chance to feed the rest of the family and now more family members can eat but now he's out of line sometimes you know he may be I don't know his habits like you don't I mean you were going through what you were certain people at certain times and then then then certain times with um things that I felt was breaking my cold man a man like outside that and I would let my ego and my pride get the best of me and just you know fly off the handle but um I think when it gets to the point of when you when you you know he has to be in a bad place when he's not consciously thinking and just speaking on of a great man who's crossed overs lady like that clearly it's definitely not right but clearly he's not thinking right either and I think sometimes you know we get emotional over things and it's hard to see both at the same time because now that's another young black man has lining himself up right to get hurt like you know I'm saying you you pretty much thrown that alley-oop to everybody they say put this talking on me I'll come lie me and you make too much money and it's too much kids who like you in and as younger dudes there's a bunch here cuz there's a bunch of young kids who really love Kodak I think you understand a bunch of middle-aged Jews with love Kodak so it's for the people and just more people I guess to be in his ear like it takes a village to raise a child they say the same shit we're rapping a man sometimes especially when you go wild because it's easy especially I would assume maybe I don't really know his background too much but when you have a we all listen to rapping get awfully confused sometimes because there's a lot of people who portray having a street background who really didn't have a street background like you know to me and there's nothing if he was a nerd or had a suburban background embrace it accept that that's a beautiful thing like it's not people can relate to that to anybody you could there's a window in the lane out here for everybody so when somebody who really comes in if he really came up rough like they said he came up it may have some PTSD issues in the back of his brain somewhere we don't know particularly what his childhood was like for him to want that kind of attention like you know what I'm saying all things shows for the OGS who know music while streetwise familywize just just pull them to the side and say slow down young and you messing with you you messing with your money and you messing with your livelihood in your your life because and they can't really be a rapper it ain't gonna it wouldn't be a rapper that's gonna hurt Kodak black that's gonna step to him and want to shake with him there's gonna be some somebody in a random club that wants to be the next tough guy with something to prove like you know what I'm saying that's not worry about killing nobody not worried about going to jail none of that so that's where you got to be careful that's what all rappers like we at the end of the day if you don't watch how you talk watch out you walk out watch how you speak to people watch that energy you giving off in that respect you could you could easily become prey like you know saying you become target you become prey so just trying to move with grace be gracious a lot of people haven't been fortunate enough to make the money we make body things we buy get into places we get in so take care our family so at the end of the day like you know you gotta kind of remember what south and keep it gracious album is out right now go pick it up SP the goat documentaries coming yeah hello axe gonna be crazy are you writing any more books I'm trying to give I think after this I think you're ready for this locks album is gonna be insane this year I'm gonna do a project with my son's then I may do something else then I may take off this may first half of 2020 yeah I think I got I get musically inspired from life so that's why I keep making music just traveling and going different places seeing different lifestyles it's a very humbling experience like you're not I mean just to get so much culture see so many different people you don't see how much you don't know see how big the world is and just sometimes I think traveling kinda for me makes me appreciate the things I don't appreciate here like the small things like sounds weird but I I travel I could appreciate the sky the Sun the Moon the clouds the Stars just standing there air stillness like you know I'm in New York I'm with the bag Konoha vain what's to check what's the next move where we can to hold like you know all my thoughts is this how do we get to this bread when I'm in New York family thing juices for life pharmacy for life you know what I mean so I think traveling gives you a minute to settle down breathe see some difference a little bit open relax a little open your mind and open energy oh well thank you for joining us a space for having magic it's The Breakfast Club yeah


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Adi Murenzi · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Last mixtape is on rotation. This G. Is one of realest not playing around with the music. Real hip hop is still alive. Its only what u put in your ears.

Nitty Andrade · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

The Definition Of An MC … #StyleP My Favorite Rapper !! #TheLox #Dblock

Danny B23 · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

The only ghost I believe in #top5doa

ZilliSky · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

this dude be dropping straight gems…

Malik Hearon · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

No Charlemagne good by ✌🏾

Supreme · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

i love sp he's in my top 5 for sure but it's time to switch that flow up , his rhyme scheme is dated

Cutie Teiarra · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Whoever dislikes this interview is a fool this man is so wise and intelligent

ShowShootersTV · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Akron Ohio · May 14, 2019 at 5:23 pm

Love how he keeps bringing us the heat! He did say he wants to go out with a bang. He has a couple more years left in the tank.

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