Stranger Gets A Free Uber Ride | Uber In America

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Don’t say but… Wooovv… Go get some Tacos… Hey, I uh… Claudio CLAUDİO… 🎵If you ever go…🎵 I got you… I was… Is this for…? Yeah, this is for Gina, c’mon in. Oh… Oh boi… You killed it, ha? Oh my god! Ahh, damn I… Aaaa Just kidding… Okay… I wa… I was singing like… I just want to make sure to open the door, okay? Because I’ve been parking and…
-No, I’m good… You did three times… you know (what) I’m saying Hahahaha
-Yeah I just got your messages. Yeah My phone is like… weird Yes… Hah! You weird also… I just kidding… haha Hahahaha Oh, god damn! But it was so…
-Oh, that’s right… Hahahaha I just… I swear just kidding But, it was… It was really good move… Hahah So, do you sing sometimes? You know, everyone say well, yeah. Do you wanna sing? You know… I like I wou… I would but… But? Don’t say “but”.
-BUT… Hahaha I couldn’t… I feel like… DON’T SAY “BUT”. Ohhh… Hahah See…
-WE CAN.. WE CAN MAKE MORE FUN! Hahaha See? I can… MY GOD… I feel like you have a good reason to say that right? Yeah, hah. Like, it’s awesome. So, what kind of music do you wanna sing? Hahah You know what? That’s on you I’m gonna…
-That’s… I’m gonna let you do it. Oh my god You know… I feel like y… you. You got one of all this before. So… No, I… I just got it like today. Ohh, Okay But, I never sing, you know. Hahaha What? I… I can see you have a good voice tough. Really? Yeah. Okay, let me ask. HELLO… Hahaha
-Oohhh Hahahaha Killing it. Killing it… Hahahah Okay, I will try. 🎵It’s now or never🎵 🎵Come hold me tight 🎵Kiss me my darling🎵 🎵Be mine tonight🎵 🎵I’d spend a lifetime🎵 You have a great voice let me tell you that. Hahaha GET THE FUCK OUT HERE Hahahahaha You’ve been serious? I’m a big fan of your voice. Hahahaha Maybe… Maybe in English. In Turkish, I’m sure I have a bad voice. Good to hear that I thought you have a good voice, I don’t know. I’m a big fan LIKE ME?
I’m not saying no. 🎵It’s now or never🎵 Elvis Presley – It’s Now or Never 🎵Come hold me tight🎵 I tried I mean… Hey, you have a great voice. I loved that. I’m a…
-Thank you! So, you did great. Hahah
-Thank you. I… I am A+ A+? Oh yeah.
-A+ Good to hear that.
-You know, that sound… Couldn’t do any better that sound… Yeah. Here we go. So, how’s going your life? We’re such a good friend now. You… Hahahahaha You’re… Hahaha You know not too bad Not too bad? Yeah, my life also going good. I think like…
-It’s fucking cold man Yeah, yeah… It’s fucking cold.
-I can’t deal with this fucking weather. I don’t know who’s that… Can I open it? You can even answer yeah, absolutely
-Okay I’m gonna put the speaker Absolutely, go for it. Hello! Hi, where are you… Aaa hello… Are you not Gina? Hi! Hahah! Where are you? Ahh sorry, who is that? Hello, can you come to definitely to address. Sorry, who is that? I’m the person calling for to picking up Uhmm… Uber drive… So, what is the name? Mine? Yeah. Gina, right now uhm Who are you? Gina. (The guy says I’m the Gina… look at his face) Who is the Gina? Execuse me. I don’t know… what’s… what’s your name? Gina… G, I, N, A. So, what’s your name? Gina. Who was supposed to come… …here? I don’t know. Hahaha Take a… Just (a) second…
-…look! Sorry, I got the customer but I think I… I don’t know what’s going on. Hah! So weird. Yeah… Hello… Oh my god… Hello! Can you show me your phone? Absolutely. I don’t know, I just feel strange. …I mean yeah, I don’t know… Hello… Yeah… Did he hang up?
