Stealth Truck Camper Build that's Perfect for Traveling Couple + Dogs!

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hey I'm Dan I'm Jamie and this is our truck that we live in as much as we can so I work part-time pretty much so like I work half the year and last year I was a teaching assistant I've graduated from University I kind of just do what I find and I'm traveling chef wherever I go coast to coast it's really easy and I'm also you know dog owner which takes up like so much of my time because these guys are really needy and especially him and storage it's really convenient it's painted so this is like so doesn't mold or anything because I mean as you know that it gets really fun in Sadie under beds you don't know that well now you know in a trailer and in a truck it gets really wet under here so this is no won't mold okay and we try to go for convenience so we keep it simple just clownin gear all here wrapped up here paddle board paddle board serene so this storage goes all the way back to the back of the bed the way that our platform is made is that everything can come out so like if tomorrow you know don't ask me to do this but if tomorrow we wanted to be a regular pickup it could be we would just literally slide everything out there's nothing drilled which makes it super easy and I think all the would maybe cost us like 70 bucks max to build our whole thing and then this bed is just for my Kia so which is pretty sweet pretty pretty cheap to replace if we need to right looks like a regular pickup truck so it makes it very easy we've got away with camping in all the places people couldn't tell us you know like Venice Beach we did in Banff New York yeah that was cool we kind of do it where like normally when we go we travel for a long period of time so like we need our jackets and and but like that'll be at the back so we don't use the stuff at the back we kind of strategize it so like if we really need mitts Dan could like pull this out and then I go back there and I kind of pull the stuff that we need and then right in the middle of the crash is in the middle of the bed is our crash pad for climbing I mean it's not like the most fancy setup but it's good enough for us this is your year three on curtains and we'll keep you updated if this works because fiberglass is really hard to glue things on especially when you go to the desert like we were hitting like 50 Celsius so we had our curtains last year that we made we glued them on melt listen you'd wake up and the curtains would be on you and in the year before that we just used regular velcro that would glue to the fiberglass and that lasted like not even a couple days so we like used jb weld which is really strong glue to do hooks and then we used dollar store pillowcases so we're hoping that it works they're like ten dollars you bought fairy lights so like I don't know if you want a disco party which we don't do this one it's a nice one so just regular lights I mean a lot of places we camp are on like BLM land in the States or like free campgrounds so lights aren't a problem but if you want do this in the city we would just crawl in late at night and we have this guy – this is a new addition for this year because we almost screwed up our truck battery last year we had a close call because we charged things like all the time like our phones and tablets so we got this thing which is really super heavy-duty battery so hopefully this charges our phone and stuff at night if you wanted to like we do have a solar panel in our trailer we just will plug it in at a Starbucks and this should last us like this it does 20 phone charges so I mean like how often do you use your stuff you know and if it dies like what we survived without our phones so but when if and when done works while we're on the road he could charge this up like every day at work so pretty cool and then this is dance this is Dan stuff but he likes to have you know his his weapons for people or people and I it's more of a way to escape yeah that's true then I wouldn't try to fight a grizzly bear you real here but our window doesn't slide it in the back yeah in the back there it doesn't and so in case anyone's wondering the dogs do sleep up here with us so we do two people and two dogs back here every night so last summer we lived in it for like six months if not if not longer like it'll depend on we live in a trailer normally in the winter so we've done this in the spring summer fall and then we live in the trailer in the winter this year the way that our travel plans work out we probably won't make it in time for the trailer offseason which is the cheap rent so we probably will go maybe a year and a half living in there in the traffic rent was really expensive and almost impossible to find a place with dogs so we looked into getting trailer oh my god this is perfect because it was way cheaper we were able to just put it away when we want to go travel I bought a trailer within a month of being here we didn't know where we wanted to live like our first place we were in the Comox Valley and it is really sweet but like we wouldn't still be happy there and if we were in an apartment we couldn't leave we'd be stuck but this thing is like if something happens with your job or whatever you just put it in in storage boom and we just pack up and last time we left the trailer we just we packed up in like 20 48 hours yeah 48 hours everything we just threw it in here and we just left we put in storage so that's literally how fast like your life can change when you have a lifestyle like this okay so this is our chill area slash washroom washroom I guess not really washroom but it's like a bathroom kitchen so normally you would find our toothbrushes here we're leaving in two days so like obviously something you know this is a very fine our soap which is all about degradable and then our soaps if we need like dry shampoo because obviously you don't shower we live in a truck very often and then our water so we start this is our third water container we've had year three like the curtains we live and we learn first time was really small we were filling it up every second day second one was good but like it was one of the nozzles that went up so like when you would pour it it would spill or spill over the truck and we'd go four-wheeling so this one we're hoping is gonna be a good one it's like seven gallons and then our coolers which are empty right now we have no food we tried going with a big one last year yeah but we just found ourselves hoarding stuff that we didn't need and by the end of it we were opening our cooler like it was it was like a big cooler and you know part of the lifestyle I guess living in a truck when you're hungry you stopped at a grocery store and you buy the food that you're gonna eat you eat it and you do the next thing the next meal you know usually in the summer like we're not buying ice like we're we're we are we don't have that much time and on that much patience dealing with all the ice and stuff like that so we just have like a warm cooler and it's maybe sad for some people but that's kind of the way we live and we eat and yeah yeah but you know I'm really excited for a cooking this year because we definitely upgraded it from last year so he's a chef as he mentioned he cooks really awesome food even though like we're living in a truck yeah we have double cast-iron and we got a full stove for the first two years we were cooking on like a backpackers table which was crazy this is kind of like our what we use every day so like you have your son shades which is obviously essential a little bit ghetto but does the job we have one for the front whatever and like our sunscreen and climbing books keys and it works out great because when we get up in the morning like someone's over there like brushing their teeth or doing your hair the other person is over here getting changed and these suicide doors make great curtains so no one can see when you're going and these are our clothes like this is all we need is it for I don't know like we could be gone for a year and a half and this is all the clothes that we're gonna need living in a trailer makes you have less stuff like my closet is only this big so I just pack all my clothes in there pretty much and it's really not a big deal like living in a trailer is still super minimal like the amount of stuff you can have the only thing you get in an RV that you don't get in a truck is a shower and a toilet so and then we hang stuff so like this would be like our where our bathing suits go like anything that's wet will hang from there and a ratchet strap for our canoe and so if it's raining the only downside of not having an actual van is that it's not one unit right but we can still chill with our tablet and we put our Sun Visor so it blocks the Sun and then we watch our movies which netflix has down one sec and yeah we chill in here so we can take it back like it's pretty big and Dan will sit there you know when Dan is working and I need to work on line I do the reverse and then I could plot the laptop up here and I work like I hang out here like I'm hung out in here for like eight hours easy multiple times in a week dan is normally working when I do that he doesn't experience the same but that's okay right he makes the money when we're on the road and we need it yeah sorry Dan that I put you on this you


