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chill chill it's a war truck hustling rookie back at it again and I had a question about uh the paint for training well with Stevens is 450 for your first three weeks then 500 for your last three weeks so that 450 is tax however you got your taxes set up and if you get advances so well you get you can get $50 on Monday or Thursday but then again if you don't use the advances it won't be taken out but it's automatically $50 on your Stevens card Monday and Thursday if you don't use it 250 just stay on that and it won't be taken out to check so well it's 450 the first three weeks and then that's 500 the last three weeks if it takes you that long with me I think I might be on my trainer truck maybe I got 14 a hundred and forty more hours to go so I met the 100 I will mark I got a 140 hours to go I try to do at least ten everyday ten hours so you can see I got maybe two weeks to the two and a half weeks three weeks at the most I'm already been on this truck 15 days so I've been on two weeks and I got a I say two to three weeks more depending on if I take the 34 or if it all depends on how many hours I drive so it you really could not say the exact date but you can just rough give it an estimate so I said maybe two and a half weeks three weeks left and I'll be off his truck so my first two weeks it was 450 450 minus the taxes my first we got got like a hundred and sixty dollars and uh and advances so what that really not to check now so I try not to do no advances no more I try to really budget it it's possible but it's all about your taxes and whatever deductions you have out but it's 450 first three and 500 your last three which I mean I think that's high I mean a lot of people say when I could have just stayed home and made more than that but you know you're coming into an industry where you got to prove yourself and the proof is in the pudding as people might see it so for me it's not bad for me cuz uh I don't really have no bills of none my lady she take care of home while I'm out here but you know I sent her money every week so I mean if you spending a lot of money on the road you probably can narrow it down you probably wasting some money to be honest because me I try to you know budget is as tight as possible you know I mean out here on this road cuz you know what these truck stops everything is a little bit more expensive then depending on what state you in it can even get more expensive like I smoked cigarettes but uh hopefully before my training over what I can kick that habit so our men I think Montana I'm in my 10 enough the Newports ten seventy full of packing so let's just say if I run out in Montana I'm done but uh but other than that man they're trying to pay us it's straight do other companies give you more yeah but for me madness everybody say this the hardest part then with your trainer which for me it's been pretty straight me my trainer we get along pretty well I just drive he teach me and I drive drive drive drive yesterday I ran my live and I will all the way down to I had maybe like 20-some minutes left so that's how I try to do every day I try to run it run and run it so the page straight man ain't that bad it's all how your life set up and how you spending it so if you can spin right it's really no problem man but this foe 53 your first three 500 your last three and it stacks so however you got your taxes set up that's how they're doing I mean I ain't complaining man I'm really enjoying it man I thought it was gonna be a lot harder than what it was just from the outside in but now that I'm actually in the business and I really enjoyed it man it's your boy truck hustling rookie everybody said with me you know the motto if the wheels ain't moving ain't no money being made I'm out [Applause]

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Camo Ammo · July 29, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Thanks for answering that question bro. Imma keep following u. Im learning the game from u

Liz E · July 29, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Hey Nephew. B safe, luv uπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

James Cooper · July 29, 2019 at 2:07 pm

What part of Montana. I use to live there.

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