-Yeah Really? Yeah. That’s so weird. Yeah. I don’t know that. (I was looking for a place for parking, because I was really afraid and was feeling strange.) (That’s why I was looking outside and checking I was whether in a solitude) So, you’re not Gina? I am Gina So, my girlfriend called the Uber for me. Yeah. But… Oh my god… I don’t know why… I think I need to pull over. That’s fine I mean… I get it man But…
-You got… you got to do what you got to do. Okay but, I don’t wanna… … like leaving to cold… That feels like…
-You wanna go there? You wanna get some Tacos Hahaha (My god) Why did you do that? Uhh, I mean… I just I’ll get out man. Hahaha, I don’t know what to tell you. Hahahaha Okay… That’s not… Oh my god! I feel really strange.
-I dunno… I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t… Oh my god… What the fuck is that??? I mean, I was singing for you even you wasn’t Gina. I’m not Gina Okay, okay. Gina is my girlfriend (He is lying) Okay, I’m gonna say you like… My god… Oh why is not working? BYE-BYE! BYE-BYE! SOMEONE WHO İS NOT GİNA. BYE-BYE! GO GET SOME TACOS… Hey, I… hahahah OH MY GOD…
-I’ll be… night. OKAY, GOOD NİGHT. Not Gina… HAVE FUN. What’s your name? I guess not Gina. Yeah, yeah. What’s your name? What’s my name? Yeah. Joey. Joey? Okay… Oh my god, you… you crazy man. What do you… What am I crazy? Yeah… My girlfriend got me an Uber. Have a good night. Guys, literally, I picked up the wrong customer But the guy was drunk, I mean… Probably, homeless. After picking up the phone, after that woman said Gina I was afraid because… I couldn’t predict what could happen I mean… What could happen was unpredictable and so, I was shocked… There is nothing like that, I didn’t wanna leave the guy because of the cold. It’s so cold Most probably, he did this because of the weather. A message arrived me and the guy had said my phone is broken Aaa, I understand it now. The guy literally did an intrigue to me I picked him up, I’ve recently dropped off him… I mean, I don’t know what the hell is going on right now… Good night! Hello! For…
-Hey! Claudio. Claudio. Yeah. How do i gonna pronounce your name? Claudio CLAUDİO Hahahaha…
-Yes. Hahahah Wellcome guys. Thank you! You’re welcome. You guys from here? No.
-We’re from Italy. Oh, Italy. Yeah. You guys just came here for vacation? No, I mean… You student here?
-We’re stu… Yeah. We study here. Oh, let’s go. When did you come? Aaaa… Like… One year?
One month ago… Okay. Do you guys sing? Not really. I played a guitar kinf of… … but I don’t sing. Hahah Anybody… Anybody can not sing? No, I’m not good at I mean. Don’t worry about it… You good? No… No?.. Hahaha Don’t worry about it. Hahahahah EVEN DON’T ASK. It’s cool. This is just… So you can not sing? No… You should… No no, she… she’s good She’s really good.
No… You don’t wanna hear me… No, no she’s just shy. Okay. Which…
-No! Which song? No no… Hahaha YES. He wants the… SAY YES… Hahahaha You… you then you gonna have to get here means If I sing? THAT’S OKAY. Hahahah I BELİEVE YOU, YOU GONNA SİNG. Hahaha What… What’s your name? Julia? Julia.
-Julia yeah… Come on… Oh is that working? cOME ON JULİA… COME ON! It’s too much pressure. So much pressure? How many languages do you guys know? How many? Yeah. How many language? Two and a half. Two… Two… What is the half one? Spanish. Spanish? I teaching Spanish. You teaching Spanish really?
I teaching Spanish. Really?
