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what is up guys as you can tell by the video you know what the topic is it is your boy Chris and back again it's been a while since I made a video about about almost a month which is will get more consistent with these videos but we're going to get right into it why did I leave the Stevens transport and it comes down to the bottom line which is money and I wasn't making a whole lot of it there were good times or bad times and then there were times where it just you know saying it started going more downhill than uphill and I'm gonna kind of give you a rundown why I left so I well kind of hardest started I had got like I had a decent DM I had a B C DM and then it switched and then like me and her it wasn't for like it was I told her about like how I wanted to run I wasn't running like that so I requested a different DM they didn't change the DM and my you know I'm Sam I wasn't making the money I was making before with the old DM so that was really what affected like everything like it and and I couldn't get along with there so I told him to send me to Texas we had just kind of adopted my wife's sister's baby girl because she's you know we have issues with with her and she's currently incarcerated so we have another kid at the house as well so that was you know I'm saying something we didn't kind of Simoneaux for so that was another that would be like a second reason because my wife she's pretty strong so that wouldn't be like a main reason for me to come home because another kid like it was a baby maybe but you know she's like five years old he can pretty much navigate and she knows how to do things herself she's still got some merit always from her mom we were trying to break those but yeah mainly I left because of money it was a week the week before I got out my truck I start putting in applications to like local jobs they were paying no I'm saying more than what I was making over the road so I started putting the applications to local jobs I got a bunch of callbacks like they were just calling me back consistently business with me having almost two years of experience so I had a lot of callbacks and the one that I wanted they wanted me to have like my hazmat my tanker before I started with them and then like another company called and they were like well you got 60 days or whatever 60 90 days to get it a little higher you and we'll get you rolling so that's why I chose that company because you know I'm saying I wanted to keep the momentum going I'm gonna keep the ball rolling and I wasn't hurting because I had money saved and you know I don't spend all the money like that so I wasn't hurting to where I needed to get into the truck like right after I left but I wanted to keep that you know the momentum going so I accepted that job and about a week after I got out of the truck with Stevens I got in the truck with another company and that's where I'm at now making I haven't haven't had $1000 week yet but I'm still new I'm still getting the hang of things right now and I did get a sign-on bonus for $5,000 so that's kind of helping with that I'm saying is that I don't I've been made a thousand dollars on my own yet with out the sign on bonus Friday so that's what I'm trying to do but everything is going really smooth at home just been eating a lot more healthier I'm able to work out a lot more I'm able to see the wife see the kids supplement homework family movie night you know all that all that good stuff and then the shift I'm getting 35 cents per mile and I'm working and it's also pay per load and I'm working 12-hour shifts from Friday to Monday so I get three days off right so I think that's kind of cool when I left Stevens they did try to bring me back because I did try to go over to tinker and like I had um and just we twisted my hair I spoke to a bunch of people in tanker division there like yeah come on over here come over here so I went through the tanker division I talked to him I was like hey I'm trying to come over there over there and I was like all right but I had like oh maybe like $20 or $40 on my truck that I was behind so there was like well you got to make that up some some silly like it was like you gotta you gotta get that current that balanced current like I'll give you $20 you know I'm saying let's see the give me over to take her I'm getting out the truck so what I said should I say but you know saying I was like all right whatever I'll get back on the road I'll make that little $20 that y'all need to get me out the hole so I swear I swear that's what they say and it sounds so silly like I was like what she was like yeah like you physically you look like you're capable to do the job but you guys get out of the hole like just just push me off to the side you know I'm saying cuz that's something that could easily have been fixed with taking money out of my like time off account or my maintenance account like it was just like all right I don't know if I are you want some BS right now so I'm gonna do it and I went and did it and then by the time I came back you know I was already coming fed I was like all right well y'all say y'all we're gonna call me right when um when I made it up I got no phone call and I reached out to them in the beginning I reached out to the recruiter I reached out to the head of the department you know I'm saying I did what I was supposed to do and I'm not gonna keep you know I'm saying I don't care how much money's involved if I gotta keep what if it's enough money involved I'll pester you but for this little money I was just like you know said I did what I was supposed to do what's up like you said that you would do this nobody did it but once I leave then you're like oh we saw that you want it to be in the tanker division we do have some openings once I sign and turn in my trunk we do have some openings for you and I'm just like really really Sue's in like you know I'm like really like come on now y'all should at the auction I made that phone call a long time ago because I requested to be put in a Detective Division so where I could be um working two weeks on a lonely coughing I'm saying I have a little bit better at home time where I could still about what like I said the kids is not that big of an issue but I can still come home about do whatever I need to do you know I'm saying I'm here for a week and then get back on the road and still be making some decent money but you know I'm saying that wasn't hearing it and I wasn't hearing it either so what I did like I said I put in I put in an application so I got off that truck I made sure I had a job before I got off that truck and not on my home chill I'm working like I said four days a week I got three get three days off I'm still putting in applications because I know this ain't the end I'll be off because eventually I'll tell y'all what company I'm working for but they make the end-all be-all this somewhere I like come if I'm you know saying I got everything that I want to do with order like all my business stuff and I got people in my trucks and I'm just like you know saying trying to find something to just spill time because of this the schedule was eight one I work four days on and three days off like I can't beat that I can still do whatever I need to do in those three days because there in a week solve any business things I need to get done no I'm saying it's everything is open Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and goes to the bank I can go to whatever meetings or meetups or you don't saying networking group I can do all that kind of stuff I don't have that time to do it on those days cuz I mean I'm saying I have a great but like I said this isn't this would be somewhere I would be like I would retire you know I'm saying because any it's I don't know it's cool but I'm looking for something different I did excuse me I spoke to my mom she has a neighbor he works in an oil field he was like I've only been here like nine eight nine months and I've already made almost a hundred grand I was like okay well sign me up you know Sam where do I put in my obligation so of course I still I'm working on getting my tankers in my hazmat and I put in my application to this company this oil company and well fracking like a stick crack so the fracking company up with an application there and we'll see what happens with that that was like three days to go up with an application so we'll see what happens with that also I'm saying I'm gonna keep it moving there's other things that I'm trying to do and I'm not trying to get stalled or held back you know I'm saying I know where I'm headed and I know what I want I know what I need to do to get there and the numbers that Stevens for the I was on the lease what does it call leasing program Alliance program with Stevens I feel like man you gotta come in there and like my trainer dude he came in there and he already had money and he had already had his own truck and he just start making moves but I don't like that you can't pick your loads with Stevens that's my biggest issue that's if I if I was because I if I was in control then it would have been no issue where I you know setting up in my load I do this I do that I don't need nobody over me that's just my theme like just having somebody over me who's like I don't need you I don't I know how I can do whatever I can learn how to do whatever I need to do you know I'm saying I go somewhere where I can pick my loads well I'm not gonna go nowhere without my truck it's just not happening I'm stubborn in that way I'm gonna make the money I need to make and if I buy a truck I'm not even gonna get in there I'll put somebody else in it because you know Sam I'm trying to do other things but um you have any questions go ahead hit them in the comments I don't care what it you know saying keeping negativity to yourself I know people out there only you – they always be in my comments all I was something that stuck in that mess I don't really know you don't you don't get a response you did you get banned off my channel you get block immediately like ain't nobody don't see you recognize you know who you are and that's is what it is but it's your boy Chris Lee TV signing out boo – sorry for late video who will be having more videos dropping very soon about kind of I guess I'm at home you know I'm cooking vegan food I'm doing all kind of stuff I'm working out still doing my business stuff I need to go to the bank and open up a new account because uh the bank that I'm at now I'm at two banks one of the banks is actually this Bank right here this man right here I ain't doing nothin for me nothing for my business I can't get no you know I'm saying no type of loans or credit cards or lines of credit with this company and they can't help me build my business credit so it's time to end in cut ties thanks for holding onto my money but I'm gonna need that back I'm done rambling and ranting like I said any questions hit me up in the comments y'all be safe this Chris Lee again