DreamJourney · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am


Enrique Cernas · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

Why would you downvote this?

Courtney · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

They're fantastic. Do they use social media you can link or are they too busy leading an awesome life for themselves?

Jeanne Burdick · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

Cant hear him hardly at all

Lisa loves · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am


Ben · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

I like how minimal their setup is, but that low ceiling would drive me crazy. I travel in a Honda CR-V and it's small but I kept my bed low so I can sit up. It'd suck for two people plus dogs but it's great for one short man. Debating the next upgrade, probably a small cargo van like the Nissan NV. That fully private space in the back would be sweet for sanity in crowded areas and it'd park anywhere. Until then, I gotta get proper curtains, rigged up something crappy last trip and it was, well, crappy. No trouble if you're boondocking but those walmart parking lot lights are horrible otherwise. I've got a sweet flow for the summer in VT, camping in a ice fishing shanty parked on friend's land for $100/month and working as a gardener. But I want to go FT wander during the winters, a van conversion would be so sweet for that.

Logan Whitcomb · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

The quilt out of old shirts and patches damn I had an idea to do something like that once

LetsGetLost · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

Such a cool couple, you can tell they have fun! keeping things simple with minimal space, kudos!

Cultivate · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

How do you keep the dirt/dust out? I noticed my canopy is leaky that way

OWild1Child · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

I'm curious of how they stay cool sleeping?

Jays Vanlife-Sports · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am


Raymond Driggers · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am

Nice setup, who’s camper trailer?

Raymond Driggers · July 30, 2019 at 11:09 am


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