-Hm-hm You don’t know Spanish. (Sighs) They say I know it, I don’t feel confident in it Okay. Yeah. So, you left Turkey and you move here alone or with some friends? No, alone. By myself… Okay. …and I have friends here now. Okay… It was just a crazy decision I mean. When you go back… Turkey? Uhh I will. I will soon. But I wanna live here In Chicago or in United States? In Ch… I think in Chicago. I mean, United States. Yo! Yeah! I was planning to go back Turkey but there is no more reason. To go back Turkey. Are the Italian girls… jealous? Ask Julia… Julia is dead She’s slept… Yeah. Yeah? Normal amount. Normal amount? You sure? Hahahahah I mean, I don’t think we’re crazy I think. For jeaolus it’s reasonable Okay. You laughing I mean, I got it I got the point. Are you for Eric? Furkan… Eric Clare Eric? Okay. Sir, the navigation’s telling me you’re here Oh, I’ve been waiting here Uh, you’ve been waiting here alright. Thank you man. You’re welcome How’re you? I’m okay how are you? Good. Where you from? Turkey. Oh, wow… really? Yeah. Yeah, awesome. Life is better when you’re in love. Wha… Yeah Of course. It can be very complicated. Yeah. I… espceially after break up Hahaha You gonna be fucked up for sure. That’s actually We used to live together, he is still in our place Really? Uhh… So, are you feeling okay? I am a little… So, why you guys breaking up. Somethings happen when everyone is okay…
-Okay. It’s just like… Okay… Maybe, I shouldn’t ask No no, I’m a very like honest person. You know what I mean, I dont mind.. Do you sing sometimes? Do I what? Do you sing? Sing? Yeah. Are you sure? No, actually I do. I got microphone you know If you wanna s… Hahahaha THİS FOR FUN. Does it hook up to do car? What is it? Does it hook up to do car? What does it mean? The microphone is that? Yeah yeah. No, doesn’t. … NO NO, I JUST… I just got it from Amazon. For fun. Hahahaha FOR… YOU KNOW… You know but actually I… Do you know Roy Orbison? Orbison? Do you know or listen? No, What is it?
-It’s kinda… … He sings like really good break up songs. Ohh… Can you put one of those on? Okay yeah, I can. But can you write for me. Ye ye ye. Cause, I’ve actually been singing there…
-Just… You can type it. But let me turn it on the like… …normal voice. (hahaha) For sure… (Testing the voice of mic) HELLO. Uhhh, I think. I GOT IT… OH YEAH, I THINK I GOT IT. You can… You can, you can uhhh… Click that one. Yeah. It’s gonna be like, you know… You see the differences? This one. And you can choose the this one. HEY! Clean one time… (We’re trying to regulate the mic) That’s not how it works. Let me do that… 🎵Won’t you pardon me…🎵 🎵PRETTY WOMAN🎵 🎵THE KİND I LIKE TO SEE🎵 DOES IT SOUND WELL? Yeah yeah. 🎵Pretty woman🎵 🎵Won’t you pardon me?🎵 🎵Pretty woman🎵 🎵Won’t you pardon me?🎵 🎵Pretty woman🎵 You doing good…
-🎵That you look lovely as can be🎵 🎵Are you lonely just like me?🎵 Hahahahaha 🎵Pretty woman🎵
-He can sing forever. Hahah 🎵What do I see?🎵 🎵Is she walking up to me?🎵 I do better than that trust me. I was… I know it’s… it sucks I need to change it I think
-Hahaha I just got it. No but I loved the whole vibe. Yeah.
-I need to sing This is… Yeah. I wish you picked me up whenever you can drive. Oh, yeah. Hahah I’m Eric by the way. Eric, Furkan. Very nice to meet you, Nice to meet you… 🎵Anyway…🎵 (some disturbing sound interrupts) I don’t know what’s going on. Maybe you should put the cable… Maybe we can click down it 🎵(Wring) my faithful heart 🎵 🎵Tear it all apart🎵 🎵But love me🎵 🎵Won’t you love me?🎵 🎵Well, if you ever go🎵 🎵Darling, I’ll be oh so lonely🎵 🎵(Well, if) you ever go,🎵 🎵Darling, I’ll be oh so lonely🎵 🎵Oh yeah🎵 It’s fun right? But I need to change it. Damn it’s like… No…
-Is not This is amazing. It’s not working well You don’t give me better but I love this. Yeah yeah, thank you.
-You know I’m like… I needed this, I’m so happy right now. Oh, yeah yeah yeah. I can see that. Hahaha Hope you guys gonna figure it out like… Ehh, it sounds… thank you.
-No problem. See you later man…
-Bye-bye Thank you!
-Thank you so much. Thank you. Take care. Thank you. Hey. Hey hey. Hey hey hey… Thanks for watching guys. Love you all…


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