D Collins · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Im glad I didn't go with Stevens Transport.Over worked and under paid is everywhere I see.

God 74 · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Update: he's back at Stevens

Skimp Dee · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Best wishes ChrisLee🙏🏾

Knuckle_Bump · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Chris, I am just curious how long does Stevens Transport require you to be with a trainer?

Shellie Stegall · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Does Stephens offer TVs, microwave,fridges etc? Or are we responsible for this?

TheJagMusic Channel · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Do they do urine at school and at the new hire orientation? Or hair ?

David Moore · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Do they tell you a day before the drug test that it's coming up or is it the first day of orientation?

B Holmes · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

What is DM ?

shavais wright · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

what state do you live in bro?

Trucking-Tactics EliteDrivers · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

You’ll get there dude, it’s experience that pays when it comes to the trucking business, open your field of experience you’ve done OTR, now you’re doing local, try to understand the difference between big companies and small companies or mama papa companies, keep a memory of the type of trucks you’ve driven, for example, reefer, KW, Peterbilt, freightliner, Manual automatic etc.

Just don’t hop from one company to the other so quickly, spent at least 6 to 9 months at one company before leaving if you don’t like it, job hopping from one company to the next you probably more than likely won’t get hired by the next

Tank Johnson · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

If you want to make money you should be hauling cars. You're wasting time with bulk taker or dry freight. Car hauling live pay like she weigh. Aint no money in home time.

yankeesuperstar · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Keep your winning mentality and move on!

sticks mitchel · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Did you finish out your contract?

bernlol · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

Great vid. Is that fracking in the Philadelphia area?

Walt Wynn - San Diego North County · July 31, 2019 at 7:06 am

People quit WERNER for the same reason. No Money!

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